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Sweet Crusades / Re: What Goes Unspoken
« on: January 26, 2017, 11:38:13 PM »
My gift is a curse, there?s no other way around it. How can anyone think knowing others? thoughts is a good thing? I know every bad thing anyone has ever thought or felt about me.

The list is impressive.

I can?t blame them? How can I? I was an awful, sad excuse for a person.

I still am?

I?m trying, though. I?m trying so hard, and I wish they could see that?

They?ll never trust me? Not fully. Not after what I?ve done.

I?ve seen what Minoko has thought of me, I?ve experienced her distrust no matter how much I?ve tried to make up for it.

Emlen?s the worst, though. He was beneath Solaris? thumb before.

How can he not understand?

It doesn?t matter.

Their minds are made up and I can?t change them no matter what I do.

Maybe I?ll always be a monster.

Maybe I was born that way.

So be it?

I?ll never try again.

Everyone expects me to be a villain. So that?s what I?ll give them.

I?ll be the best at being bad.

That?s all I can do? That?s all anyone will ever expect.

All anyone will see when they look at me, is a monster. So that's what I'll be.

A monster.

Sweet Crusades / Re: Roll Call!
« on: November 30, 2016, 11:32:02 PM »
Aviana Slane

Age: 15
Birthday:  January 31st
Race: A crossbreed between a Reaper and a Looker
Height: 5?10??
Weight: 130lbs
Eye color: Orange-red.
Hair color: Between blonde and brown.
Abilities: Upon eye contact, Aviana can manipulate memories, thoughts, etc? When contact is made, she can ?persuade? the onlooker to do unspeakable things by mere suggestion. The victim usually finds themselves wanting to do what she says and often do not feel satisfied until it is done. Able to manipulate her own soul, and devour others? souls. Rapid cell regeneration.
Weapons: None, refuses to use one since she?s lost Nero.
Relationships: Sawyer?s torturer, they might be friends. It?s unclear. There?s also a strange, unclassified relationship to Nero, a weapon-handler bond that is as forced as everything else these days.
Family: Daughter of Luna and Solaris Slane. Half-sister to Myles, Martyr, Emlen, Phoenix and Speck. Full blooded sister, and twin, to Cyprian Slane.
Sexuality: Unclear. She comes across as A-sexual.
Extra: Cannot feel even the slightest amount of pain, and through this, she has found a taste for inflicting pain on others. Since this is frowned upon, she tries mainly to focus it on Sawyer?though she does tend to fail.

Sweet Crusades / Re: What Goes Unspoken
« on: September 14, 2016, 09:43:27 AM »
Who does he think he is?

I don?t remember much of the battle; all I know is I got bitten. Poison. Everything went dark, but according to Phoenix, I took down the attacker.

If I had been armed, it probably wouldn?t have happened.

That?s what he?s thinking? I didn?t have to look into his eyes to know that.

He came to see me. Why? I wasn?t healing, he could?ve slit my throat, smothered me with a pillow, nobody would?ve blamed him. Hell, I wouldn?t have? So why didn?t he? After everything I?ve done to him. I stole his life. Why in the world didn?t he kill me when he had the chance?

Would it have made things right? Probably not.

Solaris planned to make me a monster from the day I was born?and he succeeded. I am a monster and that?s all I?ll ever be. Eight years? After all those years holding him, using him, being with him I should feel something. I don?t, and that?s exactly what my father wanted.

I might not be able to transform into one like Nero, but I?m also a weapon. I?m Solaris? weapon. Nero and I have that in common. Except? Nero was a human trapped in a weapon?s form for so many years. Even now, even after everything I?ve done, even after losing his childhood and humanity for eight years? He?s still a person. There?s no humanity inside of me.

One day Solaris will call me back, one day the black blood will take me.

Minoko recognized the humanity in my axe; something I ignored?  She saved him from me. There?s nothing in me for her to see. I?m empty, and she can?t save me from myself.

On that day, I?ll kill her, and Emlen, too. I will stand at Solaris? side and kill all that he orders me to. I think that?s why I?m still alive. He knows it. Maybe not, though. Maybe he doesn?t think I?m worth the sweat. Either way? there?s no hope for me.

I?d hoped Nero would stay away forever. I?d hoped he would hate me.

Then he came?and I won?t lie, I wish he would?ve killed me.

I don?t want to be a monster?

My hope is that when that day comes, there will be someone there to stop me. I?ve earned the trust of all the Slane siblings. They?ll look into my eyes and I?ll have them ripping each other apart. I need someone impervious to my eyes.


I?m digging him up.  I need Minoko; maybe without knowing it, she might just save me from myself after all.

Sweet Crusades / Re:
« on: March 18, 2014, 06:38:00 AM »
"Alright." Avi's words signaled her entrance far before her red eyes, or even bright pink hair did. "I'm here. I'm visiting you, but I don't know what you want me to say..." The girl whispered with a nod. "I'm not sure, because I don't know how to feel about you." Aviana said with a roll of her eyes. "What can you expect, though? You spent most of your time with me kicking my ass, and it's not like we were ever friends, you know? Don't think that I forgot that you freed my axe... That wasn't cool."

"I tried to save you, though... Doesn't that count? Does that give me the right to be here? You hurt my pride, but I didn't hurt you... I remember the first time we met... Martyr had to stop you from destroying my soul. The thing was, that even back then, I respected you... Hell, a lot more than I respected Martyr."

"You were a bad person, like me... But you changed, and now I'm trying to change, too. Don't flatter yourself, it's not because of you." Aviana said with a shrug. "I guess, it gets tiresome, huh? Spending all your time hating people. Hating the world. I guess, I'd rather be weak than spend another day being Solaris' little punching bag." Aviana shrugged as she examined the items left for the immortal.

She'd be lying if she swore she didn't consider taking them. Instead, she went with the noble route. "Guess you're expecting me to leave something, huh?" The hellion asked. "Alright fine."

Going through her pockets she pulled out three items. "Okay, I have a gun, a grenade, and a pocket knife... Which one do you want?" Then she thought about it... "Okay, you can't have my gun, you still owe me an axe... I don't want to be responsible for blowing up your grave..." Aviana looked at the knife. Her name was etched into the blade, it was a gift, though she couldn't recollect any certain memories... She dropped the knife to the ground. "There. Don't say I never did anything nice.." Slowly, she walked away.

Sweet Crusades / Torn between siblings.
« on: March 18, 2014, 01:33:57 AM »
Myles walked around the small garden. She had not the soul or personality to appreciate the setting sun in the sky, but she liked to try to act like a normal person... She moved to sit by the small pond, with every intention of watching the sunset. A soft tune was hummed as she rocked gently. Someday... The girl told herself as she always did. Someday, you'll get a soul.. Someday, you'll be able to feel.. Someday.

Behind her, an energy was felt as it dropped in gracefully. Myles turned to see just who had joined her. To her disappointment, it was Aviana. It wasn't that she particularly wanted to die, she just liked the possibility. Enjoyed giving someone that chance. Though, many had failed. "Hello, Aviana." Myles said, and if she possessed the ability to love at all, her half sister would be the one she felt it the most for. "Solaris is not pleased with you for taking their side... You shouldn't be here."

"That's kind of why I'm here, Myles." The girl said softly. Running a hand through soft pink locks, she shook her head. "I know that you want a soul, and as soon as I get the ability to get you one, you know I will... Until then, can you please be patient? Stop going after Em? I'm trying to make a good impression on these guys, and... You know.." Aviana was embarrassed all of a sudden. Clearing her throat, she shrugged. "They're my family, too, and it sucks that I feel like I have to choose."

"Okay? I didn't try to take anyone's soul..." Myles stretched casually and then shrugged. "Not this time at least..."

"I'm not stupid, Myles... I was there. I saw him... He was insane, and he was under your power..." Aviana said with a shake of her head. "Don't lie to me, alright? It's insulting... I'll get you a soul, I swear... but leave them alone. Please?"

Myles, though not able to have actual anger, did let out a frustrated sigh. "I am telling the truth. He came to me, alright? Well, not to me.. He did something. Something bad... And when Solaris finds out what he did... You can kiss your whole family good-bye."

"What are you talking about, Myles? I don't have time for this..."

Myles made eye contact with her, eyes as black as stone. "I know what Solaris did. To the girl. The angry one... They came.. They came to get her back. They stole the crystal from Solaris' dresser..." Myles whispered. "I was only trying to get it back, and believe it or not... I wasn't thinking of myself."

"The crystal... from his dresser." Aviana said softly. She must have been talking about the blood crystal. It was Solaris' property. He made it--and he certainly didn't like people taking his property. The crystal was never Phoenix's...  Nothing Solaris made ever belonged to anyone... It was just on loan until he felt like taking it back. Suddenly, she paled, and lowered her eyes. "...I'll take care of it." Aviana said, and turned without another word.

Sweet Crusades / Re:
« on: June 21, 2013, 04:04:14 AM »

"Think of a reason later" by Lee Ann Womack
((Aviana and how she feels about Martyr.))

It may be my family?s redneck nature rubbin? off
And bringing out unlady-like behavior
It sure ain?t Christian to judge a stranger
But I don?t like her

She may be an angel who spends all winter
Bringing the homeless blankets and dinner
A regular nobel peace prize winner
But I really hate her?
?I?ll think of a reason later

I drew horns and blacked out her tooth with a marker
Childish? Yes. But she made such a thin little target.
I couldn?t be happier on my own
But I?ve got the slightest of a jealous bone
And seeing her with him tends to enlarge it

It may be my family?s redneck nature rubbin? off
And bringing out unlady-like behavior
It sure ain?t Christian to judge a stranger
But I don?t like her

She may be an angel who spends all winter
Bringing the homeless blankets and dinner
A regular Nobel peace prize winner
But I really hate her?
?I?ll think of a reason later

Inside her head may lay all the answers
Of curing diseases from baldness to cancer
Salt of the earth and a real good dancer
But I really hate her
I?ll think of a reason later

Bristle Crios / Re:
« on: March 07, 2013, 08:25:16 AM »
An axe in hand, which, might have came off a bit...scary, Aviana stormed into the nurse's office. "Where is she?!" The girl asked with a growl. There was no real ill-intent toward her sister this time, the hellion was only looking to speak to her. Still, Martyr was nowhere to be found, and that made the little nightmare furious. Her hands clutched tightly to the shaft of the axe, fingers attempting to mold the metal to her will.

"Dammit.. I try to make ammends with that stupid girl, and she's nowhere to be found... I oughta smash her head with my axe... OH WAIT!" Continuing on with her lone rant. "She'd just grow it back because she's Martyr and she's perfect... Sheesh it's enough to make a girl sick!" A stamp of her little foot made no impression on the floor, which only angered her more and left her stomping over and over again.

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