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The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: March 05, 2017, 05:55:06 PM »
Aw yeah!
Like others before me, the new gossip rocked.

Welcome back!

The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: March 05, 2017, 05:53:44 PM »
Bane of my existence,

Welcome back. Glad to have something worth a damn to read again.

Also, check the post drop, or your office peers soon. I sent a bottle of Johnnie's finest. Hope you at least get a glass.



Community Events / Re: Rhydin's Races: Car Show 2017
« on: March 04, 2017, 12:38:02 PM »
Greasy fried food? Check.

Beer? Check.

Women in revealing clothing? Check.

Booze? Check.

Luke had read about the car show and decided to get out and enjoy the early, Spring like weather. One car, meticulously detailed. One red, white, and blue lawn chair. One friend, and a cooler of his own beverages in case he didn't want to leave that chair.

1967 Pontiac Firebird 400.

The Chair.

The Friend.

The Cooler.

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: Live Forever
« on: June 07, 2014, 03:41:09 AM »
Kiss You Tonight.
David Nail.

I catch myself wishing
You were whispering my name
Every star, every scar
Every mark upon my heart
Up and fades away

I feel myself missing
Everything I threw away
Every dream, every scene
Every song we'd ever sing
Got lost in yesterday

I've been trying to do without you
But I can't give up this fight
Everything will be alright
If I can kiss you tonight
We can make it to tomorrow
If we can find the morning light
Everything will be alright
If I can kiss you tonight

Do you find yourself wondering
If I still think about you
Every thought, every step
Every tear and every breath
I swear I do
Yeah, that's all I ever do

I've been trying to do without you
But I can't give up this fight
Everything will be alright
If I can kiss you tonight
We can make it to tomorrow
If we can find the morning light
Everything will be alright
If I can kiss you tonight

I've been trying to do without you
But I can't give up this fight
Everything will be alright
If I can kiss you tonight
We can make it to tomorrow
If we can find the morning light
Everything will be alright
If I can kiss you tonight
If I can kiss you tonight

Everything will be alright
If I can kiss you tonight
If I can kiss you tonight
If I could kiss you tonight

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: Vernal Equinox
« on: May 05, 2014, 03:30:23 PM »
((deleted by author))

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: Vernal Equinox
« on: May 05, 2014, 03:30:08 PM »
The landscape was familiar from the rare nights that Elessaria had spoken of her homeland. Luke passed the freesia, her favorite flower, and the scent brought memories flooding back to him of his elf with them sprinkled and intwined in braids in her hair.

?For luck, A?mael.? She would say quietly when he was caught studying the small flowers.

He stopped and looked down near his boot where two of the flowers grew, and bent to pluck them carefully. One was tucked into Bandito?s collar, the other was put into his shirt pocket.

?She said dey bring luck, ?Dito... we need all we can git.?

The wooded landscape was welcoming, but something was missing and it took a long walk toward a familiar pull to realize what was missing.

?Ain? a sound out here, ?Dito... not even our footprints. Swamp?s got all kind o? sounds, but it?s like a tomb out here.?

He spoke to the dog and watched as he cocked his head to the side as if understanding every word.

?We?ll get her home.?


The fire was small, but the smoke plume grew from the wet wood they were trying to keep lit.

?When I ordered wood for the fire, I spoke of the dry fallen that litter the forest floor.?  The creature?s horned head turned to face the other who stood in silence with downcast eyes. ?You hacked down some of the master?s trees, obviously.? His lips curled away from yellowed fangs as he turned to huff a breath into the dying embers. ?I do not like it here in a dead land.? He said quietly.

?I saw not a deer, bird, or any manner of beast since Master brought her here. Even the fish in the waters have all but disappeared. I hunger.?

?We both hunger, Imbicile.? The horned one swatted out a large hand and knocked the smaller to his back. ?If Master is right, there could be someone coming for her, maybe an army... we will dine on their flesh.?

?I hope it is elven. Their flesh is so sweet.? He spat a mouthful of blue blood onto the ground after the words were spoken. ?Why must you hit Efocador so hard??  

?Because, Oeobach in charge, Master says.? He puffed out his chest. ?Oeobach strongest, and chosen to lead others when we summon with fire we cannot light.?

His hand raised to strike the small one, but he dodged the blow which started a fight between the two.


Luke watched them through the scope on the Stoner while Bandito stared with wide, yellow eyes as he took it all in. The scope wasn?t needed for a shot, as they were close enough to hear every word said, but he wanted to see what he might be dealing with.

?I ain?t an expert, but they look like demons.? He said quietly.

Bandito turned his head slowly away from the fighting pair, his eyes staying on them as his head turned until that last moment he met Luke?s. The dog moved the same way when he was crouched low, watching the squirrels at home, and was being scolded by Eless for wanting to chase them.

?Don?t do it,? Luke said as he moved slowly to get the pack off his back. ?They aren?t squirrels, and whatever they look like now, can change to somethin? like a bus and eat you for a furry snack.?

Luke?s own movements were slow and deliberate. The pack was opened as quietly as possible as he watched Bandito turn and slowly watch the pair again. ?Don?t worry my fuzzy friend, I?ll let you bite one of them, soon.?

He pulled the bottle from within and turned it over. It was plastic, with a blue plastic lid and an embossed cross.

?I hope they are regular, God-Fearin? sorts.? He said as he placed the bottle down and reached into the pack again. ?And. I hope they ain?t too fond of my own wrath.?

He pulled the pin on the smooth, round grenade and just like high school threw the baseball sized object right into the ?net of home plate? which was this time, their campfire. It was followed by the canister incendiary, which wasn?t as easily thrown.

"Cover your ears, boy. It's going to get loud." He pulled the dog toward him and the rock near their post to wait for what seemed like an eternity.


From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: ((OOC- Welcome, Comments, & Other Stuff!!!))
« on: November 18, 2013, 02:08:12 AM »
Jewel, ya made me laugh. Eless and I are working on finally getting this SL put to bed. We've both had so much going on, that it is nice to get back to playing/writing L&E. Stay tuned, more coming, and thanks for reading!

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: Vernal Equinox
« on: November 16, 2013, 01:55:58 PM »
His key worked the lock on Heart Notes back door easily. He wasn?t sure, but knew that there were wards and protection things around that kept those who were uninvited out, and those inside safe. Bandito bound into the shop, snuffling and turning his head back and forth.

?I know. I miss her too.? Luke assured the blue.

He stopped and looked around the shop. Her helpers had been running thing as usual, but shelves were starting to empty, and it was obvious that Eless? personal touch was nowhere to be found. He knew she was alive, he could feel it in his soul, and he also knew it was going to be a battle when he got her home, to keep her there resting, instead of insisting to be at her shop. Luke laughed quietly.

?Ain?t even got her home yet, who knows what I?m facin? to get her here? and worried about the fight with her to stay home. You?ve just stared death in the face. Defeated an evil son ova bitch, and saved the girl. Luke Boudreux, what are you going to do? I?m goin? to Disneyland, so I ain?t gotta fight with the girl!?

He and the dog moved up the stairs that lead to her old home above the shop, and where the portal to Evandar still thrummed as if alive. Her homeland was just on the other side of the swirling, colorful gate.  The duffle was moved to his other hand then he reached out to touch the magic.  Colors danced and moved along his arm, slowly upward, warm and inviting.

Bandito looked up at him, then toward the gate. The dog walked around the portal, sniffing, as if checking the air for prey. There was a low growl and then he leapt up and into the unknown.

?Dito!? Luke grabbed for the dog?s collar, only to find himself off balance and falling into nothing for the briefest of moments. He braced for an impact that never came.  Green eyes cracked open just slightly, almost afraid to see what he?d walked into, but found worked stones under his booted feet, and Bandito looking at him with curiosity.  ?Well, that wasna so bad.?

The architecture was like nothing he had ever seen. The building was small, but looked inspired by a great temple of an age long since forgotten. There was nothing outside except green grasses, and great trees, both of which were unknown species to the Cajun. Birds made strange, yet beautiful calls, and small, furry creatures ran from the presence of a stranger in their midst.

?Eless?? He called out her name, then chided himself an idiot for doing so. If someone was holding her, surely they?d have help, and he just gave a pinpoint to his location. ?Come on, Dito. We?ve got to beat the bushes the hard, silent way.?

Bandito looked up at Luke with bright, golden eyes and watched as he shifted the duffel to his back, after taking the Stoner 63 5.56 from within.  The man checked the magazine, then worked the slide. The hunt had started.

The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: November 16, 2013, 03:39:16 AM »
Mister Bane,

First off, let me assure you that Eless and I are still very much together. Even in this crazy realm that seems to let everything out there, we still like to try to keep our private life?private. Imagine that! I do enjoy reading your column, and I hope to see more from you in the future.

Secondly, do you seriously think that I'd screw anything up to lose a woman like her? The best thing that ever happened to this ol' Cajun. Thank you for your concern.

Luke J. Boudreux, Jr.

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: Live Forever
« on: November 16, 2013, 03:30:41 AM »

by   Unknown (13th Century)

There are little traits that keep me bound...
I think of nothing else save the bright face of my lady-

Ah me!  Her swan-white throat, her strong chin,
Her fresh laughing mouth which daily seems to say,
"Come kiss me, love, kiss me once again!

Her regal nose, her smiling blue
(That thieve to steal a lovers heart)-
And her golden tresses that wildly fly.
Each have wounded me as with a dart

So amorous are these that I deem they will slay me.
Ah God, ah God! Alas, who will save me?

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: ((OOC- Welcome, Comments, & Other Stuff!!!))
« on: November 06, 2013, 11:28:14 AM »
Happy Birthday to the wonderful woman behind Eless! She's been a great friend to me as well as an awesome RP partner for the past few years. Here's hoping that you have many more, T!

[size=18]Happy Birthday![/size]

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: ((OOC- Welcome, Comments, & Other Stuff!!!))
« on: September 21, 2013, 05:15:59 PM »
Just an update. T and I are busy with life and other fun stuff, but we haven't forgotten this. We will be posting, sporadically... hopefully soon! Thanks, as ever, for reading!

Luke and Eless did not elope at all... we still feel there would be a lynching if that took place. Everything got crazy for us and slowly getting back around to working out L&E again for the reading and playing pleasure. Nice to know they have so much love.

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re: Vernal Equinox
« on: August 07, 2013, 12:18:33 PM »
She wasn?t Vick. She wasn?t even close. Luke sighed as he tried to explain to the blue haired girl that he wouldn?t be in town for at least two days, again. He had talked about hiring someone to work the front office, take calls, and do light filing, but she was the only applicant he had gotten.
?Also, you?ll need to be sure that ?Dito has food, watah, an he likes to go for walks.? Luke said as he ran his hands over the dog?s head. ?Don?tcha Pod??

?Walking the dog wasn?t mentioned in the ad,? She said as she huffed blue bangs out of her face. ?How long are you going to be gone again, Mister Boodrow??

?Seriously, call me Luke. I hope just long enough to get my fianc? and back by suppah. You?ll only have to watch him overnight.?

The girl eyed his bags of gear, and the two pistols on his body. ?You look like you are going hunting, Mister Luke.?

He hoped that she was wrong. ?Here?s my cell number,? He jotted the number down on a sticky note. ?My private cell, not the office one. If you have any trouble, and I have a signal, I?ll walk you through it.  If it?s too bad, and you can?t talk to me, take Bandito, lock the door, and I?ll call you when I?m back.?

Luke stood, smiled and picked up the two duffels before he turned toward the door and took long, careful strides toward the elevators.

?Bet it ain?t rainin? back home. Bet your sister?s still on the phone.? He sang quietly to himself while waiting and shifting the bags in his hands to adjust for weight. ?Bet mama?s in the kitchen, cookin? fried chicken?? He stopped when heard the clicking of his dog?s claws on the tile floor, and turned to look at him as he approached, looking smug.

?M-mister Luke? I don?t think your dog likes me. He kept growling and backed me into the corner.? She was telling on him, like a child would tell on another in a playground. Luke was waiting for the mention of name calling or booger threats.  

?Okay, I?ll just take him with me.? He looked down at the dog as it fanned it?s tail happily. ?Just take care of the phones, take messages, and I?ll see you soon.? He smiled to the girl, thinking she would be replaced upon his return, then looked back to the dog. ?Let?s go get ?er and bring ?er home, Pod.?

Man. ::coughs and wipes away the dust, while looking at cobwebs.:: Looks like it's time to go to work, huh? Folder's back, which means Eless and I have writing to do.

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