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Trials of a Young Dragon / Where have all the dragons gone?
« on: March 17, 2017, 09:36:41 AM »
*It had been some time since any of the Shimmerscales had been seen anywhere at all in Rhydin.  They were remaining sequestered in the lair, away from the general populace, though the reason why was unknown.  The only way that anyone would know that the Shimmerscale clan was still in residence were the ever vigilant guards posted around the entrance to the lair.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / Picking Up The Pieces
« on: November 14, 2015, 12:50:22 PM »
*It was good to be home.  He always enjoyed being at home with his family, his mate, his children.  There was nowhere else he would rather be.

  But he hadn't been home, for a long time.  That's what he'd been told one day, when he woke from his nap.  He had been sore, sure, but that happens sometimes when one sleeps.  But walking into the Red dragon Inn that night, he came to see his mate suddenly much thinner than she had ever been, and looking sickly and weak.  The surprise on the look of his friend Andu, as thought the minotaur had seen a ghost.

  They told him he had been dead for weeks, gone completely.  He couldn't remember anything other than falling asleep one day for a nap, as he often did.  There were many things that he had missed, events that had passed while he had been gone.  It gave him a deep anxiety, and he thought about it all the time.  What exactly had happened to him?  Who did it to him?  Would they try again?

  He wanted to ask someone about everything that had transpired, but he feared hearing it, and that added to his anxiety.

  But he did his best to push it aside, to move forward.  He had his family to think about, and his mate still hadn't gained enough weight back yet, but things were improving.  

  It was good to be home.......

Trials of a Young Dragon / The fading dragons
« on: April 24, 2015, 02:29:44 PM »
*Aurthur lay outside his mate's sick chamber.  For a while, he was looking better, thanks to Andu and his mate.  But now, after another few weeks went by, Aurthur looked as badly as he did before.  There was no doubt about it.  If Icer did not exit from her sick room, Aurthur was not going to leave the hallway.  

Both dragons, connected as they were by their spiritual link, would die as they were.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / Another Little Princess?
« on: February 13, 2015, 09:15:55 AM »
*Aurthur tried not to play favorites when it came to spending time with his children.  He loved all of them equally, but it was obvious that there were a few that he especially doted on, and those were usually daughters.  The newest spoiled little one?  That would have been Ginger, the newest and youngest of the little ones to the lair.

Aurthur could often be seen playing with the little one, or reading her stories.  One day he was seen out on the cliff with her laying at his side, and he was pointing out to the landscape, talking with her and pointing out different bits of scenery.

Looks like the Shimmerscale orphanage has a new spoiled little princess!*

*It had been late at night when Aurthur got up and slid out of bed, careful not to wake his mate.  He headed down to the library, and opened the hidden room where dangerous spell books and scrolls, as well as he and his mates armor, was hidden.  But it also hid a hoarde of gifts.

Aurthur crept through the halls, placing gifts marked with the owners name just outside their door.  Even those that were just staying for a few days got a gift.  He smiled as he went about this task, large as it was.  They had a large family after all!  Those gifts would be there waiting in the morning, an early Dracmas gift for the entire family and their friends.  There was even a gift waiting on his mate's side of the bed.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / Hatching Day Surprise
« on: October 19, 2014, 07:24:30 AM »
"Come to the secret garden.  I'll be waiting for you there."  *This was what a note that was attached to a single rose left on the bed stated.  Aurthur had been thinking for a long time on how to celebrate his mate's hatching day.  He knew here almost as well as he knew himself (which he should, considering how long they had been mates) so it had been easy to decide what to do.

His mate liked simple things.  She didn't care overly much for expensive jewelry or gifts.  He had made her such things before, and she had stated that, while lovely, it wasn't the gift itself that meant anything to her.  It was the thought and love that went into the gift that mattered, not how expensive it was.  So Aurthur had started to work on Project Hatching Day a full month in advance.

With the coming of winter, his garden had been changing drastically.  The falling leaves covered the area, and the roses were starting to die.  No, that simply wouldn't do.  He and a few others therefore cleaned the area completely of dead leaves and used magic to bring the garden back to full bloom, as though it were still full summer.

The next labor of love was the cooking.  Aurthur couldn't do this all himself and get away with cooking a noticeably larger amount of food and not tip off his beloved, but he knew someone who could.  Since his mate very rarely entered the kitchen (that was HIS domain) he relocated Chef Shimmerscale to the garden where he could make all of the food at his leisure.

The last task was the hardest, and the reason he started a month early.  He took trips every day, flying to various parts of Rhydin on 'errands for the orphanage', careful not to let his mate know he was searching out their kin.

Now the day had arrived.  The lair would seem eerily quiet and deserted.  Aurthur worked furiously these last few hours, making sure that all their friends and family (Feel free to post to this thread for Icer's Hatching Day!) were situated comfortably in the vast garden.  These guests even included some of their oldest children, from their very first clutch, and their great, great grandchildren!

Once Icer appeared in the garden, she would be greeted by her smiling mate with a nuzzle and a kiss.*  "Surprise, my love!  Happy Hatching Day!"

Trials of a Young Dragon / Aurthur's Secret Project Unveiled
« on: June 23, 2014, 11:33:17 AM »
*Aurthur rose before the sun again, his usual habit.  But today was different. He had made a promise, and he would keep it.  He nuzzled into his beloved's elegant neck gently, leaning to whisper into her ear.*  

Wake my love, today is the day.  It's time to show you my secret project.  Meet me out on the lake's shore when you are ready.

*Another tender nuzzle, and he slipped out of the bed, heading quietly out of the lair so as to not wake anyone else with his passage.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / A Happy Father's Day
« on: June 16, 2014, 01:46:13 PM »
*Father's Day was a wonderful one for the blue scaled dragon known as Aurthur.  His beloved mate and some of the children had all surprised him with breakfast in bed.  He of course shared with his mate and children while he spent awhile playing with some of the youngest in the bed, filling the room with shrieks of laughter.

Then it was out to the gardens.  There was still plenty more planting to do to fill their spacious garden.

Later in the afternoon, he took his beloved to the wyvern pens.  He promised her he would take her, and together they watched over the wyvern carefully as they exercised in the area, keeping a close eye on them so none escaped.

Lastly, his favorite meal of Wyvern steaks smothered in rich gravy with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner.  It felt so wonderful to spend the day with so many of those he cared so deeply for, and he leaned over to give his mate a nuzzle at the dinner table.

That night all was quiet, and he curled close around his beloved, his wing draped over her.  His day had been amazing, full of peace, and love, and spending time with those dearest to his heart.  He had the deepest sleep he had had in a long time that night.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / The Road to Recovery
« on: April 11, 2014, 10:00:05 AM »
*Aurthur was still plagued by vivid nightmares of the things he had done.  But he was getting better, over time.  He was helping his mate and children get the gardens ready for planting.  He helped look for more fish for the pond, and was even bringing the wyvern out for exercise after the winter, to make their meat more tender.

But he was not unscathed.  Along with the nightmares was the very real fear of him being controlled again.  And Travanix, the one he had worked for.....He couldn't even glance in the man's direction without becoming paralyzed with fear.

He was on his way to recovery, but it was still going to be a long and difficult journey.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / The Lair Of Darkness
« on: March 02, 2014, 05:38:56 AM »
*Not five miles distant from the Shimmerscale lair, there was a tiny cave that any decent dragon would have scoffed at making into a home.  But this wasn't any ordinary cave.  It went down, down, into the depths of the earth.  It was here that Aurthur made his hidden Alchemy lab.  This one was hidden, even from Icer, and it served as a perfect hiding place for the dark one known as Aurthur.

He blended in well with the shadows down here, usually using little more than a mage's light globe spell to work by.  The bones of his latest meal were stacked in a corner, pieces of meat still stuck to them.  He had no time to tediously pick them clean.  New orders could come from his new boss, Travanix, at any time.  

It had been fun, thus far, to fall into the cliche dragon role, razing villiages to the ground, or killing this or that person that needed disposing of.  He was even finding he had a taste for human flesh from time to time.  All in all, he was happier than he could remember being in a long, long time.  

While he waited for fresh orders, he was using his new found power to tinker with alchemy.  His current project?  To make his very blood acidic, so even if he were wounded, the one who wounded him would pay dearly for doing so.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / In the nest
« on: November 04, 2013, 08:27:56 AM »
*Any day now.  Aurthur gave the eggs another gentle nuzzle.  Any day now, and the eggs would hatch.  Would it be today?  Unlikely.  Another gentle nuzzle as he turned each egg carefully.  He could feel little movements beneath the shell.  The hatchlings within were getting restless.  The way that Aurthur doted on the eggs, one would think that HE were the female, the way he brooded over the eggs.  

  And nearby on a small table next to the nest, two necklaces lay.  Within each of the clear soul gems, a golden scale, and the warm, comforting scent of a loving mother.  The gift from Fleet for the new hatchlings.  When they grew old enough to wear them, of course.  

He started to hum, and the hum became low, wordless music.  He wondered if the hatchlings inside could hear him, yet?  Some said they could hear their parents from the shell in the last days before hatching.  He never remembered anything from his time in the shell.  Of course, with his egg abandoned, he didn't think that was much of a loss.

Finally, he spoke a poem that he had read recently, and he found it to be very fitting.

"At rest in fields of flowers we heard your song
And learned it and knew you wanted to be born.
Singing your song in warm night among the stars
We came together singing, your voice in our hearts;
Singing, we made your egg and heard your song inside..
You thanked us with your song of joy and blessed us.
Now as you are born we sing your song,
And as you hatch we sing your song.
When you take your mate your song will be sung,
And when you pass beyond the mountain
We will sing your song in joy and sadness, and
When we remember, your song will fill our hearts.
This is the Dragon way, to welcome and to say goodbye."

**OOC note:  This is not my poem, much as I wish it were.  This is actually a poem from Robin Wayne Bailey's third book in the Dragonkin Trilogy, "Undersky."**

Trials of a Young Dragon / Mama's Hatching Day Surprise
« on: October 19, 2013, 01:48:44 PM »
"Just a few more minutes, love, and we'll be there."  *Aurthur grinned down to his mate, who was blindfolded in his arms, as she could not fly just yet.  It was his mate's Hatching Day, and he had a huge surprise for her!  He finally spiraled down to the ground and set his beloved down on her feet.  There was a soft breeze blowing, but other than that, it was silent.  Aurthur then took hold of his mate's blindfold and pulled it off.*

     "SURPRISE, and Happy Hatching Day!"

*It was their friends and family, in the clearing that they had picked for their family gathering!  And indeed, all of the invitations had found their marks, the entire Shimmerscale clan, from the eldest of the dragons to the newest hatchlings, their great, great, great grand children were all present.  Aurthur beamed proudly to his mate, leaning in to give her a kiss as the family went to feasting and catching up with one another.*  

  "I hope you like your surprise, dear.....I kept pushing off the gathering, sending out messages to everyone.  I wanted everyone to be here to celebrate your Hatching Day, my love, so we could all show you how much we love you, and how important you are to all of us."

((OOC Note:  This thread is open to all friends and family of the Shimmerscales that would like to give their blessings to Icer on her Hatching Day.))

Trials of a Young Dragon / A very angry Grandpa
« on: September 04, 2013, 07:51:28 AM »
*After learning about his grandson Calcifer being taken hostage and used as a shield from Ammy, Aurthur had flown off in a rage.  He had went home of course, where the Shimmerscale family was gathering for what they had thought was a family feast.  Plans changed quickly.

The moment he got home, he called all those present to gather outside, and relayed the outrage of one of their kin being taken.  He organized search parties, sending out mated pairs, mostly even going so far as to enlist his mother, someone he NEVER spoke to.  Strolling too and fro, barking orders like a command captain, his deadly spines were fully unsheathed, and his hackles had risen as high as they could go.  Grandpa was pissed.*

Trials of a Young Dragon / Preparing for a family feast
« on: June 18, 2013, 09:17:39 AM »
*It wasn't easy preparing a feast for the family, let alone one that Aurthur and Icer were planning.  It had started off as an idea, that they invite Aurthur's parents Alexander and Milicent, along with Temeraire and Dominion and their hatchlings.  The idea grew and expanded, as things usually do, until it was a family reunion of sorts, and the Shimmerscale line was a long one.

  The place for the event had yet to be chosen, as finding a place large enough for so many dragons was difficult to say the least.  However, Aurthur was already making the preparations for the meal itself.  He was selecting the best wyvern, cattle, sheep, and deer for culling that would be used.  Nothing but the best for his family, of course.  Once one was selected, it was marked with a green tag.*

"It's a good thing that all of our herds have flourished this year....."

Trials of a Young Dragon / In memory of a friend
« on: February 04, 2013, 08:18:49 AM »
*Aurthur knew that plans had been made already for Ariana's funeral elsewhere, but he raised a small mound for her in the Shimmerscale graveyard.  A small tombstone was placed in her memory, with the following engraved words on the stone.

"She was taken from us far too soon.  Here lies Ariana, guard, and friend"

Aurthur stood in silence for a moment with his head bowed.  He raised his head and looked at the stone.  "The ones who did this will pay, my friend.  There are many people hunting for who is responsible.  See you in the next world, Ariana."  *And with that, he turned and headed back towards the hom cave to rest.*

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