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The Phalanx / Systems Analysis and Design
« on: October 12, 2011, 06:26:02 PM »
Still no word back on her inquiries. She was looking over the the schematics for the umpteenth time. She felt like she was missing something, something very important. What was she missing? She had the cyberware, the bioware components, but it seemed like she was just spinning her wheels.

... Too many distractions.

Too many attacks on friends, too many feelings involved. She was feeling like a burden and at the same time she couldn't get any movement on the procedure. The Armor, the superheroes... Virii...

... Virii... Symbiotes...

"That's what I am missing. I don't need surgery." She tapped a command on her workstation and brought up the data on NeoNet's Nanosymbiote and neural amplifier technology. Shouldn't be too hard to replicate, given the advanced environment.

She brought up the menus and started tapping away at the subroutines needed to complete the required programming. The symbioates could re-grow the need pathways, and the amplifiers would be able to electrochemically stimulate those pathways, helping her learn to walk again.

She shook her head, chuckling, "I am such an idiot at times. I don't need the surgery, just someone to monitor the progress."

She spent the next several hours designing and programming the soft nanites for the specific function, making copies of her reports...

The another idea hit her. Nantidotes... She had heard they were being used for the RBF vaccine. Why couldn't that technology be adapted in this case?

She spent the next several hours working up a thesis and her finding. Plus she added the data from the augmentation nanites and the nantidotes.

Maybe, just maybe, they might have an edge that could be used. But the first step would be to do the procedure.

A report to was sent off to the supervisors with a prayer that it was viable.

The Governor's Office / A desperate call for help...
« on: October 11, 2011, 06:51:00 PM »
She moved as fast as she could in that wheelchair of her's. Race's warning echoing in her mind. She knew some of what those virii could do having seen first hand. But the entire city was frightening to even the Cyber-Doctor.

No, she could not allow that to happen. She wasn't sure the Governor was in "Please... I need to get an urgent message to the Governor! The city is in grave danger!"

She could do little beg help. But is it was vital. "Please... Race said the Renna has completely lost it! She seeks to control the city with her Virii!"

"Please!" It was all she could do... Hope the message was taken seriously and delivered. She hoped that Race's name would carry the weight needed.

Her heart raced as she thoguht of Race and their parting. She hated leaving him there, but she was a liability in a fire fight. She saw that now.

Riverview Clinic / Surgical Consult - (Closed)
« on: September 29, 2011, 05:49:22 PM »
(At this time, this is open only to Myself and Maranya.)

The conversation with Edward played over and over again in her head. There was no one at Batten Industries that could handle this type of procedure. Fair enough, she couldn't very well operate on herself. Still she had to find a skilled surgeon.

She did have one viable resource to approach. If they did not have anyone with the specialty she needed, they would know who to approach. If not, she could fall back to some old contacts in the Sprawl. The former was more palatable than the latter, truth be told.

She so worked from home and sent off an e-mail to Dr. Valkonan.

To: Dr Maranya Valkonan
From: Dr Raye Ibaraki

RE: Surgical Consult

Dr Valkonan,

I am writing to inquire as to the possibility of a surgical consult for myself as the patient. I am requiring the services of someone that is knowledgeable in Bio-ware and cybernetic implants.

If you could point me in the proper direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Dr Raye Ibaraki

The Phalanx / Casualties
« on: September 23, 2011, 05:12:54 PM »

The shifting through the shadows had been almost instantaneous. The demonically fueled magics allowed the young man to bypass the chaos with his two passengers. The man, while shorter than him, was heavier in his armor. The woman was starting to show signs of distress in the first jump.

Being cautious, he came to a rest in the Scathachian Sanctuary. The shadows shielded them from prying eyes as he set the armored form to the ground with a growl. The woman forced herself through her own discomfort, taking on a serious mask. The demon knew she was also disabled herself, having seen her crawling through the rumble.

The doctor struggled to reach the fallen warrior. "Spartan!" She continued to call him by what she perceived to be his street name. She continued to try to reach him, while pleading with the young demon. "Please, I'm a doctor. I need to make sure he's ok!"

The demon complied immediately by setting her down at Spartan's side. She immediately flipped her cyber-eyes into scan mode, only to be inhibited by the armor. "Spartan, can you hear me. omae?" She sounded concerned. "Spartan I need you to open the armor." She did as much as she could before the armor got in the way...

... which was very little.

She couldn't afford to waste time. She looked up to the young man standing over her. "Please... I need you to watch over us." She didn't explain before she went limp, by jacking into Batten's network wirelessly. She had the connections chipped into her head so she would not need a PADD or a deck.

A little nine-tailed icon sped along the connection, searching for Edward's signal. ~Come on omae, where are you?~ She thought as she sped through the gateways in the security system. Leo had gotten her clearance to as much as he could as a department head.

The little spite transmitted an urgent SOS directly to Edward.

~Edward, this is Dr Ibaraki. Spartan is down. I need to bypass his armor.~ The little sprite dancing nervously. ~I need advanced life support to the Hospice stat. It's not good.~

*Omae = Friend

The Phalanx / Is there a Doctor in the House...
« on: September 22, 2011, 06:23:49 PM »
[size=9](Continued from Faster than a Speeding Bullet[/size]

Another long day between work and therapy/healing herself. Everything was so difficult in getting around and just doing. Raye was not feeling so comfortable and it showed. Up to the stairs of the inn and looking for Guido to help. She called Guido over and was tired enough to be begging a hand up the stairs. No, this place was not accessible, not by a long shot. The bouncer picked her up and placed her on the swing, while he wrestled the chair up the stairs.

Hex's head turned from where it sat in the booth, amber-lit eyes observing the newcomer for a moment.

"Miss Raye. Miss Raye!" Katt called. Geez chasing after a woman in a wheelchair was not easy and who knows how long she had been attempting the feet. Spluttering she stumbled in behind the chair, an eye on Guido as he had to..ehehhehe. ..fight with the chair!

Raye looked up and smiled at Katt. She hadn't tried moving from the swing. Too nice a day to be inside. "Hoi, Katt."

Katt stumbled to a stop, hands resting on her knees. Giving herself a moment to catch that breath. Poor girl. She looked like she hadn't slept in a day or two but that smile was ever polite. " you can really move in that thing.. geez.."

"You know what they say about practice." Raye eyed Katt a bit, "You look worn out."

"Chasing you and you wonder why I am worn out." She spluttered and corrected her stance slowly, a hand resting to the small of her back. "I've been chasing you for.. well a really long while. How are you?"

"Getting by, just trying to keep up with normal activities." Raye chuckled a bit, "And why are you stalking me?" She quipped playfully.

From down the street comes the Playboy, dressed as usual in his long black coat over a forest-green polo and blue jeans, whistling to himself as he strides casually along the street. The blue-grey eyes wander back and forth along his path as he meanders along.

Katt spluttered. "I'm not stalking! I wanted to talk to you." A hand rubbed at the back of her head feverishly. "Uhm.." Great now she forgot what was so important!

There was that gentle laugh, "I tease Katt. Now was it business or pleasure?"

Lips pursed as Katt attempted hard to remember. The fact she forgot was a bit startling to herself. "Well I was wondering if you've had a chance to talk to Mister Edward or Leo. You are going to right?"

"I am. I am taking Leo's advice. Either Edward or Kyle." Raye knew someone else in Batten it seemed.

"Mister Edward." She demanded firmly and sagely nodded. She was just.. giving her friendly opinion of course. "Oh! I got something for you." Katt waggled around, trying to get her bag from her hip to her stomach and started to dig through.

"Yes, Ma'am." She arched a brow at Katt. Strangely enough there was a green ribbon tied around one of the handle of the chair.

Coming down the street, Edward spies the Inn. And those on the porch. Hmm. Well, at least there's no one trying to kill him today; that's definitely a plus. Turning towards the porch, his steps take on a more direct, purposeful stride as he makes his way towards the building.

Katt stopped digging when she heard steps and glanced over to Edward. "Wow..speak of the devil." Ha! "Mister Edward! Hi!" Exhausted as she looked there was nothing stopping that excitement for some reason or another.

Riverview Clinic / Festival - Precautionary Decontamination
« on: August 22, 2011, 05:26:46 PM »
The night had started well enough. Everyone was having a good time celebrating the success of the Fine Arts Festival. The food and the dancing were a wonderful end to an awesome event. Spirits were high as people unwound and partied.

That was until the second Little Red Riding Hood arrived with her gruesome basket. The macabre container was secreted while the little creature tormented Iseult with the knowledge. Then the party took a sinister twist as the creature, revealed to be Renna, tipped her hand.

By keeping calm, Mataya was able to move most of the party goers to safety while the forces of Batten Industries lead by the Chief Security, Leo, moved into cordon off Renna and her Cohort. The remaining people were a few souls willing to lend a hand including The Watchwoman, Rachael Wynters and Doctor Raye Ibaraki. Also remaining at the scene was one Tasslehoff.

Then all hell broke loose...

In the process of revealing her plans including a bomb, Leo moved in with weapons drawn. Tasslehoff made a surprising move in placing himself between her and Leo's gun. Leo took the shot anyway, willing to injure Tass and in the process took out the presumed explosive device and the body Renna was currently possessing.

Yet, thing were not what they had appeared to be. As the mortal shell Renna had inhabited disintegrated, her cohort Celia revealed the true explosives by detonating the bears she had seeded in the park at the party site. It was only through the magic of the Keeper of Air and the hidden Rhiannon, that was able to keep the bulk of the *mist* at bay.

Still it came time to triage and treat the survivors of the blast. Leo and the surviving members of the Batten Security team were transported to their headquarters. Rhiannon, though unseen, had disappeared with the use of the magic she commanded. Tasslehoff also slipped away through the use of magic, leaving Rachael and Raye with the robot Hex. Hex provided transport for the two women to Riverview...

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, Doctor Ibaraki and Officer Wynters were being transported to the Riverview Clinic for decontamination after exposure to a potentially hazardous substance. The pilot allowed Raye to use the comm to call in the transport and advise the ER that they had two patients en route requiring Infectious disease protocols.

What a way to see the facility you wish to sign on with.

(Brief synopsis of Last Night's Events)

RDI Playables / The Batizado
« on: July 04, 2011, 03:49:53 PM »
There was a group forming in the crossroads just south of the Rhydin Museum. It didn't seem to hostile in nature. People were dressed in loose clothing and some even carried different types of musical instruments.

Those involved knew what the purpose of the gathering was for. Spectators, drawn by the crowd, were not turned away. In fact they were encouraged to watch the "show."

The Batizado

((A little something fun for people to watch or participate in. OOC information on the Batizado can be found here.))

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