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Riverview Clinic / Lunch With Family
« on: August 15, 2014, 02:23:37 AM »
Nicole?s Bistro was buzzing with lunchtime activity. A corner table showed a solitary figure lounging in her chair, casually observing the patio. The fountain captured Aja?s attention for a little bit, she peeked in it to see if there were fishies in it or not.

Several servers made their way around the patio attending to taking orders and delivering food. For the summer, Harker?s Academy was on a half time schedule. A quick trip across the street meant lunch and one of her sister?s specialty pizzas.  With her mother away, she was taking care of hospital related business on her mother?s behalf. Chelle tended to legal matters, but Rhi had always been a people person. Public relations often fell to her. Maggie would be spending the afternoon with her siblings and cousins right next door.

This luncheon was different from the usual Wednesday ones with Mami and Aja, where clinic matters were discussed interspersed with defusing arguments about Rico?s love life, or lack thereof.  Maranya hoped that it would go smoothly, but she was prepared for tangling with what might come her way.  She patted her ever present black leather satchel, and smiled at the thought of the ?secret weapon? within.  Nixies.

The journeyman wanders towards the Bistro for his lunch appointment. Gloved hands were tucked into the pockets of his trenchcoat. Alec spies Aja sitting across the way. He offers her a friendly wave.

Aja waves upon seeing Alec arrive on the patio. Not that he needed help identifying her. He knew her well from their Monday morning meetings when they would work on stuff on the farm, while sharing what was going on with their lives.

?Good afternoon, Sis. This is a different sort of place for a meeting.?

?Yeah, it is. But, it?s not just us two today.? Aja grinned. ?I invited Anya and Rhi today. Figured they?d enjoy this more than coffee and muffins while we worked on fences.?

A server directed Maranya to the table where Aja and Alec waited.  She flashed them a smile.  ?Good afternoon, sestra moya, brat moya.?

Alec sees that they are indeed joined by more people. He waves to Rhi and Anya, whom he had not seen in what felt like ages! She would get a hug at the soonest opportunity.

?Hey, Anya.? She beamed a smile up to her and waited for her to get comfortable at the table.

Hugs and cheek kisses were delivered to Alec and Aja in turn before the tall blond seated herself at the table.

Rhi greeted the others after taking a moment to visit with her sister.  ?Hello!?

Hugs and kisses were given to all of them and then she reseated herself.   ?So. I?ve been debating?? Aja picked up the menu. ?If I should have pasta or cow.?

?Veal is cow.? Rhi winked at Aja.

?Mmmm. Veal.? Aja considered this. ?Perhaps I should just go with a surf and turf.?

?The grilled shrimp and pasta is good, but I?m bit biased when it comes to the food here,? Rhiannon said with a smile.

?I believe that I will have the Frutta di Mare, white sauce, over fettuccini,? Maranya decided with a firm nod.

?Excellent point.? Aja laughed, answering Rhi. ?So... are we ready to plan adventures!?? Aja was nothing if not enthusiastic for anything that could potentially lead to the use of weapons.

?Adventures or excuses to explode things, Aja??  Maranya smiled tolerantly.

?I?m good with either.? She beamed to Anya. ?We just don?t tell Mami about any of it. Lest we want to give her a coronary.?

?Tell Mami what?? A wry grin appeared on Rhi?s face as she settled at the table.

?So, standard operating procedure.  Got it.?  Maranya paused in thought.  ?This demands cheese garlic bread and tiramisu for dessert.?

A wink was shot to Rhi from Aja. Her friends understood well, that there were certain things that should never reach Mami?s ears. And speaking of Mami and reasons not to tell her stuff, Rico was on his way to the table now. He settled in after giving Rhi and Anya a kiss to the cheek, and a handshake to Alec.

?Sorry I?m late. Amy had me signing my life away before she let me go to lunch.?

?You need a good lawyer, Rico.? Rhi chuckled and jerked a thumb to the place next door.

He motioned to Aja then. ?Of course I do. I run with her. One of these days, you all may have to bail us out from the Watch Brig.?  Aja said nothing to this. Just grinned, Rico was allowed his moments of teasing her.

?I can dip into ?Tonio?s petty cash fund if need be.  Which I am hoping that doesn?t become necessary.?  Maranya studied Aja.  ?Or will it this time??

Alec gave a handshake to Rico and settled into a chair at the table. He idly perused the menu for a moment, then set it aside. Gloved hands folded onto his lap as he listens in quietly to the conversations flowing around him.

A pair of servers appeared, one to take drink orders and the second to take appetizer requests. Rhiannon ordered an iced tea to start. A small order of garlic bread with dipping oil was her choice of appetizer.

Maranya placed her order, starting the meal with Mozzarella Carusso, served with olive oil and anchovy sauce, and black coffee.

Aja gave her order to the server then leaned back in her chair. She tugged her tablet from her ever present bag, and pulled up the list she had running for Alec?s mission. She wouldn?t be forgetting a thing. He was family, and you did everything in your power not to let them down.

Rico also gave his order then peeked over at what the boss lady was doing, even though he knew he wouldn?t be going this time.

When the server comes to him, he orders a cup of coffee to drink, and a chicken carbonara for lunch. He sneaks a peek at what Aja was doing and realizes that the moment had come for him to make his pitch.

Riverview Clinic / Zima Obstrel
« on: February 14, 2014, 11:18:47 PM »
Maranya Ergin-Falconne warmly smiled while she watched the small bundled up figures play in the snow outside the grounds of the Palazzo.  She brushed off snow from an outcropping of rock and perched atop it for a better vantage point.

Deep in her thoughts about how much her sons had grown, she was startled out of them by a ploosh of snow to her black wool trenchcoat?s shoulder.  Looking around, boyish giggles rang in her ears, but she had no clue as to who was the culprit.

?You realize that this means war,? Maranya smiled as she leaned down to scoop up snow with her teal wool gloved hands.

Later that evening, once the twins had been settled in for the night, the Padrona of the Palazzo relaxed on the overstuffed couch before the rustic stone hearth.   Maranya smiled up at Antonio when he handed her an earthenware mug of the mulled red wine with orange slices that she favored, and adjusted the well loved patchwork quilt around them when he settled down beside her.  Her dark blond haired head rested against his strong shoulder while they watched the flickering flames together.

The crackling and pops from the logs as the flames consumed them, along with the wine she enjoyed, lulled her to sleep at last beside one of her husbands.  Warm, content, safe.

Riverview Clinic / Heroes II
« on: October 19, 2012, 09:21:24 PM »
The Chief of Staff at Riverview Clinic shook her dark blond haired head with a smile as she pushed open the door to the Recovery Ward.  Hazel eyes looked around at the beds one by one from behind her platinum wireframed glasses lenses.  A brief frown crossed her lips at the sight of a particular empty bed, but she quickly forced a smile to cover it up as she faced the pair of young patients there.

"I should've known when Brigitte told me that there was a commotion on the floor that I'd find you two hooligans at the center of it," Maranya mock scolded the two teenaged boys in turn.

"Aw, hey, Doc V, loudmouth here was just saying that Captain America was a pansy in the Avengers movie,"  Stevie grinned, and gave the dark haired teenager in the bed next to him a playful shove, careful not to dislodge either his own or Ernie's IV.

Ernie shoved back at the towheaded teen with a grin.  "Well he was!  Hulk kicked serious butt in it!"  His voice cracked slightly, revealing his age of fourteen years.

"Da, he did," Maranya agreed, as she pulled a chair over to sit on while she conversed with her young patients.  Stevie and Ernie came in periodically for treatment for their conditions, Hemolytic Anemia and Fanconi Anemia respectively, over the past three years.  "But then again, so did Iron Man."

"Aw, I knew you were gonna say that!" Stevie laughed.

"Well, think on this, my favorite hooligans.  How many movies have they made recently with Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America?"

The Good Doctor listened to the teenagers as they puzzled this out.  Her gaze drifted past them to the empty bed on the end of the row, and that frown flittered briefly across her lips again.

He had three good years, Vincent's parents had said to her.  Three good years with his family, playing with his dog, going to school even. Even with this past admission, she felt that he was going to turn the corner with his Alpers Syndrome and go home again to enjoy life outside of Riverview.  Vincent almost made it, too.

Maranya's eyes closed briefly to hold in the tears that threatened to spill forth with the memory of holding the twelve year old boy's hand while he passed from this world to the next.

"Doc?  Hey Doc V!"  Ernie's voice cut through her thoughts, and she looked over at the frail teen.

"Da, Ernie?"

"Three for your guy, three for mine, and only two for that wimpy Captain America!"

"Wimpy?  Why I oughta--" The teens roughhoused as best that they could within the limitations of their treatments.

"You two behave or I'll turn this ward around, I swear," Maranya scolded in that tone of voice familiar to mothers everywhere.  A smile graced her lips, however.

"Okay, okay, sheesh," Stevie grinned, and snuck in one last noogie to the top of Ernie's head before they ceased the roughhousing.

Maranya rose from her chair, and replaced it on the other side of the ward.  "Now, I need to get back to work, taking care of really sick people.  You two behave yourselves, and I'll see about getting autographed copies of the Avengers DVD for you two.  But only if you hooligans don't give the nurses any more grief, got it?"

"Got it!" the teens chorused.

The Good Doctor shook her head with a smile as she opened the door.

"Hulk, smash!" Stevie shouted.

"Puny god!" Ernie shot back.

Heroes, these young men, not Ruffalo or Evans.

Maranya stepped out of the Recovery Ward, let the door close behind her, and headed for the next part of her rounds, the Neonatal ward.

Riverview Clinic / Interoffice Memos
« on: August 19, 2012, 11:58:21 PM »
Interoffice Memo

To:  Mami Tharadon, Director
From:  Maranya Valkonan, Chief of Staff
Re: Medical Assistance

Regarding the recent request submitted by Rhiannon Brock on behalf of Dib Jaster Aurene from Dominion Exports to provide medical assistance to the people of Newbreton in St. Aldwin, I have gone over our relevant inventory, and we can easily spare the necessary vaccines.  I have already alerted our suppliers to replenish our surplus supplies as a precaution, in the event that there is an epidemic here.

I have also contacted both Morton University and Smithson College.  They have authorized the assignment of half of their yearly allotment to us of their first year residents, for a total of seventy residents between them, to aid in the relief efforts as well.  Once these residents have completed the relief efforts, they will of course be reassigned to Riverview as their specialties permit.


Riverview Clinic / Razrushat'sya
« on: June 23, 2012, 11:11:31 PM »
Riverview's Chief of Staff exited the operating theatre.   Weariness clung to her body like the bloody latex gloves still on her hands.  Each step that she took on the path to the women's side of the surgical locker room seemed as if she trudged through rapidly hardening cement.

"Doctor Valkonan?  We need to talk."

Maranya slowly turned to face the uniformed Watch officer.

Her words were shaded with fatigue when she spoke, "Officer, I have just assisted on a facial and hand reconstruction on a five year old girl who was mauled by a bear who attacked both her and her father on a camping trip.  Unless you have a summons for my arrest that must be delivered immediately, you can wait until I have at least showered and changed first."  She turned her back on the officer and took another step on the path.

"But this can't wait, Doctor.  It's about your husband?."

A chill ran down her spine with those words and her steps halted again.  Both of her husbands currently were away on business trips.  Neither told her about anything dangerous that might occur on them to her before they left, but that was their way, to minimize her worrying needlessly while they were away.

Before she could speak, the officer continued, "According to the news report, there was an explosion on the plane that he was traveling on in Ankara, Turkey, and there were no survivors."

Ankara, Turkey.  No survivors. Those words echoed in Maranya's mind as she stood there, the blood draining from her face.

Nyet! We just talked the other day, and he said that as soon as his business was concluded, he would be home? he missed me and Ayden? he loved me and his son... he had presents for the both of us? this can't be pravilno!  It can't!

"I appreciate you informing me," the Chief of Staff stated in a flat, oddly calm voice that sounded foreign to her own ears.  "Now, if you will excuse me."  Without another word, she turned and soon disappeared inside the sanctuary of the surgical locker room.

Once the heavy door closed behind her, Maranya stripped off her bloody surgical garments and gloves by force of habit, and discarded them in the proper bins.  Blindly, she made it to one of the shower stalls and somehow managed to turn on the water after she stepped inside.  Her knees buckled.  She sank to the cool tile floor while the warm spray hit her numb body.

Moans and screams tore from her throat until it was raw, and the water that struck her trembling huddled form was as icy cold as her world was now without her leaf green eyed Lyev in it.

[size=9]This post was inspired by the one made here:[/size]

Riverview Clinic / Challenge Checkup
« on: October 22, 2011, 10:06:44 PM »
The Chief of Staff checked her wrist chronometer as she walked purposefully to the reception desk.  Keen hazel eyes hidden behind platinum framed glasses looked around the waiting area.  "Phyllia, has Ms. Matthews arrived for her examination?"

    "She hasn't checked in yet, Dr. Ergin-Falconne," the middle aged red-haired woman answered.

    Maranya's lips pursed in thought.

    From Sarah's message, this exam seemed urgent.  I wonder what could be keeping her.

    First was the rounds at the school, checking on rogue students skipping classes, trouble makers running rampent in the halls; then there was the endless hunt for Neo to get him his lunch. It was the usual day for Sarah, except that she was running late. At least that's what she would say. Truth of the matter was, she was lost, and hesitant to see the doctor. Why? Because they scared her of course.

    She should have been used to them by now. After all, Anya was a wonderful doctor, Sarah owed Anya and her staff her life. There were still scars, mental and physical when it came to the episode with the tower.

    Once she made her way into the doors of the doctor's waiting room she had to take a breath. Nerves were getting the best of her, but she pushed through them and to the desk. After a hearty throat clear, she announced. "Sarah Matthews, checking in."

    Maranya tipped a smile to Sarah once she arrived.  "Excellent.  If you will come with me, Sarah.  We can get this exam going and it will be as painless as possible."  She gestured with her star sapphire and diamond ringed right hand to the doors which led to the exam rooms.  "I understand that you are going to face Harris at the Outback, da?  He's a rough opponent."

    Follow she did, her eyes turning over the clinic and then back to Anya," It's a rather pretty place ya have here, now that I can see it without coming through the emergency doors." The comment about Harris made her smile. " I was trained by Mur and he believes in amping up his upper cuts." The thought made her rub her chin and wince.

    "Spasibo.  I have worked hard these past six years and more to make Riverview a place of healing, in every aspect of the word."  Maranya's smile turned a bit rueful with memories.  "I remember those well, though I did my best to deliver them more than receive.  There is still one move called a Slider that I used to do, which was an uppercut against either a leap or a jump kick.  Very effective, but I felt bad afterward."   She opened the door to one of the exam rooms.  "Here we are.  Now, if you will hop up on the table, I can do the preliminaries before you get to ride in the USCT.  Again, it's painless."

    "The USCT?" Her curiousity at something she didn't know was well known. Sarah had a knact for getting into trouble that way. Effortlessly she climbed onto the exam table and kicked her feet, her eyes flickering over the room before resting on Anya again. "I'm sure if it was painful that you'd take every action nessesary to make it painless."

    "I would indeed.  I am used to treating children, but adults deserve the same consideration."  Soft laughter issued forth.  "The UltraSound CT scanner.  One of my toys that I get to play with."  Maranya adjusted the stethoscope around her neck and put the ear pieces in.  "I'll check your heart and lungs first, then blood pressure, before that ride."

    "Rodger." She hoped everything was kicking right. Her hands lightly gripped the edge of the table as a heavy breath was taken. "How are the kids? The husbands?" A warm smile formed on her face. "Bet it keeps you busy, the clinics, kids, and all."

    Maranya's smile warmed at the thought of her favorite subjects, her husbands and their sons.  "Ayden and Andrew are growing like weeds... they're almost ten months, which still amazes me, because I remember carrying them inside of me what seems not that long ago.  'Tonio and Alper are also well, and busy as always, but they and I are happy, which is the most important."

She placed the disc receiver end of the stethoscope against Sarah's back.  "It is busy, but a good busy.  Since we have a daycare center here, I can visit with the twins when my duties allow during the day.  Now, breathe in deeply, and let it out slowly."

    Hearing Anya speak warmly of her twins and her husbands was refreshing considering all that went on in a day to day basis. Read the post now and then, the highlights of the city, and all there was was chaos and madness. It was enough to keep Neo and the Knights busy. Her fingers flexed on the edge of the table and she nodded in response to the direction. One strong breath, her chest filling before she exhaled softly, slowly, letting the air pour from her lungs.

    Maranya listened to the air flow, and nodded slowly.  "Again, please."

    The process repeated as she closed her eyes, doing her best to be a good patient.

    Another listen, and another nod.  "Now, take a deep breath and hold it please."

    She nodded, exhaled, and froze as her breath was held.

    Maranya listened closely.  "Now, release it very slowly."

    Her chest rose a little as she exhaled, letting the air leave her once more as she looked to the good doctor.

    "Excellent.  Lungs are clear.  Now, I'll take a listen to your heart."  She moved to face Sarah, and placed the receiver end against the young woman's chest to listen.

    No attempts to talk were made, nor was she going to hum, though there were times she was tempted. She sat there, her eyes closed again as she worked through the cold touch of the receiver.

    Maranya nodded thoughtfully, and moved the disc shaped receiver to another part of Sarah's chest to listen again.

    That got her brow to lift and her head tilted to the side. "Everything okay Doc?"

    "Mm, just fine.  I wanted to check from a different angle to make sure."  Reassuring smile was tipped to Sarah.  "Heart and lungs are good.  Now, time for the blood pressure."

    "Oh good. I was afraid that incident was coming back to haunt me." She admitted as her head bobbed to the thought of blood pressure.

    "Nyet, you're in the pink, as I like to tell Cleffa."   Soft laughter at her private joke, as the puffball was always pink.  Maranya brought over the fabric cuff with the gauge attached.  "Roll up your left sleeve please, so I can put this on."

    Sarah nodded again, her right hand moving to her arm and twisting the sleeve up. She paused for a second to muse. "I might have to bring Neo to you tomorrow because of a heart attack. I made a bet with Candy if I lose my next duel with her that I'd chop off my hair, not sure he'd like that." She snickered lightly, finishing her sleeve.

    Hazel eyes widened behind her glasses lenses.  "Bozhe moi.  That's a harsh bet.  I used to wager on helping people on their jobs if I lost to them."  The cuff was wrapped around Sarah's upper arm and fastened with Velcro.  She inflated the cuff with the bulb and listened with her stethoscope.

    "Well it is Candy and I don't think she'd do it for any less." She chuckled, her eyes flickered to the cuff and again closed. She hated how tight those things got.

    Maranya's lips pursed while she watched the gauge as the cuff was deflated, and listened to the sounds of blood rushing through the arteries.  "Mm, I don't recall anyone named Candy, but then again, it's been over a year since I've dueled in the Outback."

    "I noticed that. How come?" She tilted her head a little, as she always did when she was curious. "From what I hear you were one of the best." Her feet swayed slightly.

    "Well, I stopped first because I was carrying my Blessings, and I didn't want to risk losing them.  After they were born, I've been busy with them and work.  Maybe one day I'll return, but it's not as important to me as my family is."  Maranya shook her dark blond haired head with a smile, which sent her ponytail to brush against the back of her white knee length lab coat.  "Spasibo, but I would have to work hard to regain any sort of place there.  Your blood pressure is one hundred eighteen over seventy eight.  Excellent."  She carefully removed the cuff and set it aside.

    She liked when her numbers were good. A pleased smile formed on her face. "Sounds like you're living a dream. I'm glad you're happy. There's hope for Rhy'din when people like you are so willing to help and care for people while being happy."

    "Believe me, some days I feel every bit of my thirty four years in my bones, or more.  My life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but I work at something I love, and have the loves of my life to come home to, which makes it all worthwhile.  I try not to dwell on the negatives, for in the end they don't matter."  Maranya removed the earpieces from her ears, and let the stethoscope dangle around her neck.  "Now, the fun part, the USCT."

    Her feet kicked again and she chewed on her bottom lip. "Wee, fun part." She chuckled lightly, her smile still as big as ever. "I'm glad things are working out for you." She looked over the room again then back to Anya. "How fun is this part?"

    "Well, if you like looking at colored lights while the scanners run, it's fun."  Maranya gestured to the machine, which had a bed that slid in and out of the main scanner unit.  "I don't set them to flash, because of the potential of stimulating a seizure in some patients."

    "Colored lights. All right, I can live with that." Sarah slid off the table and over to the bed, a finger prodding at it before she sat down.

    "Lay down, please.  And relax.  Normal easy breaths.  It won't take very long."

    She nodded once again and slid to where she could lay comfortably on the bed. "I bet you've had less difficult than myself. I'm not exactly used to machines and exams."

    "Less and more.  One of the worst was a dwarf with stuffed sinuses."  Once Sarah was ready, Maranya pressed the button which slid the bed into the scanner.

    The thought of a dwarf with stuffed sinuses made her nose wrinkle for a moment. It didn't sound plesant. Her body froze ever so slightly and her chest rose and fell a bit slower as her nerves took over.

    Maranya studied the monitor, which displayed in real time high resolution three dimensional color Sarah's internal anatomy as she passed through the USCT scanner.  Lips pursed in thought at the faint shadows revealed on the brain part of the scan.

    Sarah saw the lights, stared at them for a few moments before her eyes closed. Lights could only be good for so long, other than that, it was as though she had chose to cat nap. She was sure that she was safe, but her imagination went over the classic list of what ifs while the machine scanned.

    Just to be sure, Maranya ran the scan protocol again.  She did not want to take any chances with those potential trouble areas.

    During which Sarah found herself staring at the lights again. Her mind racing with questions as the scans dragged on, it felt like an eternity.

Riverview Clinic / Tsepi Rabstva
« on: May 17, 2011, 09:21:04 PM »
Maranya?s fingertips rubbed at the bridge of her nose for the umpteenth time that day while she sorted through and reviewed the stacks of paperwork that still cluttered her cherrywood desktop.

Bozhe moi, I forgot how much paperwork there was with the Big Chair these days.  This multiplies worse than Tribbles.   I am sorely, sorely tempted to take a torch to all of this, and be done with it.

A soft sigh left her lips in resignation while the Director of Administration of Riverview Clinic picked up the last sheaf of hardcopy from the far right-hand stack and began to read.

Hazel eyes widened in horror behind the lenses of her tortoise shell framed reading glasses.

How did this not get approved before, much less reviewed?  Riverview Clinic has always been a safe haven for those affected by the horrors of slavery.   At least, while I was fully in charge it was.   And it will be again.

Maranya Ergin-Falconne's lips were deeply touched by a frown while she wrote a note in clear, precise calligraphic handwriting on the Fair Labor Agreement document:

Riverview Clinic has always been a safe haven for those affected by the horrors of slavery.   It will remain that way.

Maranya Ergin-Falconne

Director of Administration
Chief of Staff
Riverview Clinic

After she signed the document in a neat flourish with her black fountain pen and slipped it into a courier envelope, she addressed the envelope in that same precise calligraphic handwriting to Dib Jaster Aurene CEO, Dominion Exports.   Her fingers fumbled for the intercom button, and finally found it.

When her executive assistant entered the office, she handed over the envelope.  "Xenia, please make sure that this document is delivered right away.   Spasibo."

Maranya leaned back in her ergonomically designed cordovan leather chair once Xenia left, and softly sighed.

"Bozhe moi.   Iz-za otsutstvie gvozdja?."*

[size=9]*"My God.   Because of the lack of a nail...."[/size]

Riverview Clinic / Maranya, Alper and Antonio's Wedding - Wedding Gifts!
« on: January 18, 2010, 08:43:38 AM »
This is the place to post what you gave as wedding gifts to Maranya Ergin-Falconne, Alper Ergin II, and Antonio Falconne!

Have fun!

Show off the loot!

Riverview Clinic / Maranya, Alper and Antonio's Wedding - Wedding Finery!
« on: January 17, 2010, 08:12:59 AM »
This is the place to post what you are wearing to both the wedding of Maranya Valkonan, Alper Ergin II, and Antonio Falconne and the reception afterward!

Have fun!

Show off your finery!

Lüks Condos / Zagovor
« on: October 13, 2009, 07:31:25 PM »
Mischief crept on a pair of size ten black suede booted feet from the elevator which softly dinged upon its arrival at the penthouse floor.

Mischief curved the lips of the dark blond haired woman when she slowly shed her garments in the sanctuary of a particular bedroom.

Mischief shone in her hazel eyed gaze while she fondly regarded the scruffily bearded dark haired man entangled in silken sheets.

Mischief dominated her thoughts as she drew those sheets back just enough to warmly nestle in bed beside him.

In the morning, after the mutual enjoyment of a quite decadent breakfast, Maranya sent her fianc? off to his work day with a wicked smile and gleam in his leaf greens.

Once he left her presence, with a flurry of calls on her cell, she set the plans that she had made weeks in advance into motion.  Juliana and Theodore were alerted to not only keep their boss occupied during the day, but most especially kept out of the penthouse.   Xenia and Sivanna's part of the conspiracy at this point was diversion.  Those calls made by Alper to Riverview which inquired about her were to be skillfully deflected when possible.  If evasion was ineffective, then either her Executive Assistant or her Public Relations Director was to transfer the call to her cell, and she would take it from there.   Finally, Maranya informed the grocer's to deliver the particular items that she needed to prepare a birthday dinner fit for a Lyev.

Then she did the hardest thing for her to do at that point in time.  She sat on the couch in the living room, and patiently waited for the food to arrive.

Riverview Clinic / Tridtsat' Syem'
« on: September 03, 2009, 07:39:50 PM »
Proposition Thirty Seven.

Those three words brought a chill down the spine of the Chief of Staff at Riverview Clinic whenever she heard or thought about them.   They were on the lips, or, in the case of those who "spoke" with their hands, the fingers of the majority of people she ran into these days.

Proposition Thirty Seven.

Maranya Tatiana Valkonan paused in her usual rounds to lean against a corridor wall, and rubbed at her right knee through her jade green scrubs' pants leg.  The injury suffered in the Outback the night previous had healed fully, due to both Misty's efforts and her own Talents.

But an ache of another sort remained.  Phantom pain, her analytical mind told her.   There isn't any physiological reason for there to be any pain.

She flexed the knee a few times, and winced with each movement of the joint.

Yet it hurts.

Maranya stubbornly forced the idea that her knee ached back in her mind, and continued on with her rounds.

The reason for the ache replayed in her thoughts, though, a subliminal soundtrack while she focused on her duties.

Riverview Clinic / Bukva
« on: August 11, 2009, 04:51:00 PM »
The light drizzle that day mirrored the Chief of Staff's mood when she walked into Riverview Clinic the morning after a particularly bad night at the Outback.  She nodded in habitual greeting to Phyllia and Xenia in turn on the way to her office.

Once inside, also by habit, Maranya booted up her computer terminal.   While it came to life, she settled in her ergonomically designed cordovan leather chair.  Then she swiveled to the side to fill her large coffee mug with WonderCoffee that her thoughtful assistant had set to brew when Xenia arrived earlier that morning.

She gave the now active brown flatscreen a cursory look while she sipped the potent brew.  A sigh of relief escaped from between her lips when she noted the absence of flashing electronic alerts clamoring for her immediate attention.

Her gaze then fell on the neat pile of hardcopy mail on the center of her otherwise ruthlessly clean cherrywood desktop.  With a soft, resigned sigh and shake of her head, she set the mug aside, and picked up the pile to sort through the mail.

So much for the so called electronic age being a paperless one.

The majority of correspondence bore impressive letterheads from various pharmaceutical companies, medical organizations, and universities, standard fare for her.   Those were set aside.   She knew with pinpoint certainty that anything in those missives that would impinge on her organized chaos of a schedule was already added there by Xenia.

The last letter in the stack bore the handwritten words "Doctor Maranya" on the envelope.  Her dark blond brow ticked upward in undisguised curiosity while she opened the envelope and removed the sheet from within to read.

Dear Doc,

I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I acted the other night. It was rude of me to presume that you weren't dealing, and unforgiveable the way I spoke to you. I refuse to use my pregnancy as an excuse for rudeness - I was out of line, and I apologise. I hope everything comes well for you.

My apologies,
Amelia Ryan.

Maranya shook her head, and a smile crossed her lips.   The simple apology letter from AJ sank in like salve to heal the raw spots of guilt that she felt after their confrontation in the Outback the night previous.

The Good Doctor approached the rest of her tasks that day with cheerful enthusiasm, her mood lightened dramatically by that thoughtful gesture.

Riverview Clinic / Re:
« on: June 22, 2009, 09:21:51 PM »
After she spent the morning elbow deep in surgery that manic Monday, the quite weary in body, mind, and soul Chief of Staff took a detour from her usual path.   Instead of heading to the Nursery, to look over the rows of life renewing itself, she felt herself drawn to the courtyard, and the garden there.

When she stepped inside the garden, her widened from surprise hazel eyes glowed a soft, leaf green.  She stood there, arms akimbo, and let the waves of ambient magical energy wash over her body.  A soft purr escaped from her lips.   She basked in the sensations contently, like a kitten on a windowsill on a sunny day.

Maranya then took slow, tentative steps toward the pedestal, the source of the energies.  Her emerald and diamond ringed hands reached out and hovered, palms down, over the stones there.   Her glowing eyes closed, and she breathed deeply.

The knots of the stress, the pressures, and the worries she held inside herself, both professional and personal, all of them unraveled, and turned to dust in the wind.
A beatific smile curved her lips, and lit her face from within.

Peace at last.

The Chief of Staff left the haven of the courtyard, and returned to her duties.  Refreshed in body, mind, and soul.

Lüks Condos / Koshmar
« on: June 15, 2009, 07:04:40 PM »
It started out normally.  Just another match in the Outback.  The participants, however, were definitely not the normal sort.  On one side of the ring, a tall Egyptian, whose aquiline features reeked of contempt, not only for the majority of humanity, but especially for his opponent in the ring.  Opposite him stood a tall, dark blond haired woman, her features studied calm belying the fear she felt inside.

Unlike their previous matches, the Egyptian pressed his advantages to the fullest, brutal means possible during each round.   His jab snapped his opponent's head back.    A hard chop brought her to her knees before him.    His flip slammed her into the mat with punishing force.   His hook sent her reeling.  Then the final blow, an uppercut that dropped her to the mat like a stone.

The Egyptian picked her ragdoll limp form up from the mat by her neck.  "This is the sort of collar that you are born to wear," his mellifluous tones purred in her ear while his thumbs pressed against her carotid arteries.

His opponent felt the pressure increase.  The thrum of her heartbeat in her ears.  The blackness that crept into her visual field from both sides, until it was consumed completely.

Her emerald and diamond ringed hands flailed weakly against the stranglehold, but finally they dropped, limply, to her sides.

In the outside world, the dark blond haired woman laid in a bed beside her dark haired fianc?.   Instead of sleeping peacefully, however, her emerald and diamond ringed hands surrounded her own throat as she choked herself.

The sounds of someone choking sharply roused Alper from his peaceful slumber.  His leaf green eyes widened in horror at the sight of his fianc?e with her own hands around her throat.  "Anya!  Anya, wake up, please!" he pleaded frantically as he carefully pried her hands away, and held them between his own.  "Anya!"

Maranya's hazel eyes struggled through what seemed like a drugged fog to focus on the handsome face of the man beside her.  Then she crumpled into his strong arms like a house of cards toppled by a hurricane.

"Shh, love, it's alright, I'm here," he murmured while he smoothed her sweat tangled hair gently between his fingers.   "I'm here.   What did you see?"

Muffled against his chest, she related, in bits and pieces, the nightmare that claimed its hold on her.  He murmured reassurances to his love while his eyes burned with rage.

The Egyptian had already stolen Duci from them.  That Orosbu pitchi will not get his hold on my love too, he vowed silently.  I'll see him burn in hell first!

Alper held Maranya's trembling, sweaty form against him in comfort until she finally fell asleep.   Anger furiously burned within him until fury turned to cold ashes hours later, and allowed him fitful slumber.

Riverview Clinic / Rasa Ko Istselenie
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If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. -- Henry J. Tillman

That quotation, in cherrywood framed needlepoint, taunted Maranya Tatiana Valkonan the more she stared at it as it hung on her office wall.

It's not my damned fault that I can't figure out what is causing those symptoms in Mira.  I'm not a divine being? and people shouldn't expect me to be.

Her soft sigh escaped her lips, and she swiveled her chair away from the wall to face the opposite way.

Yet they do.  There has to be something I'm missing.  Something elementary.

Another sigh slipped free.

By the Beyond, I wish I could find the answers in time to help Mira.

Something about that last thought struck a chord within her.

Time.  It has to do with time.

Maranya's attention was caught by the flashing red alert bar on her flatscreen monitor.

Quarantine containment breach!

She quickly swiveled her chair back, rose from it, and rapidly strode from her office toward the makeshift control center established outside the quarantine area.  Once she reached the center, she looked between the technicians there.

"Who was foolish enough to--" Her question caught in her throat when she saw a familiar blond haired man being processed through DECOM.  And she belatedly remembered a whispered conversation almost a week ago on the Isle.

Alec Tuttle!  By the Beyond, Sivanna's going to have my hide if you've harmed yourself!  And I'll let her do it, too.

"Let me know what you find with him," the Chief of Staff declared, doing her best to keep her voice level and clinically dispassionate.  Then she headed back to her office to await the results.

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