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Memories and Other Dances / A Little Family Fun
« on: May 05, 2017, 07:12:33 PM »
29 April 2017

Rhiannon and Dennis Harker had volunteered to keep track of a few children over the weekend to allow their parents time to enjoy the bonfire and other festivities.  Colleen and Alinar were having their first experience digging for clams on the island. Madison was out on the boat, fishing with her uncle and cousin, Rick. Cate and Maggie were on fire building duty. Abby was dutifully wrapping potatoes and corn on the cob in foil to be cooked later.  Nicole took the night off from the bistro to spend some time with her nieces and nephews.  Bertie was off painting the town and hoping to enjoy some the magic of Beltane celebration in the city.

The Governor's Office / Children's Day 2016 - Venue Preview
« on: March 24, 2016, 03:02:52 PM »
To: The Honorable Ebon Ilnaren
Governor of Rhydin

From: Rhiannon D. Harker
Harker & Hall Architecture Ltd.

Re: Children's Day Venues

Governor Ilnaren,

The city's Children's Day Events, this year, will be held at Wonderplex and Typhoon Bay Resort. Enclosed is an advanced copy of the brochure of the new park and resort attractions that will be opened in time for the celebration. With the exception of new wedding venues, Riverboat Casino, and Surf and Turf Restaurant, the venues are geared toward children of various ages.

Harker & Hall in cooperation with Mad Hatter Enterprises invites you to take a preview tour of the newly added areas.

Updated brochures will be available for distribution at the March Town Meeting.


Rhiannon D. Harker
Public Relations
Harker & Hall Architecture Ltd.

((OOC Information: Link leads to a Google Doc in progress. Venue models  were created using the Sims 3.))

The RhyDin Post / Commercial Ads
« on: February 09, 2016, 06:41:58 PM »

Community Events / Beltane 2015: Mother/Daughter Picnic
« on: April 28, 2015, 03:27:09 PM »
The Beltane Mother and Daughter Picnic will be held on Thursday, 7 May at the Rhydin Botanical Garden in Dragon's Gate. Families are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or enjoy the complimentary food and beverages provided by Nicole's Bistro and Pizzeria. There will be live music, dancing, games and a prize or two. Those staying after twilight can take part in a game of catch and release with the resident fireflies. A small fire to honor the season will be lit. In the event of inclement weather, the picnic will be moved to the Kathryn Batten Cafe on the first level of the Observatory Complex.

Picnic area

Picnic area 2

Bandstand and Maypole

Full view

Memories and Other Dances / Harker & Hall Architecture Ltd. Portfolio
« on: January 30, 2015, 08:13:04 AM »
Harker and Hall Architecture Ltd., owned by Dennis Harker and Albert Hall, is an architectural design and building firm. Rhiannon Harker serves as Public Relations Representative. The firm's home office is on Harker's Island off the coast of Eldicor on the western side of the Rhydinian continent. They have a satellite office in Old Temple near the district's baronial manor in the law offices of Rachael MacLeod.

H&H currently sponsors a project to provide emergency housing for victims of disasters and displaced persons. Their most extensive project to date is the Rhydin Observatory Complex and Botanical Garden.

While Harker and Hall is responsible for the development and construction of the Hatton Point Children's Playpark, inquiries regarding Hatton Point, Arcadia, and Arcasa facilities should be directed to Aja Bird.

((This thread is for the building projects that will be credited to H&H.))

Memories and Other Dances / HA: Academy Visit
« on: January 20, 2015, 09:38:55 PM »
Harker's Academy was down the street from the Old Temple Baronial Manor. The building was stone and two large windows on either side of the entrance.  Passersby might be able to get a look at some of the activities going on inside the school. It had a basement where some of the weapons and alchemy work were done. While the building was one of the older structures in the district, the place was well kept and clean inside.

Rhiannon Harker was in the front office attending to paperwork. Maggie, her eight year old, was peering out one of the window as she waited for the expected visitors.

The small party made their way down that street, three small figures flanked by two larger ones, and a sixth that glided along behind them, ominously quiet. As they came up to the building, everyone stopped to look up and around at everything. Toby turned to the quiet figure, and gestured with his head.  "We'll be fine, Max. Hang out here. Keep out of sight. Don't scare anyone."

As always, there was no audible reply from the burnt-red armored machine. Its single red eye pulsed once, and it drifted away into the shadows beyond to await the family's return. Toby turned back to his wife Tabitha, and then gestured to the three little girls. "Ok, who wants to ring the bell?"  He expected a cacaphony of "me! me!", and was surely not disappointed. Little Selene was the one who got to toddle up and (with an assist from her big sister Maurin), pushed the button for the doorbell.

The ringing of the doorbell was followed by a rushing of small feet and a call of, "Mama! They're here!"  Maggie waited for her mother to answer the door. Friendly folk or not, she had been taught to wait.

Rhi opened the door and gestured for the family to come inside out of the chilly winter weather.  "Welcome! How are you all today?"

Maggie was excited about this visit. She would get to share the art room and other things with the St. Germain girls. "We're having hot chocolate and banana bread for snacks today. Do you like those?"

Rhi grinned and gestured to Maggie. "You have now met our social director. The rest of the tour will follow shortly." She opened the coat closet so any outerwear could be hung up for the time being. "To add to what Maggie said, snacks are being served in the lunch room at the rear of the building. Maybe the girls would like to start there. My first question for parents and guardians is always "do you have any questions or concerns that I can address for you?"

The girls were quite pleased about the snack situation, and managed to talk over each other as a result, until Maurin settled her younger siblings down and answered in her best 'I'm the big sister' mode. "Yes, please!"

Maggie directed the girls to lunch room so the adults could talk.

With that settled, Toby and Tabitha were able to talk to Rhi while the girls were otherwise occupied. "Oof, wow.. where do we begin," Toby chuckled. "Well, I guess to recap what I was telling Miz Colleen at the snow event..  our three little whirling dervishes there are pretty close in age, and we've been doing a little bit of home schooling up until now. But we both want them to have a proper school education, with other kids, and not be as isolated. And that's something of a complicated issue, because they're all three, um, gifted. Which we'll talk about in more detail."

He glanced over at Tabitha, with a smile. "And it's going to be four rather shortly, as well." Then he turned back again to Rhi. "I guess for myself I''d like to know more about the school, you know?"  And a questioning look to Tabi to see what she thought.

With one hand resting on her ever-growing belly, Tabitha looked around the entryway, taking note of where the little ladies had gone.  Usually, new places set her on edge, but there was no such feeling here.  In fact, Tabitha felt nearly as relaxed as she did at home - which Toby would know the minute she brushed his arm, threading hers through his.  "It seems more like a family, rather than the schools I've read about and seem ads for all over Rhydin - you know, the ones with the robed professors and funny hats."

"Please sit down." She gestured to a few chairs and a small sofa in what might have been called a waiting room. "I remember my last few weeks waiting on my children. Standing was not something I wanted to do for long periods!" She smiled gently and took a seat herself.

"All of the students here are gifted in some way or other. A few have more than one talent and we try to work with their abilities and teach them, primarily, to not be afraid of what they were born with. Unfortunately, not all children in Rhydin are blessed with parents that are accepting of those innate gifts. It was one of the reasons I started the school. My cousin, Jacen, who teaches here, is good example. He had to learn the hard way and on his own to cope with what he could do."

A pot of tea with plate of cinnamon rolls and slices of banana bread were brought out from the lunch room and set on a low table. Pearl left three mugs on the table as well. She give Rhi a wink and went on her way back to the lunch room. She was one of people in charge of the chattering bunch of children at least for the time being.

"Thank you, Pearl." Rhi smiled. "She's one of our teacher's aides." She offered to pour for Tabi and Toby. "This is a family run school. I'm careful of who I invite as guest instructors.  There are plenty of people in Rhydin that are willing to help within their scope of knowledge. Shylah, for instance, gave a wonderful presentation on navigating by the night sky." She poured the tea and slid the condiments tray toward the couple. "Open minds tend to make life easier for people. The kids seem to enjoy field trips from time to time." She chuckled softly. "Matt Simon has gained a few young admirers after he spoke on zero-g travel and such." Rhi took a long drink from her tea. "What I'm trying to get at is we try to keep things educational and fun. Bored children or children that aren't being challenged enough often feel out of place and lose interest."

Memories and Other Dances / OOC: Youth Characters and Dueling Events
« on: February 21, 2014, 06:36:02 PM »
This is an open discussion for players that have characters that run/work in schools or other groups involving child and teenage characters as well as players of children and teen characters. Even if your character is not currently involved in dueling, if you have considering trying it out, constructive comments and ideas are welcome.

I originally posted the following on RoH:

I know there are some players that have characters or NPCs, who they might want to bring out to play at some point, that are children and teenagers that don't get brought into the duels often. Is anyone interested in taking part a brief tournament or an event between dueling schools?

Something between Harker's and Nayun's students was suggested a while back, but was left on the back burner. Arcanum Academy, run by Artemeus Kurgan is another group that has kids in it. Could be a team event, could be individual, could be one sport or a mix.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?

DoS Madness is gearing up, so any events/tournaments, etc. would be taking place after that. This is a good time to discuss possibilities.

Memories and Other Dances / Making It Ready
« on: December 09, 2013, 03:10:32 AM »
9 December 2013

Preparations for the Yule Ball were well underway. The recent winter storm had laid down a carpet of white and dressed the observatory in sparkling icicles that cast rainbows on the interior floor. For half the day, Academy's student body was in the hands of capable teachers like Jacen. That, coupled with Pearl's quickly improving office skills, allowed Rhiannon Harker to attend to preparations for the Ball and the long awaited dedication of the Rhydin Observatory Complex and Botanical Garden.

The eldest of her three children, the ever precocious Mairead, was accompanying her through the complex.  Maggie was full of questions, today was no exception. "Mama, how come we gotta have a big fussy ceremony?"

Rhi chuckled. "We don't have to, but I think it'd be nice for people to know why this place is important to the city."

"You mean like how it's important to learn things and stuff?" Maggie pressed the elevator button to go down to the basement.

"Yes. Learning opens a lot of doorways to jobs and better lives. There fun things to do here, too, you know." Mother and daughter stepped out of the elevator and turned toward the natatorium. "Can you read that sign, Maggie?"

"MM? Candy R. Hart Nata...tor...ium.? Maggie's lip twisted into something akin to an old man puffing on a cigar. That expression had come to be called her thinking face. "Why did you have to use a big long word instead of just sayin' swimmin' pool?"

Rhi smiled slightly. "Because not all swimming pools are inside."

"Why is named after Miss Candy Hart?" Never Miss Hart or Miss Candy; Maggie had taken to referring to the woman as Miss Candy Hart, no short cut.

"Because she is one of the all around sports stars that has done some good things for the community. Some of the others that could have been chosen fit better with other places here."

"Oh, ok." One of Maggie's dark brows lifted as she mulled that over as her mind backtracked to what her mother had said previously. "Wait a minute, so, there's no outside place to swim here?"

"Not unless you want to swim with the ducks and swans."

"No thanks! Not this time of year! I don't want to freeze off my toes and fingers!"  Maggie made a brrr sound as she peered into the aquarium that was built into the wall between the entrances to the swimming area.  "Look, Mama! A lionfish!" If a creature had fins, fur, or feathers, Maggie had probably read about it. She turned her head to look at her mother. "They're pretty, but you shouldn't touch them with bare skin."

"Why is that, my little zoologist?"

Maggie peered at her mother like she was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. "You know why! Because they have prickly things with poison stuff!" The child stretched her arm up and stood on tiptoe as her eyes widened. "Seahorses! I didn't know they lived in here!"

"Someone has asked about bringing their class into observe them."

"Huh, maybe I can go, too?"

She chuckled softly. "We'll see, Shortstop." She held one of the clear plexiglass doors open for Maggie to go into natatorium itself.

She peered at the extra long swimming pool for a while. "What if that water in there freezes up? Can we go ice skating on it?"

"No, that would bad for the building materials, Maggie. But the ponds near the gardens are big enough to skate on. The ducks and swans are in winter quarters, so, they won't be disturbed."

"On the big list upstairs, it says there's swimming and diving class. I already know how to swim, but I'd like to learn to dive! Could I? Please?"

"That's 'may I' and not until after the holidays. You are supposed to be helping Ms. DeLuca with something at the Shanachie Theater soon, aren't you?"

"Yup!" She nodded and grinned. "I like doing that stuff! Watching scenery get builded is fun!"

"Built," Rhiannon corrected gently.

"Right. Built. Whatever you call it, it's still fun!" Maggie peeked into the last of a long line of changing rooms that sign on the door, Baby Changing Area. "Baby changing? What do they get for them?" Maggie was aghast!

"Not exchanging a baby, changing like in diapers or clothes.' Rhi tried to hide her amusement as her daughter got a lesson in subtleties of language.

"Oh, that's ok then! What are other rooms?"

"Changing rooms with a full bathroom in them."

"Huh? What's that mean? Full bathroom? What's it full of?" There was that old man face again.

"A full bath means a toilet, sink, and, in this case, a shower. A half bath means there's a toilet and sink."

Community Events / Yule Ball Fashion 2013
« on: December 03, 2013, 05:00:55 AM »
Post your Yule Ball finery here.

Community Events / Governor's Yule Ball 2013
« on: November 27, 2013, 10:29:37 PM »
The Governor's Yule Ball will be held on Saturday, 14 December, beginning at 9PM by the Eastern Clock at the Rhydin Observatory Complex and Botanical Garden. As this event will also mark the official grand opening of the complex and garden, there will be a brief dedication of the facilities to begin the festivities. Hosts for the Ball will be Harker and Hall Architecture Ltd. and the MacLeod Foundation.

The ROCBG is located behind the Administration Building of Ravensheart Academy, who donated the land to the city of Rhydin.

((Rhydin Map marker 1876:384 H Detailed grounds and floor plans for the observatory are here. ))

While the official grand opening is a while off, the doors of observatory complex have been opened to allow potential students to tour the facilities and arrange for classes.  The hiring of staff including educators and a variety of service personnel is currently being handled by the public relations department of Harker and Hall Architecture Ltd., the firm that has been charged with making sure the facility was built and is fully operational before the grand opening.  

Applications and information are available at the ROC's second floor reception desk afternoons between 1 P.M. and 6 P.M. or at the office of Harker and Hall's legal representative, R. E. MacLeod in Old Temple.

(( Simply put, while the full project isn't ready to be turned over as a permanent fixture in the global setting, yet, there's no reason to not get the proverbial ball rolling so people can use it as a backdrop.  I hope enough posts can be put together to allow the Observatory and Botanical Garden to have a folder of its own. If you're interested in helping me with this, please let me know.

If you have questions please PM me or post them in the The Visiting Room - OOC thread.))

Memories and Other Dances / HDA: Into the Open Air
« on: May 29, 2013, 02:34:11 AM »
Rhiannon sat at her desk making some notes. Morning classes had been canceled as something special was planned for the students in the afternoon. They would be making the first tour of the observatory and botanical garden. Her mother had once told her that if you want the truth, ask a child. If the place got the seal of approval from her students, she'd feel more comfortable about the general public wandering through the place.

The project had taken on a life of its own. She had watched her husband, Dennis, taking ideas from his head and putting them into tangible form. She had nudged here and there with suggestions of her own. There was one in particular that had yet to be revealed in the information that was released. The observatory domes were dual purpose, the lower level of each dome held a planetarium. This would be especially good for the youth of the city that didn't spend a lot of hours outside at night. Some special alterations and sound proofing had been done between the floor of observatory and hemispheric ceiling of the planetarium. The general goal had been achieved. The Ravensheart land grant had been turned into something for the entire community. It was a place for learning and community gatherings.

It was Bertie Hall's job to make sure the firm had enough funds to make this thing a reality. Some sizable grants by private donors had more than matched what they had on hand. As was his custom, every copper was accounted for. Bertie could be a shameless flirt when it came to public relations, but he took his profession of accounting as seriously as Maranya Ergin-Falconne did her medical practice. Bertie had earmarked enough funds to pay two years of salaries for several instructors, kitchen help including restaurant staff, and child care workers. Two years was the target for the cafe to become self supporting.

Garrick Brock, the younger, had been running herd on the building crew. He was apprenticing with the firm and had made sure that every detail and measurement matched the blueprints.

When Rhi offered up the names of who she felt should be remembered when it came time for the place to be dedicated, few questions were raised by the firm's founders. Rhiannon's judgment was trusted on the matter. It was, after all, her job to be the public face of the firm of Harker and Hall. When the kids were making their way through the place, the plaques would already be placed. She expected to be answering questions from the children about the names and why she'd chosen them. She hoped she'd done her homework well. A tour of the facilities was to begin the presentation. Rhiannon expected the pool, where many of the students hoped to take lessons or practice what they already knew, to be a highlight. The midpoint would be the visit to the observation deck. Several guests had been invited along. Unless they requested otherwise, any speeches or lessons they would be giving were planned for the topmost levels. A mid afternoon snack would be served to all then it was on to the gardens.

"Mama!" Maggie roused her mother from her thoughts.

"What is it, Maggie?" Rhiannon smiled.

"The kids are loaded up and we're ready to go to the 'servawhosits!!" Maggie grinned brightly.

"Observatory," Rhiannon corrected gently.

"Right and the big garden thing." The girl nodded. "Whatever it's called, we're ready to go!"

Rhiannon had packed aprons, gardening gloves, and other things. She climbed into the mini-bus and a few minutes later, they stood on the main floor of the Rhydin Observatory Complex.

Maggie and Catie squealed in unison. "We're gonna ride the elevator thing!"

Nine year old Limelenath was busy admiring the musical instruments from afar.

The group slowly made their way about the place.

There will be a field trip to the Rhydin Observatory Complex and Botanical Garden for students on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 at 1 pm. Morning classes will be cancelled that day.

Since there are already enough adult chaperones that will be in attendance, any instructors, permanent or guest lecturers, that wish to take the day off, may do so. For those that wish to attend, transportation to and from the school will be provided. Maps will be provided for anyone that wishes to go directly to the site.

Parents are advised that their children should wear or bring clothing appropriate for the weather. Aprons and gloves will be provided to allow the students to try their hand at planting herbs and examining other plants.

Rhiannon D. Harker
Harker's Dueling and Defense Academy

((This event will be posted. Several characters were invited to come along for the preview; their players are invited to post. The same goes for anyone that has a character that is or has been an instructor or student (or parent of a student) at the Academy.

The opening post will be up soon.

Thank you and have fun!

Edited to add: the starting post is here
Some details are posted here
Despite the picture, the child care center is set up for a lot more children than the limitations of Sims will allow.
Visual aids are posted at
The list of already placed dedication and memorial plaques is here))

Memories and Other Dances / And the Little Children Shall Lead Them
« on: February 06, 2013, 12:45:10 AM »
Isaiah 11:6 - The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them.

Rhiannon Harker had been the Baroness of Old Temple when she started teaching self defense classes for children. Working with children was something she greatly enjoyed. When Tass regained the barony after Nayun's decision to retire her time as Baroness, Rhiannon decided it was time to open her school as a formal entity. Harker's Dueling and Defense Academy was born. Several of Rhi's students were magical adepts that had no mentors to guide them. They were generally children that had a non-adept parent remaining or had been adopted. Not every child's talent had been nurtured like Maggie's or Doran's had been.

Unlike her own mother, some parents didn't see the need for their children to be prepared to defend themselves. And then came the request, or was it a demand, from the current Baron, Rakeesh Sah Tarna, to screen and register all persons that were magically gifted. A few requests had come from suddenly worried parents to have their children added to the class enrollment.

Rhi shook her head when she read the notices, stirring up hornets was never wise. Even more foolish, however, was stirring up a normally peaceable hive of bees that had been going about their daily lives and doing no harm to others.  She continued with her daily tasks of tending to her home, family, and working at the school.  And then, the killing began. While she suspected there was more at work than just people targeting magic users, the simple fact was extra precautions and lessons were needed.

Lasher's Restaurant was right across the street from the academy. Sometimes, the students were allowed to collect lunches and snacks that had been prepared. Two of the children, Maggie and Doran, ages six and eleven, had been given the responsibility that day. Having donned their winter coats and other gear, they waited on the sidewalk in front of the school until it was safe to cross the street.

On the corner stood several young adults bantering back and forth about how Rakeesh's plan was going to make their own criminal activities less noticeable. The shortest of the bunch upnodded toward the children and grinned. "Let's go have some fun."

A tall woman dressed in a white hooded cloak had been nearing the corner when she overheard. "Leave the little ones alone," she murmured.

A sneer accompanied the voice that answered her, "Whattaya gonna do, lady?"

Golden green eyes locked on the group. "It is not what I shall do that will matter today, but what you might begin."

"Like I'm afraid of you?" a third hood piped up

The woman sighed as she was reminded of a line from a Midsummer Night's Dream, Lord, what fools these mortals be! She went on her way, she had an appointment to keep. There was something about her that caused them to wait until she was out of their sight.

Dragon's Tales / After the Ball
« on: November 21, 2011, 05:22:10 AM »
Harker's Island off the coast of Eldicor, 13 November 2011

A trio of tired Harkers returned home after the Old Temple Challenge match. Bertie had already put the younger two children to bed and joined Dennis for a chat over the remains of a pizza.  The usual nightly ritual began for Maggie; snack, bath, brushing teeth, hair brushing and storytime. In between the reading of Cinderella, mother and daughter had a chat.

"Mama, you gave that lady your ring. That mean you aren't Baroness anymore?"

"That's right, Maggie." Rhiannon leaned and kissed the forehead of her eldest child.

"We don't get to go to Old Temple no more?"

"We can go whenever we like, Maggie. That's where Grampa's Athenaeum is. He'd miss seeing you if we didn't go."

"What are you gonna do now that you aren't a baroness, Mama?"

"I'm going to wake up and make everyone a good breakfast. Then, I'm going make sure Rick and Caiti are settled where Da and Uncle Bertie can keep an eye on them while you and I muck stables. Then we are going to take the dogs for a run." Gently, she brushed a lock of hair out of Maggie's eyes. "In other words, Mairead Elizabeth Harker, I'm going to get back to the business of running our home. And getting used to just being called by my most favorite title again." Rhiannon smiled as she fussed with Maggie's covers.

"What title is that Mama, Mrs. Harker?"

"Oh, I like that one very much, Maggie, but I doubt Da would be upset by my first choice."

"Well, what is it?"

Rhi said simply, "Mama."

Maggie tilted her head as mulled that over. "But, Mama, what if you get to be a baroness again or even Overlady!" Maggie's eyes lit up at the prospect.

"Titles and certain responsibilities may come and go, Maggie, but I shall always be Mother to you, Caiti, and Rick."

"Like Gran is always your Mama? And Grampa Tass is your Papa? Da is Da. Uncle Bertie is Uncle Bertie. Grandmum is Grandmum. Aunt Tilly is Aunt Tilly." Maggie grinned gleefully as the bigger picture settled in her young mind. She had been blessed with nearly an army of relatives; blood, adopted, it didn't matter. They were her family. "Mama, what's it mean at the end of the story when it says, 'They lived hap'ly ever after?' "

A wry smile appeared on Rhiannon's face. "Oh, pretty much what goes on here everyday, I think. The cooking, the cleaning, the racing after children. Living, Maggie, and enjoying every minute with the people you love. That's happily ever after."

"Mama?" the girl's sleepy voice was accompanied by a yawn. "I think I like that happ-i-ly every after."

Once Maggie was safely in the arms of Morpheus, Rhi went to tuck in the two younger children and kiss them good night. Rhi felt like Cinderella after the ball. It was going to be an interesting night around the kitchen table.

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