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House Helston / Helstons! Vote! Ooc
« on: September 14, 2018, 12:17:26 PM »
There is a vote going on the DM forums on whether or not to replace prochat with blab.

GO VOTE! 4360

House Helston / When the Ship Comes In (Rescuing Horam Pt 4)
« on: August 01, 2017, 07:43:35 PM »
While the rest of the cargo for the coming trip was being loaded into the Knave, Kitty and Wickley quietly discussed their plan of action.

?Well lass, I be thinkin the best choice is ta be headin where that barnacle bitten pirate ye beheaded sunk the Sargas.  Then ye can lock on the Admiral and we head in the direction ye point.?  Wickley pointed to the map, then slid his finger from side to side as he spoke.

Kitty pursed her lips as she stared at the map.  Wickley had a point.  To try and go straight to him might result in them stopping at the wrong islands that were between them and Horam, wasting precious time.   Finally she nodded her agreement, ?Alright.  Let?s do that.  I want full sails as soon as we can.?

?Aye lass.  I be thinkin the same.?   Wickley grinned at the Helston.  


It took a couple days for them to reach the area Newberry had indicated before Kitty so kindly ended his miserable life.   Other than the ship belonging to Georg, there was nothing around them but water as far as the eye could see.

Kitty wasn?t expecting Georg to follow, but when she left port, he wasn?t far behind.  She expected him to fall back when they went full sails, but he somehow managed to keep up.

Commander Murshk leaned back against one of the masts as he watched the crew go about their duties.   Most of the crew of the Knave had been replaced when they returned to Rhydin, as far as he could tell.  According to Wickley, Kitty had the men whose brains she scrambled reassigned to menial tasks such as scraping barnacles off ships and loading cargo.  

Kitty came up from below decks and looked at Wickley.  He simply nodded to her.  Murshk watched the silent communication, then more closely focused on Kitty.  

The Helston woman hopped up the steps onto the forecastle deck and gripped the railing near the ship?s head.  She had been holding onto that fragile connection to Horam with all she had. She didn?t sleep.  She only ate when Tedaji placed food in her hands and forced her to.   It was strongest during the day.   At night, the connection waned.  Presumably because Horam had succumbed to the need for sleep.  

Without thinking, she turned to face the direction the connection was strongest.   Wickley adjusted the ship?s heading accordingly without a word.  Normally he would have someone else at the wheel, but this was too important.  He wanted to handle this himself.

They continued into the night.   It wasn?t until morning they heard a voice from above.


Murshk could hear Wickley barking orders to get the jolly boat ready.  The Ular went up to the foredeck to stand next to Kitty as he pulled out his binoculars.  He could make out the line of land in the distance.  It was larger than he expected it to be.  

He lowered the binoculars and started to offer them to Kitty.  It was then he saw the blank stare toward the island.  Her long coat had salt on it where the seawater had splashed and she never bothered to brush it off.  It was if she were in some sort of trance.  Slowly he lowered the binoculars and put them away.

?He?s there, Murshk.  He?s there and he?s waiting for us.?   Her voice was rough from too many nights without sleep.  

?Do you want someone to go with you??  The Ular stared at her.  There were black circles under her eyes.  He had never seen her look this worn down before.  He admired this small female?s dedication to those who worked under her.   She wasn?t a boss.  She was a leader.

?I would like you and Tedaji to accompany me to shore.  I don?t know what shape he?s in and I?m not as strong as I should be right now.  I may need your help getting him back to the boat.?

Murshk grunted his usual agreement sound and turned to go find his fellow Ular.

House Helston / Horam Hears a Helston (Rescuing Horam Pt 3)
« on: July 29, 2017, 12:10:56 PM »
?Have you made any progress??   Chryrie settled next to Kitty on the couch in the main room of House Helston.   The goddess watched her sister as she was bent over her datapad, scrolling through pictures.

?No.  Every night I meditate, trying to locate him.  I can?t.  He?s so far withdrawn into his own mind that I can?t get a lock.  Right now I?m going through satellite images of those islands.  I can?t find anything that indicates it could be him.?   Kitty rubbed her face with her clawed hands.   She was reaching the point of desperation.  

?Perhaps you could reach him through his dreams??  Chryrie suggested mildly.  Truthfully, Chryrie had already investigated that option.  It would be possible.  As long as they were both dreaming, she could guide their spirits to each other.  She just had to pull some strings.  Possibly Morpheus would point her in the right direction.

Kitty actually looked hopeful as she looked at her sister, ?Do you think you could help me do that??

?I could look into it.?

?Please, Chryrie.  If you can, please help me reach him.?  Kitty turned to her sister as she pleaded with the goddess.

?Consider it done.?


There was little in this world that Horam had cause to fear. He had, arrogantly, thought himself immune to such a weak emotion. This island, however, had done well to humble the mighty Minotaur.

It wasn't the myriad creatures, dangerous as they were, that haunted the bull. Nor the cannibalistic tribes that warred with themselves nearly as much as with him almost daily.

No. It was something far less threatening but at the same time no less dangerous.


He had lost track of the time he had been marooned upon this accursed island. Months, surely. Years? Possible and frightening for that. There was yet another fear that made the Minotaur reluctant to close his single eye at night. The dreams. They came upon him the moment he fell asleep, making him toss and turn and even some nights waking up, gasping with fur moist with sweat. Tonight was no different..

Fire. The world was on fire. Men screaming, yelling. Some because they too were on fire. Horam bellowed but to his ears there came no noise, none that he could hear over the roar of flaming pitch being hurtled towards his ship. Ship, yes. The Sargas. He was on the Sargas and it shuddered and groaned, masts ablaze and toppling upon panicked sailors as they attempted to put out the fires that threatened to overwhelm the large vessel. Horam watched, his fury mounting. The ship shook once more, tilting to the port side from the force of another hit. Sailors screamed as they were sent over the sides and into the swirling, icy waters. Horam could barely make out some of the ships that had ambushed him in the sudden fog that had fallen upon the Sargas but there was no mistaking the flaming tar being launched towards his beleaguered ship. Risky, that. These pirates were desperate and didn't seem to care for spoils.

Not again.. no, gods..

Gritting his teeth, Horam turned to give orders to Lieutenant Williams. He bloody well wasn't going to go down without a fight! The words were stuck within his throat though when he saw the man, half his head caved in with bits of skull and brain oozing from the head wound. Williams stared back at Horam with eyes that were aware yet dull and lifeless, almost like a doll's. Williams then spoke and it made the fur upon Horam's body bristle with that emotion he had long sought gone: fear.


"You did this."  The words a dry rasp.


"You did this."

I'm sorry...

That last accusation came from all around him. He turned, seeing his entire crew in a circle, surrounding him in. The fire still raged aboard the Sargas. Some of the crew still burned but they all stood as if there was naught but the cool wind in their faces, staring at him, "You."

William, or whatever creature his Lieutenant was lifted a hand which was now blackened like charred wood on the flame, "You killed us."

The crew began to slowly shuffle towards him as one, hands outstretched.

"No.." Horam finally heard himself speak, the gravelly tone touched with desperation. He whirled about, seeing his crew, his friends, his comrades, turn upon him, "Give me a chance! I can defeat them!"



The words struck him like blades through his stomach, his body flinching.


That last struck him the hardest of all and he gasped, falling to his knees. He didn't want to look up as he knew what he'd see but be it an outside force or his own guilty conscious, that single eye of baleful red jerked up towards the upper deck. Standing behind the helm was a Minotaur though decidedly female, wearing a silk robe of green with a luscious mane of red and gold, a rarity amongst his race. The robe had been a present for her. Atop where her heart was grew a dark stain that grew wider and wider. Blood. The ring of sailors was nearly upon him now..

Chryrie had been true to her word.  Kitty was pulled from her own dreams of warmth and softness, only to find herself in a burning hell on a ship. She knew this ship. The Sargas. She turned in the dream, absorbing what she saw. The psion felt her heart burn and tear with what horrors Horam was dealing with in his own mind. But if there was one world she had control over, it was the internal workings of the mind.

The burning and raging crew was tossed aside as she worked her way toward the minotaur. He would see her. He had to see her. She had to pull him from this nightmare so he could focus on what she had to say to him. Her voice had strength and she used it, blasting through the noise, "HORAM!"

For a moment it seemed as if Horam didn't hear, so entranced by the spectator of the other Minotaur. Eventually, though his brows would furrow as voice of Kitty of all people would register with the bull. Slowly the horned head turned towards the female, confusion clearly evident on the bestial features. Why was she here? Was she dead, too?

When she reached him, she reached up and placed her hands on the sides of his face. Spirit to spirit contact and she was able to seize control. Suddenly the dreamscape would be flooded with calm. Her voice cut through the chatter, "Horam. Look at me. It wasn't your fault. Do you hear me? None of it was your fault."

"They're all dead." Horam?s voice was flat as was that sole eye of red. If it had been anyone else they would have been sobbing hysterically. He may or may not have heard her. Some life returned to him though as he looked around, muzzle caught with a frown, "Where am I? Am I dead? Are you?"

He began to chuckle though it came out more of a wheeze and not one that inspired much faith in sanity, "There has been no one else for ages.. no one.. "

"No, you're not dead. Neither am I. I've been searching for you. I didn't realize you were missing. I thought you were avoiding me. But I'm searching for you now. I know what happened. I even went to Hornswaggle Reef to search for you." Kitty softly stroked the side of his face with a worried smile.

He flinched at her touch, retreating a step back without realizing, "No, we.. I.. "  

He lifted a hand to the side of his head, confusion giving the bull a case of vertigo, "I don't know where I am. An island. A bloody island in the middle of the bloody ocean."

There was that uneasy laughter again before he just as quickly sobered, "Avoid you? No, never."

She stepped forward as he stepped back. Her hand went up to reach for his face again, "Horam. I need you to listen to me. This is very important. Do you still have your pouch? Did you make it to the island with the pouch you always kept on your belt?"

He didn't flinch or step back this time though his body quivered as if it wanted to, "My pouch?"

He frowned, "Yes.. I have it. Why?"

"I gave you a marble. A green marble. I need you to find it. Find it and call out to me. It's going to take me a few days to reach you, but I need you to focus on me as much as you can so I can find you. Do you understand?"

She reached up with her other hand and focused so her words would burn into his memory, "I need you remember, Horam."

Marble? He remembered the marble, yes, "Focus on you. Find me. Yes, I can certainly remember that."

He nodded slowly. There was even a touch of a smile upon his muzzle.

Kitty smiled at him and gently stroked the side of his face again, "I'm sorry I failed you in not finding you sooner. I'll make it up to you. I promise."

"You didn't fail me. I failed." And he would take that to his grave. He laid a hand upon hers, swallowing it up easily.

"No." Kitty?s grip on the side of his face became more firm as she looked at him intently, "You did not. You did not fail, Horam. I had to arm Wickley's ship with twenty two plasma cannons and ten Ular mercenaries to take out the bastards. Plus a second ship backing me up. But I took the head of the captain that sunk you. And then I took his ship. It will be yours."

Horam didn't know what any of that meant but it sounded good. He nodded slightly, as much as he could with her grip. Kitty was not a weak female despite her size. There was little else to say he took what she said to heart.

"I need you to wake up now, Horam." She lowered her hands and started to step back reluctantly, "I'm coming. Just remember to find the green marble."

He looked relieved. Most likely just for the fact he was going to wake up. He didn't much like sleeping..

"As soon as I wake up." He nodded more firmly now.

"Then wake up now." She smiled, and then thrust him out of that dreamscape.

House Helston / Come Sail Away With Me (Rescuing Horam Pt 2)
« on: June 24, 2017, 05:47:18 PM »
A few days had gone by with very little happening.  The sailors and the Ular mostly kept respectful distances from each other.  Occasionally Kitty would find Murshk and Wickley sharing a drink and a laugh, only for them to get quiet when she came near.   This usually resulted in her arching an eyebrow at them before she continued on to see what Bobby was up to.
She had originally planned to take Bobby with her when she went on her mercenary jobs.  Those jobs were ultimately turned down when she discovered Horam was missing.  However, Bobby seemed to look forward to going with her, so she decided to bring him along.  
Traeline wasn?t happy about this, and Kitty couldn?t blame her.  Bobby was usually what helped keep Trae?s job from becoming impossible to handle while Kitty was gone.   She only hoped the help Trae would be getting from her siblings, Kane, and Mia would be enough to keep her from completely going off her rocker and destroying everything in sight.
About three days into their trip Kitty was quietly discussing with Bobby what his role would be once they reached Hornswaggle Reef.
?I don?t want you to kill anyone unless I tell you to.   I can?t get answers out of corpses.?  She absently adjusted his clothing.  Mia had programmed some alternate looks into his repertoire so he wouldn?t stand out so much.  A white tee, jeans, and sneakers were not exactly common clothing choices where they were going.  
?Understood.  Will you be needing the arsenal options??  
?Not yet.  We?ll have to see wha-...?  Her words were cut short when she heard a commotion near the aft part of the ship.  Kitty?s eyebrows lifted with curiosity as she turned to look in that direction.
The sailors were scrambling like roaches over the decking and masts.  Captain Wickley and Commander Murshk were standing on the poop deck, looking out behind the ship.  Wickley had spyglass up to his face while Murshk looked out with a set of his own binoculars.  
Kitty took off marching toward the two males with Bobby on her heels.   Seconds later she was behind Wickley, looking out at dots in the distance.  She had a feeling,  ?Wickley.  What?s going on??
?Aye lass, looks like we got company.?   Wickley?s rough voice indicated it wasn?t just a passing merchant ship.  His expression was grave as he handed her the spyglass.   Kitty put it up to her eye to look toward those dots.  
Through the spyglass she could see two sloops. Smaller ships that would easily catch up with their much larger frigate.  Kitty grimaced not at the ships themselves, but at the lack of flags being flown from either.
?I?m guessing once they get closer they?ll reveal themselves as pirates.?  Kitty grumbled as she handed the spyglass back to Wickley.
?Aye.  We can?t outrun them.  We?re too big.?
?Then don?t.  Let them catch us.?
?Wickley, this ship has cannons that will put them on their knees.  When they get close enough to show their flags, we show ours.  No warning shots.  Destroy them.  Georg has claims to any loot they hold, and any of their crew left alive will be brought to me for questioning.?
?Aye, Boss.?   Wickley didn?t question her decision.  He trusted her probably more than any sane man should.
Kitty turned to look at Murshk, who had now lowered his binoculars to look at Kitty, awaiting orders, ?Commander, tell your men we?re facing attack.  If anything gets on this ship that is not one of our men, neutralize the threat.  Keep them alive if possible, but I won?t split hairs over a few corpses.  Also, when we start exchanging fire, have them aim their fire at their sails.?
?Yes Boss.?  Murshk growled and headed off to do as she ordered.   This was why she wanted them on the ship.  Her men were excellent sailors, but she wanted soldiers that could take orders and get her exactly the results she asked for.
She then turned on one heel to look at Bobby, ?Get a message to Georg.  Tell him there are two sloops closing in.  We?ll take the brunt of the first volley, but I?d like for him to finish off the pests while our guns recharge.?
?Right away.?  Bobby quickly moved toward the ship?s bow to do as she directed.
She watched him go, already she could see him separating a small part of himself to send over as a drone.  
She turned back to watch those dots that were already starting to grow in size.  Her clawed hands gripped the railing and squeezed until the metal started to bend, leaving the imprints of her fingers.
By the time she was done in pirate territory, every ship with a black flag would know to steer clear of her and hers.

House Helston / A ship without a sail (Rescuing Horam Pt 1)
« on: June 12, 2017, 06:51:11 PM »
-- Several Weeks Ago--
?Uhm, Aunt Kitty?  Horam still hasn?t picked up his paychecks.  What do you want me to do with them??  Traeline stood in the door of Kitty?s office, holding the stack of unclaimed pay stubs.
?What do you mean still??   Kitty had been going over some charts on her datapad when Traeline?s words sunk in.   It wasn?t like Horam to go very long without claiming his pay.  She knew sometimes he would be gone for a couple months at a time, seeing as how he loved to be at sea.   But Trae made it sound far longer than that.  
She thought back to the last time she saw Horam.  How long ago was it?  A part of her just assumed that the minotaur was avoiding her for some strange reason.  Given how mercurial his moods were, she never really was sure what was going on inside his head.  And she wasn?t about to invade his mind to find out.
?Well...?   Trae looked at the pile of envelopes in her hand, ?I mean, it?s been several months. Should we just write him off as having left Rhy-?  
?Several months??  Kitty cut her off abruptly, giving her niece an incredulous look, ?Why hasn?t someone mentioned this to me before now??
?I thought you knew.?  The younger woman involuntarily took a step backwards, ?The Sargas hasn?t been seen in port for at least a year.?
?A YEAR??  The vocal explosion from the moredhel Elder made Traeline step back even further.  Kitty got to her feet with such force, the chair slammed into the wall behind her with a loud thunk.  Within seconds she was standing before Traeline, snatching the stack of envelopes out of her hand and going through them.
Her eyes grew wide and stayed that way as she shuffled through each envelope, checking the date on it.  Not just several months.  Over a year!  Too long.  This was far too long for her shipping fleet Admiral to be gone.  She was furious.  No.  She was worried.  No.  She was furious AND worried.
Abruptly she handed Trae the stack and stormed past her, ?I?m heading to the docks to get some answers.  If anyone needs me, they can wait.?
?Sure thing.?

Gormak let out a loud belch, much to the approval of his fellow goblins.  The evening meal of humans was particularly delicious.  They had apparently been merchants, and were well fed.

     Suddenly there was a strange humming noise over by the cavern entrance.  Seconds later a female was standing there. Gormak's small brain was instantly confused.  Tall female with ears and eyes of an elf, but the breasts and hips of a human.  A very robust human. And where did she come from? How did she get here?

     There was a cylinder in her hands.  Gormak marveled at the black nails that were pointed at the ends.  But then the cylinder sparked and sputtered out smoke.  The female spat out words he didn't understand as she smacked the device against her palm a few times.  

     Finally she looked up and around at her surroundings.  The cavern full of a few hundred goblins was entirely focused on her.

     "Huh."  That was all she said before she turned and casually walked toward the cavern entrance and into the tunnels.

     Gormak looked to his fellow goblins.  They all apparently shared in his confusion as they were looking at each other.  Some just shrugged and went back to eating.  Others picked up their weapons and went howling after the female.  Gormak began to pick up his club to follow when he heard a noise from the cavern tunnels.

     There was a horrific shrieking sound.  Goblins screaming.  The ones that had rushed after the female came running back.  They were soon followed by the remains of two dead goblins.  Their bodies were ripped in half and one had a leg missing.  It looked like it had been bitten off.

     Gormak was not a brave goblin.  But curiosity...  He decided he would follow the female but at a much safer distance.

House Helston / House Helston Roll Call!
« on: August 30, 2014, 08:46:09 PM »
House Helston Family members!

Time to be noticed for the level of awesome you are!

List your name and a little bit about yourself.

House Helston / Seek and ye shall find... (Bringing back Mar pt 3)
« on: July 05, 2014, 08:41:49 PM »
Once Kitty returned to Rhydin, she took a few days to recover from her battle injuries. They were nothing like what she had received from fighting the balrogs, so it really didn't take very long for her body to heal.

During this time she had Bobby start seeking through the networks for any hint of where her brother had been when he was killed.

Apparently Mar had done a bit of traveling in the centuries since the sisters had left Midkemia.  While Kalentor had gone off to try and gain more knowledge and power in the hopes of someday obliterating the sisters who took away his would be glory within the tribe, Mar took another path.

Kitty sat in her office chair as she perused the reports that Bobby had prepared for her concerning her dead brother.   Her lips pursed as she scrolled through page after page of his travels from one world to another.   He didn't seem to be intent on doing any great evil.  He wasn't trying to do any great good either.  Most of what she found was just paper trails of his working as a mage for this army or that army.  

The last entry listed was his work for the Duchy of Urnst.  That was at least a decent starting point.

Next would be getting her hands on Mar?s soul cage again and attempting to sort through the myriad of memories until she found the moment he died.  The hard part would be trying to focus on the surroundings to see where he was, rather than the events that led to his death.

It had been awhile since Kitty had gone traversing through other worlds.  She did it plenty while she was a mercenary, but once she gave up that lifestyle she remained mostly in Rhydin.   It took her a few hours to locate the D-Hopper she had obtained ages ago.  She wasn't even sure if it still worked anymore.   It took her even longer to find the small notepad where she had written the dial settings for each world she visited for work, along with which settings were locations she did NOT want to go... ever.

Once again she dressed herself and armed herself to the teeth in a manner that was appropriate for the location she was intending to visit.  Her feline and dragon traits went into hiding as she painfully shifted back to her fully moredhel form.  Her golden eyes changed to a grey so dark they were nearly black.  Her muscles became more angular and defined.  Her claws retracted into black rough nails.  She pulled on leather pants, boots, and a thick leather bodice style top that strapped her chest into place.  The leather not only would provide a certain amount of armor, but it also helped keep her ample chest from being too much in the way.

Knives were tucked into her boots, strapped to her upper arms, nestled away inside her belt, and one small one was tucked into her bodice.  The sword concealing bracers were tied onto her wrists, while another sword was hooked onto her belt and secured there.  Again her old moredhel bow along with it?s matching quiver of arrows was slung onto her back.

Marlenthal was going to owe her SO big after this was all said and done.

?No!?  Chryrie?s voice had taken on a shrill tone that echoed off the walls within Dark Lake Manor.  ?I can?t believe you would ask such a thing of me.?

?Chryrie, he?s still our brother.?  Kitty pleaded from where she sat on the Victorian style sofa.

?NO!?  Again came that shrill tone.  The anger held within it was enough to make thunder rumble outside.  ?He is your brother.  He was one of my torturers.  He and Kalentor were never my brothers.  The fact that you would still consider him a brother...?   Chryrie let her words trail off as she walked to the fireplace in the main room.   Her hands lifted to rest on the mantlepiece as she tried to calm herself.

Kitty silently watched her sister. She really couldn't blame Chryrie.  Throughout their childhood, their brothers tortured the then half fae every chance they could. Moredhel were not known for being kind. Especially to someone they believed to be a halfbreed.

None of them knew what Chryrie was. Nobody had seen a fae in Midkemia before. The shamans just knew she had great magical talent and they intended to use that to their advantage.

However, she was too kind hearted then. And her ability to fly was seen as a threat. If she were to suddenly fly away and join the Eledhel, that power would be in the hands of their enemies.

So Kalentor and Marlenthal were encouraged to pin her down and cause enough damage to her wings so she could not fly. Since her wings would repair themselves, or molt off to grow new ones, it was a task they did rather frequently.

Marlenthal usually just stood back and watched on while Kalentor did the deed. He was the first to face Kitty when she would fly into a rage.  He would try to stop her from reaching Kalentor, but always failed.  Inevitably Kitty would send him face first into the ground shortly before she tackled and punched Kalentor off her sister.

It was no secret that Kalentor enjoyed the task. He held deep resentment toward Chryrie and the way her magical talent overshadowed his own. Before she was born, he was the star pupil of the shamans. After her talents came to light, he was all but ignored.

"Chryrie..." Kitty started, but she was cut off by a wave of a hand from the goddess who stood before her.

"Why? Why should I bring back the elf that had a hand in destroying my childhood?" Chryrie furiously demanded as she turned to face Kitty.

"Think about it, Chryrie. I mean, really think about it.  He wasn't like Kal.  Did he ever actually lay a hand on you?" Kitty gripped her knees with clawed fingers. "It was always Kal who did it. He was always the one I was pulling off you."

"Mar never stopped him either." Chryrie was quick to point out.

"Do you really blame him?" Kitty lifted her eyebrows.  "Do you remember how many times I was beaten by Uncle for stopping them?"

"How could I forget? I was the one who healed you at night when we were suppose to be sleeping." Chryrie's eyes took on a distant look as the memories from centuries past came floating to the surface.  "I know mother heard the whispers, but she always pretended not to on those nights."

Kitty watched her while giving her a weak half smile.  "You know since you're a goddess now, if he really does turn out to be a turd, you can just kill him again."

A single brow arched on Chryrie's face. She seemed to truly be thinking that part over.  "That might actually be worth it."

Kitty got a small hopeful smile. "Soooooo...?"

"Fine." Chryrie said with a sigh of exasperation. One hand raised to rub at her face. The other hand extended toward Kitty with the palm facing upwards. "Let me see the soul cage."

Kitty blinked in surprise. "How did you know I had it on me?"

"Helloooo?  Goddess." Chryrie gave her a shrewd look while pointing at hersef with the hand that had been on her face.  The other hand was still extended toward Kitty.. "I sensed it on you before you even walked in.

"Oh. Right."

House Helston / Balrogs? Why Balrogs? (Bringing back Mar pt 1)
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:00:37 PM »
"Give it back to me."

"Why should I?" Came the hissing query.

"Because it doesn't belong to you."  Kitty stated impatiently.

"It doesn't belong to you either."  The deep hissing voice came from the shadows.

"He was my brother.  I have more claim to it than you do."

"Marlenthal made his choices.  Now his soul belongs to me."  The voice slithered in the darkness.

"I will take it from you."  

"Feel free to try.  If you can make it past my sentry."  The voice laughed.  A hand with long talons flickered from the shadows.  A doorway opened and Kitty found herself being thrust through it into a pit of flames.

Black scales rippled over her body.  Her mind flared out to form a protective bubble around her as she landed on the hot rock bottom.  The rubber on the bottom of her shoes sizzled as it started to melt. The whole place reeked of sulfur and brimstone.  However, none of this had her attention.  She was focused on something much more important.

She was face to kneecap with a nightmare.  A beast of flames and death.  Two great horns curved out and forward to frame the balrog's face as it snarled at Kitty.  

"Ah crap."

Her eyes dropped and she could see a door behind the monstrous demon.  Clearly she needed to get to that door.  Easy, right?  She's Kitty Helston!  She can do this!

About then a taloned hand the size of a wingback chair swung down and sent her flying.

Maybe not.

"Oooph!" Kitty grunted as she impacted a stone wall. She slid down the rocky surface like a runny egg until she met the ground.  She never got the chance to get to her feet.  A flame tipped tail whipped around and sent her flying once more into yet another wall.  

This time she latched onto a pillar type structure and swung herself around it, placing it between herself and the balrog.   She quickly slid down the ground and took off at a full run for a point further away from the monster just as the powerful beast sent the pillar crashing into the stone wall with a swing of it?s fist.

?Yanno, I?m really starting to think his soul isn?t worth this much.?  She muttered to herself as she went diving behind a pile of boulders.  Said pile was soon being smashed to smithereens just as she took a few breaths.

?What did he ever do for me??  An honest self inquiry as she bolted to another spot.  ?All he did was cause me trouble and do whatever Kalentor told him to do.?  

The memory of her other brother left a bad taste in her mouth and she grunted as she tried to make a dive through the balrog?s legs toward the elusive door.

This did not work out as planned.

She slid toward the door easily enough.  But as she reached for the handle, that blasted fire tipped tail sent her flying again.   This time she saw where she was heading, and it wasn?t pretty.  Her projected landing spot was filled with deadly stalagmites.  Her scales would not protect her from solid stone spikes coming up from the ground.

?Oh sh*t!"  Was all she could utter as she pulled one of her earrings free and broke the glass bead.

Suddenly, in Rhydin, a portal opened in the middle of the commons of the Red Dragon Inn.  Kitty came through it and skidded along the floor before coming to a stop in a heap.  The chair sized hand came through the portal after her, but the portal snapped shut, severing the hand from it?s arm at the wrist.

House Helston / Liquid Heat
« on: October 23, 2013, 07:29:13 PM »

Enjoy Helston Holding's latest creation!  

[size=18]LIQUID HEAT![/size]

It comes in four distinct varieties

Blush - Comes at 1/4 strength and is perfect for those times you just want a quick mood picker upper.

Growl - Is at 1/3 strength and is ideal for putting a bit of excitement into your evening.

Tiger - This one is 1/2 strength and for those nights you just want some extra oomph and want to be raring to go.

Helston - At 2/3's strength, this mix is good for... well.. does it need saying?

Soon to be offered at all Helston Holdings establishments and many taverns as well.

[size=9]Disclaimer:  This drink is not to be tried by dragons.  EVER!  Helston Holdings is not responsible for strained muscles, sprained joints, broken furniture, exhaustion, over-exertion, calls from the neighbors to the Watch, or spiking incidents.   Liquid Heat is a trademark of Helston Holdings and it's subsidiaries.  Please enjoy responsibly.[/size]

House Helston / Beware the gifts you receive
« on: August 21, 2013, 02:02:10 PM »
The events that follow were on August 11th of this year.

Traeline was heading into work at House Helston when she found a box on the front porch addressed to Kitty.  She didn't think much of it.  Deliveries were left there for her all the time.  Some were from adoring admirers.  Others, not so much.  

Trae gave the box a shake to ensure it wouldn't blow up or make a smoosh noise.  Smoosh noise usually indicated a dead animal.  Gross.  This box, however, made neither boom nor smoosh.  So she shrugged and carried it inside and deposited it on her aunt's desk in her office.  Once that task was done, she returned to her own desk and began her duties for the day.

About an hour later Kitty came walking through, sorting through her mail.  Traeline and the other secretary, Annie, were nodded to.  The male model that was trying to hit on Annie was given a slap to the back of his head as she walked by.  Once he picked himself up off the floor, he mumbled apologies and went back to the studio.

Once in her office, Kitty closed the door behind her, per usual.  She really didn't need to listen to the girls conversations.  While it was often hilarious to listen to her neice being exasperated by the other secretary's lack of understanding to literary references, it wasn't something for every day.  Besides, she had work to do today.

The mail was tossed aside as she flopped into her desk chair.  The box that Trae had left there had drawn her attention.  Well, it had been her birthday the day previous.  Perhaps it was a gift?  

She scooped up the box and gave it a good sniff.  Other than Trae's recent handling of it, she couldn't determine any other distinguishable scents.  That was worrisome, but eh.  A single claw through the tape and she pried open the box to discover...!

A belt.

It looked like just an ordinary belt.  It wasn't ugly.  In fact it was kinda nicely made.  Leather, silver buckle, grommets in the holes.  It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was still nice, and whomever made it clearly spent a lot of time on it.

Further inspection of the insides of the box yeilded no further indication of who it was from or why they sent it to her. Who would send her a belt and not tell her it was from them?  Why a belt?  Does it even fit?

She looked the belt over again one last time before she stood up with a shrug.  Her normal belt was unhooked and tossed onto the desk before she picked up the new one, slung it around her hips and fastened the buckle.

Within seconds she knew something was wrong.  Maybe less than that.  Within the blink of an eye she felt different.  VERY different.

When she looked down at herself, her bountiful bosom was... GONE.  And she was increasingly aware of a very painful tightness in her pants that was not there before.  

"What the he-oh crap."  A hand was slapped to her mouth.  Even her voice had gone from her usual contralto to a much deeper baritone.  The belt had turned her into a MAN!

Of course the instinct was to yank the belt off and toss it at the desk.  Unfortunately this did nothing to change her current situation.  So she put the belt back on.   Nothing.  She turned flipped the belt around and put it on inside out.  Still nothing.  

This was not good.

She snatched up her datapad and the belt before leaving her office through the side door toward the private part of the house, restricted to just family members of House Helston.  Who could help her?  Tass was... well she wasn't sure where Tass was.  Maybe Chryrie could fix this.  What's the point of having a demi-goddess for a sister, if she can't fix these kinds of messes, right?

Seconds later, Traeline's phone buzzed.  Trae picked it up and peered at the screen to see "GET YOUR MOTHER OVER HERE!"

"Oh boy."

House Helston / Another child attacked.
« on: February 15, 2013, 05:45:34 PM »
When the video starts it's focused on a small pre-teen girl with dark brown eyes and black hair.  She looks unhappy with a camera being pointed at her, but she deals with it anyway.  Instead she looks at someone out of the shot.

"What am I suppose to do, Mom?"

The voice that many would recognize as Kitty Helston is heard over the microphone, but distant.  "Tell them your name."

"Oh.  My name is Mia Malign."

"Now tell them how old you are."

"I'm twelve years old.  I'll be thirteen in April."

"Thank you, sweetheart.  Now tell the folks what you told me when you came home."

Mia scratches her ear and takes a deep breath before speaking.  "Do I have to look at the camera?"

"No, honey.  You can look at me."

Mia seemed to relax at this and keeps focused on that off-camera figure as she starts to talk.

"I was walking home from school, and I was going to stop by the Red Dragon to see if Desdenova was there, cuz we sometimes do our homework together.   On my way there some creepy dude all in black jumped out at me.  He had a mask on his face and he was waving a sword at me.  It wasn't a nice one like you have, Mom."

"I know awesome smiths.  Keep going, sweetie."

"Anyway, I was really scared and stuff.  He called me a mage spawn and said I needed to die.  I asked him why."

The tween started to breathe in jerks as she started to cry.  Kitty's voice was once more heard from the distance.

"It's ok sweetie.  Take your time."


She sniffled and took a few more jerky breaths as she tried to regain the ability to speak.  

"He said he hated magic users and when the registrations started he'd be able to find all of us and kill us before we could grow up to hurt anyone.  I don't want to hurt anyone, Mom!"

"I know, honey.  How did you escape?"

"Greebo jumped on him and did something to him."  The camera moved to focus on the mangy looking hellcat that was resting at Mia's feet.  

The camera then moved back to focus on Mia, but then zoomed out as Kitty took a seat next to her daughter.   She then looked directly at the camera as her clawed hand lifted to gently stroke her daughter's hair.

"Those of you who encourage a mage registration for this reason or that reason?  This is the door you are opening up.   Blaming children for attacks on priests?  This is what you are encouraging."

Kitty hugged her daughter closer to her and then stared into the camera lens again.  "The next person to attack my child will be lucky if they get away with their life."

"As for you, Baron of Old Temple, you are a disappointment and a failure as a Baron.  You are being fantastic at making lots of noise and stirring up a ruckus, but you are failing in doing any actions.  If you are truly afraid for the children of your district, then stop screaming wolf and start acting."

"You claim these demons are attracted to magic talented children? Then go find the HeadMasters of the magic schools and work with them.  They have the means to check these children for attacks.  They can alert parents to not just ignore the screams.  I am sure Briarius, Artemus, and all the other magic school leaders would be glad to help you."

"The next time my child is attacked, I will handle that individual personally.  And I will not stop my husband from coming after you, Baron."

The video cuts to black and ends.

House Helston / Nano-nasties
« on: February 10, 2013, 03:32:15 PM »
Kitty made the sad mistake of eating a couple of people she shouldn't have.  It wasn't until after she experienced some rather trippy side-effects that she discovered she had eaten about two billion nanytes.  

The result of this was a small microscopic war within her body as the nanytes attempted to make her even stronger and faster than she already was, but the influences of Tass's blood in her veins was trying to destroy the intruders.  

It was by happenstance that she ran into Pharlen Von Tombs at the Inn.  Pharlen noticed how Kitty was having twitches and spasms and questioned it.  In return, Kitty explained the results of some bad choice snacking.

Pharlen, darling that she is, was able to pinpoint the problem, and offered to assist Kitty in dealing with the nuisance.  An offer that Kitty was quick to take her up on.

It really was an underground lair that Pharlen had! In the back of the old Crystal Inn, behind a concealed panel, the albino led Kitty down a few steps to a Dr. Frankenstein's wet dream of Tesla Coils, Jacob's ladders, and other peculiar test equipment.

Perhaps the strangest of all was the Moog synthesizer, an elderly MG-1, elaborately harnessed to an oscilloscope, and from there to an alarming array of hissing and humming equipment.

Leaving Kitty to lay down on a comfortable cot with a copy of PlayCreature, Pharlen assessed the information on the nanite's that Kitty had consumed. Turning on her old reel to reel set to play Emerson, Lake, and Palmers 'Pictures at an Exhibition', the music effectively concealed the annoying process of matching a wave form to the electrical signature of the nanites.

Once Pharlen had matched the frequency and form, she moved several ominous looking large ceramic insulators over Kitty's prone form.

"Throwing the switch!" Pharlen yelled.

"Mmhmm, you're getting off on this too much," Kitty noted dryly. She hadn't a clue, and didn't want one. Beside, Pharlen had a horrible habit of explaining exactly what she was doing, and while she was speaking Common, she made not one bit of sense.

"Of course I am. Bwahahaha! POWER! GIVE ME POWER!!" Pharlen exulted, holding her hands up in claws of insanity, her eyes of cracked pink morganite ablaze as she grinned into the humming power gathering and beginning to leap from the copper posts running through the ceramic.

Kitty turned a page. "Mmm, nice set of mating palps," she murmured, quirking a brow.

Pharlen capered to the Moog, but was all business when it came to work. She dialed the wave form into the oscilloscope and turned to the synthesizer. Carefully making her settings on the Moog's own oscilloscopes until the frequencies matched, and thrummed in silence over the sting of electricity.

"E," Pharlen called, pressing that key on the synthesizer.

"I, E, I, O," Kitty responded, lifting and turning the magazine towards Pharlen, "Damn, this boy could shift the tectonic plates!"

"Quit distr-Holy Mother of Mayhem!" the goggling Pharlen did reminded her, she'd forgotten her goggles. Too late, now.

The harmonics amplified within the wave form, creating a dissonance between the electrical field generated around the nanite's by Kitty's own tissues. This effectively squashed the tiny machines as thoroughly as a flea on an anvil, and about as elegantly. Pharlen's toys were precise in her hands, but powerful and primitive seeming.

"Bet he only dates large farm animals," Kitty cackled, "Am I done? You promised Doubles and noodles."

"Double Doubles," Pharlen corrected primly, turning to scan over Kitty once more. "Clean. You'll probably still be woozy, but food will fix that?"

Kitty needed some Girl time, clearly, so first Pharlen dragged her to an In-N-Out Burger for delicious double meat, double cheese, burgers. In Los Vegas. Possibly even to catch the Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity show.

House Helston / OOC Thread
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The obligatory OOC thread!

Also, House Helston is open to all family members, employees, and visitors!

Leave your modesty and conservatism at the door.

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