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Community Events / Egg-stra Fun Week
« on: March 25, 2018, 11:33:15 PM »

Rules (OOC)

The rules are simple.

♦The Egg Hunt starts March 29th and ends April 5th (first minute of April 6th will be when I stop accepting guesses and the eggs/prizes disappear into the void)

♦ Contact Katt Batten (oocly) with your guess! This can be done in PMs, live chat, trillian, etc. Make sure to add the # of your guess. Try to be descriptive with your guess. Just saying 'the inn' will not count! Also leave with me which character you plan on finding the egg IC. This isn't so I can send out icons to the proper people.

♦ Please keep eggs 1 per person and if you feel gracious enough to let others have a go, 1 per player.

♦ Once I have confirmed for you that you are correct in your guess, you can move things IC and have your character find your egg/prize. This thread will be open to posts of those egg hunting, finding eggs or not.

♦ And the most important rule --- Have Fun!

The Phalanx / In Extremis v2
« on: September 17, 2017, 02:23:13 PM »

Metallic claws scrape along the brickwork of a house as the darkly dressed Renna regarded the sky with a smile.

Katt was sluggishly making her way through the marketplace. You would think with her position she'd be dressed in something nice and not..a pair of tattered jeans and a hoodie. Yet there she was, sporting old things.

Her nose wrinkles. Her body pauses as she looks in a certain direction. She trembles. She moves that way.

She had yet to sense Renna or spot her which was likely not the best of things. She would not be hard to find, honestly, as she practically flopped herself onto the ledge of the fountain once close enough. While she wasn't a cat by any means she sure could play the lounging feline rather well!

And she the snake. She was behind her quicker than you could blink, dark crimsons narrowed. "Katt."

"Geh!" She jerked just enough that she spilled off of the ledge and right onto the ground with a thud. Groaning she sat up and rubbed her back. That smarted. No..what should be bothering her was that someone managed to sneak up on her. "Nhh...Hello Renna..."

Her smile was oddly forced. "And you too."

She made a low sound as she settled her back to the side of the fountain. Man that had smarted. "What are you doing sneaking up on me?"

The odd silence that came was met with a soft chuckle. Crimsons softened. "I am always quite creepy that way, aren't I?"

She...really couldn't deny that. "I guess...I am just not use to people sneaking up on me." Even if she was sure it partly had to do with her being in her thoughts so deeply. "You know..I really should punch your face in ...or drown you..or something." Her head tilted faintly and she glanced up to Renna with quite the sour look. "I heard what you did. First off where do you get off telling Ebon it is my fault that you are attacking and attempting to kill him?"

She looked up, then, laughed. "That was a lie." She admitted. "The real question is, did he tell you other things?" She tilted her head, her face turning blank. "Did he say?"

"No **** Doesn't mean I like you attempting to make me your fallout guy. And what the hell? Why the **** did you try to kill Ebon for?" She pushed herself up to her feet and swiped a hand at her rear to get rid of any dirt. "You mean like you having naked holograms of me around the inn? Yeah...didn't appreciate that a lick either."

"That was a distraction." She paused. "A sexy one at that." Renna flexed her metallic blades. "He didn't say?" She raised her brows. "How odd..."

"I am aware of you working with the Bhaal woman too." she pointed out. "Again I am asking, what the hell."

Her face fell flat. Her eyes burned. "I met someone who showed me the way."

She simply stared at Renna. "What way? Down the path to work my last nerve because you are doing a bang up job." It didn't go past her that Renna had practically called her sexy. Yes, that was filed away for later.

"Kiss and control." Renna whispered. "Don't you see, Katt?" She smiled wildly. "We're the same. Weapons of murder... I, myself... A Goddess... but no... I'm not, am I? We a mortal in our little world but Bhaal? He's fragmented and searching. A constant in all life." She whispered madly. "Murder, Katt. I was built for murder. I was born out of love and forged for murder. Born to kill. Born to eat, to devour and he showed me the reason... Bhaal." She extended a hand to Katt. "We both served in his name. To kill. To murder. We are both murderers, my dearest Shadow."

She didn't move but simply stared at Renna. "Damn.." She slowly slipped her hands into the pockets of her hoodie. "I didn't realize you were so weak willed, Renna. That you would bend to another so called god's will. That you would follow someone like a sheep... Tch. I may be a murderer but I damn well don't do it in anyone's name. Bhaal? Is nothing to me. Absolutely nothing."

"I can make you think otherwise." Mechanical tendrils snaked from under her dress as she approached Katt, her claws opening as her lips curled into a smirk. "I'm sorry. But you are essential to the coming awakening."

If she had any thought of it that would of been on the top list of creepy r us. Instead she slid a step back. "Awakening? Explain..."

"Bhaal's return." Her vacant crimsons glowed. "You don't think I can't use you again, Katt? A perfected vessel of murder. Together we can summon the one true Lord and Master. The Lord of Murder. Between us, our combined sacrifice can bring him back. We might not be of his spawn but us? Together? I think I can do it. I can make us perfect. I can make us... whole... under guidance of the Lord of Murder."

Ugh she felt dirty hearing Renna say that. "Think about what you are saying. You are willing to sacrifice yourself? To some god who calls himself 'lord of murder'. One true lord and master my ass. If you can't be your own lord and master than you are just a sad, sad little puppet and I am not going to call anyone master ever again!"

Her crimsons glared, her lips scowling. "I have nothing but this to save Edward!" She snapped. "He can save him... A true, real... God..." Tears formed. "Nothing will stop me. And even if I have to sacrifice us both, I will save him." She growled. "Whether you like it or not." Renna launched forward, claws outstretched to grip her shoulders. "Ebon... Icer... Jewell... Everyone! Me! YOU!" She screamed. "THEY WILL ALL DIE FOR THE LORD OF MURDER IF I CAN SAVE JUST HIM!"

That was crossing the line and it showed as her eyes narrowed thin and just as Renna came charging at her an arm reeled back and she threw a fist at Renna's face for all she was worth. Every muscle, every fiber, every amount of energy she could throw into that punch. "YOU BITCH!" The two words howled from her lips. "Do you **** honestly think Edward would want that?! Do you think he would want you sacrificing people to save his own hide?! How SELFISH are you?! Do you think I want to lose my brother? **** no! But I sure the **** wouldn't stoop to something so low to insult him!"

Struck, she flew back and hit a building hard enough to rupture into the brick itself, dust and the shards of concrete falling around her as she fell forward, purple blood falling from her grinning her lips. "Funny... he did the same for me..." She stood, wiping her lips. "Perhaps not as much as giving over his own sister, but the means? They meet the end."

The shadows at her feet shuddered, spasming as if trying to get away from her. Her own shadow seemed to want to escape her presence at the moment yet was firmly latched in place. There was a cold glaring stare fixated on Renna, not bothered a bit that she sent the woman flying. If anything she felt like she hadn't hit her hard enough. "I don't want to hear your crap. If you are going to go down that hole you go down by yourself and stop trying to drag people down with you. You do realize I am going to tell him this **** right? How the hell do you think he is going to feel? selfish are you?"

She snarled. "As if he cares, Katt!" She spat. "If he cared he'd be here with me!" She moved to approach Katt, claws outstretched. "Why do you say that word? Selfish? Of course I am selfish. I was born to kill and I will continue to kill and I will continue to be who I am because I am not afraid to show my true self! I am a bitch! I am a Betrayer! I am Renna and so help me you, and everyone will know my name even if it is in curses, and hated, or fear, or jokes! The thing is, Katt... You ought to fear it. I will save him. I have given you the option. Clearly you are against it. So, I need to replace souls close to worth of your own." She raised her brow. "I wonder how many I need to sacrifice for that."

"He'd probably be with your dumb ass if you weren't always flipping your noodle and betraying him. Ever thought about that? You can't force him to be with you, Renna and doing this is not going to woo him to your side. If anything you are just pushing him further away. And yes, I am clearly against you being a dumb**** and trying to kill people to appease some lowball god in hopes you can save my brother. Seriously, of all people, you should know better. That 'god' cannot help Edward. They are using you like a puppet and you are happily letting them pull your strings." Her fingers clenched tight at her sides. "You know what. Go ahead. Kill me. See where that gets you. I am not going to fight it. Knock yourself out." And to show she meant it, her arms dropped at her sides.

Her eyes dropps to Katt's hands as she approached her. "That's the fun part, Katt."

Her hands remained laxed at her side and she just gave Renna the blandest look that ever existed. "Whatever."

As Renna's claw thrusted out to Katt's chest, her bladed fingers turned into wiggling tendrils that sought to penetrate her body.

There was no attempt to stop her from doing so and when they did Katt made a small choking sound but seemed to do her absolute best to remain rooted in place. Teeth clenched, she refused to make a sound. Oh but her eyes could scream as she glared holes into Renna's skull.

Crimsons smiled. "Remember, Katt." She whispered. "I lie. A lot." The tendrils inside her body broke off and began forcing its way throughout her body. "I don't want you, Katt. Calculations dictated you would sacrifice yourself for Edward. It just made it all the more easier for me." The tendrils glowed as she forced her DNA to invade Katt's body. "I'm not going to sacrifice Edward." She whispered. "You are."

Her stomach tensed as the rest of her twitched. That was a god awful feeling. " you mean..sacrifice...Edward..."

"We are Manticore, Katt." She grinned. "I won't be the one killing him." The tendrils tore out as she took a step back.

"I save him.." She jerked as Renna ..ahem..withdrew from her body and she staggered. There was a new fuel of cold in her eyes. "**** you. I won't...I won't...kill him..You know damn well I ..won't.." And people wonder why Katt never trusted Renna. Snarling she raised a hand to her chest. "Whatever ...whatever you did to me..stop it..I won't!"

"Welcome to the family, Katt."

Her blood drenched hand left her chest as she reached to grab at Renna. "Take it out of me!!"

Her hand would not reach her. Like some force stopped her. But it was after all, her own body. "The Manticore turns you into Renna." She smirked. "Enjoy that. It'll take days. I wonder how it will feel as a sister to slowly fall in love with your own brother..." She paused, then smirked, before laughing. "How awkward. Come back to me when you are willing to help me, Katt. Hell, we might even share the same values?"

Oh gross gross gross! Oh she was so lucky she couldn't be decked again. Already she was working on the plan of killing herself. A few small details to deal with first. "I don't help weaklings like yourself, Renna."

"Ah killing yourself?" She mused. She flicked a point to her own head. "I can hear those thoughts. Won't work. Your regeneration is quite... unique, now." Pause. "But then again a weakling can't have access to such sensitive information. Regardless. Enjoy." Renna disappeared in a soft chuckle. "Sister."

Her fingers curled and uncurled at her side, tears swelling in her eyes. "It will work. I'll make it work. I won't kill him. You know I won't. You know I will fight with everything I am."

The Governor's Office / Quiet Evacuation
« on: February 13, 2017, 05:27:04 PM »
The plan had started to form in her head days before but putting it into motion took a lot of umph to do. It wasn?t just the idea of evacuating but it was the idea of making sure it was justified. Quite frankly with the way that some people had lost their ever loving minds and common sense it was a surprise she hadn?t considered it long beforehand.

Thursday was the day the plan was placed into motion, having left the city to venture to a handful of cities and towns alike in order to seek out an extended hand of assistance. The idea was simple in form - moving the children of the orphanages, the shelters, and the wounded (if deemed available to move) from medical wards to the cities that had agreed to sponsor the refugees for the requested period of them. She had no desire to keep them from the city forever but at least until she knew it was safe to bring them home.

More private homes and businesses were left to the care of other organizations, such as the Scaths sisters and GrangerGuild, that were planning on guiding those who wanted or needed sanctuary but adding them to the evacuation list would?ve only made security more difficult. As much as she wanted everyone?s safety it was hard to do that.

The evacuation was quiet and was done in sections. Friday morning, under the guise of the night, those from the orphanages were guided to the Tower by Claire?s ?bruisers?, along with Velen and Jochin. At the tower Gory and Rhi waited to escort people into the Tardis and while Katt still had no clue what it was, or how it worked, she trusted them. Once transported to the city they were met by the Batten Security Team and Kai who would guide them to where they would be housed for the days to come. While the children were woken from their slumber, during the travels they cooperated rather well for sleepy little people. Some even viewed it as a playful quiet game.

By the time the sun rose enough to stir the city from its slumber, that part had been done.

Saturday morning, roughly the same hours, the city shelter and safe havens were evacuated in the same fashion, minus the muscles that Jochin had been before. These people were separated and sent to two more cities but she made absolutely sure that no families were separated for any reason.

Sunday morning was by far the most difficult. Moving wounded with care was of course a concern and many had been hurt in the riots and lashing out. Really she had to wonder how it had gone so far. They were brought to one city that she knew had medical aid that could help keep the wounded comfortable.

It was a long, tiring weekend, but all the work of keeping it on the downlow had paid off. The evacuation had gone smoothly and as Sunday crawled on supplies were sent to the cities that were aiding the refugees. Thanks to the GrangerGuild there was plenty of  blankets, spare clothing, and such to spare. Provisions came from various places as Katt did her best to limit the use of the city?s funds. That in itself was an interesting feat as it was a lot of people to accommodate and comfort.

When asked how long they needed to remain from the city she had no answer so instead she guess-ta-mated a week or two but no more than a month. Truly she hoped that it was only a few days and she could get these people to their day lives.

Come Monday she would make no efforts to hide what she had done as surely people would notice.

However, where these people were now she would keep to herself and she made sure that all those involved did the same.

And Katt was good at keeping secrets?



For playable purposes people are welcome to acknowledge the lack of people or the bustling line super early in the morning. Any attempts to disturb the refugees going to the Tower would be shielded off by CE?s security team but peacefully done. The whereabouts of these people will be unknown due to the fact that once they are in the Tower they will be transported.
I am not claiming all orphanages, shelters, hospitals, clinics, or safe havens were evac?ed. As it currently stands only the city based ones were moved. If you would like to play that your privately owned has been evac?ed as well you are welcomed to.
Any questions, concerns, etc, you are most welcome to contact me
Many thanks to: Jochin, Claire, Ebon, Gory, Rhi, Velen, and the GrangersGuild for the co-op!
My apologies for not having this out on Friday like I originally had intended. Feeling a tad under the weather didn't help =x

Community Events / Winterfest (2016): What will you be wearing?
« on: December 09, 2016, 01:51:34 PM »
What will fabulous fabrics will you be wearing to th ball? To go find you a tree to decorate or walk through the snow in to watch the dancing lights?

Show off your christmas wear for this years Winterfest!

Community Events / Winterfest (2016): Adopt a Tree and Festival of Lights
« on: December 07, 2016, 07:21:53 PM »

December 15th, 8pm ET, (in the glen) come join in the decorating fun. A field of trimmed trees will be waiting. Adopted a tree and decorated it for all to see. There will be boxes upon boxes of ornaments to use! Or bring your own from home!

For each tree adopted, a set amount of money will go to fund a Christmas dinner for several places in the city. This including dinners for hospitals, clinics, shelters, orphanages, fire stations, and many, many more. If you have any place you would like to add to receive a dinner or would like to aid in providing these dinners with a donation please contact Katt Batten.

There will be from scratch hot chocolate, sweet treats, and possibly snowball fights! So come prepared and dressed warm!

A tree will be picked out and crowned with a special star and the one(s) who decorated it will receive a special surprise. Oh what could it be?

Everyone who participates will receive a hoarfrost white ornament with their name inscribed on it.

What is Christmas without the shiny, sometimes blinking, colorful lights? Get out the lights, get out the music, decorate the house and yard! Let us make the city sparkle!

Folks who decorate will be added to a list of places for people to enjoy. Like a parade the people come to rather than it just breeze by them. Hot chocolate will be provided for those who wish to walk the path and enjoy the lights.

(Festival of Lights is a boards only event and is simply a little thing to play with. Feel free to post in this thread your character decorating a place/space/etc for other people to enjoy! Or maybe your character is enjoying walking the streets and watching the lights. Have fun with it! This thread can also be used for any Adopt A Tree posts and/or decorated tree. Adopt a Tree will be a live event on Dec 15th hosted in the glen)

Community Events / Winterfest (2016) Information Central
« on: November 29, 2016, 12:31:58 AM »

Sunday 12/11 through Saturday 12/17

[size=18]Schedule of Events (to be updated as needed):[/size]

Sunday 12/1 through Saturday 2/28 - Winter Fun in Old Temple
*Information can be found here

Sunday 12/11 through Saturday 12/17 - Secret Santa (forum event)
*Information can be found here

Saturday 12/17 - Winterfest Ball - Saturday, 12/17 from 8pm to Midnight ET.
*Information can be found here

Saturday 12/17 - Winterfest Ball - Winterfest Glamours
*Information can be found here

The Governor's Office / Town Hall Meetings 2016-2017
« on: November 08, 2016, 01:32:28 PM »
The first Town Hall Meeting will be held Tuesday, November 15th at 9pm ET.

Topics up for discussion include:

- A quick address from Katt Batten about a few things
- Reminder of the Day of Thanks
- Winterfest and the upcoming holiday seasons

The Governor's Office / Education and Medical Outreach *updated*
« on: November 01, 2016, 05:12:23 PM »
For those seeking out medical attention, shelter, safehavens, education, or simply aid - these doors to one and all, no matter their race, gender, or background.

These listings will be added to the Welcome Center pamphlets, indicated on maps with information attached, and anywhere else that would like to make this important information known.

[size=18]Medical Outreach, Shelters, and More[/size]

The Shanachie Theater, De Luca Dance Studios, and Incredible Edibles
Fully trained first responders on the premises during working hours and will happily extend their assistance to anyone who requires medical intervention.
These three businesses will also endeavor to securely transfer such patients to the nearest medical facility for further treatment.
For More Information Contact Mataya De Luca

Old Temple District Fire Station and Medical Clinic
While centered in the Old Temple District, they are willing to go out and help other districts as needed. Open 24/7 and are willing to help anyone who needs help.
For More Information Contact Johnny Storm

Traveler's Crossroads
Once the building used for the Bon Bon Boutique now is a shelter for travelers passing through the city and need a place to rest or find information. While it is not only used as a shelter for travelers, it also offers medical attention to those who need it or a place to rest their head if they have no place to turn to.
For More Information Contact Katt Batten

Old Market Womens Shelter
Caelum Training Center in conjunction with the Old Market Womens Shelter offers weekly self defense classes for women and children, free to those at the shelter and at a reduced cost to other participants.
For more information, Contact Terry King

Farron-Queen Memorial Youth Outreach Centre
The FQM Youth Outreach Centre offers classes and seminars on a number of topics include personal finance, resume building, health and wellness and other subjects for the city's at risk youth. The Centre also offers after school programs as well as mental health and substance abuse counseling and a job placement center.
For more information, contact Pandora Fox

[size=18]Education Outreach, Schooling, Self-Defense Classes, and More[/size]

Academy of Bristle Crios
The Academy serves all ages, from day care, preschool, grade school, high school, and college level courses. We also provide several weapons and fighting classes, including self defense classes.
For More Information Contact Lydia or Leta Tolmay

Private Tutoring by Serah Farron
Ms. Farron will take students that need home-taught classes. Tutoring will be based on each individual student needs.
For More Information Contact Serah Farron


GrangerGuild's Dreams Matter Foundation Fund has been set up to payout grants and tuition fees for those who are unable to pay for their education.
For More Information Contact Caroline Granger

Batten Aid & Trust
Need tuition or a grant? Need the funds to start up or rebuild your business?
This goes out those who not only need fundings for their business but for medical and education.
This goes out to the small and large businesses alike.
To those who want to help the community grow.
Batten Inc is offering aid those who want to do just that.
In honor of it's founder, Edward Batten, Batten Inc is offering funds to help those who are in need and those who wish to simply need a helping hand.
The funds are not offered freely, however. Instead B.A.T is asking for a little assistance, when able, in giving back to the community. Such ways are, but not limited to:
Your time - During emergencies offering aid to the shelters or safe havens. Places that are offering their services for the Medical and Educational outreach could always use a hand, not only during times of crisis. If you are looking for a job some of these places are looking to fill spots and expand their manpower. Feel free to contact for more information or finding jobs.
Donate to causes such as shelters, safehavens, health care institutions/providers: clothes, blankets, food, etc are always greatly appreciated.
Supplies donated to the schools or for those who are going homes as private tutors.
The list is endless in possibilities.
For More Information Contact Katt Batten

If you are interested in adding your shelter, medical care, education, or funding please contact the Governor's Office with a description you would like to be presented.

(This thread is for Fright Night (2016) costumes and pumpkins. What will you be wearing?)

Community Events / Fright Night: Bloody Trails (2016) - Your Adventure
« on: October 22, 2016, 11:31:32 PM »
(This thread is for those to post during their trip along the bloody trail. Have fun with it!)

Community Events / Fright Night: Bloody Trails (2016)
« on: October 22, 2016, 11:25:08 PM »

(This is for the people who cannot view the website found here. Be warned there is sounds so adjust volume as needed. Any questions please feel free to contact me!)

As you approach the starting point of your journey you will find a trio of what appears to be children.  All less than four feet in height, their heads are covered in burlap with black buttons sewn for the eyes and the stitching of the burlap overlaps to give the appearance of smiles.
?Welcome. Welcome!? says one, a voice high pitched and excited. ?Welcome to the bloody trails!?
?Yes, welcome.? says another in a low, creepy tone.
The third, the smallest of the trio, points to the archway of trees and the path that lays beneath. The moon?s hang high tonight and as their light touches the autumn changed leaves, it gives an eerie display of red to light to the path. Crimson leaves bed the floor of the pathway, guiding those that dared this night though it seems that the colors of the leaves were not the only thing crimson. Leaves and ground alike was splattered in what appeared to be blood - a gory path to lead the way to the main event. If that wasn?t enough the trees themselves seem to randomly ooze and bubble blood from their bark.
?Do not stray! Do not stray!? The first on warns.
?Or they will get you!? says the second. ?And they won?t kill you. Oh, no. They do far worse and make you wish you were dead.?
?Don?t say that! You will scare the vic...guests,? the first one scolds the second, ?Go! Go! Try not to die!?
?And don?t touch the trees! Or you will regretttttt itttttt!? the second gave a last warning

?Regret it! Regret it!? One and Two sing together as you move to the pathway.

As you follow the path that was lit by the sparse moonlight filtering through the branches of the bloody trees, just on the edge of one?s vision, you can catch a glimpse of small figures among the trees. These small, shadowy figures with glowing white eyes haunt and follow after those they have deemed a target.

Haunting, unnatural sounds fill the air as you travel. Not your normal moans and groans of Halloween but snarls and sounds of creatures that haunt nightmares. Screams too real to be faked, both men and women like, aid to the sounds that fill the night.
Midway along the path is when people will start to randomly spot a large creature hunched over among the trees or pulling some helpless, bloody victim who strayed from the path. A warning if ever there was to remain on the path itself until the end. It is a twenty minute walk along the bloody trail.

Ever so often one will even dare to play a trick on one of the trail wanderers.
A tugging of hair from what could've been a branch...
Grasping at ankles from the leaves?
Running close by, just enough to give a start but never fully in sight?

Even if one were to try and catch one they would find that they can never fully catch one in sight. As if it is just one?s imagination that is moving the shadows.

OOC Notes and Interactions:

The bloody trails is an intro to the actual event itself.  I added year it for people who wish to participate in a more ?forum based? post. Either because they cannot make it to Fright Night or for more creative reasons. It is not required to be there at Fright Night itself. Just something to give people to play with.
The Shadowlings cannot be caught. They are basically shadows fooling with people. While their tricks can at times be a little much and cause hurt, please don?t post your characters losing limbs. Otherwise, have fun with these little tricksters.
If your character touches the blood on the trees they will be ?marked?. This is something for the main event so if you make it to Fright Night please just let me know via PM/forums that you posted your character interacting with the blood on the trees.  Your character will find that after touching blood there will be a faint crimson stain on their skin, despite rubbing and/or scrubbing at them.
The creature that is dragging away people is for show and while it can come up to people and scare them, it will not hurt them. People being ?dragged off? are NPC actors and give a very good show of playing a gory death!
If you have any questions please contact me via PM or Forums
Most important - HAVE FUN!

As you break from the bloody forest and the trial you come across a place that looks like it should be condemned. Surrounded by gloomy, dead trees and grass, the trail continues on, leading to the porch steps. The heavy doors are open for Fright Night, welcoming guests with subtle but eerie sounds.

Once inside you are greeted with a spacious area, black velvet backed chairs and couches for sitting if one so dared. Just don't be surprised if the monster under the couch plays with your feet.

The decorations are sparse as the old house already has its own webs and creepy crawlies. Don't worry the floors are clean of any dirt and mold. Not so sure about blood though. Oh don't mind that dead rat! (not really!)

This year Fright Night will not have it's many rooms to give you nightmares. Instead this year will focus on the tricks and treats during the party itself.

The Phalanx / Shot in the Dark
« on: September 28, 2016, 11:17:24 PM »
Sept 27th - Marketplace

The big cat was settled once again on the lip of the fountain, sitting cross-legged upon it, facing the water, dressed in nothing more than his jeans and a tanktop. Gold-green eyes watched the play of water upon water and the splashing of it off the stone as though mesmerized by the sight.

She had been wandering with no real focus on where she was going. In her slender arms was a kitten, matted fur and looking as if it had one heck of a rough life. It was content where it was, purring a kitten's purr. Bare feet was carrying her to the circle and eventually the fountain. It was there she spotted...that cat. The big one. She stopped and lowered her eyes briefly only to look back up and clear her throat.

His back was to the square, his attention focused, but like all of his kind, he was more aware of what went on about him than it seemed. Even as she cleared her throat, he straightened somewhat, head turning just slightly to the side. That sound, that scent. He knew them as intimately as though they were his own, though they held subtle differences between this girl and his beloved. There was a purring note to his voice as he spoke, sounding amused. "I do hope your questions this time are of a less...intimate nature."

Her eyes slipped low, shamed even. "I ...I apologize." The words were meek, almost as if he had scolded her or someone before him had over the event.

That purring chuckle rumbled from him as he turned to face her, a smile on his lips. "You owe me no apology, Sylva. You seem to have no trouble speaking your thoughts when you have a mind to do so. You are much like my Kathryn that way. I will admit, even had I been in this shape, I would have failed to answer you."

She shook her head. "Doran and everyone else made it clear that what I asked was wrong. I didn't mean to upset you. It was just what I was told by Des. I don't really know anything about..what you and her have." She petted the kitten softly while shuffling around. She almost looked..nervous.

He waved her statement away casually, chuckling softly again. "I was not upset, simply...caught off guard. You should feel privileged, that is not something that happens very often." The golden-green eyes regarded her a moment, calm and contemplative. "You seem...unsettled. Do I truly make you so uncomfortable?"

"No.." Pause. "Maybe." She sighed and tried to hide her face against the kitten but it just wasn't big enough. "I upset Doran and his father and his friends and he hasn't talked to me since. And my questions to you were just as bad."

He frowned slightly. "I am sorry. I was under the impression they found it rather amusing to see me so discomfited." Another purring chuckle escaped him. "You caused me no insult, however. Perhaps I should explain that to them."

She shook her head. "N-No! No.. It isn't just you. I ...I asked Doran's father things that I shouldn't of." Her eyes lowered to the kitten and she held it up, under its forepaws to show it off to Clayton. "This little thing has been with me since then."

Teenager troubles. He was a little unsure how to handle that, having had no experience in that area. Rather than address that, he focused his attention on the kitten with a smile. "And what is her name?"

That seemed to be a good question because it made a confused look on Sylva's face. "Name? I do-" While she spoke there was sip, followed a strange little thump, almost sickeningly wet sound which seemed to cause her to right shoulder to jerk. The look of confusion only grew as she wobbled and looked down to her upper right chest where the blossoming of red started to bleed through the fabric of her top. She stumbled a step before crumpling down the ground but ever so careful not to drop the poor little kitten.

He blinked, caught off-guard, unsure of what exactly had happened for a moment, until he caught sight of the blood. He was off the fountain in a flash, movements impossibly swift and fluid. To the outside observer he appeared to be instantaneously at her side, catching her just before her head hit the ground, shielding her body with his own by instinct, though he was unsure of where the shot came from. Urgency touched his voice as he spoke. "Sylva? Sylva!"

The little kitten tumbled out of her grasp and being held by Clayton meant that it settled, cradled against her torso. It showed on her face that she didn't understand what was going on. She felt pain and she wasn't sure why. Bewildered she looked up to Clayton as if he had answers, her eyes glossing over with tears that soon spilled. "I...I'm scared.." The confession left her weakly. It was a matter of moments before her eyelids started to droop.

His voice was calm as he spoke to her, his hand pressing against the wound, heedless of the blood, only focused on getting it to stop. "You have been shot." He had an idea of who might have been behind the trigger. as well. Much as he wanted to go hunt her down right now, too, he could not simply leave Sylva here, either. As her eyelids drooped, he did the only thing he could think of, lifting his other arm and biting into his wrist. Blood welled immediately, thick and dark, which he then pressed to her lips. "You must drink." His voice was not soft, as usual, but a harder thing, full of command.

He was nothing more than a dark blob to her by the time she felt the warm, sticky wrist against her lips. She tried to purse her lips into a thin line and refuse what he was trying to do but her body simply refused to move. He knew. Of course he knew. How couldn't he? "I don't.." want to. It would of been said but it was a little late. The moment she started to speak she felt his blood trickle into her mouth. A hand quickly struggled up to grasp a handful of his shirt while the other pressed into the arm hovering at her. She didn't draw on the vitae but rather just let it drip. What strength there was, was simply to cling on.

He focused slightly on the flow of blood, controlling it, letting it flow faster, but not so fast she would drown in it, his eyes on her. He could feel another set of eyes on himself, he thought, though it might just be his imagination, those of a Hunter, one of his kind. If she was looking he thought, he was sure she was probably holding back the urge to vomit. Feeling Sylva stop struggling, accepting his gift, he spoke quietly. "That's it, little one." He lifted his hand just a little from the wound in her chest, hoping that his blood had the same effect on Sylva as it did on Katt.

She tensed briefly then her smaller frame sunk down, all tension leaving her and her hands releasing their grasp. One hand fell rest on the ground while the other settled just inches from the kitten who was mewling for attention. Oblivious to what was going on. While the wound did indeed begin to heal it was much slower. Painfully slow in fact. Nothing like watching his lover's wounds seal up.

He watched the healing process, slowly, so slowly. Something was definitely different, though he didn't know what. Perhaps Katt would know. A thought suddenly occurred to him, then, as she slumped down further, and he leaned close, his voice soft, reassuring. "I have to get the bullet out. I apologize, little one...this will most likely be painful." And without further preamble he pushed his wrist to her mouth, at the same time plunging a finger into the hole left by the bullet. It took no time to locate the object, his protean flesh curling around it and pulling it out as fast as he could manage.

She made a gawd awful sound against his wrist and this time bit into his flesh but not out of the need for blood. Her eyes shot open with a look of horror before they rolled back and closed and she slumped back down. While it was good he got the bullet out, as they would of likely had to cut her back open to get it out, it didn't help aid in sealing the wound. It would, in time. If she didn't bleed out first. For now Clayton had himself an unconscious, bleeding youth on his hands.

He didn't like causing her pain. He didn't like causing anyone pain, truthfully, but this one more than most. As she surrendered to the pain, falling into unconsciousness, he kept his wrist to her mouth, letting more blood trickle in, even as he was tearing at his shirt with the other, ripping the fabric into strips rapidly. A wad of them was pressed to the wound to staunch the flow, before taking his hand back from her mouth. The wound in his wrist sealed in an eyeblink as he did so, being kept open by his focus on it, and he worked fast, tying strips around her chest and shoulder to hold the other fabric in place. That done, he scooped her up in his arms. The wound was not healing fast enough, he knew, and he needed to get her someplace where she was sheltered and where he could get her patched up. The closest place he knew that might have a first aid kit was the Teas shop, so it was in that direction he headed.

The Governor's Office / Letter Addressed to Mrs. Blackthorne
« on: August 15, 2016, 09:36:09 PM »
A simple white envelope was delivered to the address of Mrs. Blackthorne, sealed with the Desk seal of the Governor.  Within was a letter written in elegant script:

Dear Mrs. Blackthorne

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this to contact you about your interest in doing security work for the upcoming festival(s) but also to express my apologies on the confusion at the meeting. It was not my intentions to insult you nor the Watch.

I have worked with the Watch for many, many years - Close with Brian Ravenlock and his division on several occasions but with others. It has always been my understanding that the Watch kept an eye on the streets and people?s homes. Such things like event/gatherings were watched over by more private security details. My concern wasn?t trying to keep you from supporting your district but rather causing a thinning of forces. Especially now with some unknown forces going around killing folks and making the streets far more dangerous than normal.

So with that in mind I came up with an idea that I wished to run by you before you speak to your superiors.

A third party has shown interest in security detail for the events. With this event(s) to be a large finale of sorts, I am sure there will be plenty of work to go around. So what I am proposing is a collaboration of sorts. A handful of Watch members on security detail to show and support for their community, alongside that of C.E. and Batten Inc. This way the Watch is not drawn too thin as well. I would like it if you, personally, were involved in this group but that is a decision for you and your superiors.

If you and your commanding officers agree to this please let me know. If not I would like to know what you propose otherwise.

Kathryn ?Katt? Batten

The Phalanx / A Taste of Home (OOC)
« on: April 13, 2016, 03:09:51 PM »
As many know I, much like my character Katt, enjoy cooking and baking.
I have shared many recipes with individuals that I know over the course of years but someone gave me the idea to make a thread to share the goodies.
So here I will be placing recipes of things I have made and wanted to share!
If you have any questions feel free to tap me via PM or in the OOC chat thread.

Bon App?tit!  :grin:

Community Events / Winterfest 2015: Thank yous and Messages to Secret Santa
« on: November 28, 2015, 06:13:46 PM »
Did your Secret Santa bring you a special something? Make your jaw drop in awe?

Feel free to leave a note for your Secret Santa!

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