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Stars End Spaceport / A Furyan's Fire.
« on: August 01, 2010, 07:09:00 AM »
Captain Archimedes Remus gazed over the computer read outs. The Nexus brought many species, races and the like together in this universe. Lucky, or unlucky for the others living here. A Furyan by birth, he'd traveled and found others. Some taken from a thought to be dead world. Others, tracked down and picked up along the way. Osyrus Johnson, O.J. for short, was a dark man holding Furyan blood who'd been found running small time scams for big scores. Extortion games really. He rather liked keeping his mustache, goatee trimmed and neat for the ladies. Had a fancy for leather and wore a learther long coat often. Cypris and Thomas were Furyan as well. Big and muscled. Carl held muscles, but he was more the quiet one. The thinker. The killer who spoke little in words but volumes in his actions. Like Remus he preferred projectile weapons and often could be found about the ship with a pair of pistols tucked into his belt, or a pair of leather shoulder holsters. True, many onboard were Furyan but not all. It took a decent sized crew, even that of a skeleton crew, to run a ship. The Captain's second in command, was Dorn. A once great Klingon Officer who was said to have lost his place after the Dominion War from his galaxy. It was Dorn, that had spies who'd smuggled Remus the information of the whereabouts of the construction yard. It was Dorn that had supplied Remus with the perfect time to slip in with a Federation cargo vessel and take the Prometheus class ship right out of the yard. Several Federation security and crew had been, put down, but all in the name of glory and better things to come for Remus and those following him. The vessel's ability to split into three separate ships to attack proved helpful in their escape. Destroying the ship yard and the five over ships in dock before merging back together and entering warp for the wormhole and the Rhydin Star System.

Some from Rhydin, some from surrounding systems had found their way on board the stolen ship. Each, had to prove worthy to be taken on. Each had to go through a probationary period before given trust. An educated man, Archimedes Remus was no fool. His plans for their future were ever expanding and this system, as the surrounding star systems, only proved to aid those plans. Ah yes, this star system offered much to those with ambition. Those with a drive. Those, without fear.

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