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Chase the Morning / Bad Company
« on: December 30, 2014, 07:23:24 PM »
Rose was in a bad way, not just because it had been a long time since her last fix either.  There had been a shock that had sent her out of control.  She?d been injured and her mind was seeking the peace it knew was so very nearby.  It had known it at the hands of someone we all have come to know and love but who we haven?t seen in a while.

Now for a girl trying to get clean from the most addictive substance across many worlds this could be seen as a stroke of luck that he?d been MIA.  But in her unconscious state, in the desperation her need drove her to find him.  Like her trusted drug dealer, Rose was drifting on the edge of life and death.  Her body was still somewhere on the mountain but her mind traveled.  

GraveRobber smirks then leans against the wall.  ?Well my sexy fiendish friend? apparently you know where to find me should you ever need an escape?

In her dreams she found him, in an imagined alley way that so resembled his usual haunts it could almost be real.  There was no sign of the injuries they had sustained in the real world to either of them here.  Just the two of them, him in his usual grungy assortment as he leaned casually.  He greeted her pleasantly enough despite his sarcastic grin and their typical banter, always working this one.  Of course, now that back and forth included Rose's proud assertions that she'd kicked his drug.

She stares at a brilliant vial he pulled from his bag casually, as if by chance in the effort of obtaining a cigarette, promptly transfixed like a cat watching someone play with a string?  Despite her proclamation that she'd been sober for some time, all her initial bravado vanished?  It was so close so? right there?  Hypnotic the way it glowed and it had this way of taking the front and center of her attention.  Its light the blue heaven calling to her through the darkness.

?Makes you think?  What would it hurt?  In fact, I?d be making the hurt go away...  Don?t I deserve even a moment..??  A sigh and she moaned, longing to reach out, fingers clenching tight at her sides.  She commanded them to be still but the inner battle raged as unbidden thoughts tried to intrude on her dream.  Hadn?t the world been better off with her safely sedated at any rate?  But whether this was true or not she could only guess ? it was the minds amazing ability to rationalize that would turn this into an excuse to do exactly what it wanted to do.

He watches her and smiles, lights his cigarette and spins the blue vial around his hand, holds it up to the twilight and enveloping it in smoke as he speaks, ?Hell, I don?t blame them really.  Who doesn?t want to be at total peace??  His voice drifting as he reflects, ?No pain, no troubles, just the silky smooth blue ecstasy of peace?  Nope, can?t blame them one bit.?

Rose?s eyes cleared from the trance as she struggled to keep them on him instead of the beautiful vial that was so? distracting.  ?I?m good?  I told you? that I am??  But her voice was soft as it trailed off and far less confident than before as she quickly fell into the lull of memories so dreamy while gazing into his eyes.  She wanted to wake but the chills and the fire and the TRUTH were there.  Relief was here? right here.

The quiver moved through her small frame as a jolt bled over into the dream world? emphasizing her compulsion? the one that had taken her to something she knew could make it better? a pitiful sigh escapes her lips.  ?There is no reprieve for long.  Not without that damn drug??  Her eyes moved to it ?one last time? even though she hated herself for not tearing away from this dream as she should have the moment she realized where her subconscious had led her.  ?Cool blue reason??

How could it be that even remembering a pain free moment could make it seem so much worse?  She?d been fine with that pain through many trials already, had she not?  But now as the fire scorched her from the inside out, worse still - the guilt and self loathing of all those things she was facing but presently was desperate not to think about? so hard not to jump at relief.  Just one shot away.

GraveRobber just stays there, leaning against that damn wall, watching her.  A knowing smile adorned his lips? as he watched and waited? ever turning the electric blue vial in his hand he slowly dragged his cigarette, savoring ever inhale.

Rose had clung with everything she had to that burning stake and she could chain herself there but if she really wanted it? she?d be there in the next heart beat.  Emerald eyes shifted back to him curiously as she asked, ?Does it ever get better?  When you?ve been on it a while like this..??  He must have seen it before.

A flash of remorse might have passed his face, but it was quickly replaced by a slight scowl and a swig from that bottle, he then offered her a taste.  ?You tell me Red, most don?t survive that long?  Your type,? pointing a finger towards her, ?whatever the **** you are? is new to me.  But, whatever makes you what you are,? he takes that finger, and unceremoniously pushes her hair back off her collar, ?sexy as that may be? you?re still flesh and bone.  And the flesh never?? he pauses for effect ?ever? stops? wanting.?

((Thank you to GraveRobber for the IM scene used to create this dream sequence!
The thread I refer to on Mount Yasuo where Rose is physically present, can be found: here ))

Within the Barrier / No rest for the Wicked.
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:38:20 PM »
The angel walked with hard steps on heavy boots through the night on a direct route towards the house Bob had left in her keeping.  It was a pretty straight shot from Rhy?Din and near the bottom of the mountain.  Still inside the protection from teleportation but not from all magic.

It was Devil?s Night and she had gotten into minimal trouble all things considered? and she couldn?t help but feel Bob would be a little disappointed in her.  Why?  The muttered words she spoke aloud were disconnected and made no sense.  Dressed up in that Vengeful Harley Quinn costume and still covered in a mess of her own blood and even some bits of torn flesh that had lodged themselves between her breasts she would be a gruesome sight to any who may have seen her pass that way.  

Her body had healed everything vital before she could hardly get to enjoy herself?  actually for a moment had she blacked out..?  But she pushed that thought aside.  No one else may see the rhyme or reason behind what she had done but there had been one

First, as she walked, she had fussed over fixing the choker that had been shredded when that nice demon had done her the honor of ripping her throat open but she was very troubled until it was fixed and back on.  The leather restored, back around her bloody neck, the delicate J dangling in place once more she was soothed for a moment.  Tears streamed down her face though and she did a rough job using a combination of that and her hands to try to clean herself up.  They had wanted blood had they not?  Well, there had been a fountain tonight.  How was she to know it would hurt anyone?

Fingers clenched, back arched as she threw her head back, eyes shut tightly as she gasped for breath? she flashed back to Lillianna going into that pool of blood?  Familiar - the white hot pain the woman experienced?  The true agony, she knew, came not from the burn and not from their shared?. whatever this was?  It was something that ran much deeper.  Flashes of someone else?s pain and loss, not so very different from her own, were just beyond an ancient pool of misery.  She didn?t know how or why? but Lillianna knew her pain.  Not the one from the withdrawal, the one from her heart.

When she found the strength to move forward again, Rose?s footsteps began to smolder in her wake.  The fever coursing through her veins and the electricity burning in her soul was impossible to contain.  Well a fever had to be burned out did it not?  

Rose breathed deeply as she finally came in sight of her destination.  Determined to take whatever tortures were in store for her.   She mused with a twisted grin towards the dark and empty home.  But she strode purposefully towards the workshop and got the fires going.  ?Everything burns.?  Rose affirmed as she embraced the heat that was surely going to be too much.

She didn?t know what all was in here but she knew Bob built things to last and if anyone would have to tools she would need?  The angel trembled with a cold in her bones that no burning warmth could seem to take away and shook even as she broke out in a heavy sweat?  Blood, sweat, and tears?  That was how it was done.

Bristle Crios / Devil?s Night Angel Delivery Service - Come one come all!
« on: October 28, 2013, 03:32:14 PM »

((Photo shop on Rose?s picture done by Eric Northman mun.  Thanks boss ;) ))

Rose knew Mei wanted this friend of hers, Ripper, at the party.  She knew he worked at some type of school and so, naturally, thought it proper to dress like a school girl.  She appeared inside of his office, offering a cute little curtsy before handing him a flyer.  

?Mei requested I see one of these into your hands?  Please come, join us, party and be merry.  Have a drink on Bonny? or a Zydrate on me.?  Rose said with a wink.  

((Meeting live in the arena Wednesday Night the 30th at midnightish eastern.  Party thread already started  = Devil?s Night))

If allowed she would then skip off with a stack of flyers in hand to offer to any sentient creatures she came across.

RhyDin Memorial Cemetery / Drawing Out the Rose
« on: November 07, 2008, 01:54:20 AM »
Late one night in the Rhy?Din Memorial Cemetery ? what should be a sacred place -  a terrible deed was being carried out.  Where the mysterious enchanted rose bush had appeared months ago?  Something was happening.  

Muffled screams were being forced from an angel by the name of Sandrine.  Rose was still lost within her own mind ? which presently occupied the form of the rose bush.  She had no idea what was happening, having no true awareness of her surroundings.  

However, the rose bush responded to Sandrine?s agony ? almost as though the plant itself were being physically violated.  As her limbs were being twisted and smashed violently?  So were the vines and branches ? twisting and breaking terribly.  

It shifted, no the branches were pulling in on themselves.  Blood started falling from the broken plant as it transformed back into a woman.  Tears streaming down her face, Rose screamed once and crumpled.  She fell to her knees and collapsed into a little heap.

And there was Rose, confused and disoriented.  She hurt ? her mind had actually tricked her body into having real wounds ? sort of like stigmata.  Having a bond as strong as these twins was not always an advantage.

Reflexively her mind was already working on shutting down the link that was the source of her agony, so she could recover.  But for that moment?  She was helpless, naked, bleeding before them.

A moment was all Dr. Mass needed.  He clamped a collar around her neck.  This was no ordinary collar ? It was designed to suppress a mutant?s powers.  Back on Earth humans had invented them trying to manufacture a sense of control.  The red flashing light showed that it was armed.  

Through her tears Rose looked up at the man standing over her.  She knew him?  His name was Brian Mass.  The last time she had seen him was several life times ago.  How was he still hunting her?

The doctor had a smile of triumph ? he had caught her at last.

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