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RhyDin Election / 2018 Gubernatorial Debate
« on: September 02, 2018, 01:17:27 AM »
The following notice has been posted in various and sundry public places throughout the city.

It's election time, and that means the people of Rhydin get to put their candidates to the test!

Yes, that's right. Debate!

Is there something on your mind? A burning question for the candidates that you need answered before it's time to vote? Do you want to get a better feel for their positions, or just put them on the spot and watch them try to come up with an answer?

Two-time former Governor Ebon Ilnaren will be hosting a gubernatorial debate as we get closer to the polling weekend. Send any and all questions to him and let your voice be heard!

(Date, time, and location of debate still to be determined.)

Embers in the Dark / A letter from Ebon
« on: March 24, 2018, 11:39:52 PM »
Dear Kruger,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well, my friend. It has been too long since you and I really spoke.

I am writing with an idea. Enclosed, you will find a copy of a letter that I wrote to Colleen. You may recall the abortive attempt to establish a coast guard for Rhydin, to defend our peaceful shipping against pirates and the like. Now there is a new suggestion for  rescue and emergency vessels, which would be based out of the new Dockside Emergency Center but would serve Rhydin's entire harbor and shoreline.

While these new boats would not be armed, I would still like your thoughts and suggestions about how they might be enhanced through construction or enchantments, or both, in order to better serve our city. I plan to meet with Colleen later this week, and hope to have more details for you at that time, if you are interested.

On an unrelated matter, my son Doran will reach his eighteenth year of age in a little over a year's time, and I would like to commission a gift for him. Although, as Maggie's squire, he officially wields an axe while dueling, like me his preference is for a staff. As such, I would like to gift him with one that has been created for and attuned to him personally. At this point there is no rush, but I felt it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about such a thing early.

Good health to you and yours!

Your friend,

Stardreamer Manor / Giving Thanks
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:39:44 PM »
Though he was not a native of America, or even of Earth, Ebon had visited that land and knew something of its traditions. The one that he most appreciated was Thanksgiving. It was a holiday that resonated within him, celebrating a new life in freedom like the old Pilgrims did (not that they were saints themselves, he would add), appreciating the support and shelter of those who could help, and helping those who could not.

Most of all, it was about family for the Ilnarens and their extended foster clan.  The annual Thanksgiving feast was when many of the older fosterlings, who had long since moved on, returned home with their own families to celebrate and share their stories.  Some came from within Rhy'din or the surrounding towns and villages.  Others journeyed from further away, but all were welcome.  A massive tent was raised upon the manor grounds to serve as an impromptu dining hall, and accomodations found for those who needed them.

As he watched the tent hall go up, Ebon felt a surge of warmth within him. It was going to be a good holiday!

RhyDin Election / 2017 Gubernatorial Debate!
« on: September 20, 2017, 01:31:19 AM »
The 2017 Gubernatorial Debate is happening this Saturday, 9/23, at 9 pm in the Town Hall.  Your moderator will be former Governor Ebon Ilnaren.

All residents of Rhy'din are encouraged to attend and take this opportunity to let the candidates know what's important to you!  You may submit questions to Ebon in advance; please indicate if you wish your name given with the question, or if you would rather remain anonymous. If time permits after all submitted questions have been asked, then the floor will be open for the audience.

On behalf of our fine roster of candidates, thank you for your time!

((9:00 pm EST, in the Red Dragon's Great Hall chatroom))

The Scathachian Sanctuary / Aftermath of a Ruckus
« on: July 06, 2017, 10:31:59 AM »
The black-cloaked figure approached the Sanctuary respectfully, pausing at the gateway to wait for admittance.  Though he had been more than once before, and counted the Sisterhood as a whole to be steadfast allies, and some of them individually as close friends, still it would be rude to simply barge in.

Ebon was not in the habit of being rude to his friends.

Fortunately he did not have to wait long, as one of the Sisters greeted him and he returned the welcome in kind.  "Good morning!  I was wondering if Isuelt was about?  I have some news that might interest her regarding the followers of Bhaal.  Also," and he shrugged the cloak away from his left shoulder, revealing bandage wrappings under his tunic, "if one of your healers might be willing to take a look at this wound, I would be much obliged.  I took a cut from a particularly evil blade last night, and while the wound was cleansed, it was suggested that someone better versed in the effects of Bhaalite blades should make sure there are no... lingering effects."

Stardreamer Manor / Standing Up
« on: February 08, 2017, 02:13:37 AM »
For three weeks, he had been able to shut out the world and focus solely and completely on his family.  A vacation to Mount Yasuo, it had been idyllic.  



Ebon cherished that serenity.  Oh, since returning to Rhy'din, he had done his best to shut out the ugliness that seemed intent on fouling the city.  He spent his days working on projects with Azure, or reading to Olivia as she cuddled with her baby sloth, or riding the fields with Doran.  Most often he would find Phen and sit with her, communing in mutual silence, and those were the times when he was most at peace.

Then he would venture out into the city, and try as he might, there was no escaping the troubles entirely.  Graffiti on alley walls (and sometimes out facing the streets) was echoed in the overheard slurs from passing conversations.  My family is my focus, he told himself on one such venture, seeing a pack of angry thugs harassing a mother and child whose emerald-hued skin marked them as not-quite-human.

And I have to look them in the eyes every day.


"Hey, greenie, go back to your woods or wherever you come from!"  One of the ruffians got up in the mother's face, with barely an inch separating them.  "You some sort of plant-person?  Why don't y- eh?"  The man spied a black-cloaked figure standing nearby, and turned to face him; his comrades-in-arms drew close, and their presence fueled his bravado.  "You have a problem?  Think we're being too rough on the unnatural trash?"

Ignoring him for the moment, the cloaked man addressed their target.  "Go on your way, ma'am.  These gentlemen won't be bothering you anymore tonight."

"Oh, we won't?  Who do you think you are?"  When the newcomer lowered the hood of his cloak to reveal his jet black eyes, the thugs froze for a moment, long enough for the mother and child to slip away.  "The old Governor.  Figures you'd stand up for the freaks.  To think that I voted for you... twice!"

"Thank you for your support," replied Ebon with a wry grin.

"Rot!  Everyone knows you can do mind tricks.  You probably fried my skull so I'd support you!"

That accusation got a raised eyebrow in response.  "Not my style, and besides, I can tell from your words that your mind is an oozing pustule, so why would I ever want to touch it voluntarily?"  As he spoke with the gang's apparent leader, or at least its spokesman, Ebon noted that the others were spreading out and around, as if trying to flank him.  Beyond them, bystanders had begun to gather, and he sighed wearily.  "I'd suggest you follow the advice I gave the lady, and go on your way before I embarrass you in front of all these people."

Then they rushed him all at once, voices matched in a single roar.

Stardreamer Manor / Vacation Time
« on: December 18, 2016, 10:23:10 PM »
Sunday, 18 December

The morning was a flurry of activity as the Ilnaren family--and guest--packed up their luggage and loaded a taxi-van to take them to the train station.  Their train left at 10:15, the Mt. Yasuo express that would take them to just outside the Barrier of Nine.  From there it would be a three-day overland journey to the central village of Jenli.

"But how long will it take us to get there, Papa?" asked Azure with a child's endless curiosity.  She sat beside Ebon in the taxi, while Phen and Olivia sat across from them.

"It used to take a week on average to travel from Rhydin to the Mt. Yasuo range over land, but since G'nort spearheaded the railway, it should only take us about two days."  Ebon looked out at the slightly cloudy winter sky, then back to his daughters--for Olivia was also listening with rapt attention--and shrugged.  "Maybe three, given the weather, but that just gives us more time to enjoy the train ride together."  

In the third row of seats, Doran sat with Sylva and chimed in.  "That's assuming you two don't wind up sleeping the whole way up there!"  This brought a chorus of cheery giggles from the girls, who had been up all night, unable to sleep from the excitement.

At the station, Phen led Azure and Olivia to find their compartments while Ebon, Doran, and Sylva made sure their luggage was properly stowed.  The lad looked to his father with a slightly impish grin.  "Do we get our own compartment?"

"Yes... the girls will be with your mother and me, so I'm trusting you to be on your best behavior, Doran."  The mock sternness in Ebon's face soon gave way to a smile; he knew his son wasn't given to shenanigans.  "Come on, let's get aboard."

Community Events / Winterfesat (2016) - Yule Ball
« on: December 03, 2016, 12:56:45 PM »

Want to wrap up the Winterfest week with a celebration?  Help some worthy causes?  Enjoy an evening of food, drink, and dancing out on the water?

On Saturday 12/17, come to the Riverboat Casino at Typhoon Bay for the 2016 Winterfest Yule Ball - Winter on the Water!


...exquisite buffets from the chefs at the Typhoon Bay resort hotel! bars with drinks of all sorts!

...dancing to holiday tunes!

As the Riverboat is a casino, those who wish to take a gamble or two for a good cause will find the game floors open for play!  In the spirit of the season, all house proceeds for the evening will be donated equally between:
 - The Governor's Education & Medical Outreach Fund
 - The Greater Rhydin Food Depository
 - The Rhydin Orphanage & Fosterage Network

Never fear, though!  Anyone lucky enough at the casino to bring home some winnings of their own for the holidays will not be depriving these causes of donations.  An equal amount of all winnings will be granted to the above charities, courtesy of the Rhydin Philanthropic Association, an assortment of local businesses and families working anonymously to better our city.

So put on your best and come over to the Riverboat at Typhoon Bay to celebrate Winter on the Water in style!

((OOC INFO: The Winterfest Ball will be held in The Docks chatroom (since it IS on a boat :) ) on Saturday, 12/17 from 8pm to Midnight ET.))

The Governor's Office / Ebon's Farewell Address
« on: October 10, 2016, 10:30:35 PM »
A small crowd began to gather in the plaza out in front of the Rhy'din Town Hall as Ebon Ilnaren stood upon the steps as various microphones, cameras, and recorders pointed at him.  "Thank you, thank you.  I'll be brief."

"For the past two years, it has been my honor and, most of the time, my pleasure to serve Rhy'din as your Governor.  I first ran... more or less on a whim, really, but as I began campaigning and talking with friends, I came to realize that the Governor's office is an excellent tool for bringing us all closer together.  I admit that I was fortunate enough not to have to deal with plagues or massively destructive storms, as some of my predecessors faced... although I did get a rash of fires across the city last year, so maybe I should leave well enough alone."  He chuckled, and it spread through the plaza.  

"No, my tenure as Governor has been marked more by celebrations and community than anything else, and for that I want to thank you, all of you."  Beat.  "Yes, even you.  We're a city of diversity, and there are those who say we shouldn't mix.  To that, I call shenanigans!"  A thoughtful expression came over Ebon's face.  "My wife is a jeweler, and a talented one if I do say so myself.  One day I was watching her at her craft, and a gemstone rolled off her worktable, onto the floor.  It was a star sapphire--not overly large, she was planning to put it into a pendant for a friend--and Phen had carefully cut it so that, as I held it up, the myriad facets reflected the sunlight from the window.  Each facet by itself was dazzling, but the whole stone, with all of them flashing in their turn, was truly glorious."

"As I handed the stone back to Phen, it occurred to me that it represented the city of Rhy'din in miniature.  Every one of us--every individual, or family, or neighborhood--shines in our own right, and we are all right to revel in what makes us unique.  Yet at the same time, the many facets of Rhy'din complement each other in fascinating ways, so that the whole is a place of wonder."

Pausing for a moment, Ebon let out a short, huffy laugh.  "I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to wax poetic, or perhaps it's pretentious to think that I was even doing that.  I have been manning the Governor's office for two years, and now it's someone else's turn.  I have every faith that she will serve with dignity and respect as I have, and I congratulate her on her victory in the election."

He stepped away from the press for a moment, then back again.  "Thank you all, once again.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a lunch date with my wife and a vacation to plan!"  Making his way down the steps, Ebon declined all questions from the press, but did take time to shake many a hand in the crowd before joining Phen and heading off.

RhyDin Election / 2016 Gubernatorial Debate
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:56:24 PM »
There will be a debate held on Friday, 30 September in the Great Hall for the three final gubernatorial candidates to discuss the issues important to the people of Rhy'din.  For that to work, however, we need to know what those issues are.

So consider this a public call for you, the residents of Rhy'din, to submit questions for discussion.  They can be general--for example, "What is your stance on public education in Rhy'din?"--or more specific.  Questions may be directed to a particular candidate, although all three will have the opportunity to answer.

You may submit your questions to Governor Ilnaren, who will be moderating the debate.  

The debate will begin at 8pm Rhy'din Time, or as soon afterwards as possible.

Community Events / Citizens Day 2016 - Parade!
« on: August 27, 2016, 09:51:26 PM »
Who doesn't love a parade?  Everybody loves a parade!(1)

On Saturday, 10 September 2016, Rhy'din will be celebrating Citizens Day properly with a parade!  All are encouraged to participate, whether it be with a float covered in flowers, joining a marching band, or just walking and waving.  Or any combination of the above!

The parade will muster outside of the South Gate, then go through Old Temple and across to Dragon's Gate, over through Old Marken, and then back down through Old Temple and out.  There will be plenty of room along the parade route for anyone who wants to stake out their spot for a good view!

Water and relief stations will be available at regular intervals along the route.

(1) - except for those people who don't, because we're all different and that's okay!

((Feel free to post descriptions of your character/group's entries in the parade.  Photos that evoke the look that you have in mind are welcome, even if it's not exactly dead-on. :) ))

Community Events / Citizens Day 2016
« on: August 15, 2016, 12:56:22 AM »
This year, Citizens Day will fall upon September 10th, the second Saturday of the month.  The celebration runs all weekend, however, with the ever-popular carnival opening Friday morning and running through Sunday!


 - Ring Toss
 - Whack-a-Grue
 - Balloons & Darts
 - Milk Bottle Smash
 - Tic-Tac-Toss
 - many more


Community Events / Midsummer Fesrtival 2016 - The Party
« on: June 02, 2016, 11:45:41 AM »
2016's Midsummer Festival begins with a bash!

Location: The Marketplace, central square
Date: Sunday, 6/19
Time: 8pm Rhydin Time

Though Midsummer's Day itself isn't until Tuesday, the Festival starts here!  

Activities include:
 - Dunk The Governor returns!
 - Horse & pony rides!

There will be chocolate fountains (courtesy of Katt Batten) with fruit and other items for dipping all around the square, and multiple open bars for those who get thirsty.

Live music will be provided by the West Egg Swing Band, so get your sway on!

Community Events / Midsummer Festival 2016 - The Music
« on: June 02, 2016, 11:45:20 AM »
For this year's Midsummer Festival, the Governor is hoping to add something different: live music.

Are you a new band looking to get your sound out to the people?  An established group between gigs?  Do you want to break out as a solo performer, or get the band back together?

The center stage at the Marketplace will be available for bands and musicians of all types to perform.  Please contact the Governor's Office if you're interested!


((OOC Note))

Got a character with a musical side?  Part of a band, or a solo act?  I know there are a number of IC bands in Rhydin (Shoe Slam, TRASH, The West Egg Band, and more), so I thought it might be fun to showcase some headliner acts during Midsummer Week.  Anyone wishing to participate, please feel free to PM me.

Community Events / Midsummer Festival 2016 - The Feast of Rhydin
« on: June 02, 2016, 11:27:11 AM »
Summer is a great time for picnics and outdoor dining, and the Feast of Rhydin will be the place to get a tasty treat or two in the Marketplace throughout Midsummer Week.

Whether you're in the mood for a multi-course meal with all the trimmings, or a light salad and freshly-squeezed juice, or just a quick snack to tide you over until you get home... the many chefs, bakers, and other food vendors of Rhydin will be there to provide it!

From professional restaurateurs to citizens with favorite old family recipes, all are invited to set up a booth at the Feast to display and sell their culinary creations.  

[size=9]Note: no food item that involves sentient or sapient beings in its preparation will be allowed.  All operating costs will be covered by the Governor's Office, including ingredients and hiring of extra help.[/size]


((OOC Info))

Anyone whose characters own/operate/or work at a restaurant, tavern, specialty food shop, or similar venue is welcome to post in this thread with pictures and/or a menu of what they have available.  There will also be smaller booths available for individuals or families who want to share their homemade dishes, so feel free!

[size=9]((images found on,,,[/size]

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