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Motley Menagerie of Myriad Marvels / The Little Princess
« on: August 04, 2020, 02:17:40 PM »
There were times when Kit Wylie wondered why they hadn't just built a bridge between the house he shared with his wife and son, and the next door house where Dorian and Seren lived. Today was one of those times. While he had been as thoughtful as he dared to be, keeping Leo entertained over the course of yesterday's excitement, Delilah had spent the day rushing back and forth before finally bouncing back home at midnight to declare that Dorian and Seren were officially parents to a baby girl. If he'd thought that would keep his own wife at home today, he was sorely mistaken. Delilah had already been next door twice this morning, and this time, she was bringing Kit and Leo with her.

"Wait until you see her. She's adorable. So tiny and pink and cute," Delilah said, practically oozing excitement. "Just like you were when you were little," she added, tapping a finger against her young son's nose.

Leo, at the grand old age of eighteen months, wrinkled his nose at the tap his mother gave him, laughing his familiar little giggle. "Mamamama babbby?"

"A little girl baby," she told her son, turning her smile on her husband. "Next time, we are having a girl," she declared as if they had a choice about it.

"There's going to be a next time?" Kit asked teasingly, hoisting Leo higher on his hip as they passed across the little gap between their house and the Hadleys'. "I still think we should have some kind of communal sitting room built right here so we don't have to go outside in the winter to say hello."

"Of course, there's going to be a next time!" Delilah insisted. "As soon as you teach the little man how to use the potty." She hooked an arm through his, even as he balanced the toddler against his hip. "Perhaps we should build a covered walkway between our house and theirs," she suggested.

"Some kind of verandah, maybe," he mused thoughtfully. "I bet I could find someone who could make it convertible for summer and winter." His eyes went distant, trying to imagine what that might look like, even as Delilah drew him up onto the porch to the door.

"I bet you could," she said, confident her husband could do anything he put his mind to. "We will have to set some ground rules though. We do not want to intrude on each other's privacy," she pointed out, as she rapped her knuckles on the door to announce their arrival.

"Well, obviously," he agreed. "Like any room in any house, if the door's closed, knock first. Like this." He took Leo's little fist in his and knocked on the door as well, making the little boy cackle happily.

"I just did that!" she pointed out, giggling, unable to get angry at either of her men, the big one or the little one. They were both just too cute.

"Coming!" a voice called from inside the house.

"Sounds like Uncle Dorian is coming to tickle you!" she said, wiggling her fingers in Leo's sides.

The toddler crowed delightedly at his mother's tickles, squirming in Kit's arms as his father laughed. "If you're not careful, I am going to drop him on your head."

Delilah gasped in feigned shock. "You would never!" she said, giving Kit a playful whack on the arm. "Dorian! If you do not open this door soon, I am going to ... Oh!" She trailed off, one hand raised as if she was about to knock again, when the door opened in front of them.

"Oh, what a surprise! It's Lilah ... again," Dorian teased, looking a little tired, but happy.

"She's very worried about your privacy," Kit informed his friend over the top of Delilah's head, flashing Dorian a grin. He remembered only too well what that weariness felt like.

"I'm sure she is," Dorian remarked with a hint of sarcasm that was completely lost on Delilah.

"Can I help it if Kit and Leo want to see the little princess?" she said, pushing her way past Dorian into the house.

"Because this visit is all about us," Kit commented, letting Dorian step back before he followed his wife inside. He grinned at his friend. "How are you enjoying being wrapped around the finger of something smaller than your cat?"

"Are you talking about Delilah or the 'little princess'?" Dorian countered with a grin. He and Kit had always enjoyed teasing her, and that hadn't changed when she'd gotten married.

Delilah didn't seem to mind though, ignoring the men as she made a beeline for Seren and the baby in the living room. "There she is! How is my little angel?"

The redhead looked up from where she was sitting by the window, the little bundle wrapped in a patchwork blanket cuddled close in her arms. "Your little angel, huh?" Seren asked with a tired grin. "And here I thought you had one already."

"Yes, of course! Since I can't be an aunt, I am going to be her godmother, whether you say so or not," Delilah insisted with a cheeky grin.

"We haven't even asked you yet!" Dorian said, laughing as he led Kit and Leo into the room.

"We all knew it was a foregone conclusion," Kit pointed out, winking over at Seren. He wouldn't crowd the new mom, prepared to keep Dorian company in another room if necessary so there weren't too many people cooing over the new baby. "What's her name, by the way?" he added, glancing at Dorian. "Lilah hasn't said."

Dorian didn't seem to mind. Kit and Delilah were their best friends, after all, and he knew they'd want to get a good look at the baby. In Delilah's case, several good looks. "We are thinking about calling her Asha Maris," he replied, hoping no one's feelings were hurt by that.

"Asha for your brother?" Kit asked, impressed by the choice of name to reflect that connection. Left to him, the poor girl might have ended up being called Nevilla.

"That's adorable," Delilah remarked. "And Maris for Marissa, I assume. You're going to have to have another so you can name one after Emrys," she added with a cheeky grin, as she reached to rescue her husband from Leo - or vice versa. "Would you like to see the baby, baby?"

"Emrys and Demi will have to wait their turn," Seren said with a tired smile, shifting a little to let baby Asha's face be seen more easily as Leo went happily into his mother's arms.

Motley Menagerie of Myriad Marvels / Good News
« on: December 01, 2019, 05:37:36 PM »
What a difference a year could make. Seren and Dorian had not exactly been without friends before Kit and Delilah decided to make their home here in Rhy'Din, but it had been a true delight to help them find a home right next door to their own, as well as watch them become teachers in the new Rosita De Luca School of Performing Arts. Not to mention having a front row seat for the birth of their first child. Though it came with a little heartache for the lupine couple, they were proud to be the trusted aunt and uncle of little Leo. And, of course, having a photographer for an aunt meant that the one year pictures were not only free, but done at home.

Seren laughed as Leo blew bubbles at her, rolling over onto his back just at the moment she pressed the button. "You, little lion, are just being deliberately obtuse now."

"He takes after his father," Delilah was quick to point out, perched nearby just in case she was needed, but out of view of the camera. Motherhood looked good on her, and though her figure was a little rounder than it had been before she'd had her son, she was aglow with happiness.

Seren grinned, lowering the camera to tweak Leo's nose as he rolled onto his front again. "I don't know, he's a lot like you, too," she pointed out, lifting the little boy back onto the warm fleece in the hope that he would stay there for a moment. "Full of mischief."

"He has my hair," Lilah admitted, reaching over to comb her fingers through her son's soft, dark hair. Kit's hair was lighter in color than Lilah's whose hair was nearly black. She laughed a little at her friend's remark. "And Kit isn't?" Full of mischief, she meant.

"Kit's less blatant about it," Seren said impishly, twisting just enough to catch the tender look on Delilah's face as she looked down at her son before snapping some more pictures of Leo. "You glory in your mischief. No wonder your students love you so much."

Lilah shrugged, as if there was nothing to apologize for. "If my students aren't having fun, they won't want to be there," she reasoned. She didn't understand why more teachers didn't try to engage their students and make learning enjoyable, instead of a chore.

"And are you having fun, being a teacher?" Seren asked, pulling a silly face as she spoke to get Leo to giggle. Seeing her friend so settled down was a joy, but she knew it was a big change from the life Lilah had lead before.

"You know, I wasn't sure I would, but I am," Delilah admitted after a moment's consideration. "I've been ready to settle down for a while. It was just convincing Kit really. Once Dorian settled here, it was only a matter of time before we did the same." She laughed. "We've been inseparable for so many years. It just wasn't the same without him."

"Well, at least I know that wasn't entirely my fault," Seren replied in amusement. "I share the blame for that with Neville." She opened her mouth in a wide smile for Leo ... and the baby boy toppled backwards from his sitting position to land on his back, kicking his feet and laughing uproariously. "Oh gods ... he is definitely your son."

Lilah laughed at both her son's antics and at her friend's reaction. "Well, I do distinctly remember carrying him around with me for nine months," she admitted with a grin. "And I don't blame Dorian. He needed to find his brother, and I needed a good excuse to get Kit to settle down."

"Worked out well for everyone then, didn't it?" Seren grinned, setting her camera aside as she reached over to tickle Leo. "You bored, bubba? It's okay, we're all done. More on another day."

"Very well," Delilah agreed. "But what about you, Seren?" she asked, her gaze drifting momentarily downward to the area of Seren's belly. She had been trying to help her friend get pregnant for some time with the aid of herbs and remedies common among her people.

Seren bit her lip, but she couldn't hide the hope in her eyes. "I, um ... well, my last heat was about a month ago, and ..." She met Lilah's eyes with a shy smile. "I think I might be pregnant."

The fact that Seren wasn't entirely human had complicated matters, but Delilah had been confident it was only a matter of time. "Might be?" Lilah echoed, brows arching upwards. "Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?"

"Not yet," Seren admitted. "I'm almost afraid to, in case I'm wrong. But, um ... I have been getting sick at random times, and my tits are so sore."

Delilah smiled. As sympathetic as she was, those were good signs. "That's good news!" she said, reaching over to scoop little Leo up into her arms. "Come along then. It's time to pee on a stick!" she insisted, though this wouldn't be the woman's first pee of the morning.

Seren snorted, pulling herself up onto her feet to set her camera and equipment safely to one side. "I don't think your boy there can aim too well right now," she teased, a little guilty she hadn't mentioned this to Dorian yet but glad Delilah was in this with her all the way.

Lilah giggled. "He's not the one that might be pregnant," she remarked regarding Leo's pee. With Leo balanced in one arm, she snagged Seren's hand to tug her toward the bathroom, knowing her way around her friend's house like it was her own. "You bought a test, yes?"

"Yes, I did buy a test." Seren let herself be tugged around her own house, smiling at Delilah's insistence on finding out right now whether it was a done deal or not. "You realize that if I am pregnant, it's your remedies that did it, right?"

"Nonsense. You and Dorian did it. I just helped," Lilah insisted. She knew she should make her friend wait until morning, but she had to know now, and she had a few tricks up her sleeve.

"It's nerve-wracking," Seren admitted, removing the plastic from the test box. "What if I'm wrong again? I've been wrong so many times before, Lilah."

"Then you try again," Delilah replied, not allowing her friend to give up hope just yet. "And you keep trying," she said, though she realized her friend couldn't keep trying forever without any results. "And if that doesn't work, there are other solutions."

"I know," Seren said softly. "I would very much like a pup, though. I don't even want to push my luck and hope for a litter. Just one would be enough."

"Feeling sick is a good sign," Delilah assured her hopefully. Or it could be the flu, but did lycanthropes even get sick like humans did? "Pee," she instructed her friend, sounding just a little bit bossy. "I'll be right outside," she added, stepping just outside the bathroom and pulling the door closed. She wasn't going to stand over the woman while she did her business, after all.

"Yes, mama bear." Flipping her friend a nervous smile, Seren slipped into the bathroom to do her business. In Delilah's arms, Leo garbled something incomprehensible, grabbed her face, and planted a very wet kiss on her chin.

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