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Undetectable / A Day In The Life
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:14:09 AM »
It had been hours since Gav had seen Mira. Not since she mumbled something about having work to do, taken her share of food, and disappeared into the bowels of the ship somewhere without inviting him to come along. To say he felt like a third wheel was putting things mildly. The only person he really had any connection to was Yana, and she'd disappeared hours ago, too - holed up in the Captain's quarters with Kalen. Gods only knew what they were doing in there. No, that wasn't true. He knew because he'd heard a little of it. Bump and grind and bump some more. It was enough to make him bang on the wall and tell them to keep it down, but he couldn't do that. He wasn't so much a guest here as hired help, and let's face it - he needed the work. The only problem was no one had given him any work to do yet, and if the boredom didn't kill him first, the loneliness would. He'd tried to sleep, but sleep was an elusive bitch sometimes, and so, he'd gone outside the hanger at stupid o'clock in the morning to get a breath of fresh air and just maybe clear the cobwebs from his head.

It seemed he wasn't the only one who couldn't sleep. The presence of BB-D2 outside the ship was enough to point out that Mira was not where the little droid thought she should be. And indeed not - Mira was not in her bunk. She was perched on top of the Nemesis, a lamp on her brow, concentrating fiercely on repainting the ship's number clearly on the space-scarred metal-work.

Gav wasn't too surprised to find BB outside, and where BB went, Mira followed - or more accurately, the other way around. He wasn't too sure what either of them was doing outside at this time or night, and he wasn't sure she wanted to see him. It was obvious she'd been avoiding him, ever since the kiss that had almost but never happened. At the time, he'd thought that's what she'd wanted. He'd even thought that maybe she'd liked him, but if that was the case, then why had she decided to avoid him? Was it something her brother had said? Whatever it was, he needed to know because whether he was friends with Yana or not, if he wasn't welcome on board the Nemesis, there was really no point in staying.

"BB," he said, greeting the droid without his usual good-humored swagger. "What are you doing out here?" Which equated to "Where's Mira?"

The little droid seemed to understand what he was really asking, extending a random probe to point upwards, where he couldn't follow. [Friend-Mira is not sleeping. Friend-Mira needs to sleep.]

"Friend-Mira can hear every word you whistle, Beebs," Mira called down to them. Her voice sounded duller than before, tired and heartsick.

Gav wondered how long it would take before he became "Friend-Gav". Maybe never at this rate. "Yeah, well ... That makes two of us," Gav replied, sounding almost as disheartened as Mira. He supposed he'd gotten his hopes up a little too high. Well, if she was going to let him down, she might as well get it over with and end his agony sooner rather than later.

BB made a slightly rude noise in Mira's direction, rolling a little closer to Gav and lowering the volume on his audio circuits to compensate for his mistress' hearing. [Make friend-Mira stop hurting,] the little droid asked him hopefully. [Please?]

Gav crouched down as close to BB as he could, brows furrowed in confusion. "And just how am I supposed to do that?" he asked, lowering his voice to a whisper. It was clear Mira was upset about something, and that something clearly had something to do with her brother. Though Kalen had assured him it had nothing to do with him, Gav had his doubts.

[Make her smile,] BB suggested, the dome wobbling on his body as he conversed with his new friend. If Gav could make Mira smile again, then he was a friend. [She is not sad because of you. It is because of the past.]

The past? Gav's mind echoed, furrowing his brows. How was he supposed to help her with that? Should he tell her a joke? Tickle her? Try to kiss her again? Just what could he do or say to make Mira smile, when he was feeling his own pain so acutely? But then, this wasn't about him, was it? And if he could make Mira smile, then he might at least have made a friend. "I'm coming up there!" he warned, calling up to Mira.

"Ladder's against the port drape," she called back, reaching up to dim the lamp on her brow. It wasn't entirely necessary to have the lamp - the night wasn't as dark as it would have been outside the Spaceport - but she'd felt the need for it when she'd come out. Darkness had never been a friendly place for her.

"Yes, ma'am!" he called back, though she was a few years his junior. He didn't need to be told much more than that. He knew ships as well as she did and what made them tick. The workings of a woman's heart, now that was a different kind of mystery he hadn't managed to work out yet. He found the ladder and climbed to the top of the ship, careful not to ruin her paint job as he carefully made his way toward her. "You an insomniac or just like the quiet?" he asked, knowing it might be a combination of both.

Sitting back, Mira took the lamp off her head, extinguishing it completely, but she couldn't disguise her red-rimmed eyes, or her tear-stained face. It had been a very long few hours since she'd left Kalen. "Both, I guess," she answered Gav quietly. "Listening to my own head just got too much. Thought I'd do something instead of just lying there feeling crap." Her smile was definitely half-hearted, not much life in it at all. "I'm sorry I kind of abandoned you earlier, I ... I wasn't very good company."

He shrugged, as if it didn't matter, though it clearly did. "Even bad company is better than no company at all, Mira," he pointed out, though he understood her meaning. "I thought maybe it was me," he told her, holding nothing back. He was honest, almost to a fault. She had to at least give him that.

She shook her head. "No, it wasn't you," she promised him. "Really, it wasn't you. BB had ... had a message from my mom, our mom. I haven't seen her since I was seven, she died a year later. And suddenly she was right there, you know? I didn't even know Kalen was my full brother until today." She sighed, shifting about to lie on her back on the scarred hull, looking up at the star-speckled sky. "I don't know if it's better to know the truth, or to stay ignorant. I was happier not knowing."

He furrowed his brows further as he took this all in, perhaps taking a different perspective than she had or that she might even have realized yet. "What's it matter if he's your half brother or your full brother? He's still your brother." And that was a hell of a lot more than he or even Yana had, as far as family was concerned. "I've give my right arm for a brother or a sister, full, half, or anywhere in between."

"It's not that it matters, it's that I didn't know," Mira said quietly, addressing the stars above them. "He didn't know. Our parents kept us apart all that time, because of their choices, their trying to do the right thing, and ... I don't know. I'm just broken, I guess. I thought I'd cried all my tears for my parents, but tonight ... I can't seem to stop."

"The truth is always better, Mira, even if it hurts at first," he pointed out further, as he settled himself beside her, tucking his arms around his legs as he gazed up at the stars. "At least, you knew your parents. You know they loved you, or they wouldn't have gone to so much trouble to keep you safe. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but it'll get easier in time, and you have a brother to help you through it." That's more than he'd ever had, though he wasn't going to say that. He didn't want to point out that she had more going for her than he did, knowing that wouldn't help her cope with the pain of her loss and only feel guilty for it. "There's nothing wrong with crying, you know. Better than keeping it all bottled up inside." Like her brother seemed to do.

Undetectable / Promising
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:36:42 AM »
Nemesis' arrival on Rhy'Din was completely unremarked upon by the locals. They were, however, directed to Landing Pad 87, which seemed to belong almost exclusively to Orsk. Still, landed safely and secure in the knowledge that Orsk would have all the information they'd transferred to him by now, not to mention the money, Yana and Kalen had a little room to breathe. They made good use of it, too - Yana took Mira shopping straight away, to get the girl clothing that both fitted and suited her, along with all the other things essential for a woman's comfort, leaving Kalen and BB-D2 to go over the ship with a fine-toothed comb, making sure they were clean. When the ladies got back, BB was already in the docking port in the engine room, powered down and charging up, and it was Kalen's turn to take charge of his sister as they'd agreed before landing. Yana was off to meet with Orsk and under strict instructions not to accept any offers of work until they'd all talked it over first. And since Kalen had given her instructions, she'd given some to him, too ... to take his sister on a tour of the Spaceport, get her something to eat, and let her have a little fun. How hard could that be, right?

Kalen had cleaned up, too, and was dressed in clothes better suited for battle than anything else, but he'd never been much of fancy dresser anyway, preferring function to fashion. As far as taking his sister on a tour of the Spaceport went, he didn't have any problem with that, except for the fun part. He'd never really had much time for fun and didn't think he was the right person to show her a good time, but he could at least get her something to eat and get to know her better. He wasn't sure how much fun that would be, but it was the best he could do.

Mira had never seen anywhere quite like Rhy'Din's Spaceport. Thankfully, she was used to other races being prevalent, so Kalen didn't need to worry about her staring. What he did need to worry about was her tendency to veer off the path he was leading her on to investigate something that had caught her eye. Twice, she disappeared entirely, only discovered by the sound of her delighted laughter as someone explained something that was wholly new to her. The third time she did that, however, it was into one of the curios shops - one of those bric-a-brac places filled with tourist trap nonsense from just about every world you could imagine. If she hadn't tripped over the door sill on her way in, Kalen might never have known she was gone.

Kalen grumbled a little under his breath, wondering if this was what it was like to chase after a child who was easily distracted by everything that caught her eye. Maybe he was going about this the wrong way and should let her lead while he followed. Fortunately, things hadn't changed so much on Rhy'Din that he was having any trouble finding his way around. "Mira, where are you going?" he asked, as he followed her into the curios shop, wondering what could have possibly drawn her attention there.

"I'm exploring," she informed him, as though this was perfectly obvious. She was a little like a child, drawn to the sparkly trash on sale like a bee to flowers. "I've never seen anything like this. Look, that's Coruscant!" She pointed at a row of snowglobes, one of which was, indeed, a skyline of Coruscant from their home galaxy. "What are they?" she asked her brother hopefully, prodding at the globes with a curious finger.

Kalan reached over to steady one of the snowglobes before it crashed to the floor. "Has anyone ever told you that you're like a child?" he asked, only a little perturbed. He didn't think the globes cost that much to replace if she broke one, but he'd rather buy one for her to keep than one that was broken. "I think they're called snowglobes," he explained, which made sense, though they were clearly not filled with real snow. He picked one up and shook it carefully to disperse the glitter that was floating inside the water-filled globe. "See?"

"Well, you just did," she pointed out with bad grace, pouting at the implied scolding. She made a show of putting her hands firmly behind her back as he picked up the globe and shook it, her pout dissipating into an awed stare at the sparkling snowfall. "Wow ... it's so pretty."

"Pretty but useless," he said, though he knew females liked pretty things and it seemed his sister was no exception. Considering the way she was dressed, she seemed to have enjoyed her little shopping trip with Yana, but he couldn't help wondering what the two of them had talked about while he wasn't there. "I'll buy you one, if you like," he said, despite what he'd said about the thing.

"Really?" Her dark eyes, so like his and Rhel's, lit up hopefully. "You really would, you're not just joking with me, right?" There was a heartbreaking sense of wariness in her as she asked this - not because she didn't trust him, but because of the many times she'd been disappointed by others in her short life.

"Yes, of course. I wouldn't say so, if I didn't mean it," he assured her, reminded once again how much alike Mira and Yana were in that neither trusted very easily. He just hoped he would never disappoint them the way others had or break their trust. For now, all she had was her room on the Nemesis, but maybe if all went well, they'd eventually find a more comfortable and permanent place to live, either at the Spaceport or elsewhere.

Mira's delighted expression was more than enough to signal her agreement to having something pretty bought for her. She'd never had the luxury of being even a little bit frivolous before, and if the price of teaching her that not everything had to be practical was letting her decorate her space with sparkle and shine, then it was a price well paid. She squealed happily, impulsively hugging her big brother before backing up with a slightly guilty look in her wide eyes. "Uh, sorry. Got carried away."

Kalen was understandably surprised by the hug, especially coming from a sister he hardly knew yet, but also touched by it. He'd never received many hugs in his life, not even from his father, and smiled awkwardly and even a little shyly back at her. It struck him again what a trio they made. "It's all right. I don't mind so much," he assured her. Though the trinket wasn't much, it made him feel strangely good to put a smile on her face.

His smile brought hers back in force, relieved that she hadn't offended him with her impulsive affection. "What about Yana?" she asked then, her eyes sweeping the strange little store with all its trinkets and baubles. "I mean, I'm no expert, but you gotta know that little presents make girls go weak at the knees, right?"

"Weak at the knees?" he echoed, unfamiliar with that turn of phrase and unsure if that was a good thing or not. He inferred what she meant, though, and cast a glance around for something Yana might like. He hadn't known her very long either and he wasn't sure what she might like, but as he looked around, something caught his eye. "What about this?" he asked, as he picked up another snowglobe, this one featuring a solar system of some sort.

"Yeah, you know, like in vids and books," Mira tried to clarify herself for him. "Guy gives the girl something he saw that made him think of her, she goes kinda wobbly, and then jumps him. At least I think she does - all Garv's vids cut out before they got past the kiss when I watched them." She grinned at her brother, her eyes following his as he picked out a different globe. "That's really pretty. And she's a spacer, she'll get a kick out of it not being a skyline."

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