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Life on the Other Side / Chapter 2: Fathers. (18+)
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:46:35 PM »
What. A.  Weekend.  Kara stepped into her apartment, a dazzling, joyous smile on her face.  Had that REALLY just happened?  Had something she'd wanted for most of her life just become a reality?  That smile, that laugh, those eyes and...she had to admit...that body.  Most of all it was just...Gerry.  Everything that he was, everything that he wanted to be... she loved.  Was that weird to say?  It's not like it was too soon.  It had been 27 years!  Granted there was that whole...19 year gap.  But she'd carried that torch long enough.  This was her time now.  Things were finally going to start going right.

She was barely conscious of the fact that her cell's battery died somewhere around hour 3 of the trip.  Kara pulled her phone out, glancing down.  "Ah...crap.." she muttered, moving over to her purse and fishing out the charger.  

Bill and Rose seemed pretty happy about how everything was working out, too, she'd noticed.  All throughout breakfast and the car-ride home, Rose had this sly little grin on her face.  Kara was just convinced that Ginny...who had apparently ALSO gotten lucky that night, was just glad the focus wasn't on her.  That seemed like par for the course for the ginger girl.  Kara didn't understand what her hang ups were about sex.  It was a perfectly natural thing.  So, she had herself a good time.  Whatever, get over it, Red!

Her screen lit up, showing that the phone was, indeed, plugged in.

And good for her, too!  The little blonde she'd snagged was  a hottie!  Kara might not have swung that way, but she knew a knock-out when she saw one.  Ginny would probably never be one of those girls she could sit and gab and trade stories with.  They were too different, she mused.  Kara was too much of a free spirit and Ginny was...nervous.  Sort of fastidious and proper, despite her enjoyment of a certain series of novels that were basically poorly written S&M smut.  At least she was friendlier to her.  She seemed to genuinely root for her and Gerry as a couple.  That, she could appreciate.

The phone completed its boot-up sequence as Kara reached her fridge, looking for something...anything that hadn't expired.  She was not the best at keeping order in her home fridge.  At work, she was like a hawk, but home?  Not so much.  She grabbed a jug of orange juice and twisted the cap off, sipping right from the container because screw you, she was an adult and if she wanted to drink right from the carton in her own house at 9 PM, she damn well would!

That was when her phone lit up like the 4th of July, notifications sounding off.  She stepped over with a quirked eyebrow, glancing down at the screen.  There were several missed calls...Something must be wrong.  She checked the number...she didn't recognize it at first, but there were about 7 calls from it...from the police.

Immediately, her heart dropped.  The bar.  It had to be the bar.  Oh, God...her entire life was tied into that place...if she lost it, she didn't know what she'd do.  It had been the one thing that was truly her's most of her adult life!  The one thing she could point to and say with pride "This is mine."  Could it really just be gone.  That was when the phone rang.  She nearly jumped out of her skin when it went off.

For a long moment, she just stared, trying to will herself to pick up.  If she did, then it was real.  With a deep breath, she closed her eyes and brought it to her ear, pressing the green button.


"Hello, is this Kara Aimsley?"  the voice asked.

Oh, God.  Oh, God...that tone.  Oh no....


"This Officer Hester with the Dallas Police dept."

Her hands trembled, tears began to form.

"Ma'am..."  the voice said.

Here it came.

"I'm sorry to tell you this..."

No, no no no...

"...but your father's dead."

Kara's eyes went wide.

And suddenly everything felt numb.

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