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Chase the Morning / From the mind of Shilo Wallace
« on: May 05, 2017, 04:10:03 PM »
"Events log, third entry"

Static crackled to life and cleared, revealing... nothing.  It was pitch black with only a faint, grey silhouette of a slender girl visible.

"It's been approximately two weeks since the... accident.  Graverobber seems to be completely healed.  The only explanation I can think of is the potion had some sort of suspended properties like most antibiotics and pain killers.  He doesn't seem to have a single burn or scar on him.  Not that he would tell me if he did.  He has since resumed his usual routine."  Shilo took a deep, slow breath, careful not to aggravate her throat or lungs.  Slowly, the gray silhouette began to lighten and solidify.  The distinct outline of Shilo's profile sharpened before she turned back to the wristcomm and continued.

"I haven't fared as well.  I'm slowly recovering from what I'm fairly certain is smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion."  The evidence was clear in her voice.  Still tired.  Still a bit hoarse.

"I must have lost consciousness after administering the potion because I regained consciousness in the bathtub filled with cold water.  My clothes were loosened but still on and Graverobber was trying to make me drink ice water.  He probably saved my life.  Again."  As her figure continued come into focus, it became evident she was sitting at the window, watching the sunrise.  After a long pause, she turned back to the wristcomm.

"I've added a password since the last entry as well as a set number of attempts to access restricted files.  I doubt that will keep certain intruders at bay for long, but it's a good start, I think."  By now, the sun was cheerfully peeking into the window, giving her a warm glow to her otherwise porcelain pale complexion.  A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she felt the warmth on her face.

"I've been instructed not to go anywhere by myself..."  She paused for a moment  "Good thing the Inn is rarely empty."  An unmistakable smirk flashed as she turned to the window once more.  A small yawn began to swell in her chest, but before she could do anything about it, she heard tired footsteps shuffling toward the door.

Her head whipped around toward the door before she bolted back to her bed.  Once there, she stuffed the wristcomm under her pillow, completely blacking out the image before it crackled with static and warped into nothing.

-End of entry-

Community Events / An Eggsistential Crisis
« on: March 22, 2017, 09:11:19 PM »
They were spread intermittently throughout the city. This one in particular was just outside Teas N Tomes. Large, colorful eggs beautifully decorated and nestled snugly in a tightly woven basket stuffed with sweet smelling grass. At the foot of the basket, a note in simple yet pretty handwriting.

Pick me up.

Shilo was usually smarter than that. But the egg was just so pretty and big and inviting. Before she realized what she was doing, she reached into the basket and lifted the large egg. She hardly had time to stand up straight before a large plume of smoke poofed around her and then disappeared.

When the air cleared, the egg had interestingly fallen securely back into the basket. Next to it was a small grey bunny. Wearing Shilo's wristcomm. Around its neck. Her cute little nose twitched as she looked around, bewildered. Was it permanent? Temporary? Fatal? She wondered how many others would or had suffered the same ridiculously adorable fate. Or what her fate even was!

((The effects are the same with every egg. Pick it up, get turned into an adorable bunny. The eggs won't break and they'll disappear whenever they feel like it. It's up to you to decide how long you stay a bunny, what your bunny looks like, and what abilities your bunny self retains such as talking, magic, picking locks, etc. Just have fun with it. Happy Springtime!))

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