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Sweet Crusades / Sorry.
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:03:46 AM »
?Caia!? Clara called from inside the house, a warm look on those young features. She leaned outside the door and peered out at the young thing playing in the yard. ?Go get your brother! It?s time to wash up for dinner!?
The little girl, curly haired and with eyes as blue as the sky lit up. She nodded to her mother?s words, ?Okay, Mommy!? she yelled back, gathering the little stuffed bear in her arms. Then she was taking off towards the forest. She knew where Emlen was?where he always seemed to be. Through that forest, past the thick, overgrown brush. She squeezed past them, her tiny body fighting to get through it. ?Enlem!? that five-year-old tongue just couldn?t get his name right. ?Enlem is time for dinner!? she cried, looking to see the boy sitting out by the lake within the hidden clearing.

Emlen was close to being eleven years old, sitting out by himself at that lake. ?I know what time it is, Caia, just go away?? said the gloomy child, knees pulled up to his chest. His hair was a long mess nearly down to his bare shoulders as he took in a deep breath and let out an annoyed huff. Navy blue eyes trailed to the reflective surface of the water, and stuck there. Perhaps if he ignored the little girl long enough, she?d actually go away.

A pale hand went to Emlen?s tan shoulder. ?Enlem,? she said in a soft, shrill voice. ?What?sa matter? Did you fight with Nova again?? she asked, eyes wide as ever, too big for that face, even if she had kept slightly chubby cheeks.

?Shut up!? Emlen snapped and brushed her hand away. ?Why can?t you just leave me alone, Caia?!? he asked, before standing up and glowering down at her. ?You always have to be around! I wish you?d just go away!? he screamed, and then the moody child was running off into the forest.

?Wait! Enlem!? she shouted after him, the child almost completely disregarding the screaming. ?I love you!? she yelled out. She started after him, but a shadow seemed to climb in front of her stretching to engulf all the light in the little girl?s world. She stopped and turned, eyes widened, mouth dropped open and then a delayed scream rang out.

Emlen stopped in his tracks, ?Caia?? he whispered silently, and then turned back around, sprinting as fast as he could. ?Caia!? A hand moved out, chainsaw blades spinning wildly as he cut through the bushes with his bare hand and made it back. The clearing was empty, save for that little bear laying in the grass. ?Caia! Caia come back! I?m sorry!? Emlen said, grabbing the little animal and pulling it close. Eyes began to water as panic set in his chest, he looked around frantically before dropping the bear to his side. ?I?m sorry??

Sweet Crusades / Requiem for the peace of mind-- *Graphic*
« on: July 13, 2014, 08:18:16 AM »
((Something I wrote to get myself out of the writer's block funk. Lots of blood and gore.))

The air was like the last gulp of warm soda at the bottom of the can?thick, gritty, and diluted. Was this a dream? It couldn?t be? Emlen couldn?t remember the last time he?d gone to sleep. The last time he?d done more than just lay next to Minoko, providing body heat like an overrated furnace?eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling. Of course, he?d close them and pretend to wake up the moment she stirred. Had he fooled her, though? The dark circles beneath his eyes were growing more predominant by what seemed like each passing hour of sleeplessness, worry, and pain. Not to mention the clumsiness?how many of their dishes had he broken by something as simple as a lost grip? She knew. She had to know?

On this day, Minoko was nowhere to be found. He?d gotten a strange series of calls and hang-ups from his sister. The spare key was pulled out of his pocket as he worked through the foggy air that seemed to fill the hallway. The key was turned into the lock, and he took one more look around. Had it always been so dark and eerie? Martyr?s home had always been a beacon of happiness, a place of comfort. So why was it not settling in his belly? How come everything felt wrong?

Emlen knew the answer to that. Nothing felt right anymore?

The door was pressed open, and he took a look around. Immediately, be it the coppery smell that plagued the place, or the bloodstains on the carpet, he knew something had gone horribly wrong in here. First, he moved to the kitchen. Phoenix was there, in some form. Wide eyes were staring up, but seeing nothing. She was gone. The blackness in her veins, lining her face, wrists, and neck told the story. She had been poisoned. Nothing was left of her, except for a cold corpse left on the floor with a knife plunged into her heart. Who would have thought? The last defense would be the first dead. Emlen didn?t rush to her side, didn?t cry?didn?t feel remotely human. (Not that he was.) He?d never felt so empty inside.

Sweet Crusades / In the meantime...
« on: July 29, 2013, 02:30:19 AM »

?Tell me you love me?? The woman wearing Novia?s face commanded without remorse or affection. Her eyes made sure to lock him into that empty-minded state he?d grown accustom to.

?I love you?? Emlen?s voice was there for her ears, but his words were not laced with endearment as he followed orders. It had been what felt like years since he?d heard Minoko?s lyrics, and had he been normal, he might have begged for her to at least yell at him.

?I?m disappointed in you, Emlen? How could you move on so quickly? And want to marry her?? She examined the ring that she herself had placed on her own slender digit, a ring that was not meant for her finger. ?The most insulting, was that you tried to protect her??

?I?m sorry?? he wasn?t, he was merely reciting what she commanded to hear.

?Tell me that from now on, I?m the only one for you??

?From now on, you?re the only one for me??

?Tell me you can?t breathe without me??

?I can?t breathe without you??

?Finally,? the imposter started, her eyes narrowing on him skeptically. ?Tell me that you want me to be with you forever??

?I want you to be with me forever??

?Good? Now prove it to me, Emlen; to stay with you, to feel something again? I need a soul? I need your soul?? She whispered. ?Tell me it?s mine.?

?It?s yours, Novia??

?Good, good boy?? As if he was a worthless dog who earned praise. She bit into her lip, knowing she couldn?t rightly pull it out of him with her bare hands. She was no soul eater; she had only been lacking one of her own. ?Clever boy? I know that this is no diamond?? The girl whispered. ?It?s a stone for trapping souls? You need to be more careful who you let swim around inside your head. You were planning on staying with her forever when she passed, hm?... Giving your soul away to live upon her cold finger? I wonder? Would you have done the same for lovely little Novia? That?s a mystery? One of the few you keep sacred. Foolish boy, you've handed me what I need to take what I want. Now,? she began. ?Give it to me.?

?Yes, Novia?? An empty whisper as he exposed his most vulnerable possession.

Myles took in his face as she ripped his soul away, took in his painful expression and his gritted teeth, but most of all, she admired the bleeding pupils that made irises black with emptiness. They matched now?he was hers.

Sweet Crusades / A truth's cage...
« on: July 25, 2013, 05:35:57 AM »
Starring: Clara Mars and Solaris Slane

   Beneath heavy boots, the foliage cracked and snapped, hard thumps, rattling the woods themselves, throwing leaf and twig aside. Solaris, in his armor and beneath a red cloak, approached the meeting place. Moonlight slithered through the trees, the night hot but easy without humidity. Solaris found a grand oak, sided his body upon it, crossed his arms and waited, an amused and expectant smile stroking his broad jaw.

   Wearing her own cloak of navy blue, the weapon made her way toward the center of the woods. Toward that one open area that was claimed by not either Samalian or Savian. She stepped on to the free territory and sought that red cloak. "...You called me here?" Clara asked, a careful brow rising above its mate as she waited for the explanation.

   ?I most certainly did, Master Clara,? Solaris said, eyes low and big. The man lifts those big eyes and they thinned and lasered straight into the leader of the opposing clan. ?I wonder if you have heard from your son recently? I wonder if you are aware of his ineptitude; aware of his idiocy and freelance decision making? I wonder Clara. I. Do. Wonder.?

   "Been a while since you called me that..." Clara informed him thoughtfully as she picked a tree to lean on. "My son?" She asked, and then those lips twisted up in a smile that displayed sadism at its finest. "What did he do this time?" The weapon asked as one leg kicked over the other and she lengthened her lean.

   Solaris slammed the side of his gauntlet into the fine old oak, splintered it and the armored wrist cleaved into the old bark. And following this rare spark of anger from the regal despot, Solaris leaned forward at the woman and hissed, ?He invalidated our agreement.? A smile comes and Solaris leans against the shattered bark. ?Yes. He informed me that he is no longer interested in working with me. You know what that means, Clara.? He spoke grimly, directly.

   Clara's smirk widened and she pulled the cloak from her eyes, revealing navy blue orbs that were as dangerous as they were beautiful. "Our agreement was that if you fixed Martyr, I'd turn a blind eye to you taking Emlen beneath your filthy little wing..." She bit into her lip. "I did just that, and you held your part... Emlen coming to his senses is not my problem."

   Clara?s smile widened, Solaris? stayed on its heels, strong and snide. ?Those were the particulars.? Solaris nods. ?Those were the particulars indeed.? A groan spins around in his throat, and from that villainous grin, it scuds out and hangs in the thin, hot air. ?Let me ask you, Master Clara: do you love them??

   "Your question is a trap, and I do not intend to fall into it... Was there something else you needed, Solaris?" Clara asked, she visibly relaxed against the bark, folding her arms over her chest. Did she love her children? Yes. Did she put them before the needs of the village? No...

Sweet Crusades / A step in the right direction...
« on: July 23, 2013, 06:25:12 AM »
Starring: Emlen Slane and Solaris Slane.

    Oh, the city. What an overgrown hive, so many varieties of shameless peons lurching about purposely. Solaris had thrown an old grey duster over his chestplate. It hung off him like a drape, masked the shimmering gold armor, but not completely, and the man?s ceremonious boots still clodded sharply as he walked. But despite it all, in this city, a man with an old trench coat thrown over a pious set of armor was really not so queer. He stepped swiftly, caught the buzzing, broken red neon sign that titled the bar and pushed the door below it in. The interior was a stuffy pocket of red miasma; cigarette smoke permeating and rising, fogging the dive, the crowns of the plumage that pushed up on the rafters lined in empty crimson from the shoddy lamps that flashed the names of various drafts and brands. Like a sergeant, Solaris leered over the zombious crowd proudly, disgustedly, a great, pervasive sickness nibbling its way into his body. He steps and his heft boots rattle the floorboards. He steps and rattles, steps and rattles, steps and now the salt shakers upon an empty table leap up then fall on their sides. He finds the bar, leans over it on his elbows but says not a word, a mysterious smile carved into his hard, broad jaw.

    The door opened, and as if there was a rod attached to his spine, he walked through the threshold. Arms only swung at his waist as much as he allowed. Blue eyes trailed over the area to find the unmistakable soul, and once he was located, Emlen sucked in a breath and swallowed hard. His fists were in tight balls, bracing himself. He had to try not to get hurt, not that his father was so messy. "Solaris," Emlen greeted. They weren't on those kinds of 'Daddy' terms.

   Solaris did not turn upon the address, only smiled secretly with his chin rested atop his bridged fingers. ?Emlen,? he says in a high and amused voice. In the darkness, those wild red eyes scream out like seven o?clock suns, low, not bright but contained in their radiance. ?Just on time. I commend you!? Solaris turns and sizes the boy up, takes both his hands and slaps them into the outer edges of both Emlen?s shoulders like he would squeeze the boy like an accordion. ?And so how are we? Our meeting in Sama was brief, but fruitful. You agree??

    The man broke his eyes away, he swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes, Martyr was... Infected for quite some time." Emlen mumbled with a nod. The beating of his heart changed as the man tried to summon up whatever courage he could. It wasn't in him yet, but picturing both the faces of his sister, and his girlfriend was getting him there.

  ?Look at you boy. You look paler than usual. Even immured in this vile, poisonous cavern of vice and stale smoke, you radiate like a moon. Tell me. Tell me what is upon you, boy. And sit, for you are bound to shatter like a vase.? Solaris whacks Emlen?s shoulder with a big and callous grin glowing on his face. He falls into a stool, leans forward and slaps the one adjacent to show Emlen where to sit.

    Emlen didn't make eye-contact, he only nodded and obeyed. His hands slapped against the counter and flattened out there. "It's... Nothing, Solaris..." Except, it wasn't nothing. Except, he wanted out. He needed to be out... It didn't take much for the tall man to plop down into the stool and sit silently.

  ?Well, boy,? Solaris said while leaning in to enact some coy take on a privacy for his own amusement. ?I?ll admit that your personal problems mean little-to-nothing to me anyway. I was just thinking that I would play ?dad? a moment. But you ruined that moment, so let us move on to another moment. Let us move on to business so that I may evacuate this filthy city in haste. Lay out what reports you have. Oh, and I would really like to hear about how my blood made our little Caia act. I have been anticipating this story for weeks."

   There it was, a wince, and an outburst. His hands lifted from the counter only to slam back down. "It ruined her, broke apart her family, and she hated it." The boy's cheeks were inflamed, and his stare was that of a glare as he looked over to the man who could rip away his soul at any given time. "Ruined her. She became you."

Sweet Crusades / Orchids in the field
« on: June 17, 2013, 12:54:19 AM »

Emlen had visited Novia?s resting place; he?d reconciled with Minoko? There was only one thing left to do? He had to set things straight with Orchid. It wasn?t an easy task to accomplish, not with her longing eyes and hopeful smile, not with the greeting she?d given him just the night before, and not with his sense of debt to the girl?

His feet cracked twigs without much care, and his thoughts, weren?t to Orchid, but to his sister in that moment. He didn?t want to bring it up in front of everyone, but the man was worried out of his mind for Martyr. Wounds on the girl wouldn?t faze him in the slightest, for he knew too well what diluted Slane blood could do for the body? Now it was poisoning her, clouding her eyes and altering her mind? He knew first hand his father?s goal? Martyr, she was fitted to be a perfect soldier, had she not been so damned nice all the time? With the Slane blood she?d be drawn to evil, she?d have a lust for wickedness and the feeling that she had outgrown her friends would be apparent in her mind?

Would she leave? Emlen cringed at the very thought, but wouldn?t think more on the matter. They?d cross that bridge when it approached. Now he had to focus on crossing the bridge of letting Orchid down gently. Speak of the devil and she?d be sitting beneath the tree nearest the graveyard, but without actually crossing the threshold. ?You always did have a strange spot?? Emlen mused as he moved to plop down next to the stunted weapon.

?Strange? Why? Because it?s a graveyard?? Orchid fired off the questions. She?d actually been waiting for Junia to come up, but Emlen would be an appreciated trade, or so she thought. ?Did you think about what I offered? Traveling together? Just you and me??

Emlen opened his mouth to speak, but only a sigh fell from his lips, it was almost a whining sound coupled with exhaustion. ?Orchid,? he finally spoke. ?I don?t?travel much anymore. I settled down when I met Min?? That wouldn?t be a good way to settle things just yet? ?When I met Martyr? I decided to be brother to her and an Uncle to Max?? The boy whispered and lowered his eyes. All of a sudden, it felt wrong. It felt as if he was keeping Minoko a secret, and maybe he was? For good enough reasons. What would be the point in telling tales of the Asian, they weren?t together?not really, anyway? So why say anything about her? In the same breath, the boy wanted to; damn did he want to...

?Oh,? Orchid said, letting disappointment paint her expression for only a moment before the light broke through those fragile eyes. ?I?ll come with you! Think of it! A new town! With new people, all the sights to see, the people to meet!? All of the sudden, the chipper little thing was bouncing. ?And we can keep each other safe!?

Emlen cringed all of a sudden. ?Don?t you think that you should be worrying less of keeping me safe, and more of keeping your handler protected? You belong with her.?

That nice, sweet, flawless expression turned dour in all of three seconds after he spoke. ?Don?t you tell me where I belong, or who I belong with!? Orchid snapped. ?You left us, Emlen? You left all of us? Yeah, some of the people in this village blamed you, but some of them still loved you? How could you just? Just leave us?? The girl was tearing up all of a sudden. ?I didn?t know whether you were alive or dead? And if you were alive, why in the world weren?t you home? What could I have possibly done to make you stay? What could I have done to make you decide that there was nothing worth coming back to?? Novia was gone, but? You were still our friend!?

Emlen pulled her close all of a sudden. ?It wasn?t you,? he whispered. ?It was never you.? Fingers combed through her hair as he spoke, trying to comfort the girl who seemed to be floating over the edge of liquid sorrow. ??I left, because I was weak? because even though Novia made the choice, and I couldn?t die for her if I tried, I still failed my life?s mission. I left, because I loved that girl with all I had, and I couldn?t come back to a community that she wasn?t apart of?? The boy pulled Orchid?s shoulders back to look into her eyes. ?I couldn?t look at you or Junia, and be alone? Could you imagine loving your handler, Orchid? Could you imagine losing the two post important things in your life??

Orchid?s facial expressions seemed to shift back and forth. A billion feelings seemed to overcome her at once, and she lowered those eyelids to shut. Truth was, she couldn?t imagine any of it? She couldn?t see Junia giving up her life for her, and even though it was her job to do so, she couldn?t see herself dying for Junia? What kind of love that must have been. What she?d felt for Emlen, though? It was different, something she?d felt forever, and when he left, there was emptiness? Now he was back, and so was that strange feeling?  Moving onto the edge of limbs, rising as high as she possibly could, she pressed her lips hard to Emlen?s.

There was no sentiment on his end, only grief, guilt, and regret. The feelings were unrequited, and he resented himself for that?Orchid, so timid, so sweet, taking on the bold challenge of kissing someone? He was about to ruin it, ruin her? With every ounce of courage he had in his soul, he pulled back and squeezed his eyes shut. ?I?m sorry?? The man whispered and looked up at the sky.    

There was an apparent wince there, but it wouldn?t be viewed by Emlen?s evasive eyes. ?You?re?not ready?? The girl asked, her own eyes trailing down to her feet.

Her words broke him, and he swallowed hard as he could. How was he going to go about this?  ?Orchid? You know Minoko, right?? he asked, finally looking down at the girl?s illegible expression. His fingers came up to run through his hair, and he, all too soon, pulled his eyes away from her again.

?The?? Orchid thought back and finally let her eyes trail back up to him. ?The strange-looking girl from last night? The one that pulled me off of you?? Despite how her words sounded, Emlen would know there was no ill-intent in them. Minoko, to their village, did in fact, look strange. ?What about her?? The girl asked, trying to match foreign face to extraneous name.

?Yeah, that?s her?? The boy mumbled softly. Orchid, even though they had been arranged to be married, would live on as nothing more than a close friend to him. ?Orchid? Minoko and I?? Got it on? No, that wasn?t the right way to put it. Are boyfriend and girlfriend? No, because that was just untrue, though it might be the easiest way to put it? ?We?re, well??

?A couple?? Orchid asked, her voice a void.

?Not exactly?? Emlen said. ?We?re not a couple, but? I do have feelings for her, and we? Well, we?re?? With a sigh, the boy bunched his fingers through his hair and bit his lip. ?We?re playing Checkers??


?Never mind??

?Okay?? I uh?? Eye contact was broken for what seemed like the thousandth time that night. ?I have to go?? Orchid whispered.

?You?have to go??

?Yeah, to train and stuff?? Spinning on her toes, the strange little thing began to hurry off. Emlen assumed she?d been hurt, and was masking it. He was wrong, and she was lying? Orchid was going home to pack. Not a couple meant hope to her, and she?d be following them the moment they left out.

Sweet Crusades / A night to forget.
« on: June 09, 2013, 08:20:42 AM »
How did this happen? They were the strongest weapon-handler team in their village, bested by a guy who hadn?t a weapon? Those shadows? They had forced Em to transform back? How? The weapon wasn?t sure, but he knew one thing; it hurt? Those shadows had been wrapping him like a hungry serpent now and he?d found himself trapped. What had he said? He was just speaking, what did he say?... Emlen tried to recollect the lyrics spoken by the man.

?I?ve done my research too, Emlen? Novia.?

Upon hearing his lover?s name, the weapon?s eyes trailed over to the girl. Dark hair masking her face but unable to cover those bright emeralds that stared widely. Her legs were apart in a defensive stance which had been rendered useless without him. Her height did not rival his, but had been impressive considering some of the other female villagers. There were cuts and bruises littering her body, she?d taken a beating and for what??for it to end like this? Her lips parted to shriek, ?Stop it! Please! What do you want?!?

Emlen could feel the tendrils creeping up to his throat. ?I want you guys apart, of course.? The man whispered softly, his hand aimed at Emlen. ?Just one of you to die, and then I?ll be satisfied?a healing weapon, what a prize!? The insanity rang in his tone as the shadows began to strangle Novia?s weapon? ?His wounds regenerate, it?s true? But can he die like this??

The immortal was bleeding out gasps and grunts as his oxygen depleted from his lungs. He would only glare at the man, shoulders bucking and jerking to no avail?he was trapped. Novia, helpless looked at the man. ?Please? We won?t fight anymore, just don?t hurt him? Please? I?ll do anything??

?Don?t be stupid, Nova!? The lyrics were distorted and pathetic and yelped out hopelessly. ?Get out of here!? They began to lose volume as his face turned red, and soon a deep shade of violet. ??run?? Everything was going dark, and he felt his body lose fight.

?I?m not leaving you here, stupid!? Novia said in that lovingly condescending tone she often used for the man. He would have smiled, had he not been on the brink of unconsciousness?

?Anything, you say? Would you trade your life for his? Would you die for him, Novia?? The man asked, but he hadn?t loosened his hold on Emlen just yet. If a trade was to be made, the boy would black out first? No risks?

The girl lowered her eyes. Newfound feelings mingled in her chest?a happy mixture of fear, grief, anxiety, and love; all swimming around her at once muddled together a potent blend of something ultimately toxic. Those eyes moved from the man, to Emlen, whose eyes were once bulged out but now were rolling back as unconsciousness gripped him like the very shadows that kept him from the stone. The girl dropped her defensive stance, and her lips parted once more to allow lyrics to spill out to the man. ??Yes. I?ll die for him? Please, just? Just let him go?? There was defeat in that tone, courage accompanying it. ?I love him??

That was the last thing he?d heard? He didn?t hear her say, "It's my turn to take a hit for you... I love you, Emlen Slane..." Right before the man dropped Emlen to the ground. He hadn?t heard her gasp?but by God, that scream would haunt him for the rest of his immortal life.

Memories, or a dream?he wasn?t sure which?had washed over him.

?What?re you thinking about, Nova???

?You?? The girl said softly, looking up at him.

?That?s what you say every time, but there?s more to it than that, isn?t there??

??? Nova stayed quiet for only a moment before opening her mouth to speak. ?We are broken up, and you still jumped in front of that sword for me?? The handler said, recollecting the events of just earlier that night. The two were in battle, had just fought with one another, and in the end, Emlen still put his own comfort, his own chest on the line for the woman, it haunted her, it flattered her, it haunted her that she was so flattered.

?Well, I wouldn?t want to be disgraced as your weapon.? His words would be followed up by her hand smacking across the back of his head.

?That?s not funny!?

?Broken up or not, I?m still your weapon, Nova?? Emlen said. ?You don?t have to like it, but it?s there? And bonded or not, I love you??

Novia's eyes trailed downward, she fought back tears. She didn't want to say it, but she had to... ??I love you, too.?

Emlen scoffed, ?Don?t sound too excited about it.?

??Do you always have to make jokes??

?It?s what I do.?

When oxygen finally made it to his brain, the boy?s eyes opened. Groggily, he groped the ground and shoved himself up from the cobblestone. ??the hell?? Recollection wasn?t coming to him, not until he glanced over and caught the sight of her broken body staining the cobblestone. ?Nova??? Those eyes grew wider, bluer, truer? ?NOVIA!? His legs weren?t agreeing with him, which left him crawling to her on the ground. Her shoulders were lifted and brought to rest against him. ?No, no, no?? Denying the situation. ?No, Nova? We came this far, you can?t do this?? The boy whispered. ?C?mon?? Staring at her for a moment, because he?d been waiting for her to open her eyes and begin to laugh it all off like it had all been some sick joke? It wasn?t. Her eyelids weren?t parting and he was alone? ?No, come on? COME ON!?

As the wheels of his mind began to turn, he shook his head. ?No, no? Caia could do this thing? With her hands? She could take wounds. I?m older, I can do it too. I have to be able to do it, too? I have to?? His hands moved to press against the gaping hole in her abdomen. The bastard had let her suffer and left him to sleep? ?Come on? I have to? I? Nova? Nova, come on?? The boy rambled insanity coupled with grief as he went on. When his hands didn?t work, he let them drop to the side and sniffled softly. His fist slammed into the ground over and over, and he screamed out. ?IDIOT! Why did you let him? How could you just give yourself to him!? Nova? God damn it, Nova!? His voice was breaking, he was breaking. Despite the blood and broken knuckles, the boy still punched the hell out of that ground, and soon, while the boy hollered and yelped, his bones repaired, his flesh sewed itself back together. ?WAKE THE F-CK UP!? Emlen cried.

There he was, screaming at his dead lover for saving his life. What life was it now, though? What had he left? Fingers moved through her hair, caressing the soft tresses, brushing them from her face and soon moving to grab the back of her neck in a gentle embrace. The other hand would scoop up beneath her thighs, he pulled her onto his lap with every intention of taking her body back to the village? He couldn?t get past the holding her, couldn?t bring himself to his feet. Broken, and empty, he stared down at that wound. That sticky, red, fleshy symbolism of death that would haunt him forever, it was a deep and fatal gash, which may as well have made its home in his heart. ?Novia?? The boy whispered, one last attempt at stirring the forever-sleeping beauty.

She always told him he was a man and behind all that sarcasm, a beast lay? Now on the broken battlefield, he wept. The beast cried, too.

Sweet Crusades / A busted chainsaw.
« on: May 28, 2013, 08:56:48 AM »
Emlen had stormed away from his sister and her friends, because, they weren?t his friends. Hell, Katan didn?t like him, Valcroix didn?t like him; Minoko had been his one friend in the room, and that was all shot to hell... Those azure eyes stared down to his feet as he trudged forward. It wasn?t long before he met the chest of a rather large man, he hadn?t had much height on him; an inch or so, but he had bulk, muscle? ?Well if it isn?t the failure?? There were four other men with him, just waiting for him to make a move, some of them, however, spoke up.

?You?ve got a lot of nerve showing your face here, kid??

Great, now he?d been approached by man-child bullies? Emlen responded with laughter, ?You guys have a point?? The boy asked, raising a brow. ?Or do you have nothing better to do?? Brushing hair from his face, he growled beneath his breath.

?Novia is dead because of you, and you?re making jokes??

?I?ve woken up to this realization every day for the past five years, Alec? Suddenly you see me and she?s in your memories?? Emlen?s finger came up, ?Let me tell you something,? he mumbled and furrowed his brows as his jaw clenched. ?She?s more than a memory to me, I?ve spent my life crawling on my hands and knees, I?ve spent my life trying to bring her back. I?d give my very life to do so?? The immortal mumbled. ?Would you? Because I?m willing to bet you hadn?t a single thought of her until you saw me? So what is it? What would you give to bring her back?? Alec remained silent, and Emlen just shook his head and scoffed. ?What I thought?? The boy turned to walk away from the man.

Grabbed from behind by two guys, Emlen was spun around to face the man who punched him in the gut with one hand and the mouth with the other as he was doubling over. ?It wouldn?t matter,? Alec whispered to the downed Emlen. ?If she had a real weapon like me, she?d still be alive?? Another man kicked him in his ribs in a shattering force, if he hadn?t healed, he?d have been in the hospital easily? They began to walk off, leaving him there on the ground, and in pain.

The immortal spat up blood?he would have taken the hit but not the insult on their handler-weapon relationship. ??Alec?? In a crouching position now. The man turned around with a smile on his face and his arms out as if waiting for the reason he?d been stopped. Emlen sprung, the chains on his feet span and gave him an extra boost, soon, he was airborne. He lunged forward and his foot; minus the chain; slammed into the man?s chest and sent him backwards.

Another man spoke up, ?You f?cking?!? He slammed his fist toward Emlen?s jaw, but the immortal snatched it up with a single hand, and yanked the man forwards into his own fist. Blood sprayed from his nose as he toppled backwards, holding it. One lapdog grabbed Emlen by the shirt, tore it, and shoved his own fist forward to punch the boy in the nose. He maneuvered to escape the wrath of knuckles, and then his forehead, as hard as it could, was slamming forwards for the center piece of the man?s face. Emlen gripped both the man?s shoulders and all but grappled him, throwing him into the other man who had just been getting up. The two stumbled over one another and fell, and flopped, and flailed as if they were on ice.

Alec was glaring up at him, ?I?m going to murder you Emlen, and nobody?s going to care to find your body? Novia will finally be avenged??

?Bigger men have tried, Alec?? Emlen muttered and elbowed a man approaching from behind straight in the nose. He cringed and cried out. Emlen span around to face him, but Alec grappled him from behind and locked his arms useless as Alec?s fingers locked behind the man?s head, arms looping up beneath his arms. The one uninjured man left, moved to take a cheap shot to his stomach, and Emlen took it like a man. Then his foot came up to slam into his belly, it was more to shove him away more than anything.

When the cheap-shot attacker stumbled backwards, Emlen took his heel and drove it back to Alec?s shin, and when the man grunted, he was throwing his weight forward and attempting to flip the man from his arms, anything he yanked out of socket, the boy would repair in seconds. Emlen watched as Alec hit the ground, and his foot moved to drive into the side of his face. ?Novia would have been ashamed to know each and every one of you?? The immortal made a point to mutter before taking a step backwards and letting the chain-blades spin around his body. ?Get the hell out of here, before I chop each and every one of you to bits?? Emlen said, panting and nearly broken. ?NOW!?

With too much shame to be spoken for, especially from the man who was essentially unharmed, the men turned away and stumbled off? They knew too well of Emlen?s abilities, and knew pain only lasted moments on the boy?s body. ?Hmph.? Emlen scoffed and waited for them to be out of sight before letting himself fall to his knees and punch the ground about ten times. ?Damn it??

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