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Undetectable / Alone At Last
« on: October 01, 2020, 07:04:11 PM »
It had been five years since Jake and Leia had gotten married. Five years without a honeymoon - until now. The team had been pretty hush hush about it, letting them think they were going on a "mission" somewhere, right up until it was time to pack. It was Sam who'd spilled the beans, dropping one too many hints about packing swimsuits and such, until Leia had finally figured it out. Now, here they were bidding the team farewell before stepping through the portal to a place called Tirisano to celebrate their honeymoon, at long last. It was better late than never, after all.

Leia had been relieved of almost all her weapons, leaving her with only a pair of daggers she could disguise about her person if she chose to. Sloti, her familiar ferret, had decided he was going to stay behind while she and Jake were on their honeymoon, apparently attaching himself firmly to Grimm out of sheer mischief.

And Jake had been relieved of all his electronic equipment except for a single cell phone, which he had insisted on taking with them, just in case of an emergency. It seemed only fair that if Leia was allowed to keep a pair of daggers, Jake should be allowed to have a cell phone.

"Two weeks," the Chief reiterated sternly to his tech and magic specialists. "Don't get into any trouble."

Leia's lips twitched in amusement as she slid her hand innocently into Jake's. "Yes, sir; as you say, sir!"

Grimm was grumbling under his breath as Sloti perched on his shoulder. It was going to be a long two weeks, as far as he was concerned.

"We'll be fine. Don't worry so much!" Jake interjected with a smirk. After all, what could possibly happen?

"You better be back in two weeks," Grimm murmured, just loud enough for the pair to overhear.

"You'd best get going before the men change their minds," Ailis told the pair, nudging her grim-faced husband's arm teasingly as Leia gave Jake a tug toward the portal. Over her shoulder, the half-elf saw Sloti very deliberately stick the end of his tail into John's ear as the portal enveloped them.

"Have fun!" Sam called, waving a hand at the pair just before they disappeared into the portal.

Thankfully, Jake had gotten a little more accustomed to traveling via portals the last few years so that he didn't need to take motion sickness medicine anymore. He merely clutched Leia's hand, closed his eyes, and followed her through.

Autumn followed them through the portal, where they stepped out onto a rolling coastline, warm under the sun and cooled by a salt sea breeze. Leia blinked, feeling herself smile as she looked around. "Pretty."

"Wow!" Jake uttered as he pried his eyes open. "It's like another world!" he said as he took a look around. Or at least, another country. Very different from Rhy'Din, it seemed.

They had been warned ahead of time of the lack of magic usage in Tirisano, as well as the fact that Leia would likely be the only person not human they came across. But the borders had been opened, and perhaps when they visited Itana, the capital, they might see more variety. For now, it was like visiting a small sea-side resort on an Earth, with modern conveniences and little to alarm anyone.

"So, I guess we're supposed to go that way?" Jake said, pointing to a gravel path that led toward a quaint cottage with a view of the sea. They'd been given very specific directions about where to go, so that they wouldn't get lost or confused.

Tearing her violet eyes away from the sea, Leia turned to see where he was pointing. "Is that really just for us?" she asked, surprised and delighted with the little cottage. "Not just one room, a whole house?"

"Yeah," he replied, grinning at her reaction. "Just the two of us," he said, giving her hand a squeeze. Not even Sloti was there to get between them. It wasn't often they were afforded such privacy. "I got a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this."

"Even without your toplap to keep you entertained?" she teased, tilting her head toward him. Modern technological words would always trip her up; something that deeply amused the entire team, especially when she could produce complex alchemical and magical words without blinking.

Jake smirked at her mispronunciation of the word. They were opposites in nearly every way, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. "Laptop," he corrected, though he knew it was pointless as she wasn't likely to remember that. "What do I need my laptop for when we have all this?" he asked, gesturing around them with one hand.

"You mean you will not be absolutely stuck to a magic screen whenever you get bored?" Leia asked impishly, tugging on his hand as they moved toward the little gravel path and the cottage that waited at the end of it.

"It's not magic, Leia," he told her for about the umpteen-thousandth time. "Besides, I brought this," he said, tugging his cell phone from his pants pocket to show her he wasn't entirely "unplugged".

She laughed, rolling her eyes in delight. "How did you manage to hide that from Grimm?" she asked, genuinely curious. The full body search from the team had been quite thorough.

"I didn't. He grunted and allowed it," Jake replied with a proud grin. He was sure he'd have found a way to bring it with him despite the body search, but he was relieved it hadn't been necessary and proud he'd convinced his grumpy teammate of its necessity.

"See, I told you he likes you," she insisted. "You both pretend you are like a cat and a dog, but you always end up doing the cute things together."

"Cute things?" he echoed, brows arching doubtfully. "I don't think the words 'cute' and 'grimm' go too well together," he pointed out. "As for me, I'm adorable," he added with a grin.

"You have not heard Ailis describing him when he wakes up in the morning," she pointed out with a cheeky grin, pausing to open the little gate that would lead them into a lovely little garden set out around the cottage. "And yes, you are adorable. Also sexy, goofy, and never un****able."

He preened a little proudly at her praise, until he stumbled on one word. "Goofy?" he echoed again. "What do you mean by goofy?" he asked, imagining the Disney version in his head. Was she comparing him to a cartoon character?

Undetectable / Promises in the Dark
« on: February 15, 2015, 10:08:28 PM »
As their party split up, each to their own amusements, in the wake of the wedding they'd been secretly working on for weeks, Leia curled her arms about Jake's waist, leaning into him with a fond smile. "So ... what is a Catholic shebang?" she asked him again. She knew her constant questions must grate on his nerves sometimes, but he was never anything but patient with her. Their bond had deepened over the past year, to the point where they had both learned to recognise each other's emotions within themselves. And tonight, Leia was bubbling with love and excitement.

"Um," Jake mumbled, a little distracted by thoughts and worries of his own that had come to a head during the ceremony. Whether they'd accepted him as family or not, he had a sister and niece back home that probably thought him dead or worse by now. "I, uh... It's hard to explain," he started, leaning into her a little now that they were left alone. "It's a big religious wedding, I guess. A very formal ceremony. Long and kind of boring, I guess." He didn't sound too sure for some reason.

She could feel that knot of worry inside him, resting her head against his chest as they stood together in the light of the many fires that burned in the darkness, his concern tempering her own exuberance. "What is it?" she asked him very gently, stroking her hands against his back. "Talk to me, a'maelamin. I can only feel your heart, not read your thoughts. You should not feel you have to suffer through such feelings alone."

"It's nothing, Leia. I'm just a little homesick, I guess," he told her, not wanting to worry her, but knowing he couldn't lie to her either. She could feel his heart and would know what he was feeling, even if she didn't understand why. "I'm happy for John and Ailis. I really am. I'm just missing my sister a little, I guess." And why wouldn't he be? He hadn't seen her in over a year, and going home was risky at best.

"Then we should visit her," she told him quietly. Though Earth, his Earth, was very different to the world she had been born on, and fairly different to Rhy'Din, Leia was far more confident when it came to technology now. "We know there are portals, and there are ways to disguise how different I am. I would rather take that risk than have you in pain."

"Maybe, but if we get caught..." He trailed off. She was right though. He couldn't stay away from Earth and his sister forever. Every time he saw John and Sam or Rory and Ailis sharing some special sibling moment, he felt a pang of homesickness, missing his sister and niece and wondering what they'd been told. Had they been told he was dead? He wasn't sure. Maybe it was better if they thought he was dead, but he couldn't help but miss them and wish he could see them again.

"So we won't get caught," she told him gently, her smile softly understanding of his worries. "Your world relies on technology, yes? I do not think there is any way they have to detect magic, and if they cannot detect magic, they will not detect us."

"Really?" he asked, almost afraid to believe her, but they'd been together over a year and he knew her better than anyone. Where he knew technology, she knew magic, and if she thought she could get them both home without being caught, he believed her. What was his sister going to say when she found out where he'd been and what he'd been up to? Would she believe him or think he'd gone mad? And what would she have to say about Leia? Going home was like opening Pandora's Box, and yet, he needed closure.

Leia's smile gentled even further, the softness accentuating the delicate features that marked her out as having elven blood. "Truly," she assured him, one hand rising to curve against his cheek tenderly. "I would not say it if I did not believe it were possible, a'maelamin. You need to see your sister and her child, for your own peace of mind. It is possible."

"Yeah, I suppose I do," Jake replied thoughtfully. In fact, he knew he did, and now that he had decided, it was just sorting out how to do it. He'd learned a lot about Rhy'Din this past year; he'd learned how to use the portals, and where there was a will, there was a way. Besides, he had Leia to help him. "You know I love you, right?" he asked, his frown turning into a warm and affectionate smile.

That soft smile brightened as his frown faded away, glad that she could help him like this, even if it was only words for now. The proof would come when they crossed the portal that first time, something she was not about to allow him to do alone. She didn't know what that kind of separation would do to either of them now they had bonded so deeply. "I know it," she promised him, the surge of deeply loving affection along that bond from her to him warm with immediate feeling. "As I hope you know my heart is yours, a'maelamin."

"I know it is. I feel it all the time. I mean, I feel what you're feeling or something like that." Even after a year, it was still a little confusing. There was that worried frown again as another thought came to mind. "Hey, Leia, can I ask you something?"

Her head tilted curiously as she looked up at him, barely aware of the fact that Sloti had taken up residence on her shoulder, his own head echoing the tilt of hers. "You can ask me anything, Jake," she promised her lover softly. "Anything at all, and I will answer, if I can."

"Well..." he stammered, a little nervously. He knew they were already bonded, that she had claimed him as her mate, but he wasn't an elf, and he had traditions of his own. "I was wondering... Would you like to get married, like John and Ailis did? I mean, I know we don't have to. I know we're already bonded, but... I'm not talking about a big Catholic shebang. Just something small between us and me."

Leia blinked, surprised but touched by the nervous question. It had not occurred to her that perhaps he would want to mark their bonding with the traditions of his own people, though in hindsight, perhaps she should have considered it. "You would want this?" she asked him through a soft smile. "You would like a marriage, with me?"

"Yes, I would," he replied in a soft but sure voice, reaching to take both her hands in his and looking into her eyes almost longingly, all his hopes and dreams there in his eyes and his heart. "And someday, if it's possible, I'd like us to have children." Not right away maybe, but someday he wanted to settle down and raise a family, just like his sister was doing.

The smile that lit up her face at his soft confession was brighter than the sunrise she had grown up seeing from the rooftops of Port Blacksand. "I am living proof that it is possible, a'maelamin," she promised him. "I did not dare to think that you would wish to raise a family with me, being so different as I am to you. But I would like that very much, someday." To leave him children to love, if she were the one taken first.

That was true enough. She was born of an elf and a human, and it figured if her birth was possible, then there was hope for them. "I love you in part because you're different, Leia," he pointed out, pulling her closer. "All the women back home..." He frowned a little and shrugged his shoulders. He'd never really loved anyone before the way he loved her. He'd had a few meaningless flings, a few girlfriends here and there, but nothing like he had with her. "No one took me seriously back home," he confessed with a small frown. No one except his sister and maybe his team, but he had no idea what had become of them and he had another team now and another home. "I want to stay here with you, Leia. I just need to see my sister. That's all," he promised.

That was true enough. She was born of an elf and a human, and it figured if her birth was possible, then there was hope for them. "I love you in part because you're different, Leia," he pointed out, pulling her closer. "All the women back home..." He frowned a little and shrugged his shoulders. He'd never really loved anyone before the way he loved her. He'd had a few meaningless flings, a few girlfriends here and there, but nothing like he had with her. "No one took me seriously back home," he confessed with a small frown. No one except his sister and maybe his team, but he had no idea what had become of them and he had another team now and another home. "I want to stay here with you, Leia. I just need to see my sister. That's all," he promised.

Undetectable / OOC: Comments & Questions
« on: March 23, 2013, 12:31:06 PM »
Just a note regarding Jake...

This character is based primarily on the film The Losers, and because I know very little about the character's back story, other than the hints that are provided in the film, I will be filling in the blanks of his past from my own imagination. I have read some of the graphic novels, but there's not much to go on, so I will be making a lot of it up as I go along.

I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies as far as canon is concerned, but unfortunately, it cannot be helped. The Rhy'Din version of Jake is bound to differ from canon in some ways, as he is open to my own interpretation, but I will try to portray him as accurately as possible.

Thanks for understanding, and I hope a few people enjoy reading and interacting with him. :)

Undetectable / Don't Stop Believin'
« on: March 23, 2013, 10:20:21 AM »
When daylight finally broke, it was to a gloomy and overcast day that promised to be cold and damp and rainy, just the kind of day made for staying in bed and snuggling to keep warm, but Jensen had other plans. He'd kept his promise to himself, staying awake and watching over Leia while she slept, holding her close in his protective embrace, reluctant to let go. But there were things that needing doing, important things. As soon as the first light of day peeked in through the window, he climbed out of bed, careful not to disturb her, a soft kiss pressed against her cheek before he pulled the blankets up over her to keep her warm.

He shivered in the morning chill, dressing as quickly and quietly as he could in the clothing he'd stolen from the prison storeroom. He found his glasses on the bedside table and wiped a smudge or two from the lenses before putting them on, glancing over at the sleeping elf before tiptoeing over to her pack in his stocking feet to search for his laptop.

Leia just barely stirred as he left her in the bed, just the barest suggestion of a purr in her soft breath when he tucked the blankets close to keep her warm. But they were not alone this morning - Sloti had returned, curled up on the windowsill as though he had never left. The ferret opened first one eye, and then the other, as Jensen moved across the room, lifting his head to chitter enquiringly at the hands reaching for Leia's magical bag. He wasn't going to shop the man for rummaging, so long as Jensen told him what he was doing. If he didn't, Leia was going to get a sharp wake up call.

Jensen frowned when he heard the chittering sound from the ferret, having almost forgotten all about him, wondering where he'd gotten to all night. "Shh," he warned, lifting his head to look at the ferret. "You'll wake her." He turned to look back at the bed and the sleeping elf, not wanting to disturb her sleep, though he hadn't slept a wink. "I'm looking for my laptop," he whispered an explanation, though he felt a bit silly doing it. I've really lost my marbles, he thought. I'm talking to a ferret.

The explanation seemed to do the trick, though. Sloti appeared to nod, slithering down off the windowsill to lope over to the man rifling through his friend's belongings. Evidently, the creature was going to supervise, since Leia was being allowed to sleep soundly for the first time in a long time. The bag itself weighed almost nothing, and appeared to be empty when Jensen first looked into it. But slowly, objects began to appear in view, seemingly cycling through some pre-ordained list, showing off the contents of the bag one by one.

"What the hell..." he muttered to himself in amazement as he watched the bag's contents flip by like a slideshow on a computer. He was mainly looking for his laptop, but his curiousity was piqued not only by the other objects in the bag, but by how the bag worked. It was magic of some sort, but he wasn't sure what. Some people though magic was just science that wasn't fully understood yet, but he wasn't too sure about that.

He saw potion bottles slip by; the hilt of the sword he had seen her put in the bag only the day before; a quarrel of small crossbow bolts; a wrap of scrolls; spare boots; a loaf of bread; a flask of wine; all this, and much, much more. Everything she could possibly need to survive alone for several days at a time. When his laptop finally came around, he had seen the entire contents of the bag of holding, enough equipment to fill a moderately sized suitcase, not a bag small enough to rest comfortably on a half-elf's hip without hindering her movement.

"That's amazing!" he exclaimed, mostly to himself, a little louder than a whisper, but not loud enough to wake her, he hoped. He reached inside the bag for his laptop, wishing she had some clean clothing he could change into. Or maybe something for breakfast. A cup of coffee and an Egg McMuffin would do nicely, but he had a feeling he was no longer in the land of Egg McMuffins any longer. That thought brought a frown to his face and a growl from his stomach. He knew he needed to eat and catch a few z's, but first things first. He tucked his computer beneath an arm and closed the bag before tiptoeing over to a small table to set his laptop down. He opened the computer and hit the start button, letting it boot up, while he tiptoed his way to the bathroom to relieve himself.

Quiet though he was, Leia was slowly becoming aware that she was alone in the bed, his surprise and amazement filtering through the link binding itself from her to him enough to begin the slow process of gently waking her. She rolled onto her back as Jensen slipped into the bathroom, stretching out only to slide back into a comfortable doze with a soft yawn. On the back of the chair, Sloti glanced from the bed to the bathroom, and jumped bodily into the bag, a ferret on a mission.

Unfortunately for Jensen, or maybe for Leia and Sloti, he'd forgotten that his computer booted up to the sound of Freddie Mercury singing the praises of Fat Bottomed Girls. An exclamation of, "Oh, sh*t!" was heard echoing from the bathroom and he hurried back, fumbling with the zipper on his jeans.

So much for not startling her awake. Shocked by a full, unnatural sound that was so far beyond her sphere of understanding as to be magic of itself, Leia lurched up out of the bed with a gasp, rolling to her feet. She fell into a crouch, defensive and genuinely fearful, her daggers caught up from the ground in her hands. Naked and deadly, her eyes focused on the laptop, narrowing in a manner that suggested it should either stop making noise or face the consequences of having an elven dagger hurled through the screen.

"No, no, no!" he screeched, seeing her ready to do battle with his computer, and he put himself between it and her, shielding the thing with his body and lifting his hands, palms forward to try and calm her down. "Relax! It's just my computer. I forgot to mute it." From the looks of things, he was willing to brave a dagger to save his beloved electronic device from destruction. And it was only a machine. It might make one wonder what he'd do if it were her who was in danger.

Wary and not entirely convinced everything was safe, Leia stayed tense, one finger uncurling from her grip on the leather wrapped hilt in her palm to point at the thing that had woken her. "What is it?" she demanded. "Why is it making that horrible noise?"

"Horrible?" He snorted. "I'll have you know that's quite possibly the greatest rock singer that's ever lived," he said, bristling a little, feeling just a little insulted. "Just... put the dagger down and I'll show you." He still had his hands up, like he was being held up, appealing to her to put her weapons down.

Of course, he hadn't quite taken into account her ears - what sounded only a little distorted through laptop speakers to him sounded like something being tortured to her. She eyed him for a long moment, wincing faintly at the torture on her eardrums, but did slowly set the daggers down on the bedside table once more, straightening out of her crouch. Shamelessly free in her entirely natural state, she dared to creep a step or two closer, peering around him at the device. "Make it stop," she said quietly. "It hurts my ears."

Now that it was daylight and he had his glasses on, he could clearly see what he couldn't the night before. "Oh, my God..." he muttered as she stepped closer, not moving a muscle to turn off the music, as painful as it was to her sensitive hearing, too enraptured with the look of her. He'd actually slept with that? How had he gotten so lucky? "You... you're..." He appeared to be tongue-tied again. Maybe it was something about the daylight.

Her eyes, soft violet in the morning sunlight, rose to meet his enamored gaze with a tender expression a romantic would call love, her lips curving a gentle smile for his sudden inability to speak a full sentence. She rose up onto her toes, small hands fisting in his shirt, to brush her lips over his in a morning greeting. "Yes, I am," she agreed, assuming he was trying to point out her lack of clothing. "But I really will kill your pet thing if it doesn't shut up."

Thankfully, the computer was done loading and had finally gone quiet. He smiled, as if the thing had shut off as if by magic. "You just don't know good music when you hear it," he said, smiling down at her, leaning down to meet her morning greeting with one of his own. He still wasn't sure if she was a dream, since he hadn't fallen asleep yet or woken to break the spell. His eyes fell shut at her kiss, savoring the moment for however long it would last.

It would last as long as he allowed it to. The small feminine form pressing close to his was in no hurry to let go, soft lips coaxing his to part as her hands traveled up his chest, over his shoulders, looping about his neck with familiar confidence. Leia's dreams had been full of him all night; she wasn't going to pass up any opportunity to enjoy the real thing.

He would have allowed it to last all morning, but there were things that needed to be done now that daylight had arrived. He needed to figure out where he was, how he got here, and how to get home, even though the thought of leaving her made him ache with loneliness. Maybe if he could figure out a way home, he could figure out a way back. "Leia," he said, as he broke her kiss, disentangling himself from her embrace. "We're not going to get anything done this way."

Guilt flared in her gaze as she realised what she had done, that she had allowed the bond to rule her for just long enough that her will to let him go his own way had been overcome by the desire to keep him here, to haze his mind and keep him distracted until he couldn't think of being anywhere without her. "Of course," she said awkwardly, managing to raise a smile for her overzealous hello. "There is food in my bag, I'll find something to eat." Inwardly, she cursed herself as her gaze lingered on his, not wanting to look away but needing to, for her own sanity. He was going to think she was the worst kind of clingy lover at this rate.

As for himself, he was feeling about the same, but for different reasons, not wanting her to think he didn't want her, didn't find her desirable. How could he not with her traipsing around naked and kissing him all the time? She was distracting, but it was a good kind of distraction. Still, he felt a pang of guilt for being the practical one. He had the feeling he'd disappointed her again. "I'm sorry," he said, taking a seat at the table in front of his computer. "You should get dressed."

Only part of her was disappointed; another part was relieved, and impressed that he had so much control over himself. Her fingers trailed over the line of his shoulders as she passed behind him. "Do not apologise," she told him with a faint smirk. "I let my desires overwhelm my senses. You're right to stop me, or you will not get out of bed all day and all night." She chuckled, twitching a blanket from the bed to cover herself with, more for his sake than her own. "I need to wash," she mused, more to fill the silence than out of a need to inform him of her plans as she looked into her bag. "But I do not see a fire, nor a bath. Perhaps I will have to find a bath-house."

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