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Undetectable / Strangers Waiting
« on: March 21, 2013, 03:26:05 AM »
[size=9]((Contains material of an adult nature.))[/size]

"Oh, come on, I didn't do anything!" The well-known call of the miscreant caught about to be in the act. This particular miscreant was new in town, and had made the mistake of picking pockets in the Marketplace under the beady eyes of one of the more diligent divisions of Rhy'Din's Watch. Two of whom were currently manhandling her through the streets toward a particularly imposing looking squat edifice of a building, clearly designed as much to keep people in as to keep them out. Lifted pretty much off her feet, the thief was bundled inside and taken down through several floors of increasingly high security cells, finally tossed into one all of her very own. As the cell door slammed, she spun about, shouting a fascinating profanity after the guards who were still ignoring her.

As their footsteps died away, she smirked to herself, leaning back against the wall. "So ... burly, ham-fisted, and don't ask questions," she chuckled softly, checking her person for her unique items. They hadn't even searched her. "Useful." A chitter from the heavy fall of her hood against her back made her smile deepen. "All right, Sloti, get out here." A moment later, a ferret was climbing down her arm to drop onto the floor, investigating their new surroundings with off-putting intelligence. Between them, woman and animal inspected every inch of the cell, from the thick stone walls, the lack of handy windows, the sparse bed, and most importantly, the barred cell door. Which was locked in a manner she couldn't even begin to make sense of. She stared at the mechanism in dismay. "What is wrong with this place? You can't lock a thief up in a cell without a lock!"

Muttering to herself, she crouched down to stroke Sloti's little bullet head. "Go see if you can find a key or something, find out how the door opens," she told him, watching as the sleek body slipped easily through the bars and disappeared out of sight.

Four hours later, she was still in the damned cell. Sloti had been caught twice sniffing around and returned to the cell, threatened with being collared if he didn't stay put this time. Leia gritted her teeth, bored and irritated. Well, she had one more thing she could do. It was only in case of emergencies, though; the spell cost a frightful amount of gold she'd have a hard time stealing to replace the little scroll she withdrew from her boot. Not to mention the fact that she didn't really want to go back to Port Blacksand. Not while the Moon Dogs had her scent, anyway. But needs must; anywhere was better than being locked up.

Opening up the scroll, she scanned the words, lifting Sloti up into her hood once again, and in the careful tones of the heavily coached, she intoned the incantation. There was a spark, a crackle, a sense of dislocation ... and she landed heavily on the bed of the same damned cell, swearing vehemently at her rotten luck. "Blasted place is spell proof!"

As it so happened, it was Jensen's day off. Well, every day was his day off really, so long as Clay wasn't snapping orders at him to do this or do that. His latest orders were, "Lay low and wait for further instructions", which, as far as Jensen was concerned, meant he was free to do whatever the hell he wanted, until he was told otherwise. The team had dispersed for now, each of them going their separate ways, until they received orders to come together for whatever Clay had planned next. As it so happened, Jensen wasn't going to be around to receive those orders, but he didn't know that yet.
It was Saturday night, and Jensen was sprawled in front of his laptop, a beer close at hand, wearing nothing but shorts, boots, and a t-shirt bearing the outline of two women kissing. It was lewd, or so he'd been told, but he didn't really care. The only light in the room was that cast from his computer screen, his fingers tapping the keys, an amused smile on his face.
Now, most single men who wanted to pick up chicks would find themselves in a bar on a late Saturday night, hoping to meet the girl of their dreams - or at least, the girl they were hoping to take home for a night, but instead of a singles' bar, Jensen found himself trolling one of the many online chat rooms he frequented when he was bored, this one entitled "Hot Men Seeking Hot Women" and was currently chatting with someone going by the handle of "Hot4U". She claimed she was legal, blonde, and horny, and that was good enough for him.

He smiled to himself as his fingers flew across the keys and he read her latest entry. Miss Hottie had him hot and bothered, and she was just about to tell him where she could meet him when the computer screen blipped and he got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. "Oh, no!" he shouted as he straightened his slouch, smacking the side of the monitor, though he knew that wouldn't help. "Son of a bitch, not now!" He hit the reset button on the laptop and that was when everything went crazy. There was blinding flash of light that seemed to come from nowhere, and he instinctively made a grab for the laptop, as if it was his baby, tucking it against his chest. "What the hell..." was all he was able to mutter before in the blink of an eye he found himself somewhere entirely different.

The erstwhile magic user jolted upright from her uncomfortable sprawl on the hard bed in her cell, her eyes seeking out the small shape of her ferret companion. "Did you hear that?" she asked Sloti warily, interpreting the whisker twitch as a yes. "So did I." Rising to her feet, she moved to the barred door, peering out into the hallway with a faint frown. "Go find out what it was." With a quiet chitter of agreement, the ferret leapt down off the bed and scurried out through the bars once again, peering into the cell from which the sound had come. "Hello?" his mistress called, the word corresponding with a tilt of the creature's head as he looked the newcomer up and down curiously.

On the floor of the adjoining cell was sprawled a man in a black t-shirt, plaid boxers and work boots, looking more than a little shell-shocked at his sudden and expected trip through the Nexus, of which he as yet knew nothing. One minute he'd been chatting online and the next, boom! Down the rabbit hole... Or something. Maybe he'd been struck by lightning and died. Was this heaven or hell then? No, that didn't make sense. He hardly had time to look around when he heard a woman's voice and he turned to find a small creature peering curiously at him from beyond an iron-barred wall. Prison? What the hell was he doing in prison? And why was there a... ferret... with a woman's voice... staring at him?  "I'm sorry... Did you say something?"

"Yes, I said something. I said hello." Unbeknownst to him, the feminine conversationalist was pressed up to the bars of her own cell, straining to watch as the ferret inched into the adjoining cell. As far as the newcomer was concerned? He was conversing with a ferret. "I didn't hear the guards come down - how did you get in there?"

"Oh, my god, I've lost my mind," he muttered to himself, scooting away from the ferret on his rear as it came closer. "Don't get any closer. I... I've got a gun!" From the looks of things, he didn't. All he had was a computer hugged tightly against his chest and his meager clothing, nothing else that could be seen. No wallet, no phone, no money, no anything. Just him and the laptop, the clothes on his back, and the horn-rimmed glasses resting against the bridge of his nose.

The threat didn't seem to have any effect on the ferret. The sleek furry body loped closer, sniffing curiously at his boots and bare legs. "What's a gun? Is that supposed to scare me? Because, you know, you're locked up in here, same as me."

He scrambled to his feet, and backed away until he found himself up against a stone wall with nowhere else to go. It wasn't so much that he was afraid of the ferret exactly, as he was in a state of shock at the situation he found himself in. "What the hell are you talking about? You're a talking ferret! Oh, my God, Jake... Do you hear yourself? You're talking to a ferret. I don't know where the hell we are, but we're not in California anymore." He paused a moment, his face turning pale. "I'm answering myself in the third person. I really have lost my marbles." He turned to the ferret again with a titter of nervous laughter. "I've finally lost my mind. Clay always said I was crazy. I guess he was right." He slumped down dejectedly onto the cot, and glanced around at the prison cell. "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..." he crooned in an unnaturally low tone.

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