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RhyDin Election / Questions for Chazore.
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:59:20 PM »
There was no pomp or occasion. No fanfare. The flyers simply went out, the press conference was announced;

"Arthour Chazore-Silverblood is running for Governor. Questions & Answers will be had in the center of the Marketplace.

((Feel free to post questions here for Art to answer! :3 ))

The Phalanx / A package.
« on: December 07, 2013, 08:48:08 AM »
A nondescript, brown box would find it's way through the appropriate channels and brought to the attention of either a secretary, DIANNA (and by proxy, Brian himself) or, ideally, the intended recipient of the package itself.

Said box was, an mentioned above, nondescript. All security checks could be performed on it, spells and incantations to discern what was within. They would, mostly, come up ablank. What can be determined is the following;

The box was protected so that it's contents received absolutely no damage at all. In fact, the inside of the container was in fact exempt from the passage of time itself. Hence, why it was so hard to figure out what was with in.

So, perhaps the box wasn't as nondescript as first assumed....Also, upon the box is a label, in clear, flowing script. The assumption of the sender must have been that, with this, the box would carry on unhampered to it intended recipient.

"For the Attention of: Dr. Ibaraki.

RE: Dahlia.

There was no indication of who had made the enchantments on the box or who had sent it.
Inside the box, quite simply, was the head of Dahlia. Preserved from the world by being simply removed from the time stream, until such a time as it was removed from the box. It had clearly been placed in there with care, even wrapped up to ensure it's safety. Who ever had put it in there had clearly cared.

There was also a note, again, no sign as to who wrote it is apparent.

"This One, formally known as Renna, wanted you to have this. I don't know why, and I don't care. Just see Dahlia's remains are treated with respect."

((Warning! Possible mature content. What with the whole child birth thing. For the time being, only those invited to, may comment in this thread.))

Before her echoes even faded, Arthour and Mai reappeared in Mage House, standing in his office. She was still wet from the bath, but at last she was now dressed in a loose, white shift.

The office, was a simple afire, wooden panels covered it from ceiling to floorboards, bookcases filled the walls and a large window overlooked the gardens of Mage House. The green house loomed in one corner. The lights were, for the most par, out in the offic, until the golden glow of Arthour's magic that teleported them there lit the room up and the lights also activated, bring a soft, calm glow to the room. The fireplace lit up as well, and all of this, was ignored as by Arthour as his full attention was on Mai.

"REBECCA!!" He bellowed for his secretary, holding Mai tightly, supporting her and watching her with concern "Get Help! Right now!"

Bristle Crios / Funny Quotes and More - Open to All!
« on: May 11, 2013, 06:35:15 PM »
Funny Quotes, and other sorts of stuff. OOC and open to all!

This little thread is for..Well, actually it's basically another OOC thread I suppose. But really, it's for things that might be considered 'clutter' in the main OOC thread, odd scraps of songs, quotes, and the like. what ever really. You can post it ICly or OOCly, it doesn't matter! :) If I can ever be aske to think of some more 'Guidelines' for using this thread/topic, whatever you wish to call it, I shall! Now, have fun!

Oh, and HK?

Picard: "What we leave behind is as important as how we?ve lived. After all, Number One, we?re only mortal."
Riker: "Speak for yourself, sir. I plan to live forever."
    -Star Trek: Generations

You don't get Picard in ether.

The Governor's Office / An Emergency Letter to the Governor.
« on: March 31, 2013, 08:39:51 AM »
::A large, brown envelope labelled 'Urgent, Governor's Eyes Only' would find it's self on Fio's desk. Specifically, on top of the 'In-Tray'. Exactly how the letter found it's self on the desk? There may have been magic involved, a subtle golden hue that son vanished, leaving the letter behind::

Governor Helston,

Let me be brief, as I'm sure your already aware by the time you read this, there have been a number of bombings in the City recently. A number of them have been confirmed as being connected with a figure known as 'The Raven'. I understand that there was another man by the same name that once committed similar acts. I have no doubt that this Raven is not copying the last. In fact, I would be surprised if he even knows of the previous ones existence.

You will also be aware, I'm sure, of the radio and TV broadcast which has brought to light the fact there is currently a bounty on my head, to the sum 100,001 silvers. An odd number I know....This has nothing to do with my research into the Khul-din. It is purely a problem that has occurred between myself and Raven, and apparently I mis-judged just how mad Raven is. There is also the matter of a bounty on Kathryn Batten, Zack of the Watch, Andu Kirost and Brian Ravenlock.
I am sure that these people will be more than capable of handling themselves, and the only person on this list I have any fear about would be Zack, aka 'Hellion', one of Icer Shimerscale's children.
Claire Farron, the woman in the TV broadcast, will not be left with him for very long, I assure you of that.

I do, however, have two very real fears. One concerns Ammy Spiritor, who is unfortunately at the centre of Raven's insanity. She is suffering from extreme memory loss, and is not in much of a position to defend herself. I would ask if it is possible that you could have a few members of the Watch tail her when she leaves the Bristle Crios grounds.

The other problem is much more personal. Raven has set a bounty on my head, and I have every fear that many may attempt very, unpleasant  means of obtaining that bounty. Such as attempting to get to me, via my wife. If it is is your power Governor, then I would beg you to please have someone watch her shop in the marketplace ((the address for Silverblood Lines is added)). Raven can not harm her inside the shop. It's when she comes and goes that worries me.

I'm afraid that, for the time being, I will not be reachable by normal means until Raven is quite dead. I intend to make sure of that myself. Until I have him dealt with, I will not be able to continue with my work into the Khul-din.

I feel I must apologies for this entire mess, and I hope I will be able to set things right, very soon.

Arthour Chazore-Silverblood

Bristle Crios / Mage House, A Change in Leadership. ((Now an open SL))
« on: February 27, 2013, 03:02:36 PM »
[size=9]((Please take these events as happening not long after Mrogan's death was announced to the Coven, around the 1st of January))[/size]

Change in Leadership

Arthour couldn't say he knew Morgan, being for the most part just a teacher in the academy and then only recently a member of the coven it's self, but when the news came he'd felt the pain just as keenly as the next person. No, not as keenly as some.....Certainly, not as much as Miranda did.
When her letter slid across the desk in his classroom, he'd read it immediately. It hadn't been what he'd been expecting.
Leaving his classroom, and the ever present paperwork there in, Arthour made for the mansion in which all of Bristle Crios' was managed from. Knocking at the front door, he was quickly admitted in and shown to office from which the leader of Bristle Crios ran things, it had previously been that of Morgan Doyle's. Now, when he knocked, it was Miranda that he waited to answer, still clutching that letter in his hand, no expression see able on his at this time.

RDI Playables / A letter from Bristle Crios, Mage House Leader.
« on: February 23, 2013, 06:57:27 AM »
::A letter, addressed to all the the Barons of Rhy'Din, is posted to where the they are able to find and read it. It's also sent to all the major newspaper venues to make sure the public are aware of it's contents::

To those whom it may concern,

The question of Rakeesh Sah Tarna being Overlord has been answered. To be honest, the only reason I would care about the question is simply because I would be worried, as a mage, as to what authority being Overlord would give Rakeesh and how that would affect any new proposal he may make towards registrations. I worry about this only because experience has told me he is prone to making decisions that may not be fully thought through.

However, in my opinion at least, that is a wholly secondary issue.

What you all should be focused on, is the apparent threat to Old Temple District and the rest of the City from these demons thus far only known as the Khul-din. Surely you can all agree that this is something that is more worth your time than constant threats and promises of reprisal?

Surely you are all above causing more hate than has been caused by the Failed and Withdrawn proposal?

At any rate, prominent and upstanding members of the mage community of Rhy'Din have put that aside to look at what appears to be a greater issue and threat that we have been told is looming before us. While I commend the Wrecking Crew and Team Beat Down for getting together to bring in money for a charity to those that were harmed in the recent months, I am disappointed that it has taken this long for such action to take place, and that it appears to have been done simply to spite the new Overlord. Again though, this is beside the point and I digress.

Would it not be better for the Barons, loyal, renegade or undecided, to help the Overlord in facing this threat? If the mages, some of whom have been driven out of the city through fear, like myself, are putting what has happened and been put to bed aside to look at what has happened in Old Temple with open minds, or at least be prepared to try to can you not do the same? If not, then can you not at least look at this will something approaching a clear mind?

A time will come when the Overlord will be challenged, just as that Overlord, or lady, will be challenged. And so it will repeat, time and again. This, we all know. And what we also know is that children, Children, are suffering while you all argue over this and continue with your words. For some, words aren't enough. For myself, I must await a decision from the Coven Leader of Bristle Crios before offering the full support of Mage House, however I am willing and able to give what aid I can, to finding and eradicating the menace that plagues the City, in support of those who are also seeking to help, I have every intention of attending the meeting on Overlord's Isle on Monday. I will be very interested in seeing who else will be in attendance. And who will be absent.

Any that wish to speak to me about this can ether find me at the Red Dragon Inn, or send me a letter ((PM me)) at my office in Mage House.


The Leader of Bristle Crios' Mage House,
Arch-Swordmage Arthour Chazore-Silverblood.

((Also posted in Bristle Crios here))

Bristle Crios / Eloping: A Guide.
« on: February 09, 2013, 06:07:17 PM »
[size=9]((Taken straight out of the Logs for the White Lotus Pavilion, I won't bother editing as it's long and I can't be asked :P. Events here take place immediately after Mai and Art left the Red Dragon Inn after a long, drawn out discussion went on about the Mage Registrations.  Many thanks to both Muns involved and uber thanks to Ammy-Mun! You'll see why in a sec ;) Enjoy!))[/size]

"Slow down!" :He called after Mai, jogging to catch up to her:

Sobbing, doubling over her body shaking

:Catching Mai up, his arms wrapped around her tightly, holding her up: "Mai?! Whats wrong love?" :Looking at her, concern in his eyes as he held her close:

"Im terrified Art! I thought the dragon was you!" wiping her eyes "when I saw the paper and you werent there, I thought it was you"

:Holding Mai, he kissed her gently, holding her close, he stroked her hair: "I thought you'd think that...Oh Mai, I'm sorry. I tride to find you when I read the story, but you weren't at home, the Estate or any of the mansions, I even went to the Academy and Vampire House to find you...I guess you must have been at the Spa still.."

Gripping his shirt "I was with Clover and being guarded, then when I got out I found this under Clovers window wipers on her car"

:Still holding on to her, he kissed her cheek again: "It's alright Mai, I'm fine. Everything is fine, it takes much more than something as mundane as a bullet to kill me, I assure you" :Holding her tight, he kissed her cheek: "Don't worry, please Mai, I'm perfectly safe"

Looking up at him, red streaks down her face, she was crying, but being a vampire she was crying black blood "I cant help it" Her eyes flashing white blue and staying that way

"I know, and I can't help but worry about you ether" :He replied, looking back at her, one of his hands came up to carefully wide away the blood tears as he looked into her eyes: "It'll be okay Mai. I promise, it will be, really. Ten days from now, I'll be going to the GAC and I'll speak to the govoner personally. You'll see, things will be fine after that"

Wiping her eyes "I hope so Art, otherwise, we leave Rhy'din"

:Looking into Mai's eyes for a moment, he blinked slowly, not in surprise or shock, but acceptance: "What ever makes you feel safer Mai. Anything"

Holding him close sobbing

:Kissing the top of her head, he clung onto her tightly, keeping her as close to him as he could with out hurting her: "I love you Mai...And I'll do anything you want, if it makes you feel safe"

Her body shaking less "I dont want those emotions hitting our baby like that Art, its not good for the baby"

:He nodded: "I understand love, it's not good for you ether" :Still holding her, stroking her hair gently to comfort her: "I just want whats best for you both"

"I want to go somewhere quiet where no one else goes" Wiping her eyes "we need peace"

:He nodded with a smile: "I have just the thing my love" :He murmured, kissing her cheel:

"whats that?" Sighing relaxing, absorbing all the peace in to her body

:He smiled at her: "Well, I had wanted to save it for the honeymoon but..What with the baby on the way and all, I figured to move things up" :Projecting comfort, peace and tranquillity from his mind to her's he smiled again: "I had a cottage built out in the Glen, deep in the forest and far away from any and everyone. Theres just room  for us....And the baby"

Blinking, looking at him "what?! are you serious?" Thinking "why dont we elope?" Chuckling

:Arthour nodded: "Very serious" :He replied with a smile, kissing her again, he then said: "If you want"

Sighing "I want to be with you always, i want to be your wife, and I want our child happy" Smiling at him

"Everything you just said, I want as well" :He replied, smiling back at her then kissed her deeply: "I want to be your's Mai, your husband and father to our child" :He said after a moment, pressing his forhead against her's, looking into her eyes:

Laughing softly "Soooooo........know any ministers?"

"I know an angle" :He replied with a grin: "Beside you that is"

Smirking "I'm a demon love, not an angel"

"And I love you all the same" :He replied, kissing her again:

Kissing him back "Are they around?" Looking up at him

"Actually...She is...But I don't know if we can get her on such short notice" :He replied with a smile:

"who is it?" tilting her head

"Ammy" :He said after a moment: "She's an angle of Canis, lupe godess"

:After a moment of thinking, he said: "Are you serious about this Mai? Becasue I can contact her right now if you want?" :Looking into her eyes:

Nodding "mhm I'm sure"

"Just a moment then" :He said with a smile: "I'll see if she is availible"

"Oh, alright"chuckling

A shimmer of light and Ammy appeared a bit puzzled and a look up to the skies. A tilt of head to the heavens and she nodded after a moment. <I>~Ah, time for angelic duties~</I>

Binking "nice entrance"

:Kissing Mai's cheek, he smiled: "You said you were serious, still sure?" :A hand holding Mai's cheek as he looked at her:

Nodding chuckling "yes, very serious"

Turning, Ammy smiled, her jeans and shirt shifting to flowing robes of cream and trimmed in sparkling lavender silk trim. Robes denoting Canis, Goddess of Lupinossai. "I see and hear two hearts wish to beat as one and two souls wish to join? Is this true?" she looked at them both seriously, golden eyes glowing behind ruby lenses.

:Looking at Ammy, he smiled and he looked like he was fit to burst with happyness: "Very true Ammy. Can you marry us? Please?"

"It is true" Smiling at her, then looking at Art

"Indeed I can and shall if it is the wish of you both. Speaking with the authority of Canis, Goddess of Lupinossai, granted power and authority to be her by the Rhydin Pantheon, I, Ammy Spiritor, Loaa of Canis do perform the marriage rites. May I know the names of those being bound today?"

"Mai silverblood" Smiling at Ammy then at Art

"Arthour Chazore" :He said with a smile at Ammy, before he looked at Mai, that smile didn't go anywhere:

"Arthur Chazore, by the binding power of Canis, Godess who holds the weight of the heart seriously, watches the actions of desire, intent, purity and values faithfulness in the courts of love and intimacy with a sworn mate and soul bond, will you swear to uphold, love, cherish, protect, die for and go to the ends of eternity for Mai Silverblood?"
"I do" :Arthour said, with out a moments hesitation:

Ammy looked to Mai.

"Mai Silverblood, by the binding power of Canis, Godess who holds the weight of the heart seriously, watches the actions of desire, intent, purity and values faithfulness in the courts of love and intimacy with a sworn mate and soul bond, will you swear to uphold, love, cherish, protect, die for and go to the ends of eternity for Arthur Chazore?"

Smiling at him "I do"

"Canis finds your words true and without lies. Do either of you have a symbol of your love to present to me?"

Chewing her lip, making a black shadow ring "I have this ring" showing it to Ammy

Ammy held out her stone paw to Mai and a look to Art.

Placing the ring in her paw, moving back to her original place

:Smiling, he reached into his pocket, pulling out a ring of red. Crystalised fire, like his origami dragons. putting it in Ammy's paw he said: "I made this, the night we proposed to each other" :Standing back beside Mai, he smiled at her:

Smiling up at him, taking his hand

:Holding her hand, he had to tear his eyes away from her to look at Ammy now:

Chuckling, looking back to Ammy

Holding the rings, she closed her paw and close her eyes a moment and raised her head. <I>~Mother of Love and Kindness, Virture and Life, two souls travel alone no longer, upon this realm they are now made whole, trinkets of fire and shadow to hold their vows of love, beyond these trinkets their love hold testament to the stars above. Aviis, aviis, aviis, Blessed Mother of Lupinossai bless Arthur and Mai in their union. May their kith and kin fear no sorrow. May they prosper.~</I>

Opening her paw the rings took on a glow of deity power. From her robes she pulled a crystal needle. "Please approach, Arthur and Mai. To be wed is close at hand."

:Stepping closer, he looked at Mai again, smiling still:

Smiling back at him, moving closer to Ammy

"Present your left hands."

:Unfortunately, that meant letting go of Mai's hand for him, but he did as asked, holding his left hand out to Ammy:

Lifting her left hand to Ammy, a smile on her lips

Ammy would prick the finger tip of the ring finger on each of the presented hands. A drop of Arthour's blood to splash on the fire ring. A drop of Mai's blood to drop on the shadow ring. The blood was absorbed and the glow died to a muted sheen. Holding the rings she nodded to Art and Mai. "Place the rings on speak your vows."

"Or, you may simply put the rings on. Often newly weds are at a loss of words." she smiled softly.

:Reaching forwards to take his ring, he looked up at Ammy with a smile, beofre he picked it up and faced Mai, smiling at her. Taking her hand, he placed the ring of crystallised fire on her ring finger and said: "Mai, this ring...Is a physical representation of every promise I have ever made you. Every time I've said I love you and want to be with you, this ring will be there to remind you,  I meant it all"

Smiling, hearing Art, she remained quiet now.

Looking up at him, smiling, taking the shadow ring, placing it on his finger "This ring is a symbol of my love for you, a never ending love, I want it to serve you as a reminder I love you with my soul, and how happy you have made me, and our child" Swallowing hard looking up at him grinning

"Your vows made, rings given. Canis blesses you, your house hold, your children and your futures. The blood upon thy rings will make them glow whenever one or the other is in need. An ever dear reminder of your promises...." she looked up to the heavens a moment a bit surprised then smiled and looked down. "And one more thing..."

Blinking looking at Ammy "Yes?"

:Quirking an eyebrow at the lupe, he waited:

"Canis grants your household protection. A guardian and patron angel to watch over you in times of need and over your children. I, Ammy Spiritor am charged with being guardian of the Chazore-Silverblood line. My duties are your's to command." she bowed politely. Then looked up. "You are now man and wife."

"Now kiss her you dork!" Ammy laughed to Art.

:That's what he wanted to hear, that last bit. Looking at Mai, he tured her so that he could kiss her, and kiss her he did, no encoragement needed!:

Blinking kissing him back happily her arms around his neck, laughing

With a clap of paws, a shower of confetti came down upon them in a rainbow of colours. Several wedding gift baskets with all kinds of baked goodies, alchemy goodies and more were by them. Smiling watching them kiss, Ammy chuckled, her angel wings of neon green spread and she vanished. ~To the newly wed hearts, may you hold fast and firm in your love endearing. New life and new hope dawns this night.~ her voice echoed from nothingness.

Smiling up at him sighing happily "I love you, my husband"

"And I love you, my wife" :He replied, kissing her again:

Kissing him back, smiling "That sounds good, doesnt it?" sighing

"It does, yes" :He replied, holding her nad smiling:

Smiling "Shall we go home?"

Bristle Crios / 'The Art of Fire Magic' The Teachings of a Swordmage.
« on: October 29, 2012, 11:09:34 AM »
((OOC: Consider the events in this post as taking place on the 27th Oct 2012, thank you!))

Arthour sat down heavily behind his desk and looked abut the large, spacious room in which he would be teaching, and leaning back in his chair, a smile of contentment spread on his face.

It really was a very large room. The seating for the students was arranged in tiers in front of him, much like in an auditorium, directly to his right was a bank of windows that looked out into the Mage Gardens, due to what Arthour taught, the class room was on the ground floor and to his left was just an open space where. Well, to call it a classroom was...not accurate, it was in fact three classrooms with all their walls taken out, making it one. This was due to the large ward behind him, that was the area in which the students would practise, performing group practical exercises and individual testing.

Being made from more than one classroom meant there was also more than one entrance, only one of those doors was actually used as an entrance however, all the others were emergency exits, in case someone managed to set the place on fire, despite the wards....Again. He chuckled at the memory. Being on the ground floor meant there were also doors leading out into the Garden, which was nice when they were practising origami, or 'heat cloaks' to keep the coming chill off, and gave them excellent access to and from the Library or the Combat Annex when they ready to practise more combat based skills, like flame swords and so on.

For now however, he was just going to be teaching the basics; control and patience. Starting with the 'Art of Folding Fire', or Fire Origami.
Leaning back further, he smiled even more as he remembered the first time he'd shown the students his butterflies. They had been rather...shocked, that such things were made from fire. But then again, he had found in his travels that many people didn't know what the 'Crystal Heart Fire' was and that saddened him, not only was he the last Swordmage alive, but it seemed he was the last Pyromancer who knew how to tap into that ancient power....But no matter, he was a teacher once again, and so what if the last time he'd taught a class was One Thousand....Three....Hundred...and Twenty-two years ago...?...Damn....He was getting old...However! He was still capable of imparting his knowledge onto the next generation, that was all that mattered really, plus he looked no older than his late twenties if that, which was a bonus!

Looking out the window beside his desk, he smiled sadly at the mage garden. He didn't know what it was, but it seemed....Lesser in some way, and not because the winter months were setting in.....He sighed and the smile fell from his face. Arthour did know what it was. Ever since that night, when Renna had been taken, the mage garden seemed worse for it, having not really seen the other gardens yet he didn't know how they were faring, but he was sure they didn't have their normal splendour ether.
He sighed, knowing where this was going and looked back at the wood of the desk he sat behind. If he'd had been faster, seen the children as they raised their guns, then his friend wouldn't now- Enough of that He thought to himself, cutting that train of thought off...Again She'll be found, and The Black Fire...They'll pay.

Standing, he decided he needed a drink. No classes were timetabled for today and he had no work to be getting on with, some peace and quiet at the Red Dragon Inn was just what he needed right now. Heading out the door, he made his way through the corridors, smiling to faces he both knew and didn't know.
He smiled again, thinking over last night, going through the blueprints for the new shop and apartment with Mai by the hearth, that night had been ruined by Vindicator of course, her and her damned Decision but it couldn't soil the memory he had of sitting beside Mai as she talked, holding her and thinking about the future, despite the Nexus snatching her away after...Actually he was a little glad it had, it meant Vindicator hadn't been there while he and Mai were together, which meant she wasn't going to worry about it.

He did have to wonder however, about what had happened to the old shop. She'd come in to the Red Dragon the other night drenched, crying. He'd never seen Mai cry before. And she told him that a burst pipe had ruined the shop floor, every thing aside from the special orders, ruined. Now that the workers had gone in to fix it they couldn't find anything, no broken pipes, nothing. It seemed may by it was just a Halloween prank...One that was in very poor taste. But the silver lining here was that it meant she was getting a whole new, bigger shop! Which made her smile; that made Arthour smile in turn, seeing her happy made his day, seeing her when she entered the Inn always had his heart beating just a tiny bit faster, just....being around her was enough.

Leaving the Academy grounds and making his way to the Red Dragon Inn, Arthour's smile grew further and wondered if Mai would be there today.

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