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RDI Playables / A Time of Mourning
« on: May 24, 2007, 03:52:09 PM »
By Royal Proclamation of Their Majesties King Gavilean and Queen Tera Starfare . . .

the entire Kingdom of Westridge and all its lands will enter a time of mourning for the passing of the noble Fayalki. Songs will be sung in his honor, and every establishment that serves drinks shall offer a toast on the hour.

the period of mourning shall be one fortnight.

(for further information, please see: 9335#9335 )

RDI Playables / Honeymoon
« on: June 12, 2006, 02:39:16 PM »
Following their wonderful, exciting, and exhausting Sunday with their marriage and coronation ceremonies, and a reception with dancing that lasted to the wee hours of the morning, the newlyweds can't wait to begin their honeymoon.

After Des' Monday night assignment of calling the duels at the Duel of Fists, Their Majesties, King Gavilean Starfare and Queen Tera Starfare, will immediately travel to Westridge, where they'll honeymoon at the small castle in the midst of the Great Pine Forest. There will be a small staff of servants, but otherwise they will be alone with each other and have several days in the serenity of mountain lakes and streams, lush forests, and comfort of the opulent little castle that at one time served as the hunting lodge for rulers and dignitaries.

Gav and Des will return on Saturday.

RDI Playables / Setting the Scene for the Wedding of Gav and Des
« on: June 10, 2006, 11:53:13 AM »

The Great Hall has been worked on for weeks to make it resemble as much as possible the Great Hall of Arda Castle, Westridge.

As you come to the front entrance (riding, walking, or however) a semi-circular drive will bring you to the door. You will be met by guards dressed in red and gray military uniforms, and grooms who will take your horse or carriage and return it later when you need it. The guards are there to assist you and escort you up the marble steps and through the large white doorway with columns on both sides. You?ll have been walking on red carpeting from exiting the drive, all the way into the Great Hall.

The elite Westridge Royal Guard are present, but only a small number are noticeable. The majority of the Guard is patrolling and/or hidden.

As you come into the main room of the Great Hall you?ll see that it?s brightly lit with many magnificent chandeliers high up near the ceiling. Blue roses are displayed in arrangements going around the circumference of the Great Hall. The 7000 roses have been donated by Artemus Kurgen. Upon each of the four walls are the Westridge crest done completely in flowers by Dana.

There is an upper balcony that goes around the great hall. Upon the balcony are the orchestra, a string quartet, and a contemporary band that will play special songs. Burgundy drapes cover the walls behind the balcony.

Regarding special songs, there will be songs available to you while you?re in the Great Hall. Certain songs have been reserved for special times; these are the preludes, the processional and the recessional. At various points within the ceremony you?ll see instructions such as [play the Processional now].

Several hundred burgundy cushioned chairs are placed in the hall. There is an aisle up the middle, leading to the dais. You may take a seat on either side. There will be ushers to assist you. There are guarded tables off to the left and right sides of the Hall. These are for presents if you have any with you.

Don?t be surprised at those you see attending the wedding. Nearly every dignitary from Westridge and other local kingdoms will be attending the wedding. There will be fine regalia and immaculately dressed individuals from all stations of life. There will also be many cultures and races present ? elves, dwarves, the faerie, dragons, those from other realms.

Following the wedding ceremony, the chairs and carpeting will be removed by the servants and with the use of magic. The Great Hall will be quickly turned into a glamorous reception, with a feast and dancing. Music will be playing and servants will be moving through the hall with trays of food and drink. The Bride and Groom desire for everyone to remain and have an enjoyable time. Perhaps you?ll see old friends whom you haven?t seen in years.

[size=18]THE WEDDING PARTY:[/size]

Bride:          Tera Destre
Groom:             King Gavilean Starfare
Maid of Honor: Kyndra MacDraven
Best Man:    Tasslehofl Momus
Officiating:      Xenograg Bey, Sorcerer and Bey of Xenodar

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