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The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: October 02, 2017, 05:41:59 PM »
We haven't forgotten any of you.
Just our reporters handlers have been really busy.

So much to cover too!

So a quick congrats to Colleen MacLeod-Fenner on her win for Governor!
May it be a good term in office!

The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: November 28, 2016, 12:54:37 AM »
(( )) Fenner's creator has been so work swamped that they're finding it difficult to make time to write.

You all haven't been forgotten. We promise.
Finding time to write things has been difficult for the Post staff.

And with the upcoming holidays. I can't see it improving! Lord have mercy.

So. We hope you're all doing well and we will try to post some new stuff soon!

The RhyDin Post / Great Caesar's Ghost and other things...
« on: April 10, 2016, 04:47:31 PM »
"Where is Fenner?!"  the staff heard the often asked (yelled) question coming from the editors office. It was starting to become a game to the employees.

"Where in the multiverse was Fenner?"

They knew he was still alive, they'd get small notes asking for pieces of research to be done. But as to where the saucy reporter actually was, no one knew.

"Great Caesar's Ghost! The man is going to be the death of me!"

The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: December 24, 2015, 06:00:16 PM »
(( ))  Real life has a death grip on the Post employees.

As soon as we can get it to let go a little, we'll be posting all new stuff.

In the meanwhile...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: November 09, 2015, 10:31:45 PM »
Fenner is still off chasing a story. Pete and Chris are... Honestly, I think we lost them in Vegas.

We're short staffed but haven't forgotten our loyal readers. We appreciate your patience.

RhyDin Election / Candidate Interviews
« on: September 20, 2015, 03:49:49 PM »
It's election time! We have candidates.
Do you have questions? We at the RhyDin Post want to help bring you answers. Please submit your question for the candidates to the Post.

((PM me, Paige, with the questions. In the next two days if you can, so there is time to get answers from the candidates. Thank you! ))

The RhyDin Post / Sixteen Questions With Johnny Storm
« on: September 08, 2015, 08:11:06 PM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

Johnny Storm is part of Edward Batten?s group of heroes. But what else do we know about Mr. Storm? Let?s grab that cup of coffee and see what we can learn about him.

1> How long have you been in RhyDin?
Wow, um ... Let me think. Almost four years now. Time flies when you're having fun!

2> What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you love?
I love the diversity and the freedom. And the ability to walk around without anyone thinking I'm a freak! And the adventure. Life here is never boring. If you're bored in Rhy'Din, something is wrong with you! And that's more than one, sorry! But really, I like the freedom to be able to be who I am and live the life I want without anyone judging me or trying to make me be someone I'm not.

3> Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change?
Not really. Well, maybe one or two. But the cause that's closest to my heart right now is the Orphanage. There are a lot of kids there who need a good home, and a lot of people who could make that happen but who keep their eyes closed to the problem. I'd like to challenge everyone in Rhy'Din who wants to have a kid to consider choosing a child of choice. I promise you won't regret it. I look forward to the day when the Orphanage closes because there aren't any kids left to adopt. That will be a happy day in Rhy'Din.

4>What brought you to RhyDin?
I was invited to Rhy'Din by the Avengers, but I'm not on active duty anymore. My life has gotten too busy with raising a family and working at the fire station. They know how to find me, and I'll always be there if they need me.

5>What's the one thing you've never done that you would love to do?
Geez, that's a hard one. Learn to surf! I'm just learning how to swim, but I'd love to learn how to surf. That would be such a rush!

6>What advice would you give to anyone starting out in the superhero business?
I'm not sure it's a business. I mean, you don't usually have much of a choice in these matters. Most superheroes I know don't even like to be called superheroes. They're just people with extraordinary abilities trying to do what they can to help make Rhy'Din a better place. But as far as advice goes? Find a good mentor. Find someone else who can show you the ropes and help you learn what you can and can't do. Before you can really become a superhero, you need to master your skills and know your own limitations. Otherwise, you'll just end up hurting yourself and maybe putting someone else's life in danger.

7> If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you?
I wouldn't take anything because I wouldn't be stranded! I can fly, you know, but I'll humor you. If I was stranded on a deserted island - which will never actually happen - I'd take, hmm ... um ... Are we assuming I can Flame On or not Flame On? Let's assume for some reason, I can't. Then, I'd take my wife for company ... No, I wouldn't because that would put her in too much danger. Um ... Geez, I don't know! I'm not sure I can answer that question!

8> What is something most people don?t know about you? What do they miss when meeting you?
That I'm a lot more than a pretty face? No, seriously ... I think a lot of people can't or don't bother to dig deeper. I think that goes for most people in general though. It's not just me. Back home, everyone thought I was nothing more than a rebellious teenager, when really, all I wanted was to be a hero. I'm not sure if I've achieved that here, but I think I've found my niche as a firefighter. What better way to put my abilities to good use to help people?

9> Who do you think is fascinating to watch?
I don't know about fascinating, but ... I hope my wife isn't reading this ... Janie is hot! And she's a good friend. Um ... Ebon. He's a great guy, and he deserves to be governor. He was kind of my mentor when I first got here. Lyneth. That kid is hysterical! Gosh, there are so many fascinating personalities here, it's hard to name them all. Maggie ... I swear she's really an adult in disguise. Issy. There's a woman you want on your side during a fight. All the Avengers really. This place needs heroes, and there are plenty of heroes here to choose from.

10> What do you admire most about your best friend?
That depends. I have more than one. My wife is my best friend, kinda, so if you're asking what I admire most about her, I'd have to say her compassion. I have never met a more compassionate, loving, caring, understanding, patient person than my Livvie. And she's the most organized person I've ever met, too! If you want to know about my real best friend, then I'd have to say Steve Rogers. What do I admire most about him? He's the role model every hero strives for! That and he's just a really great guy. A true friend. Someone who would lay down his life for you. Friendship doesn't get much better than that!

11> Who is your favorite bartender?
I don't know her name, but she always squirts me with water. The tease!

12> Who is your favorite business?
There are a lot of awesome businesses in Rhy'Din, but I'd have to say Miranda Bennett, owner of Weddings by Miranda. She lets me model for her sometimes - not the gowns! - and lets me keep all the clothes, and pays me, to boot! And she's just a really nice person.

13> Do you like sweets? What kinds of sweets are your favorites?
I love sweets! Sweets for the sweetest! But my favorite treat is ice cream. The only problem with ice cream is that it melts too fast, but Livvie bought me a special dish that keeps it cold long enough for me to eat it without it turning to a bowl of mush.

14> How do you feel about marshmallows?
Marshmallows? I like roasting them, and I don't need a bonfire to do it! They don't call me Torch for nothing, you know!

15> How big is your tab at the Inn?
I don't have a tab at the inn. I thought everything was free! Isn't it?

16> Have you ever fed the stew?
I tried once, but it scared the crap out of me, and I've never tried it again.

The RhyDin Post / RhyDin Files #40
« on: July 09, 2015, 02:45:45 AM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

Newsflash: RhyDin City

According to local farmers, there has been a rash of animals going missing. Including, a small group of baby goats. The kidnappers are being sought. Anyone with information on the crimes against the animals should contact the watch immediately.

The RhyDin Post / Sixteen Questions with Brian Ravenlock
« on: July 09, 2015, 02:41:01 AM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

Brian Ravenlock. Most people are aware of the man who goes with this name, but what do we really know about the leader of the 27th Precinct of the Watch? Grab that coffee cup and settle in to learn more about this community leader.

1> How long have you been in RhyDin? ?I?ve been here, since I was about seven years old or so, I was raised in the Valley of Marfa?now known as the Valley of Harborage. Before that, I lived in a small Kingdom known as Tyris.?

2> What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you love? ?The variety of beings and culture we have here in RhyDin. It?s like no other place, I have ever lived in. This is a place where you can truly find just about anything and everything, if one were to look hard enough.?

3> Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change? ?Personally for me--- I?d like to see an end to Slavery, but that?s just me. I know it?s a tall order and it won?t really happen. But it?s something I?d like to see an end to. Aside from that, I?d like to see more tolerance?I mean we live in a place where anything and everything can happen. We?ve a place that sees new arrivals on a daily basis from all walks of life that spread far across more planes of existence that I can imagine and yet--- premature intolerance still runs rampant. I mean, if you don?t like someone, fine. That?s your given right--- but at least have a good reason and more so, a solid one. I don?t know?perhaps I could articulate myself better on it, but for the moment it is what it is.

4> What is your most memorable brawl or encounter in the Inn? ?The brawl I had with Jewell, when we first met. That?s one I?ll never forget, ever. It also set the stage for what became our family.?

5> In your eyes, can you name a person or family of note when it comes to RhyDin? ?Actually there are many families to take note of, when it comes to this realm of ours. But for me, there is a family that truly stands out and not only because they are a most impressive family with such a sincere longevity, but for other reasons as well?sentimental ones at that. That would be the Bloods, also known as the Blood House Onyx. In my eyes, if RhyDin carried a Royal Family so to speak or a Hierarchy or any kind, that family would be at the top of the food chain, or pretty damned close. Now, I?m not selling any other families short by any measure, especially my own. We have more than a few families that carry a great deal of longevity when it comes to this realm, when it comes to this city?but only so many can truly lay claim to having been here anywhere near the amount of time the Bloods have, or more so--- having been as active, or relevant as they have over the course of their time with us. They set the stage? the framework for so many other families, when it came to how things were conducted inside and outside of the family circles, so to speak. Their impact on the realm and its people, is without question, even if you don?t see them or hear of them as often as other folk. Also, I will say this here and now? I have personally learned a great deal of what it was to be a part of a much larger world than my own family wise, from their examples. I have heard folks speak of my family, of the Brambles or the Longdens as well as other families, such as the Maligns and Helstons. While I can?t speak for the others, I can speak in regards to my own. We wouldn?t be as we are now, had it not been for the influence of the Blood family.

6> What could be considered Brian Ravenlock?s most embarrassing moment? ?Not a one? Really. Well? Alright, there was this one time? I?d been drinking FAR too much, somehow I ended up under the skirt of a giantess?oh yeah, I lost my clothes somehow too. Don?t ask, cause I don?t remember how. All I know is that I fought tooth and nail to stay under that skirt, because there was an outdoor function in full swing and there I was butt naked trying to remain concealed? I failed so badly. Long story short, I was found out. Scrambled to get out of there, caused quite the scene and was rightly jailed for a night. Come to think of it, she never did call me? Oh well? embarrassing? I guess we can categorize it as that, especially when I woke up the following morning. Upside? It was immortalized in an epic poem, known as ?The Contessa De? Munchalotte?, true story.?

7> If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you? ?Jenai? sorry babes, till death?stranded an all that fun stuff. Um, lessee? Alright, we have Jenai? Oh yeah, a large cow, a fire pit with fire of course, seasonings, and--- butcher tools? Yeah, that?ll work. You say stranded, we say adventurous date!?

8> What is something most people don?t know about you? What do they miss when meeting you? ?That despite the larger than life tales that surround myself and my family, I?m just a regular kind of guy. I work a few jobs, I?m a family man, got the loving wife, the kids. Y?know, living the dream. I read a lot, have a huge love for terran comic books and a severe weakness for the lemon cake.?

9> Who do you think is fascinating to watch? ?My wife hands down? She is something I absolutely love to watch, it?s been that way since I?d first met her all those years ago. Especially when she?wait, this is ?PG? right? Alright, let?s keep that first part. We?re good.?

10> What do you admire most about your best friend? ?Her mind, her caring soul, her unwavering love and support of her family. Her strength and resolve, when it comes to not only herself, but what she does for others, not only within our family or friends, but for anyone else in need. I mean, it was also cool that she literally laid siege to a castle for the sake of getting me back? Well it was an Abbey, truth be told.. but she sacked the entire valley with the forces she put together. She also held the line till others showed up to assist, before the final push. Not bad at all for someone who had no real military experience. So yeah, there?s that? She?s easily the incredible person I have ever known, and not just cause she?s hot as all get out. So back to the question, I?d say everything about her.?

11> Who is your favorite bartender? ?Hmm, I need to take it back a bit? Fay & Dey, Branwyn, Grail, Katharine, Sylvia, Tera Destre?those are my personal faves. None are here anymore working, but their presence is always felt whenever I enter the Inn. Now currently, that Dex?thing? Guy? Whatever he is, I like him too, he?s good folk!?

12> Who is your favorite Politician(s)? ?Well, I?m not one for politics?alright, that?s a lie. I have two of them, actually. One is our current Governor, Ebon. He?s a dear friend and one helluva hard worker then it comes to this city and its people. He is in fact the real deal, no bones about it. The next one?now here me out here? Jesse. Now wait a sec, here me out. I say Jesse, because of a few reasons, the most important of which, is she says it like it is. If she?s gonna do something, she tells you. If she doesn?t like something, she tells you. I mean really? Has she lied? I know she?s in deep left field as they can come, but she doesn?t lie. She?s as up front as they come, and like or not--- you gotta respect that. Also her word for undead rights, is rather commendable.

13> Do you like sweets? What kinds of sweets are your favorites? ?Lemon Cake, Lemon Cake, Lemon Cake?and Jade?s Muffins. I know they?re baked goods, but they?re sweet to me.?

14> How do you feel about marshmallows? ?I never met an evil one yet, so that?s a good thing. I guess I?m in different? I mean if they don?t cross me or mine, or cause any issues in the city, I guess we?ll be oka?huh? Wait, what? Oh that Jet-Puffed, stuff! Yeah, they?re okay. I mean they are a part of the S?more, so they can?t be all that bad, right? Or are you guys talking about that dueling ball of fur? Mallow was it? No? Okay, then what I said before stands.?

15> How big is your tab at the Inn? ?Honestly, there is no tab for me. I pay as I go, always have and always will. Last thing I need is Dex hunting me down with those arms of his for a shake down. I mean have you seen how strong he is??

16> Have you ever fed the stew? ?The Stew and I--- we?ve had some moments. For the record, yes I have fed it. More than once. I have also read to it, engaged in a political discussion that completely de-railed into a ?Your Momma? contest? The Stew won. We wrote a poem once, together. Actually it?s fairly damned talented when it wants to be. I mean, finding a rhyme for ?sucking the marrow from your bones, while savoring your gristle?, that?s talent?cause he didn?t use the words thistle or whistle. Talent.?

The RhyDin Post / Sixteen Questions with Mona Oliveira
« on: June 02, 2015, 03:32:52 AM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

Sixteen Questions with Mona Oliveira

Who is this fashionista that travels the RhyDin City streets?  We wanted to know too! So grab that cup of coffee and get to know Mono Oliveira!

1> How long have you been in RhyDin?
Five months, give or take? Sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes it does not seem so long at all.

2> What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you love?
The variety! RhyDin is so diverse. It keeps things interesting, and half the time I feel like some child lost in a fairy tale acid trip, because I never know who- or what- I will encounter!

3> Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change?
I do not think anything bugs me enough to actually consider changing it. It is a place where 'govern yourselves accordingly' actually seems to work for the most part, so who am I to complain, you know?

4> Where are you from originally?
I am from a place called ?vora, which is in Portugal. Very pretty but very hot.

5> What do you do for a living?
Right now? Nothing. I might go into real estate though, because I think I am very good at it. I just sold the house next to mine to a girl named Serah Farron. If you are reading this,Ol? Serah!

6> Is there anyone on Earth who misses you? Is there anyone that you miss?
Most of the people I knew back there have missed me at one time or another, which does not keep them from still taking aim. It is one of the reasons I am better off in RhyDin.

Oh! The people themselves? My mentor probably misses me. I certainly miss him. We write letters back and forth, because he is like my big brother. He has taught me how to be and how not to be, and while it pains me that I do not get spend the time with him I once did, he is a very busy man. I understand that.

7> If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you?
1) Bart Fitzroy, because even on a deserted island, being left to my own devices would be a very bad thing
2) My parrot, Batata, so that Bart will have something to argue with.
3) An empty truck
4) A copy of Lord of The Flies, because I think it would be appropriate
5) A cellphone to call someone for when we do not want to be stranded anymore

8> What is something most people don?t know about you? What do they miss when meeting you?
I do not think there is enough paper in the world, you know? I think people believe I am just bored with the world, but inside I am a very big dork. I love the game Teddy Bear: The Cuddling, and old campy vampires movies.

9> Who do you think is fascinating to watch?
Artsblood Shusberg. We do not see eye to eye sometimes, but the way she moves is very much like a spider always looking for something that is trapped in its web.

I think Cianan, he is very funny to watch. He is like if someone made a drow cartoon character and it came to life.

10> What do you admire most about your best friend?
What I admire most about Bart is that, no matter what, he is so laid back. Just being around him is very calming, very cool. He keeps me sane.

And Tegan Milburn, who is more family now than friend. She puts up this front, you know, where she seems all mysterious and spooky, but inside she is all hearts and kittens. Her room looks like Lisa Frank exploded in there! I admire that duality.

11> Who is your favorite bartender?
I do not know his name, but the one who plays the piano.

12> Who is your favorite shop owner?
The woman who runs Dangerous Duds. I keep a weird schedule, so when she closes for the night she leaves the back door open because she knows I always ring myself up!

13> Do you like sweets? What kinds of sweets are your favorites?
I am not a fan of sweets, but sweet people? Zofie Kaminsky, hands down, and Damian Osiris. They make my teeth ache.

14> How do you feel about marshmallows?
I don't care for them, but I enjoy watching my dog try to eat them!

15> How big is your tab at the Inn?
Oddly enough, a tab does not exist for me there. I pay upfront.

16> Have you ever fed the stew?
No, but I have heard tales. I am in no hurry to meet it, either.

The RhyDin Post / Re:
« on: June 02, 2015, 03:24:33 AM »
Basically a bump here.

And a reminder: If you have a character you'd like interviewed. Or perhaps a freelance piece of writing. PM me and we'll see what we can do!

Fenner sends his love.

The RhyDin Post / RhyDin Files #39
« on: April 08, 2015, 10:20:38 PM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

Small Medium at Large!

Several complaints have been filed at the Watch Headquarters of a dwarf ?psychic? who has been using that ruse to scam his clients and rob their homes.

The individual calling himself The Emerald Dwarf, claims to be in touch with family members who have passed on and wish to have one last tour of their home, which the dwarf then uses to case the house that he returns to later to relieve it of any possessions he can easily fence on the black market.

Beware RhyDinians, when you find yourself in need of celestial guidance, only use trusted psychics.

The RhyDin Post / Sixteen Questions With Thorne
« on: February 24, 2015, 10:19:39 PM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

What do we know about Thorne? The lady dynamo bakes, she?s funny, she?s a good friend. But what else can we learn about this lady? Grab a cup of coffee and read on, learn more about Thorne.

1> How long have you been in RhyDin?
I've been in Rhy'din about twelve, thirteen years now.

2> What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you love?
I love that anyone can be anything here. Who, or what you're born back home, can change in a heartbeat here. You really can make yourself into anything, anyone you want to be.

3> Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change?
The fractured nature of the infrastructure. The governor's currently doing, and those before him have done, their best to change things for the better (or at least their councils have), but there's still gaps and chasms between each group, in each sector that make making any real change, any real improvements, damn near impossible.

4> Last year you ran for Governor, why?
Because I really do think that if we could all work together, Rhy'din could be even more of an amazing place than it already is. And I'm not talking about changing the chaotic, somewhat wild type of place it is, or imposing more rules and regulations, exactly. What I'm talking about is the sort of thing that groups are already doing, but instead of one person, or one group here and there, I mean everyone being linked up and having access to the funds, services, needed to actually help the people that need to be, want to be helped.

5>How do you get around in RhyDin? Car, motorcycle, horse, carriage?
Yes? Mostly I walk, or jog, or use magical means. At least to get into town, my home is a few hours drive away, back in the mountains to the North. In town, yeah usually I'll walk, sometimes I'll ride, occasionally I'll hire a ride from a cab or a carriage depending on my mood.

6> What inspired you to take up cooking and catering as a profession?
Way back, it's my Gramma. We were dirt poor when I was coming up. I mean, stand in line for free food, eat pinto beans every night for weeks poor. But, she always made sure there was plenty of whatever we had. The neighbors kids were hungry, they'd have a plate too. Some random acquaintance stopped by at supper time, there'd be a place at Table for them. There's something, warming and pleasing in knowing that someone's enjoying something you've prepared with your own hands.
That, and when I first came to Rhy'din I had no income, and was stretching an inheritance as far as I could once I got my first house. Catering was the best, and smartest way for me to go at the time.
And I'm damn glad, damn grateful to the woman who gave me my first break.

7> If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you?
Roan, some sturdy rope, a cleaver, a deep stock pot, and some salt.

8> What is something most people don't know about you? What do they miss when meeting you?
There's a boatload of things that most people don't know about me honestly. I tend to be one of the people who don't tell everyone their life story. Hells, I've known some people for years, and they don't really know jack about me.
I think that what most people miss when they meet me is that what they see, what I show them, is the tip of the iceberg. And that they shouldn't assume anything just from the way I happen to act when I'm in a crowded public space.

9> Who do you think is fascinating to watch?
The list is pretty long, and there are more people being added to it everyday. But, the people who own themselves and their actions, the people who live their lives their way, but have the ability to understand, and accept that actions have consequences, those are the most fascinating people to be around to me.

10> What do you admire most about your best friend?
That he can live his life his way. That he's survived, lived, for so very long, without losing every shred of his sanity permanently. That he can make me smile, make me stop and think, make my heart skip a beat. And that, when it comes right down to it, when it's really important, he's right there ready to pitch in or throw down.

11> Who is your favorite bartender?
That's a toss up considering that most of the time when I'm in a bar, there's no tender on the clock. Amber's a blast, but so is Sissy in the SEB. So I'll say it's a fifty-fifty split between the two.

12> Who is your favorite caller? (If you do not duel, you can change this to waitress, shop owner... whatever works best!)
I mostly duel on Twilight, when I duel at all. So, Grace and Claire for the Isle.

13> Do you like sweets? What kinds of sweets are your favorites?
I don't always love sweets, but when I do, there's a shoppe down off the Docks that has the best chocolate dipped, roasted crickets ever. They're like chocolate coated wafer bars, only with legs that get stuck in your teeth. Or, I'll make something at home. Chocolate covered gummi bear clusters are a favorite with a couple friends of mine.

14> How do you feel about marshmallows?
They should only be eaten if they're homemade, and fresh.

15> How big is your tab at the Inn?
I don't have one. I pay for my drinks as I go.

16> Have you ever fed the stew?
 A couple of times I think, at least, I think I have intentionally. Accidentally, definitely.

The RhyDin Post / Sixteen Questions with Zofie Kaminsky
« on: January 24, 2015, 09:09:56 PM »

[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

New and old residence alike live in RhyDin City. Our recent interview with Colleen MacLeod Fenner gave a glimpse into the mind of a long time resident, now we slide to the other end of the spectrum with a newer resident, Zofie Kaminsky.

Settle in with that cup of coffee and get to know Zofie.

1> How long have you been in RhyDin?

I've only been here since September. Lots of stuff goes right over my head, especially since so many people have been here a while and so much seems to have happened way back. It's cool, though, because I get to explore the 'now' of RhyDin and just get little bits of context here and there on why something's turned out one way or another.

2> What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you love?

The one thing? Uh... I like that I don't have to pay taxes on the warehouse I live in, and that so far, no one's come to demolish it or reclaim it. I have other things I like, like the weird food, and all the stray cats in Dockside, but that's the one that's the most fundamental.

3> Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change?

I'm not sure I can answer this one properly. I just got here, and I feel like a place just is what it is, warts and all, and that enacting change needs some kind of personal motivation toward it. I'm content just making my movies and eating tons of junk, so... yeah, while there's stuff that rubs me the wrong way, it doesn't bother my little happy zone.

4> How did you get here?

Hopefully I don't get locked up for saying this, but I stowed away on a universe-jumping merchant vessel that was coincidentally headed for Star's End. It was making a pit stop to refuel and scoop up some kind of supplies... I don't know what, really. Anyhow, I scrambled out at their first stop afterwards, which happened to be here, and after a rough spot crawling around the Marketplace, I lucked out on finding a busted up warehouse at Dockside that'd been damaged from cannon fire.

5> What kind of movies do you make, and where can we see them?

I do mostly moving sculpture and stop motion stuff with things I've trash-picked or found lying around. Sometimes I'll actually make legit models, but those are for commissions. I dunno if you've seen the ads for the Marketplace Smokin' Crater Barbecue, but I did those, and the "Be Polite Or Get Eaten Alive" and "When to Contact the Children's Pound" PSAs for the West End. Got some friends working on getting a car restoration business going, so be on the lookout for that, too!

6> You've been known to have objects floating around your person. Is this something you include in your movie-making process, or is that cheating?

Oh hell yeah, I do! It's still tricky, but it helps keep me from wearing out my camera by stopping and starting all the live-long day. Problem is, it gets me super-hungry, so I don't know exactly how economical it might be. What's more effective is Spider-Manning on a wall or ceiling to get a good angle. Cranes and booms are a paaaaaaain to rent and maneuver when I don't have all that much space to work in.

7> If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you?

Hm. Goggles that match my prescription, a whetstone, a nice axe, a mirror and a weather-tight box of fabric. It's all I need to live comfortably. I'd be concerned about messing up the ecosystem too badly, though.

8> What is something most people don?t know about you? What do they miss when meeting you?

Well, I think the answer to both is that I'm a private person. I'm kinda like a cat; I'm friendly and all, but too much attention just... it freaks me out and scares me off, like... "don't come to me; I'll come to you." What few people I know tell me I'm a technically savvy wild animal, and it isn't far from the mark.

9> Who do you think is fascinating to watch?

Rekah, most definitely. She kinda... fades in and fades out between actions. Kinda wonder why she doesn't talk, but it's not my place to ask. Foster's an interesting character. Tough to talk to, since like... he's waaay out there when it comes to having common ground, but he's always got some seemingly innocuous, but potentially devastating thing going on.

10> What do you admire most about your best friend?

My best friend? Uh... well, back when he was alive, my friend Carlos just... he kept this moral center without giving a reprobate like me too much of a hard time. It was easy to just... switch topics and talk about what our projects were in school, or mech designs without getting into all of the crap I was dabbling in.

As far as friends here, even though I know I'm not her best friend, I admire Mona Oliveira's inability to give a flying crap. She's got this mix of secrecy and laying out what she wants right on the table that I really, really like. She's like The Most Interesting Woman in the World, but... not sponsored by Dos Equis. Also, she... doesn't have a beard.

11> Who is your favorite bartender?

It's a tie between Toby St. Germain and Colleen Fenner... mostly because they're the only bartenders I've met. Still, Toby makes a mean egg nog, and Collie's Manhattans Will. Get. You. Trashed.

12> Who is your favorite caller?

I get prank called by Cuyler Quinn at least once a week, does that count?? Um... nah, I can't really speak on favorite duel callers. It's a fine sport, but I can't get into it.

13> Do you like sweets? What kinds of sweets are your favorites?

I like savory and spicy more than sweets, but I'm a sucker for salt water taffy, especially the ones with all the Old Man flavors like huckleberry and butter rum.

14> How do you get around in RhyDin? Horse, carriage, car, motorcycle etc?

Usually I end up hopping between cars and buses during the day; there's enough traffic that if you can stick to walls and handle sharp turns, it's pretty easy to get around just by using ambient traffic. At night I end up on the RTS, and let me tell you, if you wanna hear messed up stories, riding to Dockside at night will land you at least a few, whether you want to hear them or not.  

15> How big is your tab at the Inn?

Oh god, you mean I have to pay for stuff there??  Uhm... Oh man... in US currency like... upwards of $100K? I eat a lot... a whole lot. I don't even eat fancy. Oh nonono...

16> Have you ever fed the Stew?

I've heard about the Stew... and I've consciously avoided it, in case we end up nullifying each other. We're both card-carrying members of the Clean Plate Club. We may end up in some kind of eating-related battle. That'll be an intense day.

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