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Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: December 13, 2018, 07:46:05 PM »
Marek was sitting on a simple wooden chair toward the end of a low dock. Humming lightly to himself some AC/DC song as he was busy with a fishing pole. Though not your normal type of fishing. There was no hook on the end of the line. However, there was a Hershey's chocolate bar inside of a sealed plastic bag. The plastic bag was clipped to a two inch clamp at the end of the fishing line. The casting out wouldn't be too involved. Just a little flick of the line out with it's treat clipped on the end.

Reaching over with a free hand to pick up vanilla shake he had purchased on his way to the docks. The straw taken up by his lips and a light drink was had of the cool, refreshing liquid. Sure it was around 40 degrees out, but Marek wasn't exactly your normal guy. Since his arrival to Rhydin over fifteen years ago, Marek had adapted well to the low tech, in between and high tech areas of the world. A lot of friends made along the ride of his life on Rhydin and memories.

The line gave a tug suddenly and Marek's light beard shifted as he perked a smirk. Settling his shake down beside his chair and giving a little tug in return of the fishing pole in his hand. Things went quite and then bursting upwards near the dock came a blue tailed, Mermaid holding the chocolate bar safe inside that plastic bag.

"Hello Calista." Marek's smirk still at his lips. Calista gave a little whip of her light brown locks of hair about her head to expel excess water droplets. Her smile perked slowly upwards from the water at Marek on the dock. "You sure know how to attract a girl, Marek Kharune." Calista removed the plastic bag from the end of the line and opened the sealed bag for the chocolate bar inside. Closing up the plastic bag and offering it upwards toward Marek, who would lean a bit to take the bag from her and shove of it into one of the pockets on his leather jacket. Not really caring if the bag was still wet.

"I haven't seen you in a while. Where have you been, Marek?" A bite taken of the chocolate bar as Calista's near glassy eyes peered upwards at him from her spot in the water. The mermaid's tail was shifting below her to hold her in place gently. "Been busy removing the 'bad things' that cause trouble. I've been so busy, that I haven't even been at the bar I'm part owner of." Calista gave a quiet swallow of the chocolate piece she had been chewing. Taking a moment to savor the taste as she gave a little sigh. Tilting her head at Marek with a curious smile. "The Grumpy Gator and Bar? Callie running things there still?" Marek gave a nod of his head, putting the fishing pole down to the dock beside him on the wooden boards. "Yeah. She's a real treasure. Keeping things in order at the bar and going good. Found a good guy and seems they.. adopted I believe. Two little ones.. course, they're getting bigger probably. Kids never stay small for long but it is nice when they are young." Calista was going to take another bite from the candy bar when she gave a pause and that naughty smile crossed her lips. "Didn't you say, she's like a daughter to you?" Marek knew where this was going. "Yes, I did." Calista's smile only grew further. "So, that would mean.. you are, Grampa Marek?" Marek's gaze narrowed at the mermaid. "Maybe." Calista started laughing with a shake of her head. "Awww.. I think it's cute!" "I am not, cute." Stated Marek. "Daring, courageous, smart, handsome, dangerous... and cute." Said Calista with a little smirk at her lips. "No worries, old man, you're still sexy in my thoughts. And you don't look old or Grandpa like to me. You don't look a day over.. thirty-eight.. or maybe forty." "I'm eighty." Commented Marek as gave a little shake of his head downward at her in the water. "I don't have Elven ears, but I have my Grandfather's blood in my veins and he was Elven, back on my home world." Calista smiled. "So you could live nice and long, visiting me through the passing of time?" That naughty smile of hers was pushing at her lips again. Marek gave a little smirk from his lips. "Yes, unless something horrible happens.. I will be around to pester you through the decades."

Calista glanced to the chocolate bar in her right hand. "I don't think you pester me. Matter a fact, I like it when you come around to say hello. I rather like hearing about your adventures on land and in the air. What do you call that metal thing with the.. the big blades that spin around?" "Helicopter." Said Marek. "Though not all are made of just metal." "Where is Qiulong, your little golden Asian Dragon?" Asked Calista.

"He's resting at one of my hide outs. I'll have to bring him by next time I'm here. I think he quite enjoyed racing you through the water." Calista's smile was a bit coy as she looked upwards at Marek from the water. "I remember you, used to swim with me sometimes." Marek returned the smile. "Yes, I have." Calista's blue colored tail shifted below her, ushering her upwards from the water a bit further. She had never been one to cover. Be it with some type of clothing or shells. Marek's lips twisted into another smirk as he leaned from the chair some to lower his voice at her. "Always the naughty girl, Calista? No swimming today, too cold probably and I didn't bring my swim suit, darlin'."

Calista's smile grew upon her lips. "When you are around, yes. The Mermen? Yuck. All the good ones are taken it seems and the decent ones are.. what do you call it? Tail grab happy?" Marek laughed with a little nod of his head downward at her. He was behaving, somewhat. Though he may have given a glance to a few droplets of water gliding off Calista's breasts to the water surrounding her. She shifted upwards suddenly, grabbing at his open leather jacket and pulling him from his chair right off the dock and into the water in a large splash!

A moment, then Marek would pop up from below the water. Legs and hands moving about as he shook his head at Calista who was laughing. She dipped below the water and then popped up right in front of him. "Not to worry, Marek. I'll keep you warm from the cold."

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 05:46:02 AM »
Vincent tossed Akira to the leaves upon the ground. Evergreen trees surrounded them. Her hands were bound in rope. She had braided her hair into a single pony tail before she left her place of work to head home. The little red bow that had been at the back was gone and her comfortable jacket was torn up along with her left dark knee high stocking. She'd lost her heels somewhere along the way of Vincent dragging her through the woods.

"Let me go! Let me go!" She shouted. "I heard you were a loud one, this should be fun." Commented Vincent as he laughed looking her over on the ground before him. "You know, your little friend was killed not too far from here actually. Though that spot didn't have much in the way of evergreen trees about it. No doubt how she was found easier. No matter. I had hoped to enjoy this city a bit longer before taking my leave for a year or two. I suppose I'll have to depart sooner than expected now. Best to have a treat before I'm off, yes?" Akira was shivering from the cold. It was only about 41 degrees out, but her short skirt and jacket had been torn and the cold air from the light wind wasn't playing nice with her skin below. "You damn vamp-head! You killed Beka! What's a matter? She laugh at your little soldier?"

Vincent gave pause, blinking even down at Akira. "What did you say???" Akira grinned up at him. "That's it wasn't it? You have long life, but a small one don't you? I bet she laughed and laughed seeing you drop your pants." "Shut up!" Shouted Vincent. Akira didn't pause. "Must be sad, to go on and on living. Knowing you probably have the smallest among vampires. Is it, cute?" Vincent growled and reached down to grab her by the throat, lifting her up to standing as his dark brows narrowed at her.

"You unworthy, little, unsavory, mouthy thing." Growled Vincent through his gritted teeth. Which by now there were some exposed fangs. "I am going to quite enjoy taking your life."

A shot rang out. The silver round impacted to Vincent's right shoulder and he winced while dropping Akira back to the forest ground. Spinning around with a snarl from his lips to see Marek several yards away.

"Oh look, you found me. How lovely. Now I can kill you too!" Another shot rang out in the night, then a third in quickness. One impacted to Vincent's left knee cap and the other his right. Sending the vampire down to his stomach before he tried to get back up, but failed. Blue was laying in the leaves behind Marek about fifty yard behind and to his left by three feet. Once the shot was clean, Blue took it.

"You are not worthy! I will not be.." Before he could finish his sentence, Marek walked up and snatched him up by his long dark coat. Lifting him into the air, Vincent tried to grab and pull at Marek's arms and then at his shoulders. He found that this adversary, was not like a normal human however. Was it possible for a human to be strong as a Vampire? If you had the treatments and 'fixings' like Marek had from his home world, yes. Technology, meet fantasy.

Vincent narrowed his brows at Marek as he hit him in the face and upper chest. "You know, I think you have about worn out your welcome, Vincent. You know, normally I would take my time to dispatch one like you who has upset me. Don't think I'm gonna do that. Did you have fun hunting? Did you? Give you a rush did it? Excitement?" Marek threw Vincent hard to the left. The vampire slammed into a dead tree's trunk and fell to the ground. The silver rounds in his knees made it hard for him to regenerate flesh and muscle currently.

Walking in a firm stride over to Vincent, three hand blades extended outward from the back of Marek's left hand. Curving out above the knuckles and waiting little time, were driven into Vincent's chest as he was lifted upwards and slammed into the tree trunk behind him. Growling and snarling in pain, Vincent scratched at Marek with the nails on his fingertips. Three hand blades slide out silent as ever, from Marek's right hand.

"Goodbye, Vincent." Simply said, before Marek rammed his right hand toward Vincent's neck. The three blades sliced easily into the flesh there. A pause, moment to savor the look in Vincent's eyes of pain and knowing the end was close. Marek gave a hard thrust of his right hand upwards suddenly. Tearing Vincent's head clean free of his neck and sending it flying to land in some fallen leaves. It was Fall after all.

As Marek moved in step, he gave a hard pull upwards and out of his left hand's blades from the chest. Pulling out in a rather gruesome fashion, Vincent's heart. A drop of it to the ground. Hand blades retracted back below the flesh at his hands and out of sight. Marek reached below his leather jacket to a pocket and pulled free a vial of something. Removing the cork and pouring the greenish liquid over Vincent's heart on the ground.

The liquid seemed to seep into the heart at first and than the heart started to be eaten up by the liquid. Not a bit of Vincent's heart would be left. As the last bit of flesh was eaten up to nothing, the unique liquid seemed to harden and then crack before breaking into a dark ashy brown in color.

Marek put the cork back in the empty vial and tucked it away to a side pocket on the outside of his leather jacket. Turning he moved over toward Akira who was still on the ground, shaking more so out of fear than the cold at this point.

Marek lowered to one knee in front of her, reaching to work the knot open and free of her hands from the rope Vincent had used about her wrists. "Is he? Is he really dead?" She quietly asked as she looked over toward what was left of the body by the dead tree. Marek glanced over where she was looking and gave a little nod of his head. "Yeah. He's dead, Akira. No worries."

Akira turned her head at Marek, she had tears upon her face. She had felt this was going to be her end, like Beka's. Alone in the woods. Slowly, Akira put her arms around Marek's neck as she started to cry. "Did you forget?" Asked Marek. Akira pulled back some and blinked gently. "Forget?" Her head tilted a bit curious. Marek perked a smile at his lips. "I told you nothing was going to happen to you." Akira smiled slowly and nodded softly. "Yeah, you did say that. I owe you, Marek. Big time for saving my life." Marek gave a light shake of his head. "You cook me up that famous lobster dish you make and we'll call it even." Akira's smile grew bigger. "Okay, it's a deal."

"Hey." Came Blue's voice as he walked over toward them. He had obtained the severed head of Vincent's and it was currently in a brown plastic bag over his right shoulder while the modified sniper rifle he had used, was in his free hand. "What do I get?" Akira smirked some and shook her head. "I'll pay for your drinks at the Red Dragon Inn for a month, how's that?" Blue grinned wide. "Make it two months and you've got a deal cute stuff! Can't take anything else, I'm spoken for." Blue gave a big wink at Marek, who laughed gently with a nod of his head. Yeah, seems Blue and Pamela had become quite the couple.

Marek eased up from his kneel on the ground and helped Akira stand in turn. Brushing off some leaves from her as well. "Best take you by the hospital just to make sure you're all right, Akira." "I'm all right now Marek, Blue, I'm about as right as rain." Marek smiled and lowered from his heat to brush his lips to the top of her head before whispering.

"No worries, Akira. You're safe."

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 04:50:37 AM »
"That's her car?" Asked Blue as Marek had parked behind Akira's car in the parking lot of her apartment complex. "Yeah and it ain't natural for her to leave her leather bag on the ground. She saved up for that bag, Blue. Cost a few hundred." Blue nodded his head. "True leather is expensive. So where did she go than?"

Marek glanced around, a few drops of blood were on the ground. A motion with his hand for Blue to see. Blue got down on his hands and knees and sniffed the blood. "Hm, that's not vampire blood. It's human. She must of cut herself or something when he took her. Can't go back to his fancy hotel, that bar we sorta tore the hell out of and by now he knows he's a wanted neck sucker."

"Woods?" Blue inquired with a perk of his pointed blue ears. Marek glanced at the car and then downward at Blue. "Maybe. Worth checking out." Marek and Blue moved back to Marek's modified Chevelle and slid inside. Slamming the doors closed Marek gave a turn of the key to bring of the engine to life. "Best be quick about getting to that spot you told me about. The one that Marshal met you at?" "Yeah, my thoughts exactly. No time to spare."

Marek backed the muscle car up in a quick shift into reverse and then reached for the console to the right of the steering wheel. A few buttons pushed and a glowing blue light started to perk from a crystal behind what seemed like a little glass box in the console, above the radio. Gotta have a radio you know.

Ahead of the car, a blue swirling vortex started to form and rotate with a few strikes of lightening like sparks from the growing tunnel like hole. "Admit it, you like that gadget I installed." Grinned Blue. Marek smirked a bit over at him. "Yeah. Gets me places quicker." Looking back to the now swirling blues and purples, Marek shifted gears and burned off for the vortex. Shifting again as the car ran right into the swirling clouds and disappearing.

A minute later, the vortex would close upon itself and vanish.

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 04:38:26 AM »
Akira had left the brothel that night after being walked to her car by a couple of the hired security for the brothel. The owners took care of the 'working girls' because, well, you didn't make any money if they turned up dead. Keeping them alive was a good thing!

Akira gave a smile to the two guards after starting her car and heading off for her home. She could afford a decent place. Nothing too fancy, but a nice enough apartment that was only twenty minutes from her place of work. As she pulled into a parking spot outside the apartment complex, made of red brick, she gave a glance around checking to see if anyone was about. Not seeing anyone she turned off the car and slid out the door grabbing her leather bag in the process. A sudden slam against the car and knock to the ground made her groan in pain.

"You look good enough to eat." Came Vincent's voice. A smile perked his lips slowly.

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 04:29:50 AM »
The door to the Vampire haven of a bar blew off it's hinges and went flying across the the way. Orc guards immediately moved toward the open doorway but were cut down by weapons fire from a pair of ChemRail rifles. The high rate of fire from the advanced electro magnetic rail rifles cut large holes into the Orcs. Some losing limbs in the process of being hit.

There was a pause before Marek and Blue stepped in through the doorway, after putting in new box magazines of the unique 8.75 rounds.

"Oh, did we crash your party?" Grinned Blue as a cinnamon flavored cigar was sticking out from his teeth. "Looking for a Vincent, snappy dresser and likes to leave victims in the woods outside of town?" Asked Marek as he looked at the faces around the bar and tables gazing back at the two of them. "No?" Asked Marek. "You get out of here with your little gremlin!" Shouted a well dressed bartender as he pointed. "I don't think they want to talk. I hate talking, you know that right?" Said Blue up at Marek. "Yeah, I know. Well, I don't know any of these vampires so no loss for me." Stated Marek.

With that, the ChemRail rifles went to work firing off in their rapid rate of fire. Some vampires ducked and others tried to run. Limbs and heads were blown off of bodies. Some had huge holes explode through them. It wasn't a clean bit of killing, but, it was very effective against the vampires in removing heads and hearts.

Blue clicked the release on his rifle and the large box magazine dropped to the flooring, empty. Pulling out another one to pop into the underside of the rifle while Marek did the same. Slowly they would make their way around what was left of the place. Any vampires found still alive, were executed by loss of head and heart. Some hunted things that went 'bump in the night' with what could be called 'old school' weapons. Marek and Blue, preferred like some, to use more modern weapons that got the job done easier. Sure, Marek still carried at least one Para Black Ops .45 caliber pistol with silver bullets, but, well, some tech was just more fun to use.

Marek gave a nod toward the far end of the bar. Blue moved around the other side before a hop up on the bar was made and his rifle pointed at a bloody bartender laying on the marble flooring. He held a hand up at Blue. "Don't shoot! Please! I didn't do anything! Stop!" Marek peered over the bar at the vampire. "You know where Vincent is?" He asked. The vampire had long hair done back in a bun. His hand was bloody and he was missing two fingers. No doubt blown off from the powerful rifles. "Look, he's a creature of habit okay? He likes old stuff. Victorian clothing, music and doesn't like modern stuff. He was here the other night and when he went to leave I asked if I could get him a safe ride back to his hotel and he said no. He didn't want a car driving him around so he left on foot. I haven't seen him since then, I swear! He goes to the woods outside of the city here sometimes I know. Right off the main road, but far enough away so nobody traveling on the road would see anything."

Marek perked a brow at the vampire. "See, anything?" The bartender gave a sigh and shook his head. "I mean.. ummm... okay.. okay! Vincent likes to do his, feasting we'll say in the woods. That's where he takes all his victims. I know he's taken a few street prostitutes and then he came in one night here and made a comment that he had been at a classy brothel. We all gotta have fun right?" The vampire put forth a smile.

A shot rang out from Blue's rifle, impacting and severing the vampire's right leg below the knee. The vampire screamed out in pain. "No fun for you." Said Blue as the unique cigar shifted between his large sharp teeth.

"Victorian." Marek said. "You said Vincent is a creature of habit?" The vampire nodded his head quickly as he groaned in pain. "Blue." Simply said, Marek moved off from the bar and back toward the open doorway. Blue looked after Marek, then back down from his perch on the bar at the vampire behind it. Opening fire with his rifle and blowing out the vampire's chest with large holes. The heart, well, there wouldn't be anything left of it from the rail gun's explosive nature. It was rated, to blow through heavy walls after all.

A hop off the bar, Blue moved quick to catch up with Marek. "You don't think Vincent is going back to that brothel do you, Marek?" The muscled gremlin would inquire. "No, he wouldn't be welcome back there and I told the security there to watch for him. I don't think Vincent is that foolish. "He's a thing of habit, Blue. We need to take a drive."

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:50:39 AM »
"Yeah yeah.. hold on, I'm almost there!" Came the woman's voice from behind the apartment door. When the door opened a redhead was standing there in a red dress with black lace by the neck line. Seeing it was Marek and Blue, she tried to slam the door closed but Blue's strength kept that from happening. As she turned to run further into her apartment, Marek grabbed her and threw her down to the flooring. After stepping inside, Blue closed the door behind them as Marek grabbed up the redheaded vampire and slammed her against a wall. Her fangs came out almost immediately and Marek took up a firm hold on her neck.

"We're looking for Vincent. You know where he is." More of a statement than a question from Marek. "I don't know where he is! Let me go you.." Marek eased and then slammed her back against the wall again. "You know almost every vampire coming into and leaving town. Where is Vincent?" The redhead hissed at Marek and perked her fangs at him.

Marek's right hand lifted in the air and the three hand blades extended from their position below the skin. Hand blades were a common Shadowrunner weapon used back on his home world. Many only had one installed below the flesh, but like Marek, some had up to three set. Rated to cut through bone, they were quite dangerous and deadly. Marek had found them useful when he came to Rhydin so many years ago.

The redhead glanced at the blades in the air before her. She calmed some of her rage and gave a gulp of breath. "Okay.. okay... don't kill me! He's not worth me getting killed!" "Oh good, now where was it that Vincent might go? Besides his fancy hotel?" Asked Blue as he looked upwards from his height of around three feet to the redheaded woman.

"The Rasper. It's a safe bar for Vampires to talk business. It's on the other side of the city. Don't tell anyone there I told you! They'll kill me!" The redhead did look a little panicked with her wide eyes.

Marek's brows were narrowed at the redhead, but his hand blades retracted out of sight. "All right. We'll go and visit this, Rasper place. If you let them know we are coming, I will find you again and I will cut your head off." The redhead blinked and gave a little nod. Marek grabbed her by the dress than and tossed of her over onto the bed where she bounced in a roll until hitting the headboard. "Stay frosty fang face." Commented Blue as he made his way out with Marek from the apartment.

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:34:35 AM »
There was no sign of Vincent in the lobby of the hotel. Marek and Blue checked visually again but no sign of the snappy dressed vampire.

"Maybe he turned in a bunch of bats and flew off somewhere?" Spoke Blue with a joking tone and the smile to go with it. Marek shook his head downward at his friend. "You know better than that, Blue. Let's go ask at the desk." Heading over for the front desk as a well dressed man turned around from writing something down on the counter behind the desk. "Welcome to our Hotel Gentle.. men. How can I help you? Need a fine room for this evening?"

Marek shook his head. "No, thanks though. We are actually in town and looking for a friend of ours. He said he was staying here. A Vincent? Can't miss him, fine old clothes from centuries ago? Jet black short hair?" The man behind the desk thought a moment and then his face lit up with a smile. "Oh! I know who you are talking about. He just came back from picking up some clothes he ordered. Do you want me to ring his room to let him know you are here?" "Naw, that's all right." Spoke Blue with a wide smile. "We wanted to surprise him of arriving earlier then he thought we would. He doesn't look it, but he loves surprises."

The man behind the desk gave a nod and looked over his shoulder at the room listings. "He is in room 27 on the first floor. I tried to get him to take a fancier room on the third or fourth floor but insisted on being ground level. Odd, most people enjoy the higher views. You just take the hallway to your right, head down till you have a left turn and his room is the fifth on the right." Marek smiled to the man. "Thank you. You've been very helpful." Marek and Blue turned and proceeded in stride for the hall and in turn the room they had been told was Vincent's.

Marek put one of his hands over the eye slot in the door to hide who was outside in the hall. With his other hand he gave a knock to the door. A pause and then he'd knock again. "Who is it???" Came the voice from in the room. Marek gave a wink down at Blue as he spoke at the door. "Sir, a delivery just arrived for you at the front desk. Should I leave it out side your door or?" "What is it?" Came the voice again. "I don't know, Sir. It's in a box wrapped with a bow." Blue perked his head up at Marek who shrugged to Blue. The bow made it sound more sweeter perhaps.

"No.. fine one moment." Came the voice behind the door.

When the door opened, there was Vincent standing there in a Victorian gentleman's outfit. Not waiting, Marek and Blue pushed into the room, grabbing Vincent and slamming him to the flooring. "Now see here! What is the meaning of..." Marek gave Vincent a hard smack with the palm of his hand in the face. The hard blow knocked Vincent's head back against the floor. "Vincent, what did you have to do with Beka's murder?" Inquired Marek. Vincent glanced between the two and narrowed his eyes. "If you've come this far, I doubt my denying any involvement will work. Not to worry though." Blue perked both eye ridges. "Not to worry?"

Just then large hands grabbed up Blue and Marek. Both were tossed to the other side of the hotel room by two tall Orcs. Vincent got up from the flooring quick and out the door he ran into the hall.

"Never easy." Grumbled Blue as he got up from where he had slammed into an end table. It had been a nice oak, now, not so much. Reaching a hand to slide into a pocket of his backpack at his back, Blue pulled free a Glock .45 caliber pistol and opened fire on the Orcs. Hitting the first one right between the eyes and sending the brute back to crash upon the floor as the second one charged them both. Sadly he would meet his ending as well, as Marek's hand-blades extended from his left hand and the Orc found himself missing first a large arm and then in turn his head as it was severed from his shoulders. Retracting the blades back under his skin, Marek took off with Blue running behind him. Down the hall and back to the lobby to push out through the front doors as both looked left to right for Vincent.

"Okay, where'd that rich annoyance go?" Asked Blue as he looked about for signs of the vampire. Marek narrowed his brows a bit. "I think I know someone to ask."

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 01:37:58 AM »
Marek was sitting in his dark Chevelle down the street, from where the shop was that Gable had said he'd seen Vincent at. His quite muscled friend Blue, was sitting in the passenger seat. The big muscled gremlin of, blue color of course, glanced red eyes out the windshield as he stood on the seat. His white stocking hat shifted with his head movements. "If that short gremlin Gable said Vincent's stuff came in, than that vampire no doubt will show up soon to claim it." Marek perked a brow aside at Blue. "You aren't much taller than Gable, Blue." "Hey!" Snorted Blue. "He's at least a foot and a half to two feet shorter than I am thank you very much!"

Marek laughed with a shake of his head. Blue gave a point of a blue finger toward the shop. "Tada, looks like Vincent leaving the shop, dontcha' think?" Marek's gaze shifted out the windshield and he took a moment to identify the one leaving. "That's him. I don't see a carriage or anything for travel too far. He's headed somewhere on foot. How about a walk, Blue?" Blue gave a huge wide mouthed grin. "Sure thing, but I'm bringing my backpack." Marek could only grin as he opened his driver's side door and got out of the car.

Keeping a long distance from Vincent, Marek and Blue strode on the opposite side of the street just like anyone else passing by the shops of various sorts in Rhydin City. "How's Pamela, Blue?" Blue looked upwards at Marek as they walked. "She's great. She likes cinnamon scented cigars, bourbon whiskey and none of that rich Elven wine crap. Plus, she wears some pretty hot skirts and half dresses. Oh and she also sleeps naked." Marek laughed a bit and shook his head downward at Blue. "Blue, that's too much information. I am happy you two are still together though. I told you I'd find you a good woman." Blue nodded with a shift of his white stocking hat this way and that in the motion of his head. "Yeah, I owe you. She doesn't even care that I'm shorter than her. Who'd of thought I'd end up with a gorgeous human woman."

Marek gave pause with Blue, looking like they were viewing into a store front window. Using the glass to see Vincent across the street. The vampire gave a look about him and then headed into a restored Victorian style hotel.

"Yeah, that guy's a rich snob all right." Commented Blue. Marek smirked again down at his friend. "Some just like the finer things." Said Marek. "Pamela's fine. That guy? He's a snob. Oh well, wanna go ask him some questions?" Marek turned around with a nod of his head. "Yes, I do."

The two of them crossed the street, after a wagon passed first and then up the couple steps to the fancy hotel of old and heading in the front doors.

Dragon's Tales / Re: A Runner in Rhydin.
« on: November 25, 2018, 01:14:34 AM »
It was a late night at the famous Red Dragon Inn and Marek's tanned western boots took him over toward a booth by the side. Sliding in across from the well dressed gremlin sitting a top a special seat to make him higher where he sat.

"Gable, good to see you." Said Marek after settling some. The gremlin perked his large ears upwards and lifted his left hand, clawed fingertips adjusted the thin glasses on his face. A smile perked the small gremlin's face. "Marek Kharune, it has been ages since last I've seen of you. How have you been? Still popular around the ladies I bet with that beard you are sporting. What can I do for you?" Marek gave a light smile over the table. "Looking for a possible killer, Gable." Gable gave a tilt of his head at Marek. "Seems there are plenty of those upon this world. You know, I do not like murderers." Said Gable. "I detest bad fashion more though at times." Marek smirked a little at the gremlin. "Nice suit, Gable." "Oh you like it? Cost me a bundle but I think it's worth it to look good. I see you are still wearing that leather jacket of yours. Do you suppose I should get one for myself?" Gable's head shifted in curious wonder. Marek gave a little nod over. "Sure, why not? I bet you'd look great in a leather jacket, Gable. I'm looking for a snappy dressed vampire, named Vincent. Familiar with him?"

Gable tapped a clawed fingertip to the table before them. "Vincent? Vampire? Wears clothes like he's some old Victorian era gentleman? I know of this one. One of the shops I go to for my more, modern apparel, he was at a few weeks ago. Gave the poor shop owner a hard time about new clothes he wanted but the owner said it would take sometime to acquire the fashion he wanted. I think, he felt that he was more noble and should be respected than anything. Snobby. I hate those types." Marek nodded some with a smirk. "Sounds like Vincent." "Well, he's not very nice. Didn't even tip the shop owner with his purchase of a top hat before he left. I'm sure I can inquire to the shop owner as to when Vincent's clothes would arrive for pick up. I could tell you than in turn and you could see him for yourself at the shop. Catch him there." "I'd appreciate that, Gable." Spoke Marek. "You know, Marek, Vincent's over confidence could be used against him. He's too sure about himself. A lot of those types around Rhydin, wouldn't you say? He is 'old school' in his ways. I'm sure some more modern technology would go miles in being used against him."

Marek slid up from the booth with a nod downward at Gable. "No doubt, thanks Gable. I'll see you around the city." Gable gave a nod of his head after Marek.

Marek first headed to the bar and spoke with a tender' before heading on his way out of the famous Inn of old. A few minutes later, the bartender headed over to Gable's table and set down a Crown Royal on the rocks for the gremlin. "Compliments of Kharune." Said the tender. Gable gave a wide grin. "I need to help that man out more often I think."

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Akira had her arms over her chest, a hand at each shoulder as she blinked a few times in her room at her place of 'work' where Marek would find of her again. Her long dark hair was in a pair of pony tails again, but braided this time. She was wearing more clothing this time around. A white silk teddy hanging off her shoulders barely by the slim straps.

"I can't believe she's dead." Spoke Akira quietly. "I mean this job is dangerous, sure, but somebody attacked her at her home and dumped her like trash in the woods? That's cold. Heartless."

Marek was sitting upon a violet cushioned Victorian style couch in the room. He unzipped his leather jacket and looked over at Akira pacing the room. "Yeah, it is." Akira stopped pacing and turned toward Marek. "You're going to find the thing that did this, right? I mean, that's what you do. You find people and things. You're going to make him pay, right Marek?" Marek gave a soft nod of his head over at her. "Yes, I will make Beka's killer pay for what he did and I will talk to the security here. Have them maybe upgrade their watch of you and the others that 'work' here. Just in case Beka's killer is looking for more bodies."

Akira frowned at that. She moved over toward the Victorian couch and sat sideways on Marek's lap. Slowly she would lay her head to his left shoulder. "Marek?" She asked quietly. "Yeah?" He'd inquire with a curious perk of his brow. "Do you think Beka's killer will try to get me when I head home after work one of these nights?" "Well I hope not." Said Marek. "Be a shame to have another pretty face lost to criminal scum." Akira smiled just a little, but her thoughts were of Beka and how the girl had been killed all alone. "I'm sorry, Marek. I'm usually the bundle of joy and flirtation here." Marek slid an arm around Akira. "No worries darlin'. Ain't nothing happy about a co-worker being murdered. It's normal to be upset. And you know, it is all right to be sad. Some folk think they have to be strong all the time. Everyone has emotions and they aren't always happy ones." Akira gave a light nod of her head it lifted from Marek's shoulder. "I know. I just don't like sad stuff and I try to be positive in this world."

"Tell you what, Akira, how about I check back on everyone here while I'm doing some 'hunting' for Beka's killer?" Marek gave a little pat to Akira's bare thigh. She perked up a little with a smile and nodded gently again. "I'd like that and I'm sure the others would too." Marek shifted some, brushing a light kiss to Akira's cheek. "No worries, nothing is going to happen to you."

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"Ain't much here." Said Rhydin Marshal Luke Wopat as he looked over the small apartment Beka had in the city. Marek gave a nod in turn. "Yeah, looks like this place was cleaned up pretty good like the body."

"Marshal?" Spoke one of the deputies. "All the sheets and blankets from the bedroom, they are missing." Marshal Wopat perked a brow. "All of them?" The deputy gave a nod of his head.

"Probably had blood on them." Marek commented. Wopat nodded in agreement. "So our killer does her in here and then takes her far out to the woods and gets rid of the sheets and blankets from the bedroom where he did her in. Where these girls work is too heavy with magic wards and security measures. Had to attack her here at her home where she was vulnerable." Marek nodded again. Marshal Wopat gave a snap of his fingers and the deputies looking about the apartment looked up and moved to exit the apartment.

Wopat watched the deputies leave the apartment and then turned toward Marek. "I gave you a call, because Marshal Ulyssess can't be reached right now. No doubt he's off somewhere in the world tracking some poor fool down. Listen, I've got a back log of cases similar to this one. Prostitution is one of the oldest jobs in the world, besides that of being a blacksmith perhaps. I don't care much for murderers, never have. I figure you have ways to find unsavory sorts about this world. I'm going to put a bounty on the head of Beka's killer. Dead or alive. Course, if it's dead ain't gonna bother me none. Less to tie up the courts with. You just promise me one thing, Kharune?" Marek was looking over the bedroom and turned around to face Wopat. "What's that?" Wopat shifted his lips against each other slowly. "You work outside the law. So you make that son of an orc pay for what he done."

Marek nodded over at Wopat. "They will. Promise."

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Two days later...

There was a crime scene forty-five miles from where Beka's place of living was. Marek's modified 1970 Chevelle SS 454 of black with two white stripes from hood to trunk, pulled up to the tree line. The engine went silent and the driver side door opened as Marek slid out of the vehicle. With a close of the door Marek gave a nod to one of Rhydin's Marshals, Luke Wopat.

Marshal Wopat was dressed in a black long coat with a button shirt below and jeans. Western boots of course and a dark western hat sat up his head. His Marshal badge was set to the left side of his long coat and his pair of pistols laid nestled at either side of his hip in the leather holsters of his gun belt.

Marshal Wopat gave Marek a tip of his brim. "Marek." Marek in turn would give a nod to the man. "Luke. I'm guessing this isn't about our next card game?" Luke Wopat gave a little shake of his head. "Naw. Fraid' it's not. Heard you were looking for one of the 'working girls' from Rhydin City. Thought you should see this, come on."

Marshal Wopat turned upon a heel of his boot and moved off into the woods. Passing a few deputies looking about the woods, Wopat would escort Marek to where a female body laid among a large section of fallen leaves from the surrounding trees.

Marek took one look at the face and would give a shake of his head. "Yeah. That's Beka." Luke Wopat gave another shake of his head. "Yup. One of the Rangers found her after a few hikers were out this morning in the woods here. They reported finding a body. Got out here quick as I could with my deputies. She's got a bite mark or two in the neck, but something don't add up." Marek glanced aside toward the Marshal. "What's that, Luke?" "Well." Luke began. "I've found dozens of people killed by vampires. But there's always been more blood. She doesn't have even a spilled drop on her clothes and her neck is clean as if she took a shower. Don't add up at all. Who's that neat and clean? Now it's been windy lately, so the leaves about here are probably scattered more so then when the body was brought here. I'm doubting she was killed here. I sent three deputies over to her place, wanna come along?"

Marek was looking over Beka's body. "Sure. Somebody cleaned her up probably. Trying to hide something no doubt. Maybe they left something at her place."

"Yeah, let's go see together." Marshal Luke Wopat gave another look at the lifeless body. "Damn shame."

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Marek gave a knock to the door. After a few minutes it would be opened by a brunette with red highlights in her hair which was in two pony tails. The young woman smirked slightly at Marek outside her door. "Marek Kharune. It has been sometime since you stopped by. Business or pleasure?" She'd inquire with a curious smile perking at her lips. Marek gave a light nod of his head downward at her from his height. "Akira. Good to see you. Perhaps a little more than usual." Marek gave a nod once more at her. Akira wasn't dressed in much. Just a pair of knee high white socks and a pair of red silk panties.

"Was looking for Beka. Seems she's gone missing. You know anything about that?" As Marek asked, he looked Akira over briefly, noting a few bruises upon her skin near her right thigh. The tattoos at her thigh were black of 'Betty Boop' and above it was a half naked nun in a unique pose. The bruising was faint, but there just to the right of the nun tattoo. On her left arm from the shoulder to the elbow was a beautiful spiral of dark flowers. Below those at her arm to the wrist were more bruising.

Akira frowned a little, sliding her arms in a crossing below her breast. "I haven't seen her in a few days working here. She had a few rough clients recently. Vampire types." Marek gave another nod of his head to Akira. "Looks like she wasn't the only one seeing a few rough types, Akira." Akira shifted slightly on her feet and gave a sigh. "Yeah, well, jobs the job, Marek. Some clients aren't the loving type. They just want something rough. I talked with Julie and Janet couple days ago, Marek. One of Beka's last clients was a Vampire named Vincent. Thought you should know." Akira shifted again in her stance, uneasy about one of the 'working girls' missing.

"Vincent?" Marek perked a brow slowly as he lifted a hand to rub of his fingertips against his light beard. "Jet black hair, eyebrows and red lips? Wears clothing out of the 1600's like?" Akira gave a little nod of her head, the two pony tails shifting against her bare shoulders. "Yeah, that's him. Guy doesn't like modern clothing I guess. Looks like one of those guys from the old black and white movies. I've never had him as a client, Marek, but he is a rough one I've heard. I know he left Beka a month ago with some bruises on her neck. You know the rules here, no biting the 'help' or anything like that. So he probably hand his hands on her neck and arms I bet. Security here for us is pretty good. Beka didn't come in to work few days ago and we just thought she was taking a day off or something. I know where she lives. I can give you her address?" Marek gave a light smile with another nod gently down at Akira. "Thanks, darlin'. You know, I will find Beka. No worries." Akira gave a little nod of her head up at Marek. "She's a good girl, I hope nothing has happened to her. You think Vincent might of done something, Marek?"

"I don't know, Akira. But I will find out."

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"Here little fella.. here boy.. here boy... come out, come out wherever you are..." Marek's voice spoke, as he moved through the nearly destroyed kitchen of a family's home just outside of Rhydin City. 

"I'll make it quick. Come on.. I don't have all day you little doughnut gone wrong."

It had been a day like any other for the family that lived in the lofted home made out of simple wood. Until something went horribly wrong while trying to bake in their wood burning oven. Marek had told the family to go away for a day and he'd 'clean' up the mess.

A faint voice, that oddly sounded jolly, came from one of the drawers. "Touch my tummy and you die! Heehee!!"

Marek turned his gaze toward the drawer he felt the voice came from. Three retractable hand blades slid out from the top of his left wrist. Quiet as quiet can be. Installed of course decades ago back on his version of Earth. With a few other additions. 

As Marek reached for the handle on the drawer with his right hand, the drawer suddenly flew open wide and a little Pillsbury Doughboy with red eyes stood up inside the drawer with a rolling pin in his little hands. "They poked me in my stomach! They always poke me in my stomach! Laugh Doughboy, they say.. laugh you little Doughboy.. well I'm not laughing now and I will kill everyone!!!"

Marek perked a brow at the demonic doughboy. "Yeah, well, the family that lives here? They'd like their home back. So you need to be going." A sweeping slice of Marek's left hand brought the blades to cut through the evil bit of dough. However, as soon as the doughboy lost his head and legs he reached over to pick them up and slap them back to his dough body.

"Ha ha! Now what are you going to do??? I will have my revenge on people! I will be the one handing out the pokes to their tummies! When I kill them! Muahahhaaaa!"

Marek retracted the hand-blades back below his skin and gave the kitchen a quick look over. His smirk would perk of that beard of his. 

"Okay, you angry doughnut. I've got things to do, besides babysitting your little evil self. You know, a lot of people like doughnuts." The little evil Doughboy gave a tilt of his head with that chef's hat atop it. Marek picked up what was a bottle of wine that was missing it's neck. No doubt the little dough-turd had broken the neck of the bottle off while destroying things in the family's kitchen. With the bottle already 'open' the remaining contents were tossed over the Doughboy. Soaking him with the red wine that was still in the bottle. 

The Doughboy sputtered some wine from his little mouth and growled at Marek. "Ha! You think a little wine will bother me?" "Nope." Said Marek, as he reached to pull out a match from his back jean pocket. "Have you ever had fried doughnuts? They can be quite tasty." Marek struck the match against the wood burning stove and the Doughboy's little red eyes got big. With a flick of the match, the little Doughboy tried to run along the counter top in the kitchen. The match impacted to his back and ignited the wine he was covered with. 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I hate you!!! I hate you!!! Ahhhhhh!!! What a cruel world!!! I'm melting!!!!"

Marek smiled briefly as the evil bit of dough burned on the counter top. Locating a metal spatula from the kitchen floor, Marek proceeded to scoop up the burning mess of doughboy and turning around he dropped it on a cast ion pan. Putting the pan in turn into the wood burning oven before closing the metal door.

"I learned that one from Hansel and Gretel. At least, one variation of the brother and sister."

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The Three hand blades retracted back in Marek's left hand. The weapons were of course placed decades ago upon Marek's homeworld of Earth. Well, one of many upon the realm of parallel universes. Most Shadowrunners had one to three placed. Marek had three placed in both hands. Such weapons aided in never being with out a way to protect one's self. Or others.

The thief was a puddle of blood and tears. His right arm missing from above the elbow. Life was escaping him, no doubt due to the cuts run through the man's chest and that crimson thickness spilling outward from his heart. It was over quick, pity. Perhaps he should have suffered more? 

Marek's gaze swept over the back alley. Five. He'd killed five. No tears for the wicked. They were all guilty of theft and some even murder. Five less to cause harm to others. 

Vigilante Justice? 

Perhaps. But then again every now and then maybe that is what the world needs. No red tape. No pause for legal matters. If criminals followed the legal rules of life, they wouldn't be criminals. Why should the rules be followed to get to justice? 

Rhydin had gangs of all sorts. Killers and Thieves. 

There was something gratifying in killing evil. No matter it's form. From your average humanoid to some vampire punk half breed. 

Marek slid his white phone out from the right pocket of his leather jacket. 

"Marek.. I could some help with something." Came the voice on the other end.

"Just finished up some work, I'll meet you at The Red Dragon."

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