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Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: February 20, 2019, 05:38:17 PM »
Phaser fire broke out in engineering and on the bridge, of the upgraded Centaur class vessel at Frontier Station.

Caught off guard and with most of the crew on the station, the attackers moved to quickly shoot to kill the skeleton crew left on board the vessel. Osyrus Johnson, often called OJ, fired another phaser shot into the man upon the flooring on the bridge. The black man with mustache and goatee gave a snarl of his lip as he moved to sit down in the command chair.

"Engineering, you secure?" He would inquire over the communication system. "Yeah.. we got them all. Was just four of them down here. We lost Aimeni, Broderik and Latondish though." Osyrus gave a shake of his head. "No matter. We got the ship. I want us out of here. Now!"

The Zenovia III eased back from it's position at the space station, coming about as the cloaking device was activated. Soon as the ship came about under cloak, it would enter warp to get as far as it could away from the station.

Osyrus, just might have signed his own death warrant by his own actions...

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: January 25, 2019, 03:38:15 PM »
Archimedes stood outside Hoshi Balto's cell in the brig on board his ship. His arms were crossed over his chest and an index finger was quiet in tap to his upper right arm.

"Captain Stockton?" Inquired Archimedes through the near clear force field at her cell's entrance. Hoshi shook her head. "No, I don't know his plans."

"Captain Harrison?" Hoshi again shook her dark hair at Archimedes with his question. "I do not know his plans either."

"Captain Dalton?" Archimedes would ask again about a Captain of The Empire and again Hoshi would shake her head lightly. "I don't know his plans either, Archimedes."

"Captain Trip?" Hoshi at that inquire would smirk a little. "He still hates you for the plasma burns he took to his face long ago, but I don't know his plans either."

"Fleet Admiral Marcus, Fleet Admiral Dougherty or Fleet Admiral Barnett?" Hoshi gave a sigh of breath, shaking her had yet again. "I am not in the know of their thoughts and or plans. No doubt the Admirals of the The Empire are upset with recent losses. I didn't agree with the attack on Frontier Station. My voice isn't always heard. I said the attack would provoke a sleeping dragon. Here The Empire is, losing ships to multiple attacks as a result of what they thought was a good idea in attacking Frontier Station. Seven systems cleared out of Empire planetary and orbital stations. Dozen or so ship yards lost. I don't remember off hand the number of our cruisers lost in attacks by you and your friends. The Empire asked for it, no doubt. But where do you give pause, Archimedes? When is enough, enough with the attacks?"

"When those of Dimension 132 venture off. Far.. far away to never return."

Hoshi sat down to the platform in her holding cell. "I doubt they will just leave." "Then they will die. I'm feeling quite well. The attacks will continue as long as everyone else feels the desire to 'repay' The Empire of Dimension 132 for the damage caused in their strike."

Hoshi shifted her lips together. Her gaze lowered to the flooring in her cell. "How long are you keeping me?" "Until I find a decent spot to off load of you." Replied Archimedes. "We are making a stop at Frontier Station. Escorting a ship to dock there before taking on supplies and heading back out among the stars. You of course, will remain in this holding cell while we are in dock. When we depart the station once more, hopefully I have an idea of somewhere to drop you off. From there, you can find your way back to your precious Empire."

Hoshi lifted her gaze from the floor, catching sight of Archimedes moving off for the doors. "I'm sorry." She quietly spoke.

Archimedes gave pause in step as the doors to the brig opened before him. "Me too." Stepping out and moving down the hall as the doors closed behind him.

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: January 25, 2019, 02:50:37 PM »
The green skinned Orion woman, Gaila with her red hair, grabbed the command chair she sat in as her ship was rocked by another impact of phaser fire.

The Nova class variant, Twilight, was taking a beating to the ship's shields. "Gaila, aft shields down to forty-two percent." "Torpedoes?" Asked Gaila as she looked over at another escaped Orion woman sitting at the tactical station. "We only have eleven left! No sign of any ships answering our distress call!" Gaila frowned and shook her head, red locks tossed about her shoulders. "Continue firing phasers! I want to know the moment the warp drive is back online!"

The communication system suddenly came to life with a voice from another vessel. "Nova class ship, come about to port and stay clear."

Gaila held her breath a moment and then motioned to the Orion woman at the helm. "Do as the voice says, it can't get worse than what we have been going through."

As her stolen ship pulled to port, three ships de-cloaked behind the Orion slaving cruisers. Two Klingon B'Rel modified ships and one modified Centaur class vessel.

Disruptor fire from the Klingon ships slammed into the Orion slave ships as Archimedes vessel fired off not only phasers, but also that of torpedoes at the attacking vessels. Aft shields failed upon one of the Orion ships and the next weapons fire from one of the Klingon ships broke through the hull to impact near engineering. Internal explosions started to over take the vessel as the other Orion ship came about to open fire at the attacking three.

Moving about the remaining Orion ship, which had gone from predator to prey now, starboard shields began to fail. With a volley of torpedoes from all three of the attacking vessels to that side of the Orion ship, her shields failed and the nacelle was blown off of it's support structure. Unable to escape now, the Orion slavers on board would face their end under the combined fire of the three unknown attackers.

"She's breaking up. Life signs, none detected." Commented Commander Dorn on board Archimedes ship. The Klingon male actually grinned a bit over at Archimedes who gave a light nod of his head. "Ash to ash, dust to dust. Nicely done Kruger, Delnora." Kruger laughed from his Klingon ship over the communication system. "I would of loved to see their faces when we opened fire right behind them." Delnora, half Klingon and half human, smirked on board her Klingon ship. "They were too focused on their prey that they in turn became such. Slavers, too weak to be real men. They have to rob others who can't defend themselves of their freedom. I say the less roaming about the stars the better. It was a bit of fun destroying two of their ships I must admit."

"This is Archimedes Remus to Nova vessel. Do you require assistance with repairs or can you make it to Frontier Station? It is only a short trip by warp from this system."

Gaila blinked on board her stolen Nova class ship. She had managed to escape the Orion Syndicate slavers along with a little over seventy other Orion women. Were things really looking up for them? "This is Gaila of the ship, Twilight. Our warp drive should be operational again in fifteen to twenty minutes. We should be able to make it to the station you speak of than." Archimedes Remus? She was actually talking to Archimedes Remus!?!?! So much had been heard about the unique man from a system far, far away.

"We are in rush to leave, we shall remain until your warp drive is functional to ensure there is not more slavers lurking somewhere in wait for our departure. Let us know when you are ready, Remus out."

"Hey, Delnora?" Came Kruger's rough voice over the communication system. "Yes?" Her voice would be heard of the comm' system. "Do you think those Orion slavers filled their pants with those first hits to their ship at the aft from us? Like.. 'oh, we're in trouble' kinda moment?" Delnora could be heard in a light laughter, shaking her head with a play of her long hair about her shoulders. "Perhaps, more like 'oh no, it's the Klingons and Archimedes, we're done for' I believe." Archimedes heard them through the communication system and grinned a bit on board his ship. He looked over at his half Bajoran daughter, Shannon Jaxa, at the helm. "Good work piloting the ship. Positioning behind and below an enemy vessel are key to getting ahead in the way of winning a fight." Shannon turned and gave a light smile at her father. "Given the history with the Cardassians and the Bajorans, I don't much care for anyone promoting slavery. They got what they deserved. Death." Archimedes smiled a bit and gave a nod of his head. "Indeed, they did my daughter. We'll have you on tactical next engagement we enter."

Gaila was pacing on board her ship. Wanting the warp drive done being tended to so they could head off to the station mentioned. Though something else was upon her mind now. She was curious of Archimedes and now, seems she had found him. "They say he's a unique species of human. Something not common from many of the dimensions that can open into this galaxy of space." One of the other Orion women looked over toward Gaila. "I heard, these.. Furyans as they are called, are strong as Klingons. Maybe even stronger?" The woman at the helm piped in than. "Some I've heard, can see in the dark better than the light. Can you imagine? Seeing at night in the dark? That speaks volumes of almost predator in nature."

Gaila listened to the others on board the bridge of their ship. She would quietly think on how to better introduce herself to this Archimedes. Perhaps she will have time once they reach the station. Hopefully she wouldn't stumble over her own words meeting him in person.

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: August 13, 2018, 07:13:27 AM »
The modified Centaur class vessel de-cloaked off Constitution class refit's port side. On board the Constitution class refit was that of the Andorian Captain Terra Vocil. She stood from her captain's chair and offered a smile as blue lips parted some to the man appearing on her view screen. "Archimedes, it is good to see of you again." Archimedes gave a nodding smile from his own ship's bridge. "Terra, you are looking well. I heard you have information that can perhaps shed some light on the mysterious attacks along certain systems. Do share my dear."

Captain Terra Vocil smiled again. "We do. My ship was helping a convoy of civilian class vessels between systems for safe passage. Along with others that had been hired out for escort. The convoy was attacked by Romulan looking ships. Dark in nature. The combined fire power of my ship and two others were able to knock out the engines upon one of the attacking ships. Further more we were able to disable it's weapon systems and shields. When the shields went down, my ship detected Gorn. The ship had Gorn on board it, Archimedes. The Gorn from the dimension myself and my crew came from were civil. They kept to their space and as long as nobody came too close to their territory, there was no issue with them. These Gorn? From wherever they came from are vicious and blood thirsty. Just as quick as they had de-cloaked and attacked us, the remaining ships disappeared once more. If Gorn from some dimension are here and with more powerful ships, that is a dangerous threat to those with out a decent shielding or tactical systems to try and fend them off."

"I see." Spoke Archimedes. "Does your ship require any aid, Terra?" "No." She said with a light shake of her head. White locks of her shoulder length hair shifting slightly against the sides of her face. "We are making repairs and will head to Frontier Station for more permanent repairs once the other escorts depart orbit of the planet. They wanted to stay until the defense shielding for the planet's spaceport was up and running to make sure the Gorn didn't come back and try to attack from orbit. Thank you though, Archimedes." "We are on a hunting trip. Yes, there are other ships with that of my own. We'll return to Frontier Station when we finish. Orion Syndicate vessels are our next prey. If we come across a stock pile of torpedoes, I'll be sure to set some aside in a cargo bay for you. Until next time we meet upon the depths of space."

With that, Archimedes' ship cloaked once more from sensors.

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: August 13, 2018, 06:49:16 AM »
"Transport rooms, prepare for beaming of the wounded up. Medical Bays, prepare to receive civilian and wounded. Tactical, don't stop firing when the shields go down for beaming." Captain Asha Reborjin gave orders from the bridge of her heavily modified Cheyenne Class ship, Solace.

The half human and half Cardassian woman was also that of a highly skilled doctor. She wasn't as dangerous as some of her half siblings were and Archimedes recognized such early on. When she finished her education in advanced medical, Archimedes secured a ship for her and had teams of workers convert it into more of a Medical Ship then that of it's previous design as an enhanced scientific explorer. The ship had two massive sick bays, medical bays in the saucer section. The vessel carried a crew of 280 and a bounty of medical staff from doctors to nurses and aids. Traveling the systems and offering aid to those that need it. The best and most advanced medical care could be performed in either medical bay on board the Solace. 

The Chief Medical Doctor working under Asha, was that of an older woman by the name of Diana Pulski. She lead a large team of nurses and other doctors on board. As survivors were being beamed to the two medical bays, the ship rocked some by being hit by weapons fire from the attacking ships. 

Xindi - Insectoid ships moved to engage the Solace in orbit of the planet. A defiant race of creatures. Over the decades they had become more and more brutal and blood thirsty. 

Exiting warp suddenly was that of nearly a dozen ships of various class and modification. Phaser fire would impact to the Insectoid ships. Over powering many with multiple hits and destroying them in the process. Torpedoes from friendly ships slammed into the Insectoid vessels with deadly results. A modified Excelsior Class ship opened fire with it's multiple phaser emitters and torpedoes. Reducing three of the enemy ships to little but broken debris among space. Two Insectoid ships moved off to flee from the fight now turned from their favor. 

Oh but Captain Catherine "Cat" Roberts and her refitted Excelsior class vessel 'Perverse' would not allow their escape. Phaser fire, followed by that of torpedoes would be their ending as the Insectoid ships were already having shield issues. 

"I hate bugs." Commented Cat over the communication system. "You and me both, Catherine." Spoke Captain Kimberly Remus from her vessel's bridge. "Solace, this is Captain Remus. Do you require any aid?" Asha's voice came over the comm' system. "Now that we aren't being attacked while trying to beam up the wounded from the star port on the planet, we're good. Thank you, Sister." Asha knew right away from hearing the voice that it was her half sister Kimberly. "Though an escort out of this system and perhaps to Frontier Station would be amazing if you could?" Kimberly smiled on board her ship. "Oh, I think I could offer escort to my younger sister and her ship. What do you think, Catherine?" Cat Roberts laughed on board her own ship before commenting through her comm' system. "Now who would I be, if I did not help out the daughters of Archimedes Remus? Let me know when you are ready to warp' speed it' to Frontier Station. Finish up with the survivors, Asha dear. We'll watch out for the ugly bugs to make sure they don't return."

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: August 13, 2018, 06:15:58 AM »
The five Xindi - Reptilian ships were in orbit of a Class M Planet. The lead ship came about and the others moved to follow in turn.  Though before they could depart the system, three refitted Defiant Class vessels would de-cloak and open fire upon them. A combination of phaser cannons and emitters assault the Reptilian ships. 

The lead Xindi vessel was destroyed quick enough before the ship directly behind it was knocked out of the fight. As one of the Xindi ships tried to speed off, torpedoes slammed into the vessel's hull before exploding. The others weren't very lucky either. Their fates sealed by superior fire power and quick maneuvering of the Defiant class ships.

As the last Reptilian ship was destroyed, Captain Adrienne Remus spoke from her ship's bridge. "And that, as they say, is that." A small laugh from Captain Kathryn Remus' ship over the communication system. "Indeed, it would seem so." "I personally would of liked to have boarded those ships and handled things face to face." Came the voice of Captain Christian Remus from his ship's bridge. "Nothing like seeing the fear in your enemies eyes before you put them down." Adrienne was heard in a light laugh from her ship's comm' system. "Spoken like a true son of our Father. Though I may agree with you there, brother. There is something to the moment your enemy realizes you have the upper hand and they, well, they are about to die."

"Too bad The Second Star, couldn't be here." Commented Christian from his ship. "I know." Spoke Adrienne. "I miss seeing Kimberly. She might of had a different mother then the three of us did, but she has that Remus fire in her at times. I heard her ship destroyed several cruisers of Dimension 132 a while back that were trying to escape a fire fight. She definitely has our Father's blood running through her veins. I've wondered sometimes what I would look like if I was half Trill."

"Your lovers could play connect the dots." Commented Kathryn over the comm' system from her ship. Christian was heard laughing over the communication system. Adrienne shook her head but perked that devious smile of her's. "Maybe." Kathryn's voice could be heard again. "I think you get that from Father, Adrienne. Holding lovers here and there." "Perhaps a few." Commented Adrienne. "Still waiting for that one to out match me in a spar though." "The troubles of those with part Furyan blood in them, eh, sis'?" Commented Kathryn. "Indeed." Spoke Adrienne as she smiled upon her ship.

"If you two are done, how about we venture back to Frontier Station and enjoy some real food instead of replicator food?"

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:50:05 AM »
Centaur Class Refit - Zenovia III.

Archimedes Remus stepped off the turbo lift as the doors opened and onto the bridge of his vessel with a look over at the Klingon and long time ally, Dorn. "Status?" Dorn gave a nod of his head. "The ships that had attacked, 'her' vessel, were similar to that of a Romulan class star ship. However, given the volume of wormholes from other dimensions it is hard to determine if they were actually Romulan. There are far too many mercenary and pirate groups operating and more then eager to acquire damaged ships to rebuild to their needs. I checked with coded transmissions to a few allies of ours and so far, they do not know who this new threat could be. Though given they have attacked those of Dimension 132, perhaps they are our allies as well."

Archimedes nodded lightly to this bit of information. "No doubt they will turn up again. Our prey for this evening?" Dorn drew a smile across his dark lips. "We've been following for over an hour now. It has paid off. A shipyard was picked up on our sensors a few minutes ago." Archimedes smiled. "On screen."

The man at the helm chair tapped a finger to the console before him. The forward large view screen came to life and showed that of a Cardassian Galor Class vessel ahead of them. Not knowing it was being followed by the cloaked ships with Archimedes and his crew. "There it is. There, it, is." Archimedes grinned slowly as a shipyard filled with Galor class vessels in dock showed upon the screen. 

"Tactical?" Inquired Archimedes.

The half Furyan and half Bajoran woman ran her fingertips over her console. "Seventeen Galor Class Ships. All except the one we are following are in dock. It looks as if many are obtaining repairs. The shipyard has no shields detected and only six defensive weapons. I'm not reading any torpedo launchers for the station." Archimedes stepped over toward the tactical station where his daughter Shannon was standing. "You've done well at the helm as far as piloting a big ship goes. Now, let's see your skill with the weapons of said ship. Locate the main reactors to the station. That will be our primary target. Phasers and torpedoes at the ready." "Targets located." Commented Shannon. 

"Fire." Spoke Archimedes.

As his ship de-cloaked first, before firing, the other cloaked vessels would in turn do the same. Phaser and torpedo fire rocked the shipyard. Docked Cardassian vessels exploded as weapons fire impacted them while in dock. The Cardassian ship that 'they' had followed to the location of the shipyard, tried to come about to engage the attacking ships with Archimedes. Only to be taken out of the fight quick by multiple impacts of phasers to her hull, over loading the shields to the port side. 

The whole matter didn't last more then twelve minutes at the most. With no shielding, the ships in dock were sitting ducks, as the saying goes. As parts of the shipyard exploded, the ships went up with the station. 

"Signal the others, cloak and set course." Said Archimedes as he gave a set of his hand to his daughter's left shoulder. She turned her head toward her father and caught the brief smile that was at his lips. "You've done well. A good bit of practice. More to come." Turning he stepped down a step to proceed to sit with in the Captain's chair on the bridge. Located in front of the standing tactical station and behind the helm and ops station. 

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:19:33 AM »
Captain Hoshi Balto was out of it for a while. When she finally was able to sit up on the simple platform she was laying upon, she found herself in a holding cell. The force field could barely be seen by the large entrance way to the cell. She rubbed her hands over her face before pulling her hair back to gather up into a loose ponytail. A few dark strands cascaded downward over her right brow as they escaped.

"You usually, aren't one to sleep so long. Least, that is how I remember you." Came the depth of a voice beyond her security cell.

Hoshi held her breath a moment before releasing. Lifting her head to peer outward from her cell at that voice. That voice, she knew that voice. "Archimedes..." She whispered past her lips, as she spotted him in a lean against the wall near the doors to the brig that she seemed to be with in.

"Ah, you remember. I of course, remember you. Though it is hard to forget those that betray you in life. Especially when so much trust, was once given." Hoshi's face drew a frown as she looked downward at the flooring with in her security cell. "I can understand you being upset still. If it was me you wanted to punish there was no reason to attack my ship. You could of just.. " She was cut off by Archimedes then. "I, did not attack your ship. Actually, you could say I aided in saving you and allowing escape pods of your vessel head off in wait for others of your Dimension to find them. I could of used the escape for target practice, but I didn't. Before you go inquiring a thousand questions, no, I do not know who attacked you. Though you are not the first to be attacked by this unknown threat."

"I made a mistake." Spoke Hoshi. "I made the wrong choice."

"Yes, you did."

"So, I'm your prisoner now?" Inquired Hoshi as she looked over toward Archimedes lean. "For the moment. Until we have time to pass a spaceport or space station that we can leave you at. I'm sure you can find your own way home from there. Though Dorn did suggest we simply blow you out an airlock." Hoshi did perk a slight smirk at that. "Dorn? He never did like me." Archimedes lifted a hand and gave a light shake of his index finger. "He never liked the military of Dimension 132. You, he simply did not trust."

"I'm sorry I screwed up." Hoshi commented as she stood up from the platform for sleeping upon in her security cell. Archimedes pushed away from the wall where he had been leaning. "We all have Sins. Some of us just learn to live with them better. I have some matters to attend to. Food and water will be provided in a few hours time." Turning upon the heel of his dark boot and moving for the double security doors to exit the brig.

"Do you forgive me?" Questioned Hoshi as she watched him head to leave.

"Somethings, my dear, are better to try and forget." The large doors would close after Archimedes stepped through them and in turn Hoshi sat back down to the platform at the wall behind her.

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:08:35 PM »
Captain John Stockton of The Empire of Dimension 132, was testing his ship's newly replaced forward torpedo launchers. The last two launchers had been badly damaged upon his ship's last fight. Reluctantly Captain Hoshi Balto was testing her own ship's weapon systems against a void waste land of a planet. Firing the phaser banks and several torpedoes from the forward launch system.

She disliked Captain Stockton with a passion. At one time thinking him the greatest thing since ice cream, she had long ago shifted her sights to bigger and more arousing things. Like a certain Furyan male. "Captain, we've concluded the testing of our replaced weapon systems." Spoke the tactical officer on the bridge. "Hm? Oh, yes well.. log it into the computer and let's set course to slip from this system before Captain Stockton wants to play simulated war games."

"Captain? I had something on my scope for a moment. It's gone now though." Captain Balto perked a slender brow over at her tactical officer. "Had what?" "I'm not sure ma'am. Possible ship, but there is nothing there now." Hoshi considered this tiny bit of information. "Open a channel to Captain Stockton's ship."

"This is Captain Stockton, something you need help with, Hoshi?" Captain Stockton would answer from the bridge of his ship, in his usual arrogant way with a smile. Captain Hoshi Balto shook her head and laid her hands against each hip. "Cool your warp nacelles, Stockton. We picked up a possible ship in the area. Have you detected any possible vessels? I'm thinking maybe a ship going to and from cloak and back again." Stockton looked over at his tactical officer. The man shook his head and Stockton turned his gaze back at the view screen. "We haven't detected anything. Still chasing ghosts, Hoshi?" "Screw you." Commented Captain Balto right back at Captain Stockton. Her eyes narrowed at the view screen and she was about to say something further when her tactical officer spoke.

"Captain, I have three ships de-cloaking and heading toward us fast from our starboard side!" "Red Alert!" Shouted Captain Hoshi Balto. Captain Stockton's tactical officer spoke up toward him then. "Sir I have two ships de-cloaking off our port side and moving in quick!" "Well.. looks like the woman was right. Bring us about to face them and ready the torpedoes. Get me a target lock with phasers."

Heavy disruptor fire impacted Captain Balto's ship at the starboard saucer section. "Return fire!" Shouted Captain Balto. "Turn us at the lead ship and open fire with phasers!" While Balto was dealing with it's three attackers, Stockton's ship was exchanging fire with the two vessels attacking his ship. 

"Torpedoes fire! I want a steady fire of phasers on the ship to the right. I want those ships identified." Disruptor fire slammed into the bow saucer section of Captain Stockton's cruiser. "Captain bow shielding is down twenty percent." "Tactical, target the wing section of that unknown craft.. fire torpedoes!"

There was a weakening in the attacking ship's shielding and Stockton took full advantage of it by having his ship fire another volley of torpedoes from the forward pair of launchers. Along with striking phaser fire the enemy vessel's right wing was blown clear of it's hull to fly off into the blackness of space. "That'll make them think twice.. " Before Captain Stockton could finish his sentence the other unknown ship was attacking fiercely with it's heavy disruptor cannons. Stockton's ship shook from the hard impact. "Helm set course for Dux Station. We'll pick up some friendly ships there if they chose to follow us. Engage warp seven."

"Captain, The Ragnar just went to warp." Commented the helm officer on board Captain Hoshi Balto's ship. "Damn that man! Just like him to leave to save his own.. " Just then torpedoes struck her ship at the starboard side. "Engineering has been hit! Emergency doors closing to seal off affected areas, Captain." The ship shook again by multiple weapons impact points. "Captain, starboard shields are down to sixteen percent. Bow shields down to thirty-two percent. Aft shields weakening." "Turn us at the attacking ships!" Shouted Balto. "Dispatch a distress call and fire on that damn ship to our port!" As she spoke of the ship in question, it fired off seven of it's disruptor cannons to pound into the port side of Captain Balto's ship at the saucer section. With three torpedoes suddenly impacting to the same spot, a large section of the saucer blew free from the ship to expose several decks to space. "Hull breach.. emergency doors trying to close. Failing on four decks, Captain!"

As Captain Hoshi Balto's ship was losing the fight with the unknown vessels closing in on her, little attention was paid to three ships de-cloaking behind the vessels attacking Balto's ship. The new ships introduced themselves with a volley of torpedoes at the attacking vessels. Followed by Phaser fire from one of the ships and disruptor fire from the other two. 

Taken off guard, two of the attacking ships fell prey to weapons impacts to their aft sections and under sides. Not letting up, the Centaur class vessel with it's Bird of Prey Klingon allies continued to fire upon the damaged ships until systems started to fail upon the attacking vessels. As Captain Balto's ship was moving crew to escape pods to flee the badly damaged vessel, the remaining unknown ships exited the system as they went to warp.

Fires were plaguing Balto's ship. The engineering section was non-responsive and multiple decks were on fire. As men fled the bridge of Balto's ship, she was suddenly swept up in a transporter beam. Disappearing from the burning bridge of her ship as the helm station blew up. 

The modified Centaur class vessel and the two Klingon Bird of Prey ships, slid into cloak and would disappear from the system before any of Dimension 132 would arrive.

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: June 12, 2018, 06:42:13 AM »
Captain Batemen's heavy cruiser exited warp on red alert status. Her phasers were at the ready, as were that of her torpedo launchers. He would find several other Federation ships of Dimension 145 had recently arrived as well.

Captain Lawrence Houser, Captain Maxwell Odin, new Captains Phillip Bradley and Edward Rhodes along with that of Captain Betty Sinclair and Captain Margaret Billings. 

"Open a channel. This is Captain Batemen."

"Captain Batemen this is Captain Billings. There is a bounty of wreckage here in orbit of this moon. Batemen, it's the Admiral's ship. Along with the three escorts that were with her. So far scans show disruptor impact points to what is left of the ships hulls. All of us are currently at red alert with torpedoes armed. We haven't detected any threat as of yet however. Perhaps they have moved on. The Admiral was responding with his escorts to the station that was in orbit here. What's left of it. Seems they sent out a distress call after being attacked with out warning. Whoever it was, took out the station, the Admiral and his escort cruisers."

Batemen rubbed a hand at his light beard. "If you, or the others haven't already, we best try to contact Admiral Doohan or Admiral Pavel. I'll start sending alerts to our stations in the nearby sector along with letting our allies know this route should be off limits for now, considering."

Far off from the Federation ships of Dimension 145, laid a cloaked attack cruiser keeping watch at a safe distance. It's Captain tapped a clawed fingertip against the arm rest of his chair. 

Stars End Spaceport / Re: A Furyan's Fire.
« on: June 12, 2018, 06:14:12 AM »
Captain Morgan Bateman was a Veteran Captain of The Federation of Dimension 145. He had made just as many enemies as he had friends in his career as a Captain. 

Currently his Heavy Cruiser was in orbit of a planet with a small space port and city. The planet was mostly land with one large ocean. Mining had proven successful on the planet with a large amount of metals needed through out the galaxy. Captain Bateman's ship was transporting down medical supplies to the city's hospital. 

"There, that should help you until that freighter arrives with the medical supplies you ordered." Said Captain Bateman to the view screen upon his bridge. The woman on the screen was on the planet and she smiled. "Yes, thank you, Captain. We were running dangerously low and your help is appreciated. Mora out."

The screen went blank and Captain Bateman looked over at his helm officer. "Helm, set course for.."

"Pardon Captain but I am receiving a priority message from Admiral Bensen."

Captain Bateman nodded. "Put it through, lieutenant."

The view screen lit up with images of what appeared to be the bridge of Admiral John Bensen's heavy cruiser. Fire was seen behind him with officers trying to put it out as sparks flew off from the Admiral's left side and a bulk head there. "This is Admiral Bensen to all available ships. Requesting immediate help at the following coordinates. Tactical put the coordinates through! We are taking heavy casualties from our attackers and... "

The transmission went dead. 

"Try to get him back. Helm do you have the coordinates?"

"Yes, Captain. They are along a trade route that has seen it's share of destroyed ships lately, Sir."

"Helm set course and engage warp nine. Tactical, shields up. Red Alert."

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Captain Scott Ginnis was a newer Captain of The Federation of Dimension 145. His Heavy Cruiser was investigating reports of ships being attacked along several border systems. His first command and he was nervous. Though he tried to hide it from the crew. 

"What have our scans shown?"

"Captain, we have found a large variety of ships, or rather what used to be ships. They are more drifting hunks with holes and pieces missing from them. I have identified some of the debris. So far I've detected Cardassian ships, Klingon vessels possibly from Dimension 128, some pirate ships that were on the wanted list, a few former freighters and at least five former Dimension 132 cruisers. No signs of life. I've also scanned the second planet and the star port shows no signs of life either Sir. It doesn't look like all the ships were here at once. I believe the ships were hit as they passed along this known trade route. I have identified what appears to be disruptor fire on many of the drifting wreckage. As the ships came along this route it must of been some sort of ambush."

Captain Ginnis rolled his hands together as he sat back in his command chair upon the bridge. "Send a transmission to Captain Bennet and Admiral Pavel. Include what you've found and ask the Admiral for orders. Until his reply we will continue our scans and monitor ship traffic through this section of space."

"Understood Sir." Came the officer's reply. "Captain I am picking up a distress call. It seems to be from a transport freighter. They are under attack and are requesting aid."

Captain Ginnis tapped his fingertips together briefly and took a breath. "Okay. Let's set course to intercept and try to lend them a hand. Maybe we've found whoever has been attacking ships along this route. Helm lay in course and engage."

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A Cruiser of Dimension 132 exited warp near a some what stable Nebula near by a Class M Planet with two Moons. The Vulcan Captain motioned his communications officer to open a channel. "This is Captain Slovac, took a side route but we are finally here." "Took you long enough, father." Came a reply from Captain Valeris' ship, which was in high orbit of the planet along with Captain Angelina Torres and her vessel.

"Soon we will be free of the Empire and able to..." Captain Slovac's words paused as his tactical officer started to talk about ships exiting warp into the system.

"This is Admiral Marcus, prepare to be boarded. Resistance will result in your destruction."

There was no pause for surrender however. The ships under the Admiral's command closed in quick and opened fire with their phaser banks to remove of the traitors and their crews. "You will pay for the damage you have caused to the Empire with your lives!"

Captain Torres didn't waste time and her vessel opened fire at the attacking cruisers. Phaser banks and torpedo launchers hammered away at one of the Admiral's escort ships, while Captain Valeris' ship traded phaser fire with two cruisers. Sparks flew on board her ship as torpedoes impacted. "Status?" "Captain port shields down to thirty-two percent. One of the torpedo launchers is down and warp drive is off line."

Captain Slovac's ship found itself busy as well. Admiral Marcus and two other escort cruisers had nearly surrounded Slovac and his crew. Phasers banks pounded into Slovac's vessel. "Betray the Empire will you! I will end you and your pathetic daughter and her friend!" Shouted Marcus over the communication system.

"Captain! We are losing forward shields! Aft shields down to twenty percent! Warp and torpedo launchers are off line Sir!" Captain Slovac narrowed his gaze at the view screen at the front of the bridge. They were out numbered and with out warp drive, chance of an escape was diminishing.

"Fire again dammit!" Shouted Captain Torres from her cruiser. Her starboard nacelle took heavy damage and the pylon blew free from the support arm. "Captain shields are fluctuating and we just lost phaser control! I'm detecting ships exiting warp!" Captain Torres smiled faintly. "So this is how it ends."

The ships exiting warp were however not that of Dimension 132, but of Dimension 145. The more advanced ships held ten dual phaser emitter banks, six single phaser emitters, four forward torpedo launchers and two aft torpedo launchers. Not to mention their shielding was better rated then those of Dimension 132.

"This is Admiral Walter Pavel. You have ten seconds to stop your attack and warp from this system or we will open fire."

Two of the Empire Cruisers came about and opened fire at the Dimension 145 ships. A fools mistake. As more ships exited from warp, the number grew to fifteen under Admiral Pavel's command. "I will take that as a no." Was the simple comment over the communication system from Pavel. The ships under his command returned fire upon the Empire ships. Though, they didn't seem to be targeting the three defector ships that come under attack by the Empire.

One, two, three, Empire cruisers were knocked out of the fight. It was their turn to be out numbered and in this case, out gunned. Admiral Pavel's ship opened fire upon Admiral Marcus' vessel which shook the crew from the heavy assault of their shields and starboard side. "Admiral Marcus! We have lost starboard phaser banks and the torpedoes are not responding Sir!" Marcus gritted his teeth as he looked at the forward view screen. There was Admiral Pavel's ship. Hitting his harder then he had anticipated. "Helm, set course for Base Thetta. Signal the other ships to engage warp. I won't have that man be the end of me. Not this day."

Slowly one by one, the Empire cruisers came about and entered warp to escape the fire fight that had been turned out of their favor. Not all would make it however. Two ships trying to jump to warp speed were pounded by multiple torpedoes from several Dimension 145 ships. As power faded and life support became iffy, the Federation of Dimension 145 finished the ships off. However it was not before many survivors were beamed over to take as prisoners.�

"Admiral Pavel to Defecting ships of the Empire. How may we assist you?"

"This is Captain Slovac of the Balao. Assist us?"

"Yes." Came Admiral Pavel's reply from his ship. "Captain Archimedes Remus said you might need some help. He regrets to not be here himself but he had other matters to attend to." Captain Slovac blinked and looked about his damaged bridge. "Our ships took heavy damage, Admiral." Admiral Pavel smirked some on board his ship. "I'll have my ships lock on tractor beams and we'll see if we can't tow you some where for repairs. Have you the other ships with you make a list of what is needed before we make a station. My ships can beam over repair supplies and medical aid."

"Admiral? What course should we set?" Admiral Pavel smiled some with a nod of his head over at his Helm officer. "We will have to take it slow, their ships have taken quite the beating. Set course for Frontier Station. It will take us a little longer but we'll make it there where they can have their ships docked for the no doubt major repairs they need. Tactical? I want that report we received prior to heading this way. Captain Ginnis said he found evidence of someone attacking along the border systems."

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"Your mother believes it would benefit you, to be on board my ship when it departs the station." Archimedes shifted into a lean against the wall with in the guest quarters of Shannon Jaxa. 

Shannon ran her hands over her face. A little rub of her fingertips to either side of her Bajoran looking nose. Giving a sigh and picking her head up as she sat back in one of two chairs at the little table in the guest quarters she had been assigned to while on Frontier Station. 

"She's doing the 'mother thing' again. I have grown up." Shannon sounded annoyed almost. "You know I can take care of myself." Archimedes perked a slow smile across his lips. "Yes. I've heard you are quite good at hand to hand combat simulations on the holo deck. Have you ever had to fight though in the real world?" Shannon glanced over toward her father. She had a hard time remembering when she had seen him last. Was she ten, or twelve years of age? She was in her mid twenties now. Stubborn at times. Be it an acquired trait from her Bajoran mother or Furyan father.

"I punched a Cardassian once. Knocked him to the ground too." She muttered then under her breath. "Bastard hurt my hand though."

Archimedes perked a brow but laughed lightly then with a nod of his head. "Well it has been said that they are hard headed." Shannon couldn't help but let the smile rise to her lips at that remark. "Heh, literally. So, um, what exactly would I be doing on board your new ship I've seen docked at the station here?" Archimedes took a brief pause before speaking. He was enjoying seeing his daughter's smile. He didn't show it, but there was a brief moment of sadness touching his thoughts. He had missed a lot of her growing up. Last he had seen of her she had short shoulder length hair. Now, her strawberry blonde hair was down past her shoulders and laid against her back. She had grown into a beautiful young woman and he missed the transformation from child to adult. 

"You'll of course learn all parts of being on board a star ship. I understand you have some experience, but I will ensure you know them like the back of your hand and that things come to you as reflex. I believe I will have you start off at the Helm of my ship. With of course practice at the Tactical station." Shannon perked her brows at that. "I can blow things up?" Her smile, was returning. Archimedes smiled in turn. "I am sure that can be arranged. Who knows, maybe we can find us a Cardassian ship to play with." Shannon's smile turned near grin at that. "I'd like that. So, when do we leave?" Archimedes pushed off from the wall lightly. "About one hour. Pack what you need. You will have your own quarters on board of course. We can test your skills at the Helm right away. Oh and I expect us to continue our spar matches on the ship's holo deck."

Shannon laughed lightly over at her father. "I'm not twelve anymore. I have learned some skills in recent years." Archimedes smiled with a soft nod of his head. "Oh good. I like a challenge."

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The Vulcan Captain Slovac had his ship move in closer toward his daughter's cruiser. Things were proceeding as planned he felt. He had helped deliver hard blows to The Empire of Dimension 132 and soon he and his daughter Captain Valeris would be completely out of The Empire.

"Sir, Captain Valeris." Captain Slovac nodded ot his communications officer to put the communication through to the view screen. Captain Valeris was sitting with in her own command chair onboard her cruiser. A nod given toward her father through the use of the view screen. "Father. Are we nearly done with this venture? I grow tired of pretending to serve The Empire." Slovac smiled a bit and gave a nod of his head in turn from his bridge. "Soon my daughter. Captain Angelina Torres is going to meet us and together the last blow to The Empire will be had. After, we will leave. A secure exit is a must for us. She has acquired allies to aid us in our slipping free from The Empire. We will need them or we will not be allowed anywhere near Frontier Station. I for one, look forward to eating a real meal and not one made from a replicator. I'd rather not be attacked arriving at Frontier Station because of our Empire looking ships. Once we are free of The Empire, we can let others know and we will be welcomed about the systems. The Empire has hurt many. I believe we will find many allies to call friend in the future with our parting from The Empire's clutches." "I suppose you are correct, father." Spoke Valeris as she shifted with in her command chair to lean at the right side.

"What kind of real food, do they have at this Frontier Station?" Inquired Valeris as curiosity was getting the best of her. Slovac smiled. "I hear they have ships that bring fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses, even desserts to the station everyday. And the chocolate..." "They have chocolate?" Perked Valeris, shifting forward now in her command chair onboard her ship. Slovac couldn't help but grin a bit at his daughter upon the communication view screen. "Yes. Chocolate pies, cakes, muffins. Rich bars of milk chocolate and dark chocolate." Valeris lightly bit her bottom lip as she took in a slow breath, then let it out just as easy. "I think, I am going to like being out of The Empire, father."

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