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The Marketplace / Giving Thanks : Panther
« on: June 21, 2022, 04:42:15 AM »
It had been a long time.

Far too long since, since he had walked these streets. Streets that were as ever familiar to him, as his own body. Strangely, now—not so.
For either.

Some sights were recognized with such little effort, while some took a good moment, or three. The streets still quite active, yet—it didn’t seem to hold a candle, to that which was then.
Vendors, hawkers, solicitors and more, lined the cobblestone path. Ever the mixed of ‘Ye Olde’ and ‘Modernity’, which drew a faint smile from him, as he made his way, keeping to himself enough, while still being polite enough to offer some nods in greet.

Typical, Rhy’Din mannerisms. You can take someone out of Rhy’Din, but Rhy’Din can never be taken out of someone, once they’ve been a part of it.
No matter how much time had passed…

Rounding the corner, his eyes landed upon the ever familiar landmark, one which always pointed the way home, on so many occasions. A landmark, which remained ever the same, despite all that would be changed, damaged, torn down and built anew around it. Ever stalwart.

The Marketplace Fountain.

Pausing in his stride, as his hand lifted to those antique spectacles he was so very fond of, adjusting them a bit. As he did so, a smile once more took form, his eyes taking in the wondrous sight before him.

Softly, he spoke. “We’re here…”

“Where’s here?” asked a young man, just off to his right side.

“Here, Dominick?” A chuckle escaped him, his blue eyes came to rest upon his son, which wasn’t too hard to do, considering the young man was easily as tall as his father, looking pretty much the spitting image, of what said father had been back when. The long dark hair, sapphire eyes of blue, not to mention a penchant for long coats of the dark variety.

“Home, Son.” The elder Ravenlock, replied.

Fingers sliding down, as he adjust his vest a bit, he continued. “Home for many, many years, for us and so many others. You may not remember as much, you were very young when we left. But here, Rhy’din… This is where it all began.”

“I know that, Pop. It’s not like we don’t have it all over the house, with your books and journals and Gods know what else. Come on, gimme me some credit.”

“Oh so you’ve read a bit, yeah? Alright, I’m gonna make myself sound old here, son. But reading it can only do so much. You had to live it to truly understand. It was the best, and worst of times, and we’d have it no other way.”

“I know that book,” Dominick replied with a shake of his head.

“As you should, if you didn’t your mother and aunt Storm, would be cross. Anyways, let’s move on, I need to sit a bit. That fountain is the perfect spot.”

Smiling once more, Brian moved towards the fountain.

Taking a second to glance around, Dominick followed suit.

Soon, the pair were seated on the edge of the fountain, watching the happenings around them.

“You didn’t say why we came here, Pop.”

“We’re headed to the Inn, son.”

Dominick glanced to Brian, a somewhat raised brow as he asked. “The Inn?”

Brian nodded, “The Inn.”

“The Red Dragon Inn?” asked Dominick, in an unsure tone.

Quickly Brian replied, “Is there any other?”

“Yeah, Pop I can name a good few.”

Brian laughed.

“What the hell is so funny, Pop?”

Brian shook his head, “You are… Son, you have no idea. For many of us—there is no ‘other Inn’. That’s where it all began, so countless souls. That’s also where it ended for others. Anyways, that’s where we’re headed.”

“Alright, I get it, Pop. So why after all this time. I mean it’s not like you and Mom, talked about this place a lot at home. Or the girls, either.” Dominick, asked as he looked to Brian in question.”

Glancing to the sky a moment, Brian looked back to Dominick. A faint smile once more took hold, as he reached over, placing a hand on his son’s shoulder. “To thank someone, and that’s the best place to do so.”
“Who, Pop?”

Moving to his feet, Brian replied. “One of the absolute best of us, Son. One of the founders, a cornerstone of all you see here and then some. Most importantly, he was a dear friend. Not only to us, but to so many others as well. He was recently taken from us, but he’ll never truly be gone, ever. I want to say thanks in person, properly. In the place where it all began.”

“Who’s that, Pop.”

“Panther, son.”

Dominick nodded, “Alright that checks out. I read a lot about him in yours and Mom’s journals. So let’s getcha there then, an do this proper.”

“Let’s shall, Dom. Let’s shall.”

Dragon's Tales / Re: All Good Things : The End
« on: August 13, 2016, 03:53:35 PM »
Brian placed a kiss on that head of hers, "You know..? How many lifetimes have you and I---- have we danced, hmm?

"I won't let it be the last!" She pushed him back, her tears heavy, "I won't let this happen again! Edward is going to die and now you?!"
She laughed. "I had something to do with his death but now you..." She snarled. "I have to do something--I can!" She moved to him, her hands clutching his wrists, "I can fix this. I can. I can and I will."

Brian stood there, his eyes full of sorrow... He hated seeing her like this, but he understood... He'd been in those shoes as well, hearing her say similar
things, and he--- that voice of opposition. This didn't feel well-- or even right for that matter... But it was, as he said before--- 'what it was'.

A soft shake of head followed, as he replied. "Hun, I---- there's...  It's what I did that caused this, all of it. I was careless in a lot of it, but it was worth it. Cause despite, this moment.

We did such incredible things, defied so many odds and made the impossible, possible... But all of that, it comes at a cost. And when that bill has to be settled, be it now-- or later, it still has to be settled. There is no other way out of this... Even, I can't live forever-- you know that. You were there, when I gave all of those gifts up..."

One fired back, "You don't deserve it. You have done far more in this life good than was bad and... and... I deserve this death. But I am too much of a coward to accept it. But you?" She hit him on the chest. "You can't die too." She wailed. "YOU CAN'T DIE!" She hit him again. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

She hit him weaker still. "Please... no. Please, you must be lying. This is a lie, right?"

"T-Trying to get in my head?"

He hugged her once more, as he spoke softly. "I wish it were a lie, I wish it were. But it's not, and I'm not toying with you. I wanted to tell you, face to face. From my very heart, you know? You deserve the truth in this, and this is it, dear. My time here, is finite. But--- I won't sit on my %^$ and wait for it, either. I won't sink into depression over this, not when there's work to be done... I've still a good deal to set in order, for afterwards. Things have to be looked after."

One replied, "It's all my fault...  They..."

"Do you remember--- when we first... Well, when we fought and you died--- when Lucy was created? The power, I had then? Look at me now? Really look at me, dear. I'm no where near the same, and inside it's even worse. Part of this--- of all that, was that I couldn't be healed my magicks. In fact the more I used, via the runes and gauntlets, only made things go worse that much quicker."

"I... I did this..." She pushed him away. Her horror displayed. "Every time we fought... every... like Batten... it's... the same?" She laughed. "Go."

She wept. "Just go... go... goodbye." She held out a hand as if touch his face, but her fingers curled away. "I will be there."

"You didn't do this... I did. This is on me. I made those choices, Ren. So don't blame yourself... Ed and I-- we both made choices..."

She disappeared down a side street, leaving him there.

He sighed softly... "That could have gone better..."

Dragon's Tales / Re: All Good Things : The End
« on: August 13, 2016, 03:52:25 PM »
The Marketplace, a few nights later.

Brian had just made his way into the Marketplace, shortly after leave the Inn. It seems, that he did not do so entirely alone, however.

Elegant? Yes, her dress was. Her hair? She smoothed it out and placed it up into a ponytail on her way here... the bloodied lip and darkened eye? Not so much easily repaired. Renna entered the Marketplace looking none too pleased, but, then again, as of late, she has no reason to find any interaction with Brian a nice

"Yes?" She raised her voice.

Brian was walking, granted slowly---- towards the center of the market. Strangely, it seemed like business was a bit light for the eve, as he made his way. Her arrival drew his attention, as he stopped to turn to her. A warm smile taking form, "Evening, there. You look lovely, Ren."

"Well, I was going to get into a bar fight until someone distracted me."

His garb, was a bit off. A bit nice for him as well, a solid collared suit with a long jacket instead of short, black with black slacks and dress shoes. A white shirt underneath, as well. His hair was tied back with that ever present sash of blue tying it off. A somewhat smirk took form, as he replied. "I am sorry for that,
forgive me?"

"Fine by me." She narrowed her eyes. "Always. You know that."

"Thanks, that means a lot to me. So how have you been, dear?"

"Fine. The usual **** and a different day." One approached him, smiling. "Look, Brian... this is normally the other way around. What do you want?"

By that, she meant that normally, it was she who called for him. So for him to ask of her, was most assuredly out of order.

"I know it's strange, me asking for you like this. But honestly, I didn't know when we'd have the time, again. Especially as chaotic as things can get around here. I'll just come out and say it alright? And if you have any questions, just ask them one at a time and I promise, I will answer them, sincerely."

So here it is, "I'm dying, and it seems there's nothing that can be done."

One's mouth opens. Nothing comes out. She closes it.

He nodded softly, "It's alright. If you like, I can just tell you what's going on, if that's alright."

She lowered her gaze to the ground. "You're lying."

Shaking his head softly, Brian spoke once more. "I honestly wish I were lying, that this is some cruel and sick joke that I am trying to play---- but it's not, dear. And that's alright, I'm okay with that. I won't give up, and wait for it---- but I also accept that, it's real and it's coming." He glanced from her, "All of what I've done, these years past. Magicks, Runes, Gauntlets--- gods know what else, you know? It's all caught up to this mortal frame o' mine. It just can't take anymore--- and believe me, we've been here and there, near and far looking into this, trying to find a way. All we can do is stave it off by bits, that's about it."

"Then cl-clearly you are looking in the wrong places. I have more than ample technology to preserve your mind... your..." She shook her head. "Let me take samples of your DNA now so I can... so I can do something. I refuse to believe this is impossible."

"It can't be impossible." She shook her head. "This cannot happen again."

"Hun..." he said softly, "I'm not going to be kept in a shell, or some construct. I wish I could say I was one of those people that could do that, but the truth is-- I can't. I just can't. It wouldn't be me... Jenai and I-- we've talked time and again on this, and still do. Of course we don't like it--- I don't like it. No one does... But at the end of the day, it is what it is, you know? Eventually, we all come to an end."

"No."  Her face remained stoic, but tears fell. "No."

His hand lifted, a finger wiping some tears away, as he smiled warmly. "Hey... It's been a damned good run, and there's still time, left. "

Moving to her, those arms of his slid round her, embracing her in a hug. "It'll be alright."

"You can't die." She wept. "No." She wiped her tears away, but still they came. "You can't... I won't let you."

Dragon's Tales / Re: All Good Things : The End
« on: July 06, 2016, 10:55:34 PM »
She laughed at him and she shook her head. "I won't. Not in my nature, much like yours." She tilted her head and watched him. She really couldn't picture her life without him. "I will have to talk to him soon so we can pick a date..." Finally. "Edward seems to think I've been...stalling."

"I got the same thing, when it came to Jen, you know... Sides, you two will set it when you're ready." That said, he glanced around once more, "I'd better get back to the house. Jen doesn't like it when I'm away too long, y'know?"

"B-but I'm not. Edward keeps taking Clayton!" Was her defense. "Will I see you again soon?"

He smiled, "Of course you will!"

She eyed him. "Promise me..." He knew how she felt about promises! So he better keep it.

"I promise you, you WILL see me again." A lean was taken towards her, as he kissed that head of hers. "I mean it, Katt. "

She nodded slowly. "Alright...Please tell Jen and the kids hey for me." She smiled up to him and bowed her head. It was hard to smile but now? Was even harder...

He flashed a warm smile, "I will, and hey... We keep movin' forward, hun. Right?"

"The way things go sometimes it feels like the world is fighting me just to take a step forward. I try..." She smiled to him. "You too, okay?"

"Always, hun. Always." That said, he turned and made his way back to Unforgiven.

She watched his back and once he was far away she clenched her fists. She felt like she wanted to punch a few things. "See you later..."

He gave a wave as he walked, "You sure will."

Dragon's Tales / Re: All Good Things : The End
« on: July 06, 2016, 10:55:17 PM »
Her eyes drifted half closed. She didn't believe what he said. Some part of her felt like she was just going to mentally snap when it happened. Slowly her eyes opened normally again. "You can't die. Not until after you walk me down the aisle at my wedding.." Like he could totally control it but she knew he'd understand how she meant it. A light smile twitched her lips.

Oh that caught his attention, alright! His head snapped, those eyes looking to her own, as he righted himself all the more so. "Wedding? Really??"

She chuckled at his reaction. "We haven't set a date yet. Clayton has been off world with Ed for the past few months so talking to him about it has been slow. But..Umm. Yes. We are engaged."

"Now that is something to look forward to!"

"We had even talked about having children." Might as well blow his mind.

Yup, his mind was blown actually. Damn!

"Now... Well, that's awesome to hear, Katt."

Moving herself to lean on the fountain she looked to the fountain. "There is just a problem with that. I internally damaged so I don't think I can have children. At least...that is what Renna has said."

"You know--- I couldn't either. Funny, how that works out, sometimes, no?"

She raised a brow at him. As many kids as he had?! "How?"

He shrugged softly, "Honestly--- I've no idea, but--- I'll tell you this, you want it bad enough-- you don't let anything stop you, until the very end. Until everything has been exhausted, you keep trying. And for the record, as twisted as she may be-- Renna is just as much an asset to us all."

"Kind of hard to when I've been skewered through the middle too many times." She chuckled and she grunted quietly. Her talks with Renna always left her..unsure of things.  "I am sure Clayton doesn't mind keeping trying." Probably not something a father figure wanted to hear his daughter figure say.

"Never stop, trying. Ever."

Dragon's Tales / Re: All Good Things : The End
« on: July 06, 2016, 10:36:29 PM »
"I'm sorry, hun. I mean it I really am. An believe me, I don't like it either, I admit I made my peace with it--- Jen, too... Well, as best as she
can. Still, we don't like either, not one bit."

"You've always...been like family to me. I..." She frowned and combed her hair. She hated feeling helpless and boy she felt it now. "If...If there is
anything I can do...for you..for her..for them..You will tell me. Please?"

"You are-- and always have been a daughter to me, you know. One that I am so very proud of, dear.  I promise, I will let you know, really. I'm sorry I dropped this on you, like this. I know it isn't fair---- also, I've not given up. I made my peace, but we not given up hope of any kind. We'll still, fight."

She chuckled a bit. "I haven't...really done much of anything to make you proud of me." Her hands retreated into the hoodie's pockets to stop the sight of her fidgeting. "Of course you haven't. You wouldn't be a Ravenlock if you just gave up!"

He chuckled, "You've done more than you will ever know, hun. Believe that. And you're right, I wouldn't be much of a Ravenlock, if I just decided to lay down and wait for it."

She snorted quietly and looked out past the market. "You mean like make it to where people hate me or don't understand me because I am different.." Then those who jump down her throat for her doing her duty and protecting them. She sighed, shoulders lapsing down into a sulk. "I...don't like not being able to protect those important to me."

"If  everyone likes you all the time, you're not doing your job, dear." He chuckled a bit, "Sides, it's good to have a hater or three-- keeps things interesting, no?"  His eyes panned the marketplace once more, and its gathered. "You know--- so many of these people, will never know what some of us did for them, time and again... Be it good, or bad-- and that's fine with me. Because I know... and that's good enough for me, you know? Also, opinions are like butt -holes, everyone has one, no?"

"Also, for the record--- no one likes being unable to protect, those they love. Ever. I know that's one of the worst things, I ever dealt with."

She might of chuckled under different conditions. "Ed is dying too..." She chewed on her inner cheek. "Don't tell anyone I told you..He hasn't told anyone outside of me...and I don't think he really wants people to know. And just like you, there is nothing I can do for him..."

That news... Damn, Ed too... Brian sighed softly, "I'm so sorry, Katt. I won't tell anyone, I promise." Brian glanced to the night sky a moment, then back to Katt. "I don't blame him, you know. Not wanting everyone to know... I've not told anyone outside of the girls, and Jen. But now--- I figure it's time to just deal and let the cards lay where they will. Still, Ed... That's a damn shame... You know there was a time, he and I--- We were gonna change this world... Heh, now--- Seems like the fates had some other ideas, no?

"I didn't even find out from him..." She rubbed her face, attempting to keep herself collected. She hadn't been able to do it very well lately. "I hate the fates then. Hate...I don't know how I am going to deal when..when he..."

Softly, Brian spoke. "You'll carry him with you... You'll move forward, know he's that close to you. That he's never really 'left' per se, but that--- he's just moved on ahead and is waiting for you. You'll live..."

Dragon's Tales / Re: All Good Things : The End
« on: July 06, 2016, 10:36:13 PM »
She simply stared at Brian as if it was taking her brain a moment or two collect what he said but by the way her hand twitched, violently, at her side...she heard him. "W-What..? What do you mean you are dying? Why? Can anything be done?!" The questions spewed from her one after the other.

?He stood there, his eyes were to own. That faint smile still there, even if it seemed as if it were wavering. A shake of head followed, "No... Nothing can be done, dear. Believe we've tried. We've been back and forth with it, but it looks like--- well, that it's my time. Looks like all that time, magicking here and there, the runes, the gauntlet... Gods know what else--- it's all caught up to me, Katt. My body here, it just can't take anymore. I mean look at me, lines here and there along my face... Silver throughout my hair. And inside--- well, that's another deal entirely. So with everything I've done, all these years--- well, here I am. I made peace with it, finally. I admit, I'm scared... Jen is too. As for how long, they can't say. But this last year or so has been a ringer for me-- for us."

She was struggle with keeping her posture and the emotionless mask cracked to show a hinting frown. What really showed she didn't take the news well was the tears that threatened to spill. First Ed, now Brian. Wait... "U-Us?" She barely managed to squeak the word out.

?"Jen and the girls... They didn't take the news well, and I can't blame them. We've been all over the realm, researching--- trying things. Some seemed to work at first, but fizzled out soon, after. So it was decided, to come back home. Get everything back in order, and live our lives to the fullest, until it's time."

She nodded faintly and after a moment or two of a pause she moved to hug him again. "Wh-why didn't you tell me sooner?"

?He shrugged softly, "Because I though we could stave this somehow. Really, I did. We all did. We figured, it'd pass somehow... But it didn't. Still as we were trying, we didn't want to worry anyone. I know a lot has been going on here as well... Also it's part of why I resigned my commission with the Watch. I knew, something was off with me."

?"I just had no idea, it was as bad as it was."

She grunted quietly. He had known that long... "What is it with you men keeping such secrets from me." she mumbled. She managed to collect herself to the point she knew she wasn't crying. Pulling away she looked up to him. For once..she really didn't know what to say. "I ..don't like this..."

Dragon's Tales / All Good Things : The End
« on: July 06, 2016, 10:34:58 PM »
The Marketplace : 2115 Hours.

Brian was seated on that ever familiar ledge of the great fountain, in the center of the Marketplace, proper. He looked--- well, rather casual, it would seem. Sneaks, blue jeans and a loosely fitted button up shirt in white.

She was avoiding the inn like it was the plague as of late so it was no surprise that she was around the marketplace. Plus last night had her drifting in and out of the area of the dojo. Yes, the dojo he gave her so long ago... She took care of it and used it for special reasons. One of those reasons was a pair of young people who seemed to have it rough as of late. So after dropping off food she made her way to the marketplace and was on her way to her usual spot to only find it preoccupied.

Surprisingly...By Brian. "Brian.."

A familiar place, and more so a familiar voice. A faint smile took form on that face of his, as the eldest Ravenlock turned to see, "Katt." A hand lifted, setting aside an errant strand or three--- silver they were, a sharp contrast to the darkness of his namesake. That hand then reached to her, as he slid from the ledge to his feet. "Look at you."

?It felt like she hadn't seen him in ages and seeing him caused a rare little smile. "It has been a while..." Out of respect she bowed her head but soon enough was moving forward as if to hug the man. "How..How are you?"

Brian Ravenlock:?His arm slid round her slender form, as he hugged her tightly. "It's been too long, dear. Far too long, and I am sorry for that." He loosened that embrace enough to kiss her cheek softly, as he smiled once more. "You were always such a beautiful one, Katt. I'm--- I'm alright. Just out here getting some air. I almost forgot how much I loved this place, you know?"

Brian was still on the list of the few that could touch her and her not twitch clear out of her own flesh. Closing her eyes she hugged him back briefly but once he loosened her arms fell to her sides. Slowly her eyes opened to stare forward before turning up to him. "You..don't sound like you are sure if you are alright. Something going on?"

?He flashed her a warm smile, those lines on his face the more evident as he did so. A soft nod followed, as he gave a gentle pat to her shoulder. "I'm alright, Katt. I mean it, really. But yeah, something's going on. It's part of why I've been away for so long, why we've all been away for so long. It's taken a bit of time, to make our way back here. But--- it was worth it, for me. I've made---" A soft sigh took hold, as he shook his head softly. "I'm sorry, I'm dragging this out in some sad attempt to rationalize what the hell, I'm feeling... Even when I don't exactly know. I'll just say it and we can go from there, alright?" His eyes looked to her own, as he faintly smiled once more and then spoke.

"I'm dying, Katt."

Blood House Onyx / Re: ((Talk To Us OOC Here))
« on: August 22, 2015, 09:27:23 AM »
I, for one, am looking forward to this!

Blood House Onyx / Re: ((Words of Praise
« on: July 12, 2015, 12:53:32 AM »
I am currently on the road, but wanted to say thank you for the kind and heartfelt words. I will reply more when I get to my hotel. But for the moment thanks ever so and we <3 you guys!

Dragon's Tales / Re:
« on: June 09, 2015, 10:19:42 AM »
Standing before what looked to be a rather large gateway, Brian Ravenlock carefully measured the snakelike statues that seemed?or rather looked the part of guardian. A brow raised somewhat, as Brian knew this part of the city very well?and what he was looking at, was something that he had never seen before.

His eyes panned the area carefully, taking a quick note of any landmarks that may serve to assist him, should the scape of the area change any further. So a few things were jotted down in his ?whip it?, which was quickly tucked away upon completion of the notations.

Careful steps were taken towards that gateway, as his eyes panned between the statues. This went on for a few moments, until Brian was standing just before the gate itself. Breathing a soft sigh of relief. ?Guess this isn?t the same as that gate from the ?story that never ended?, so I?m not off to a bad start so far??

Pulling a small mag-lite from his belt, Brian shifted into a crouch and began to get a closer look at the gateway, commenting softly to himself. ?No visible wards? Statues aren?t openly active, yet--- there?s a residual feeling? Something?s not on the level here.?

?I hear that brochacho! So what?s the digs? Izzit our boy Psyco-onicus or what??

Wincing from the loud outburst that seemingly tore his hear a new one, Brian lifted a hand to quickly adjust his ear piece. ?Kerri??


?Inside voice.?

?Ack! Sorry, Brah. Okay this better??

?Yeah, so talk to me. Anything else??

?Nah, man. But from what you said, that ?CI? was right on the cheddar, yo. All the way down to them snake things, man.?

?It doesn?t fit, Ker? This doesn?t add up with him. I think there?s another player here.?

?Whatchoo talkin? ?bout, Willis??

?The bodies?that?s menial? Why would he go through all the trouble, especially when he came out in the open over Serah. He?s specific in what he does, he always has been. I can?t believe he?d get that sloppy over something so random. Not Serah, I mean. I?m talking about the others. I mean why, after all of that just waltz up to a place with what looks to be??

?Yeah, I gotcha. Maybe he?s just el-stupido? I mean this is the same guy, who once gave you something to use against him, right??

?In theory, Ker. We still don?t know that that artifact actually does.?

?So what now? We come back in the AM and knock on the door, maybe sell some cookies? Mary Hey-Kay??

?No? I?ve been out here for a while, no one else has come and gone. I?m gonna head inside and see what there is to see.?

?Okay, Ima head on over with some boys and hang tight outside, for the ?Les get sum!?, cool??

?Alright, works for me.?

?You gonna be okay, man??

?I hope so, heh? I got Pulgasari with me, an some of my old gear on.?

?Old school ^&%$es, yeah! Okay, see ya soon man. Have fun storming the castle!?

?As if.?

The line went quiet, leaving Brian to finish his initial assessment of the gateway. ?You are so warded, this isn?t funny? So why---?

Rising to his feet once more, his thoughts went back to the conversation one of his men had with the ?CI? who had given them the information in regards to this location and the being that had entered.

?Are y?sure, lad? Thas? what was said? ?Harbingers of the Calamity, let Your hallowed Maws accept this vain Servant of Yours that He might enact Your will with Fealty unwavering. So sayeth One of the many fated Scions of the Dark?? Thas? what they said??

The young man nodded to the Watch Officer that asked the question, ?That?s what he said, but he said it more dramatic like.?

There were other things as well, such as descriptors and what not. Brian had those noted already, so it was the words spoken that had his attention more than anything, due to the fact that the ?CI? specifically stated the ?snakes? came to life and the way opened.

?Only one way to find out??

Sliding off his jacket, Brian tossed it aside letting it land on a nearby decorative bush. ?Kerri?ll find it soon enough.?

That being done and said, he quickly went over his own gear?some of which he hadn?t worn in quite the amount of time. His tactical harness?each clasp checked and rechecked. Daggers, tugged at, assuring their secured state. Cord and rigging followed, along with the small assortment of pellets?flash, smoke, bang. Kept in a tri pocketed pouch on the side of his belt, just below his shoulder harnessed side arm, a modified Glock-45, carrying runic enhance parabellum rounds?courtesy of an encounter with Renna so long ago. They were effective then, he?d hope in a pinch if needed they do some work here too. Pulgasari was secured on his back, his gloved hand reaching back as fingers ran along the hilt for a moment, bring to mind some old memories. ?Damn it?s been a while??

Too long in fact, which caused Brian to chide himself a good bit. ?Little snug? Should?ve expected this.?

Yes, it?s true?the gear was a bit snug. And no folks, it wasn?t because of an increased intake of nothing but Mt. Don?t and Taste-E Cakez. It was because Brian had gotten larger, which Wren jested about when she used to crack him about protein shakes. It wasn?t like he was a lunk head by any stretch, maybe an extra twenty or so?upper body and arms, mostly. Still, when one has gear specifically created, changes will be required here and there. An over sight he?d be quick to rectify as soon as this is taken care of. Till then, he?d do what he did best.


So he continued the check his gear, securing the thigh harness, knee brace and pads, boots, etc. Also, the artifact that Scion had given him, last year which was secured on his person. It didn?t take that much longer, truth be told. Old habits and what not. Same as him leaving work with Jenai in regards to what he was working on.

With any luck he?d be back home to Jen before it was too late in the morning.

?Well let?s see if this works, then?? Clearing his throat a few times he then spoke the words, ?Harbingers of the Calamity, let Your hallowed Maws accept this vain Servant of Yours that He might enact Your will with Fealty unwavering. So sayeth One of the many fated Scions of the Dark.?


Sighing softly, Brian muttered to himself. ?You gotta be shi---?

Slowly the way was given as the gateway opened, leaving Brian standing there with a look of disbelief on that face of his. ?Really? That easily??

Well, far be it from Brian Ravenlock to not walk into the gates of something that felt like an obvious trap. ?Really? Common no less??

And enter that gateway he did, wondering just what the hell he actually was walking into.

RDI Playables / Persons Missing : Information
« on: May 27, 2015, 02:36:24 PM »
The 27th Division of the Rhy'Din Watch is currently investigating several incidents where persons dead and alive have been seemingly taken.

Details are rather limited at best so assistance from the public is being requested.

In regards to the Subject(s) :

A robed or cloaked figure, more than likely male, accompanied by what witnesses are advising is a mannequin.

Times of Day/Night also vary as well as locations of incident.

The Watch is asking for anyone who may have information, no matter how little they may believe may be, to contact their local Watch station.

Also, anyone who happens to have recently seen, or may know there whereabouts of one Serah Farron, please contact Captain Brian Ravenlock of the 27th Division, directly.

[size=9]For further information, please look at Vanishing Persons - Dead & Living[/size]

RDI Playables / Significant Exchange in the Marketplace District
« on: May 04, 2015, 12:36:13 PM »
Over the last 48 Hours, Public Work Crews have been busy in parts of the Marketplace District of the city, due to what could best described as a 'Most Significant' exchange between several parties.

Work Crews have been working several scenes in regards to damages to the streets in the form of large depressions and what look to be large spires made if what is believed to be obsidian.

Some reports also include that a body was located at one of the scenes. What seems to be a large being, possibly a female giant (by witness accounts). They advise the skin was shredded on several points and the hands had lacerations. Some also advised of puncture markings along the shoulders.

There has been no 'official' comment from the Watch Division that serves the affected area (The 27th Division of the Rhy'Din Watch), save that an incident did in fact occur. Damages were thankfully kept away from the more populated areas of the District and there were no fatalities... save a few buildings that were not in use.  

There is little else to go on at this time, but word on the street is that there is a being (or beings) of interest and that patrols of the District have been stepped up.

As always, anyone with any information in regards to this incident is asked to contact their local Watch, or the 27th Division directly.

Community Events / Re:
« on: March 15, 2015, 09:55:23 PM »
Brian's suit for the evening.


Dragon's Tales / Re: Searching for the Crystal Tower
« on: March 01, 2015, 06:57:00 PM »
A few moments later, after Myllyanna had left the room.
?Welcome back, Brian. Just stay still for a few, alright.?
?M?head? Damn. Garet, that you? Friggin? head?s killin? me.?
?Well, you did black out there for a bit, along with a fifty foot or so drop in that lake.?
?I was in the Glen...wait a lake??

?A lake, indeed. We fished you out fairly easy enough. Actually, it was a rather impressive fall, Brian. One of your better ones, to be sure.?


?Yes, really. In any event, just relax there and try some of that tear when you're able to, it'll help a lot.?

Brian nodded softly to Garet, ?Thanks again, Garet.?

?Hey, don't worry about it. Besides I owed you one from the last Yuletide, no??

?Heh, so she liked it??

?No, she didn't.?

?She didn't Garet??

?No, she didn't like it... she loved it.?

Brian managed to sit upright, that cup of tea now in hand as he sipped slowly. ?This is good man, thanks again. And, I told you, didn't I??

?You did, in fact. However that doesn't allow you to look so smug while drinking tea that's helping to shake off that header you took.?

?Well ^&%$ then, guess it really wasn't so impressive after all.?

?It was impressive, Brian. You missed pretty much everything that would have made it a fatal fall, on top of the fact you didn't loose that little trinket of yours, either.?
Another sip of the tea was taken, as Garet's words stirred a realization in Brian. A string of curses let loose from the man, as he set the mug down and then went to searching himself rather hastily. ?My notes! Ack, my clothes!? This is-- silk-- a yukata? Wait, I'm not ho-- I'm in...? Brian's eyes looked to Garet with a sincere look of worry, ?Garet, please tell me we're not in his place, are we??

?His place?? asked Garet with a puzzled expression.

?Garet, I'm in a silk yukata with no underwear on, drinking herbal tea and top of that I smell sweet jasmine as well---?

?Really, Brian? I mean, really? You think of all the places we'd bring you to recoup, before seeing Jen, it would be the love hotel that belongs to the 'Dragon of the South'??


?Brian really, we're in the Lotus. Myllyanna was just here, before you woke up. She's getting word sent to Jen, and your clothes are being taken care of too.?

?She won't tell Jen, I took a header will she??

?She'll try, I promise. I the mean time, let's talk about the tower. We recovered your notes and your sketches, I believe it's the same place that we photoed, but you saw something else. Those ruins, there.?

Garet motioned to the notebook next to Brian, ?We didn't take anything out, it's all there.  Myllyanna thinks it's something to do with 'Alexandros'.?

Calming more so, Brian nodded to his nephew. That mug of tea taken in hand again and sipped, ?I heard that.?

?You heard Mylly and I talking??

?No, Garet I heard that when I saw the city. A voice called out to me, just before everything went black.?

?Then it seems Brian, we've some research to do, yes??

?Yeah, but--- I'd like my clothes first. Personally, I don't want to be floating around the Lotus commando, that's just bad form.?

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