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Dragon's Tales / Panic at the disco
« on: November 30, 2018, 06:31:50 PM »
Rumor has it a whole lot of Tinkerbell has been hitting the clubs lately. Dropper bottles getting passed 'round and 'round.

The Watch was called to break up a group of glowing ravers who wouldn't leave after last call. A fight broke out and several people were taken to area clinics to be treated for chest pain.

Word through the grapevine was it was still a wicked good time.

Dragon's Tales / A taste of something wicked (open SL)
« on: November 23, 2018, 11:24:12 AM »
Psst. Hey man. Wanna try something cool? Yeah, it's great, man. I promise you won't be disappointed. Have a taste on me. It'll open your to a whole new world.

You like to party? Like to dance? I got just the thing for you. People have been calling it Tinkerbell. Heh. I don't get it, but they really say it makes you fly. Not actually fly, but really soar on the dance floor.

Here, it's this yellow one. Yeah, ain't it pretty? You just put a couple drops in each eye and you'll feel it. The ravers love it. Say it make you see all the colors of music. You might even glow.

Not your thing? Okay, okay.

Maybe you're one of those fighting types. You like to get into those bare knuckle back alley brawls. Nah. Not that regulated crap. I mean real fighting. Or maybe you need a little courage, confidence, strength. Hercules here can help sort you out.

A little puff of this and you'll feel like you can move the world. See, it comes in this glass capsule and you just break it, breathe in the gas inside.

Oh, I see, not a fighter then?

Maybe you're a lover. This brew here, I don't give this one out to just anybody, you see. Number 9 isn't for the faint of heart. This stuff is liquid love. Here, have a smell. Careful now.

Drink this and you'll become irresistible. Charming. Confident. Whether you need to schmooze a boardroom or woo a lover, this stuff right here can help sort you out. A couple drops is all you need.

So. What's your poison?

_________________________________________________ (OOC)

[size=10]Those who know where to look may stumble across dealers throughout the city who are pushing these new drugs. Samples are being given out, especially near any clubs, raves, etc. They are also for regular sale. Each has both positive and negative effects.

Tinkerbell- Energizing. Uplifting. / Anxiety. Insomnia.

Hercules- Increased strength and focus. / Rage. Impulsive.

Number 9- Charming. Makes you attractive to others. / Lust. Lowers inhibitions

How your character responds is up to you. Generally the first couple of uses with have only positive effects, and the negatives come later.

Overuse has extremely negative effects. If you wish to play into this, please contact me.

Faerie blooded characters may have special effects, please contact me for more info.[/size]

Any law enforcement types that wish to pursue/arrest/whatever any of the dealers, please contact me.

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