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The Shanachie Theater / Re: AUDITIONS 2019
« on: September 02, 2019, 02:57:02 PM »
Company Applied for (Theater/Repertory/Ballet/Band): Ballet - Regular

Name (inc. title): Josette Marie Wheeler

143 Cherry Blossom Lane, New Haven

Is there anything concerning your medical history or state of health that is relevant to your application? Yes*/No (*If you answer Yes please give details):
Yes. At times prone to subtle to violent tremors when under extreme stress. Currently under treatment to help mitigate these symptoms.

How much notice do you need to give to your current employer, if currently employed?
None, currently employed with the Shanachie Ballet.

Previous experience pertinent to this application (if any):
Various performances with the Paris Opera Ballet, most notably her performance of Giselle as her first principal role with the company. Shanachie roles include:
The Snow Queen: Gerda
La Bayadere: Nikiya
The Little Mermaid; Little Mermaid
Onegin: Olga
The Nutcracker: Clara
La Sylphide: The Sylph
The Red Shoes: Victoria Page
Swan Lake: Odile-The Black Swan
Coppelia: French Doll
Peter Pan: Wendy
Ondine: Ondine

Do you have any criminal convictions? Yes*/No (If you answer Yes please give details): No

Josette was particularly excited for the auditions for this new season for a special reason. After her absence at the Summer Gala, she was feeling stronger than ever after working with Irina on her strength training after taking a much needed rest and she was eager to be back to work rehearsing and performing in Apollo.

Having spent the morning in the quiet reverie of the branches of one of her favorite ancient oak trees in the Southern Glen, she felt recharged and rejuvenated as she bounced with eager excitement through the backstage door. There may have been a stray leaf or two still stuck in her hair and some dirt beneath her fingernails as she plopped her bag down and brushed her delicate bangs out of her eyes that framed her doll-like face like wisps of angel wings. Feeling one of the leaves with delicate fingers, she gave a little sheepish smile, before plucking one out and tucking it into the safety of her bag before she began stretching.

A warm smile was given to both new and old faces alike as she began her warm up routine. As she had a sensitivity to energy that was as finely tuned as a Stradivarius, she noticed the flicker and fade of Camille's fingertips upon the barre, but did not let her gaze linger as she did not want to make the girl self conscious.

And of course she greeted Dante Alvarez, who she had worked with many years ago at the Paris Opera Ballet. Josette had told him about the company after he returned from his time in Nepal to escape his alleged scandal with the Royal Ballet company. Dante denied the rumors as spurious lies of course, but as Josette had worked with the notorious "Black Eagle" before, she knew his temperament all too well. A brilliant dancer to be sure, but he'd given more than one choreographer in the ballet world a few sleepless nights as he was a bit of a divo. She'd told him about the company when he said he was looking for work after the leaving the Royal Ballet, she just never actually thought he would decide to audition!

Having worked hard on her strength and flexibility during her time off, Josette chose to dance the variation Arabian Coffee from her first and forever favorite ballet, The Nutcracker as her individual piece. For the group auditions, she'd choreographed a special surprise at the end that she'd enlisted Dante's help with, as well as several willing members of the corps. Josie had worked rather hard on it, as she wanted to flex her choreographer muscles a bit and needed to channel some restless energy during her time off. Testing the waters to see if Anya and Tony would ever want to give her a chance at choreographing a few pieces should they ever needed the occasional break, she created a piece that was a bit of a modern twist of The Nutcracker.

After watching a few amazing duels, she drew inspiration from the fighters and their incredible movements to combine some fight aspects with the ballet and merge the two together to give Clara some fire and a bit more to do than simply throw her ballet slipper at the Mouse King! She hoped everyone would enjoy the fresh take!

(OOC Note: Everyone that wishes to is welcome to participate in the group piece as long as it remains in line with the choreography in the following video.  Josette is dancing the role of Clara and Dante Alvarez is dancing the Mouse King, but all other roles are open to whoever wants to join in on the fun! Full credit for the original choreography goes to Benjamin Millepied.)

The Shanachie Theater / Re: Summer Gala
« on: September 01, 2019, 08:08:05 PM »
For the first time since she'd joined the ballet company, Josette would not be performing in the Summer Gala this year, but that did not mean she would not be in the audience to support and cheer on her fellow dancers! After the run of Odine concluded, the dancer suffered some unfortunate health setbacks and her tremors returned full force and left her weakened and exhausted. After several... spirited discussions with the Shanachie's resident ballet mistress, Irina Sokolova, the two came to an agreement that Josette would take the Summer Gala off and refrain from performing till rehearsals began for Apollo. Tony would be taking on the leading role and there would be less stress on her body for this next ballet.

It broke Josie's heart not to be able to dance, it was as necessary to her life force as breathing, but Irina insisted she needed to rest and in the interim, they would work together on her strength training and flexibility so she'd be fresh for the run of Apollo and the auditions before the beginning of new season.

Her brother Isaac joked with her that he wanted to know Irina's secret, because Josie never listened to him when he insisted that she rest. But one does not simply tell Irina Sokolova "no" when she was holding a firm line on something she thought was necessary for one of her dancers. The Russian Ballet mistress was strict, a true professional at her craft, but she also deeply cared for the well being of her dancers, as did Tony, Anya and Mataya.

From her seat in the audience, she was perched right at the edge, not wanting to miss a moment as the curtain rose. The Gala was always one of her favorite times of year because each of the dancers got to choose their own piece and it was always thrilling to witness the new choices each year.

A fond smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she was able to hear every gasp of delight from the audience members at each beautiful pirouette, or difficult jump and lift. Bursting with pride, she was so impressed with the younger dancers and their progress. There were several giggles of delight at Pearl's, Maggie's and Catie's pieces, as she enjoyed each of them immensely. Merethyl and Christian left her breathless as the two danced to a piece from Sleeping Beauty. Josie adamantly clapped and cheered along with the rest of the audience for Rick and Catie as they nailed the difficult lift in "Time of My Life", continued to be impressed with Yasmin's dancing skills as she mixed in a bit of a contemporary feel with her piece which Josette absolutely adored. She'd always loved exploring various styles of dance and pushing the envelope when it came to classical ballet and Yasmin's performance was inspiring! Zahan Granger had her jaw dropping, as they young girl came out with some fierce fire as Esmeralda and flawlessly incorporated the tambourine into her piece like a well established pro. Josie could not wait to see her in her first principal role in the future!

Alexei, Tony and Christian's solo variations were thoroughly enjoyed by the petite ballerina, as all were incredibly talented dancers, each unique in their individual expression and style. But her true favorite of the night was watching Tony and Anya dance. It was a rare treat to watch the two perform together and they never disappointed, inspiring the audience to its feet by the end of their dance--Josie included!

As the curtain drew to a close, Josette headed backstage to congratulate everyone on their performances, making a special trip over to Zahan with a grin to her parents who were beaming with pride to tell her that her dance was flawless and her lines were perfect! She'd come such a long way since last year's Summer Gala when she hesitantly asked Josie for tips on how to improve them. Josette was all too happy to share her secrets cultivated through a healthy does of raw talent and finely tuned at the Paris Opera Ballet school.

Leaving the theater, Josette felt inspired as she hailed a cab home to New Haven. The ache of sadness and longing from not being able to perform at the gala this year had evaporated and several new ideas were already percolating for her upcoming audition for next season and were being written out on the back of her program, the gorgeous music from the evening still humming along in her very cells and on her lips.

The Shanachie Theater / Re:
« on: April 27, 2019, 12:50:49 PM »
News travels fast in Rhydin. As a result, Josette found a quiet moment before the Saturday evening performance of Cinderella to post a colorful little banner with celebratory macarons in several mouth watering flavors to be enjoyed by all in the Green Room to congratulate Maggie on her recent win.

Congratulations to Maggie, our resident Spring Fairy, ballerina badass and mighty Baroness of Old Temple! Your Shanachie family is very proud of you! ”Though she be but little, she is fierce!” -William Shakespeare[/b]

The Shanachie Theater / Re:
« on: April 15, 2019, 12:40:18 PM »
Thank you Mataya and Anthony for your incredibly kind words! It has been such a pleasure to be a part of The Shanachie Theater for these last few years. I continue to appreciate the huge effort it takes on both your parts to keep the theater and ballet companies going. I tend to struggle with getting my posts up as quickly as I would like, but it truly warms my heart to hear you enjoyed the read! <3

The Shanachie Theater / Re:
« on: April 12, 2019, 05:01:26 PM »
Song to a Siren

Long afloat on shipless oceans
I did all my best to smile
'Til your singing eyes and fingers
Drew me loving to your isle
And you sang
Sail to me
Sail to me
Let me enfold you
Here I am
Here I am
Waiting to hold you
Did I dream you dreamed about me?
Were you here when I was forced out
Now my foolish boat is leaning
Broken lovelorn on your rocks
For you sing, Touch me not, touch me not, come back tomorrow
Oh my heart, Oh my heart shies from the sorrow
Well I'm as puzzled as the newborn child
I'm as riddled as the tide
Should I stand amid the breakers?
Or should I lie with death, my bride?
Hear me sing, Swim to me, swim to me, let me enfold you
Here I am, here I am, waiting to hold you.

-This Mortal Coil (Tim Buckley cover)

"10 minutes, Josie." The stage manager's knock ripped the ballerina from the quiet reverie of her dressing room backstage.

"Merci." Called out absently in her mother tongue to confirm that she had heard. An unconscious thing perhaps, due to the elegant white card she held, stamped with the familiar sigil of Mother's fashion house in Paris. Slender fingertips lingered over the hand written note penned in her Mother's  elegant hand--a lost art, she often used to say. The ballerina's eyes roamed over the graceful loops and delicate little flourishes that seemed all too fitting for Madeline Batiste.

The empty seat she had reserved for her Mother for the final performance of Ondine had not gone unnoticed, but Josette held out hope for a late arrival.  Her Mother had her own unique way of making an entrance after all.

All through the first Act, Josette's gaze was unwittingly drawn to the empty seat. So often in fact, it inevitably became her focal spotting point for nearly every one of her pirouettes. It was not until she reached her dressing room backstage that she discovered a large white box along with the usual, obligatory flowers that she knew for sure that the seat would remain empty.

The story of the ballet was one that Josette thought her Mother would remember and appreciate. Madeline's Grandfather owned a beautiful, love worn copy of the original story, Undine, by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque that Josette had rescued from a dust filled attic in Paris during one of her Mother's frenzied, ruthless Spring cleaning sessions. The designer demanded a thorough, Marie Kondo worthy purge of anything that had outlived its usefulness and banished anything that offended her eye or detracted from her desired aesthetic from her sight.

"One must leave enough room for the Muse to return come Spring, ma petite fee.” However the two had shared a moment together afterwards, sequestered in one of their favored cafes as Josette enjoyed a cloud like pate et choux and flipped through the pages, admiring Arthur Rackham's beautiful illustrations within.  She showed her Mother her favorites while reading a few passages aloud, while Madeline internally battled with her desire to smoke in front of her daughter, restless fingers channeling the nervous energy into scrawling ideas for future designs on dozens of tiny cocktail napkins.

"Ridiculous story." Madeline sniffed in disdain and she tacked on a bit of colorful french that made Josette's young eyes widen and wonder if she'd heard her Mother correctly. "A woman should no more enter into a marriage to secure mortality anymore than she should sell her soul to keep one afloat. Trust me, Josette, you'll end up dead in the water either way." Her tongue hugged the inside of her cheek, a distinct note of bitterness lingered on Madeline's tongue that had absolutely nothing to do with the coffee she sipped.

There was a subtle softening of the designer's beautiful face however, as Josette asked her why she had saved the book for so long if she did not enjoy the story. Madeline's jaw hardened again and a moment later and she dismissively waved a hand. "Really, I forgot it was even up there." Several heartbeats later, the mask slipped just a touch and she continued. "My Grandfather used to read that to me when I was a girl. It was..." Madeline trailed off, her eyes ticking out the cafe window to stare off at something only she could see-- well beyond the streets of Paris. "It was a different time." There was a sharp clink as she set her coffee cup down with a punctuation of finality that Josette read as a clear indication that her Mother did not wish to discuss it any further.

Later that evening however, Madeline came to Josette's room with her original sketch book, as well as photographs from one of her first shows in Paris. Clearly the story had made a lingering impression on her Mother, as her designs called up images of beautiful sirens, mermaids and naiads. Flowing silhouettes of tulle and organza--like ripples on the sea, embellished with all manner of minuscule delicate crystals. Vivid arrays of Ocean-blues, Botticelli Venus pinks, intricately corseted bodices that were meticulously designed to accent the decolletage and strongly recalled sea sculpted coral. Crowns and hair accessories were painstakingly constructed with tiny seed pearls and glittering Swarovski encrusted star fish. Heels designed to look like beautiful sprays of sea foam sprang up at the model's ankles, perhaps only revealed with a gust of an ocean breeze or a well timed swish of a skirt.

Snapping back from the memory, Josette read her Mother's message written on the card over again, as if it would somehow change the longer she looked at it. There was no apology for her absence of course, even though it had been a considerable amount of time since the two had seen each other. Madeline hardly ever saw the need to apologize. However, she took pains to remind her daughter that the run of her ballet most inconveniently coincided with perhaps the busiest time of year for her (which of course was fashion week in Paris.) The enclosed gift was an olive branch--in her own way, signed off with a reminder that it was a thing of extraordinary beauty and Josette should have a care not to break it.

The ballerina  reached for the box on her dressing room table. Slender fingers lifted the lid and removed the many layers of delicate pieces of tissue paper--white, flimsy, things littered the floor like the remnants of delicate wings around the dancer's pointe shoes. The bowl within was an exquisite, opalescent design by Lalique, fittingly named, "Ondines."  Six swirling sea nymphs circled the interior of mesmerizing blues, minuscule water bubbles within the glass catching the light when she held it just so.

There was a sudden, uncharacteristically violent impulse within the dancer to hurl the exquisite glass design across the room-- just for the pure satisfaction of watching it shatter against the wall. The impulse was checked a moment later as the sudden rapid patter of pointe shoes heading towards the stage could be heard outside her door. She quelled the impulse and delicately laid the bowl safely within its nest of remaining tissue paper, albeit with with slightly trembling hands as the energy still coursed through her.

The petite ballerina adjusted her pointe shoes one final time and fixed a smile in place as she exited her dressing room and spotted Pearl and the other Naiads of the corps who were bubbling with excitement for the final act. Suggestions of where they all might go to celebrate the end of the run were traded back and forth between the dancers as they dipped their pointe shoes in various boxes of rosin to help provide them with better traction onstage. She gave a wink to  Merethyl, the elven beauty serenely stretching nearby, before helping Eeva her adjust her bridal veil. It was secure enough to stay in place while she danced, but easy enough for her to remove without any difficulty when the proper moment came onstage. Such things could lead to awkward and sometimes comical costume malfunctions. Each one of the ballerinas no doubt had multiple horror stories from prior shows that were frequently traded behind the curtain and at many a cast party.

She finally came to Jamie's side, a slight tremor passing through her due to all the emotions within her still whirling around, before she took a deep breath and slipped her hand into his. She gave it a light squeeze, comforted by his ever steady presence before she put her focus on finishing out the show. Being her dancer partner these many years with the Shanachie ballet company, he never once let her fall. Jamie certainly carried her through a lot more than the difficult lifts for that final performance...more than he would ever know.

Community Events / Re:
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:30:16 PM »
Music Amidst the Ashes - Hope Cadenza

As ash fell like snow, the sound of a single cello played on...

Dragon's Tales / Music Amidst the Ashes - A Hope Cadenza (OPEN)
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:21:43 PM »
"But this sorrow and rage will not inflame us to seek retribution; rather they will inflame our art. Our music will never again be quite the same. This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before."

- Leonard Bernstein

Amidst the ashes of the destroyed tents and donation bins of the Holiday Market within the Marketplace, and nearly every single evening leading up to Christmas, the soulful sound of a single cello could be heard playing busker style with a large box that read Donations Welcome set out next to the petite ballerina who was bundled up considerably well to ward off Winter's chill.

Senseless violence and deliberate cruelty were incomprehensible to her, so after the recent events that occurred in the city, Josette turned to the two sanctuaries that had provided her with the most hope and healing over the years--nature and music. After walking amidst the trees of the Southern Glen to clear her head, she decided to do something useful with the anger, pain and grief she felt. She went home to her apartment to claim her beloved cello and followed in the footsteps of Vedran Smailovic, the cellist who played amidst the ruins after the shelling of his home in Sarajevo, that killed 22 people and wounded more than 100 who were waiting in a bread line. Perhaps, like Smailovic, she hoped to contribute a bit of beauty and hope in the wake of such a tragedy, to show that the human spirit was stronger than those that would seek to break and destroy it, and that there are more things such as art and music that connects us rather than divides us.  

Other musicians were welcome to join her, any passersby could contribute whatever donation they could to those affected by the fires, no contribution is too small. Josette secretly hoped most for toys for the orphans, so they would not be disappointed come Christmas and made sure to place a few in the bin herself to get it started. The selections she played included the works of Bach, Saint-Saens and her forever favorite, Tchaikovsky, as well as various other Christmas Carols, though she would happily take requests if she knows the desired tune. Even if she'd be the only one playing every night, or if the box remained empty, maybe someone somewhere was listening--and the night would feel a little less cold and the world a little less cruel.

Josette's repertoire:

Nutcracker Medley

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24

Silent Night

The Swan

J.S. Bach Cello Suite No.1

(Open to all that wish to post any contributions or character interactions here or wherever you feel the most comfortable writing and posting.)

The Shanachie Theater / Re:
« on: December 10, 2018, 08:21:50 PM »
Wendy Moira Angela Darling. The slender girl stands at the edge of the window in her forget-me-not blue nightgown, the panes flung wide as her ballet slipper clad toes poise en pointe upon the edge. Gossamer light curtains billow out with the night air, teasing whispers of adventure as they briefly brush against her dark barrel curls and cheek, before escaping beyond the safety of the nursery walls into the night.

That teasing breeze draws a few wisps of the girl's hair into a dance, tugging her night dress like an eager child calling her to come and play--wanting Wendy to follow that celestial call to the stars for a much needed adventure. She'd watched the stars a million times from this same window, with an ache of raw longing and unspoken wishes that remained poised and waiting to be recognized in the delicate hollow of her throat.

Yet on this night--this particular night the stars seemed to wink at each other with a cheeky, knowing kind of glow.

The divine scent of her Mother's perfume still lingered in the nursery even after the last swish of her exquisite gown disappeared through the door to attend a most elegant affair at the dining room of 27 with Father. Wendy liked to imagine the perfume was made of exotic flowers from faraway lands with hidden caves of glittering sapphires and enchanted mermaid lagoons. The perfume was a lingering reminder of her Mother's presence over her three children, even after the night lights were lit and left behind to be her eyes while she was gone. But even now, that reminder was being gradually blown away by the same beckoning breeze of the open window that was drawing Wendy to a land of forgetting.

A brilliant, verdant green streak of light tears through the night's sky with the trajectory of an unstoppable comet, with a brilliant little tail blazing behind him like a little gold flame. The girl shivers slightly, oblivious to the chill in the air, for the tremors she experiences are not those of fear, but anticipation as her heart races on the palpitating precipice of flight. A boy with a pied piper's music in his voice and impish mischief in his smile slowly extends a beckoning hand out to her.

Would I? Could

Nana's barks just below the window break the dreamy spell of her quiet reverie. Wendy is a clever girl. She can hear the unique difference in the tone of Nana's language and easily discern between her happy and unhappy barks and the ones that warn of danger. However, it was difficult to heed Nana's warning on such a night. For this clever girl longed to leave behind the mundane things of this world, even if only for a little while. The expectations and the pressures of what it was to be a "polite" young lady in such a society, only to grow up to become a woman and be expected to keep a home just so. To worry about such things as what the neighbors would think as Father did.

 In her most secret of heart of hearts, this particular little Wendy Bird brazenly hoped to broaden her horizons beyond even the most gilded of cages, so she could choose instead to fearlessly cross swords with pirates, or roam the open planes and forests with the brave warrior Tiger Lily and a tribe of kindred spirits of the same adventurous ilk.



Pixie Dust

The girl always held a fierce hope in her heart for as long as she could remember and when she takes the boy's hand to take that first, breathless step into flight, it's that same hope and trust that grants her the ability to fly as much as Tinkerbell's magic dust.

She's still too young to know the crushing weight of dashed dreams, or to have felt the shackles of fear weighing her ankles down to prevent her from taking flight. No doubt or fear--there's no room for that here, as the Second Start to the Right shines like a beckoning beacon in the night sky.

Before the night is through, she'd find the adventure she thirsted for. She'd dance with a few shadows--face both Pan's, Hooks, Tink's and her own, become reunited with the beloved pet wolf from her imaginings that followed her everywhere across the lands of Neverland with its Lost Boys. She'd walk the plank with shoulders squared and chin held high, be shot out of the sky under the orders of a fiery little fairy, only to be saved from an untimely death by a gifted acorn kiss. By the time she returns home at the chime of Big Ben's witching hour to the open window, the tic tock of the crocodile's clock finally ran down on Hook's fate and this particular adventure.

Wendy chose to grow up on her own terms that night as she slipped back through the open window of the nursery--without Pan's fear of it, or her parent's expectations of who she should be. She'll have new adventures after the curtain draws to a close of course, ones that beckon her beyond the tedious task of mending things and playing "Mother" to Lost Boys. For there are always new stars to wish on and explore, dances to be had and she knows now that the ability to fly will forever remain within herself. She'd keep it close like a hidden secret or kiss in the shadowed dimple of her smile. A rare light of hope that is never extinguished.

Courageous Girl.

Community Events / Re:
« on: December 07, 2018, 08:50:12 PM »

Josette donned her obnoxiously gay apparel with bells...yes...literal bells on her little elf shoes that she put on just as soon as rehearsal ended at the studio. From the barre to the bar, the ballerina jingled all the way in an ensemble that would have truly horrified her fashion designer Mother and probably caused her to disown her. Complete with candy cane leg warmers and six inch red ribbon curls that dangled from the bright red bow atop her ponytail. The dancer had Christmas treats in tow for the scrawny young stray cat she'd been feeding at the inn as well, tis the season for giving after all! She privately thought Koyan's was the hands down winner, but she thoroughly enjoyed all of the other festive sweaters as well. She even blinked a few times in disbelief that Sard was wearing one! Of course she'd be bringing in Mango for a hug, though she wouldn't enable his drinking problem!

The Shanachie Theater / Re:
« on: September 17, 2018, 07:51:04 PM »
Just a quick note of praise. Really loved the new post with Anya and Tony. I have very much enjoyed reading the way their relationship has evolved over the last few years, as well as the very true to life relationship struggles they are facing that are threaded throughout the piece. Very well done! <3

Dragon's Tales / Re:
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:38:51 PM »
Text to Isaac: I know. I'm sorry. Things are a little crazy in the city right now. Lots of heightened energy flying around. Will explain when I see you. Before you ask, yes, I am safe. Mataya takes security at the theater very seriously. Evening performances are Mon-Sat. (no Wed evening show). Doors open 6:30, curtain up at 7:30. Matinees are on Wednesday& Sat. Doors open at 12:30, curtain up at 1:30. We are dark on Sundays. Let me know which day you are coming? Can't wait to see you! We'll go to dinner after. Found a great new place you'll love. Soul food. Give Boomer a hug from me! Xoxo

The Shanachie Theater / Re: Auditions 2018
« on: August 31, 2018, 11:22:31 PM »
Company Applied for (Theater/Repertory/Ballet/Band): Ballet, Regular

Name (inc. title): Josette Wheeler

Address: 143 Cherry Blossom Lane, New Haven, Rhy'Din City

Is there anything concerning your medical history or state of health that is relevant to your application? Yes*/No (*If you answer Yes please give details):
At times prone to subtle to violent tremors when under extreme stress. Currently under treatment to help mitigate these symptoms.

How much notice do you need to give to your current employer, if currently employed? None-currently employed with the Shanachie Ballet troupe

Previous training pertinent to this application (if any):
Paris Opera Ballet School

Previous experience pertinent to this application (if any):Paris Opera Ballet, Shanachie Ballet 2015-2018

Do you have any criminal convictions? Yes*/No (If you answer Yes please give details):

Josette was delighted to participate in yet another round of auditions for the Shanachie Ballet. This year, she chose to do Wendy's variation from Peter Pan as her solo audition. The petite balletina lingered afterwards to watch the others perform their chosen pieces, before returning for the group audition with a budding excitement for another spectacular season.

Community Events / Re: Children's Day Concert
« on: April 14, 2018, 08:40:34 PM »
After reading Maggie's note in the Green Room at the theater, Josette set herself to work on choreographing a piece to be performed by two young up and coming volunteer dancers from the Shanachie STARS program. It seemed only fitting to give two young dancers their own chance to shine on such a day.

Wanting to contribute something for Children's Day in honor of the girl with the starshine smile, the performance was decidedly celestial in nature. Lirssa was not only a cherished member of their theater family, but she was one of the first people in Rh'ydin that had been kind to her when she first arrived. Josette never forgot a kindness and Lirssa was such a life force that had touched so many others, it took her a great deal of time to work out what she wanted to do with the piece.

In the end, it was light that kept coming to mind when she thought of Lirssa. Radiant light that traveled, embraced and connected at infinite points across galaxies...and so she started to build the dance from there.

Josette encouraged the young dancers to share their own ideas on the music and movements and collaborate on the process as they decided on the choreography. She felt it was  important to give young people a chance to use their voice and feel safe and comfortable enough to discover their own unique talents. It was something Lirssa had done with so much grace for so many others.

On the day of the performance, light connected to light in a sequence of graceful movements between the two dancers that they flawlessly performed in time with the  accompanying effects displayed on a large screen behind them. At the conclusion of the dance, the background slowly faded to black, the silhouettes of the dancers gradually disappearing as well, till only a sea of stars remained-- Lirssa's name among them.

((The visuals for the dance can be found at this link, All due credits to the dancers and director appear at the end of the video.))

The Shanachie Theater / Re:
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:27:13 PM »
"I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?" - Lana Del Rey

Enter Odile--

Moving through all the ethereal white backstage, she parts a sea of white swans like like a dark oil spill upon the Third Act. Black tulle flutters all around her like a smoldering smokescreen, the crystal embellished bodice sprouting ink dark wings up towards her pretty clavicles to create a deep "v" for a more daring d?colletage than her demure opposite, Odette.


Patron Saint of the Blind--the sweet irony and tragedy of it all. She is no saint. A beauty like hers is too bewitchingly blasphemous with the pretty pomegranate red of her mouth-- like she's just freshly supped with Persephone in the underworld.

Now, she's eager for a dance.

One has to wonder if is it indeed the spell that blinds the Prince? Or is this little catalyst both the mask and the cruel reveal of the truth? When such "true love" sworn is so quickly forgotten, could it be that it may be only skin deep? Odile loved to dabble her pretty fingers in such pot stirring notions.

VonRothbart presents her, but she needs no introduction, anymore than she needs his permission to enter. No need for names. Her presence announces itself. This dark daughter of a sorcerer has a hidden secret tucked in a shadowed dimple of her smile. Daddy dearest thinks she's there to do his bidding, but it's really for her own amusement that she agrees--wicked, unrepentant party crasher that she is.

He's brought a pretty little weapon to such a proper party and he knows it as he releases her--unleashes her onto the scene. Her obsidian pointe shoe hits the stage like a blade, head cocked like a gun to the side as she's lapping up the sweet cream of all the head turning whispers.

Lait lady lait...

But she's too good to be truly distracted by them as her gaze locks upon her princely prey. Like he might be something she could sink her little claws into for the night to amuse her.

She extends her arm slowly to the Prince, hand gifted as if she invites him to make an offering upon her dark altar. Something more interesting than simpering, social niceties, mundane introductions and all that suffering bore small talk. She wears no crown and covets no throne. Not a queen that commands, but rather a dark goddess that inspires a bended knee and lust laced idolatry.

And she almost looks like...

She could almost pass for...

But yet she's nothing like the sweet, innocent...


Was that the yearning call of his beloved white swan, fervently pulling at Seigfried's heartstrings? The sweet ache of a warning through the striking glide of a violin's pretty bow?

 Alas, Odile is so much more than a dark doppelg?nger. She is her own enchanting entity. There is a dissonance in this once's beguiling music if one listens closely. Haunting hints that all is not what it seems with this dark swan. A variation of Odette's theme, Tchaikovsky is truly a Master and Odile adores being the wicked muse for her Maestro.

 Dark winged lashes rise and fall at the proper moment to reveal only glimpses of her captivating gaze, but never the core of her wild hearted mystique. That tantalizing flick upwards like a geisha's fan to meet his eyes, only to coyly lower lashes when she senses the Prince on that palpable precipice of touch...


goes her wrist upwards, a torturous tease when she removes her fingers a millisecond before he attempts to kiss them. The sizzling electricity still hanging heavy in the air at such a cruel denial.

She's a sly little thing, with a 'catch me if you can' dare in that brazen glance she casts over her winged shoulder blade. She dances around the prince, curling come hither fingers to lure him and she's relishing every moment with those perfect piqu? turns.

Though she dances to the beats of the prince's palpitating heart, her spell is truly woven in the sinuous silence in between the notes. She's in his veins soon enough like a sweet, potent, poison that will leave him lovesick for the wrong girl.


Refusing to release him from the hypnotic lullaby of her finely tuned little lie, she leads and he follows offstage in a cunning bit of choreography, leaving appetites whet for more and tongues wagging in the wake of her grand jet?.

When they return moments later, the two dance their passionate pas de deux, with the creme de la creme culminating in Odile's clever coda. A dizzying feat of femme fatale fouett?s.

As she spins, it seems as if she's drawing all the energy in the room to her like a dark winged vortex. Feeding off the rising build in momentum and music, the black swan has a voracious, unrepentant appetite for more.

 Those fouett?s are unstoppable--their very own force of nature. How like a whip she lashes that leg and head around, this cruel little mistress spinning faster and faster, a dark blur of chaotic entropy and transmutation.

She will not be satisfied before she at last has the prince on bended knee and the audience on its feet, whipped up into a frenzied cacophony of sound that could bring the house down. For who could possibly sustain such a thing for so long?

Finally, she releases all that that whirling energy back to her audience as she strikes that final pose, sending seismic shockwaves of vibration after completing her final fouett? turn with such triumphant victory, the audience explodes in an eruption of applause.

There is such sweet release when she finally touches down, it leaves her breathless and flushed with a heady kind of high, head thrown back and arms extended like wings before she finally gifts the prince with her hand as he bends a knee to proclaim to the court his love for her.

The dark swan exits the stage and the curtain soon closes upon Act 3. A haunting harbinger for the rest of this beautiful tragedy.

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