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Den of Iniquity / Re: Sticks and Stones...
« on: September 16, 2015, 10:53:52 PM »
After another few weeks of backbreaking labor, Rei's master bathroom was finally ready and done.  He had a tub carved out of a big rock of pure granite, and it felt decadent to use it. He's had help now and then from his friends, Sal and Cane, in hit or miss fashion. Professionals had done the wiring and plumbing, of course, for he did not have the skills to do such work.

The mongrel studied the bathroom now that it was done, and he nodded to himself. He felt the effect was just right. The tub was big enough for two, though as of yet he did not have a partner. That would come with time.

Master Bathroom:

Den of Iniquity / Sticks and Stones...
« on: August 18, 2015, 02:40:20 PM »
It had taken months of back-breaking labor to bring the river rock he needed to build his house to the spot he had chosen.  It had taken more months to frame it out with the help of some construction workers who he?d done a particularly big favor for. The laying of the river rock into walls, floors, steps, and rooms had taken more months, and he?d recently had the help of Salvador and Cane to finish up the front entry.  Now it was finally looking like a place one could live in.  He?d done it without any of his mother?s wealth; it had taken years of work to set aside his nest egg, and he felt a very intense pride of ownership in this place.   He held the title to 20 acres all around the home itself, including a brook that flowed year round.

Rei stood some distance off, in front of his new home, arms crossed, a mortar tool in one hand, studying the way it all looked.  It had been crazy, probably, to build the thing right next to a cliff wall on one side.  A huge, solid rock that he had discovered held carved out caverns below, leading to waterfalls and pools beneath the ground, it made a rather impregnable bulwark to fall back into, should the need arise.  The river rock and granite he?d used presented a very solid appearing home.   The mongrel gave a little smile of pleasure as he decided that he liked it very well indeed.  It would suit him right down to the ground, so to speak.

The inside had yet to be finished and a d?cor to be decided upon, but he knew what he wanted it to feel like.  He?d always had an affinity for stone, for the rock that had sheltered part of his kin for millennia.  Now it would be around him in his place, his home.   Maybe he could rig a wall of water to one side of the living room.  He?d have to look into that.  Shoving his hair back off his forehead, he went back to work, a particularly peaceful smile on his dusty and sweat dappled face.

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 04:17:36 PM »
For the first time, Rei saw something of what his mother must have found beguiling and even charming in the patrician figure (nevermind the lack of decent garb) in front of him.  He felt a pull on his heartstrings, as they say.  A firm tug towards the man who was his father.

At the latter words he gave a slightly frustrated snort, for he didn't feel he was terribly grown, but something in him was very intrigued about what might be there to be passed on.  

He smiled at his father, that shark's grin that sliced like a knife that yet hurt so sweetly.  "I think I've managed to run around like an infant for far too long as it is.  I don't feel like I've reached a level that doesn't need at least a little parenting, really." Wait.  What was he saying? His eyes widened a little and there went the hand rub on his neck again. "I mean..I dun want you poking your nose into-like-where I spent the  night or s***e like that."  Faded charcoal skin flushed on his cheeks. Actually flushed! "But yeah, I would like to have a da.  A da that cares 'bout me."  Almost shy, that line.

Kakabel laughed, rich sound that only expressed his amusement. There was nothing mocking at all in the sound. "Oh, Rei." He stepped close enough to extend an arm and set a hand on the mongrel's shoulder. The grigori was warm and real and solid. "You've always had that, my son."

His hand gave a squeeze and his expression softened, twisting down into something more sorrowful. "My deepest regret is having failed to guide you more directly." His chin tipped up to turn that galactic gaze upon the overcast sky. After a thoughtful pause he tipped his chin back down to regard Rei's face. "I am working to remedy that, and I'm sorry it's taking so much time."

The laugh startled him, his eyes opening wide as he heard it, but the tone of it was clearly not offensive.  Hearing his name said like that, and then the feeling of that big hand landing on his shoulder did strange things to his throat, making it feel thickened, made his eyes feel suddenly rather full. How ridiculous. Man up, Rei!  

He sucked in a long, slow breath and gave a nod to the words spoken. "I believe you.  And yeah, crap happens.  Can't get round that, try as we might."  He knew that pretty well.  He frowned then, again looking over those ripped and torn clothes. "Ilharn, I know you are trying to do that, you said somethin' like that before.  But - "  His hand lifted to gesture to the clothing. "You sure you--is there anything I can--I mean, I know I can't go up there, but--"  He wanted his father to not get hurt!  "You sure you can stay safe? "

With another resonant laugh, he lifted his hand from Rei's shoulder and turned it to touch a light shove to the side of the mongrel's neck before he withdrew his arm entirely from his space. "My Father is Love. Even centuries ago I was not made undone for my transgressions. I've survived Hell and mortality. This...?" He made a sweeping gesture to indicate his filthy present state. "I say again, you needn't worry. This is nothing. A minor hiccup." Looking back at Rei, he smiled, just a little. "Though I do appreciate your concern."

The mongrel nodded to what Kabe said.  The grigori knew his own business best, after all.  Purples fixed on that little smile, and then he spoke. "I've always been concerned for you. And even during the times I was most bitter and antagonistic towards you...part of me hoped, always hoped, that somehow we'd rise above all that and ...and get to be father and son."  Okay, he'd overdone his raw emotions and confiding trust levels, today.  His voice roughened a bit. "I gots ta go.  You know how 'tis, got some folks waiting."  A pause. "Thanks for coming." Oh, understatement.

"Of course." A minor constellation sparkled in the depths of his eyes. "Circumstances are not always favorable, but I do try to come when I can. Rest assured that even if I do not, I always hear you." Taking a step back, he tipped his chin up to regard the gloomy sky.

"If you ever feel lost--" There was pause and a smirk when he turned his attention back down on his son. "--read the horoscopes. You might think it corny, as so many people do, but don't forget who taught men how to read the stars." The expression lingered, something bordering on mischief with a mixture of fondness. "Farewell for now, my son."

On that note, the grigori turned to walk back between the two trees whose shadows he had used as a doorway too arrive in the first place, and took his leave.

Rei smiled, he couldn't help it, at  what his father said. That he always heard him.  That and the horoscope bit.  He'd been one to think them rather silly, but from this day he would look into them. Oh, yes he would. He lifted a hand and then turned to go himself.

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 04:12:37 PM »
The mongrel wondered what word or words he had missed, or that were held back.  A somber expression was on his face as he contemplated the man who'd made him. The smile on Kabe's mouth was lingered over for several seconds.  Many things crowded his mind, his heart, and struggled for dominance in his throat.  He wasn't really convinced about the goose chase business, but he didn't feel they were close enough for him to press. Not yet, at least.  

"It doesn't matter what you wear.  That you are here is what counts."  That's what came out of the mess in his throat.  He looked down for a moment at his feet. For inspiration?  "It isn't what you can do for me.  I just...I'd like another chance to...."  To what?  He sighed. "I've been doing a lot of thinking.  The past isn't really where I want to live. Not anymore."  He looked up.  Eyes shimmering with a possibly rather pathetic puppyish hope.

Even with eyes made entirely of the universe, shrunken down to scale, Kakabel managed to express surprise. His brows inclined and he lifted his chin. The grigori might have found his son's words as equally suspect as Rei did his story of a wild goose chase. After a rather long, stunned moment, the first thought that spilled out as words from the general's mouth was, "I see."

Curiosity welled in the churning of an entire microscopic galaxy. The scrub of his hand over his mouth was a rather human expression, as was the clearing of his throat when that hand fell away to his side again. "Might I ask what brought you to this rather enlightened conclusion?" Not that he was complaining, mind you. The angel had come expecting another angsty teen rant. Not... not this.

In a gesture that was not meant to be a mimic of his father, but yet still managed to be, left hand rose to rub at the base of his neck, under the silver net of hair.  Rei had done some growing in this past near year.

"When it comes down to it, we all treat the ones we care about like crap.  It's in our natures."  The hand dropped to dig fingers into the front pocket of his jeans. "At some point, Ilhar found something in you worth loving.  You found something worth loving in her.  That, right there, that's what counts, yeah?"   He paused again, and shrugged one shoulder, muscle rippling under the tee shirt. "I don't want to miss out on having a da just because things change.  They always change.  If you'd stayed together who knows how good it would be? It just..doesn't really have to matter, does it, to you and me?"

"No, it doesn't." There again was the slight raise of the brows. Kakabel was surprised, impressed. One might even say a little proud at his son's newfound wisdom. "Whether or not your mother and I had remained together to this day is entirely irrelevant to my relationship to you."

The grigori rubbed his jaw in pause and took a step closer to the pond and once more looked out over the water. "She and I need not be wed for me to be a father to you, if that is your desire." Turning back, he looked at Rei again with a little smirk and a literal twinkle in his eye. "Though you are a grown man now and not in need of much parenting, I should like to try, if you'd allow me to... as they say... be here for you when I can. There is much I would like to pass on to you. So much."

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 04:06:27 PM »
(This is from their next encounter, 7 months later in the Southern Glen.)

Settled on a rock of all places, near a smallish pond, the forest came right up to the edges of the small clearing, and even curved overhead, almost touching in the middle over the water.  It was a greeny- gloom that added to the overcast grays overhead.  It felt like an underwater tunnel, the wavelets of the water making the greens blend and dance.  A little trickle of water fell from the rock wall at the back of the pond, a tiny waterfall.  It made a pleasant, soothing sound that eased over water and rock.  

Rei was on a big boulder that was long and low to the ground, with nice smooth space for the buttocks.  He was looking at the amulet he wore, one hand holding it up before him, eyes closed and his mind concentrating on calling his father.

There was no dramatic display to note his arrival. Hardly even a tingle at the back of the neck to make the hairs stand on end as one might expect.  

The universe consisted of as much dark as it did light, and the general had centuries of practice slipping between the cracks. This particular crack happened to exist between a pair of young trees to Rei's left.

The creature that had sired him stepped into the clearing on bare feet. His clothes were a tattered ensemble of half-shredded business casual. Instead of initiating this meeting with a greeting, he arrived with a bit of advice. "One should be careful how loudly one thinks around these parts. You never know who, or what, might be listening in."
And then, as he stepped a respectable distance closer, giving the mongrel at least five feet of space, he said, "Good afternoon, Rei." The grigori smiled just a little without a thought. Despite their previous encounter, he was pleased to see the boy.

He felt the presence, the sudden thereness that came with his father.  Rei was rather startled by the shock of relief that he felt shoot through him.  He hadn't thought the Angel would come. His eyes opened and he looked up and around, finding the other with unerring tracking.

Purples rested on the image of his da and then an expression of concern slid over the mongrel's features. The tattered appearance was wholly unlike his father, as far as he had heard, at least.  It was very unlike Kabe.  The words the other spoke drew a wry half-smile from the sculpted lips that were so like his father's.

"If it was loud enough to reach you, then the purpose was served, I think?"  He slid easily from the boulder and studied Kabe. "Are you - well?"  Gesturing to the clothing. He himself was in the usual blue jeans, white tee, and boots, with his hair all anyhow down his back.

"Your words need not be loud to reach my ears..." There was an extra word left hanging there. Mouth hung open for a hesitant moment, but closed to form a smile. A single distant start twinkled in the exterior corner of his right eye.

He accepted the change of subject graciously, looking down at himself with arms spread and a raise of brows that suggested he was only just now aware of his apparent state. "Oh. This?" He chuckled, looking up with dismissive sweep of his right hand. "Wild goose chase gone awry. I assure you I am perfectly well. You needn't be concerned."

Turning aside, he looked out over the little pond, then tipped up his head to observe the overcast sky with a slightly vexed smirk. "A change in attire will have to wait, I'm afraid." Lowering his chin, he turned again to look at Rei. "So. What can I do for you today?"

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:50:04 PM »
Purple eyes studied that smile and the edge it held, before rising to starry eyes that were frankly impossible to read upon such short acquaintance, as it were.  He frowned as he learned, listened, heard. Felt. "So by taking back your rightful place in the Heavens you were taking on slavery, in fact, or at least a form of it. Did you know that would happen?" One finger held up for that question he would like to know the answer to.

Another finger rose. "In a place like this constancy in relationships is not exactly fostered or even encouraged.  She was with some guy named Patch for three years after you, and then was with Ezekiel Pearrce for another nigh on three years, close enough to make it three, at least.  That's two in six years, and whatever else she may have done quickly or frequently, she at least has more constancy than most in Rhydin, if you count those two rather long lasting relationships. If you don't, and you are certainly free to do as you like there, then you disregard her loyalty to the men she has loved.  She didn't cheat on either of them, and nor did she with you, and your relationship with her was no longer than three months, I think?  I don't know, but do not judge where you have no compassion.  

If you had the strength and power to do as you wanted, perhaps things would have been different."  Another finger rose up. "What is it you now seek to do?  Why are you here? How are you here? What is your goal or goals?" Four fingers. Four things he wanted to know.

All at once, the death of a star happened in one eye while the birth of another exploded in the other. "Petulant  child." This was Kakabel's immediate response. His frown was as severe, if not more so, than before. He placed his hands flat on the table and stood to loom over the boy. "And how long have you known this mother you rise to the defense of, boy? How short a time has it been since your release from the prison that kept you where none of us, not even me with my army of stars, could see you. Talk to you."

He pointed a long, strong finger at Rei's face. "In all that time, I was searching. For you.  For the prayers she sent to me, every night, that I had not the power to answer. Don't you dare question me and my loyalties. In all this time, I have taken no other wife. No one."

He pressed his finger sharply and quickly to the table. "Remember that. We're done here." He stepped out of the booth then and marched for the door.

"At least she has someone to defend her, which is more than you have."  He rose, too, and simply watched his father leave.

Rage tried to climb up his throat and take a hand, but he quelled it, throttled it, and it sank with murmuring and complaining.  A deep breath was pulled in and then his eyes swept the assembled. Turbulent, stormy eyes.  He reached for his cup and headed for the break in the bar.

Kakabel pulled open the door and scoffed, pausing to look back at Rei. "I am a soldier, boy. I need no one to defend me. If I remember well, your mother is a willful woman who needs no gallant knight to rise to her defense either. Now if you'll excuse me, I have duties to attend to." With that, he swept out the door. Just as the door was shutting in his wake, a swirl of speckled black feathers rose up from his feet like a whirlwind and swallowed him up, imploding as if the lot of man and wings were being sucked into a black hole, and then he was gone.

He pulled up short as he father spoke again, but there was no time for a response.  He watched the departure with narrowed eyes.  To the one now gone he murmured. "And yet you would wave the flag of her supposed inconstancy before me.  Bastich."  

Then he marched on behind the bar and washed his cup out. He would like to have served it to his father, right through his teeth. Rei set the cup into the drain with exquisite delicacy, the opposite of his desire, but such was good training.  

The mongrel gazed down at the swing of metal which reflected light, the pendant almost seeming to mock him.  He gave a little snarl and shoved it under his black tee, before spinning and heading out the gap in the bar.

Perhaps it was a bit of overheard conversation, something about people who matter. Whatever it was, it sent Rei with an embittered mumble out the front door, though he did manage a respectful nod to Thorn and Les. not a good day. With that, he was gone.

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:43:31 PM »
The man's smirk curled a little more into something resembling a smile. Several points of light in his eye sockets sparkled and dimmed. The universe was ever shifting, and his gaze reflected that. "Yes, Rei. I did take a wife, and that was my crime. By staying too long upon the earth and mimicking man by raising a family, I had become corrupted and was expelled from the Heavens. Even so, I retain command over many spirits, and so the Morningstar found a use for me."

During this telling, his amused expression faded into something more dour. That life was long past, however, and he did not care to share much more about it than what he had. "My allegiance came into question during the rescue of your uncle. Much changed."

Rei was surprised when Kabe said as much as he did about that past. He studied the face and features of his parent with a bit more warmth. Alright. Fair enough. You and my mother then ...what?"

"That is between me and your mother, Rei." Again he smirked, and this time the view of the universe narrowed some with his eyes. "From what I can remember, however, I lost my wings during the escape. For a time I was lost, to myself and everyone. I was mortal. What little I recall of this is only vaguely referenced in a journal I kept at the time. I remember dreaming of your birth and not knowing who you were. I remember being introduced to you as you slept as a babe in your crib. I remember..."

Sorrow reflected even on his usually well-schooled countenance. Though it was difficult to tell without discernable pupils or sclera, his chin dipped to indicate he was focusing on a point in the center of the table between them. "You were stolen."

He listened, and if what he heard was not quite the same as what had already been related to him, it was close enough not to make him clarify things. A little frown grew between his brows and remained. "Did you forget that she gave you her own? That they were ripped from her so that you could go and do what you wanted?" Or something like that.

"No, Rei. I do not forget that she gave me her wings to restore my own." Kakabel frowned, lifted his chin to fix the boy with a severe gaze. "But you are mistaken in assuming that in doing so I was given the liberty to do whatever I pleased. Giving me back my wings was the key to my reascension. The return of my power bound me back to my Maker. Had I the will to do what I wanted..." He trailed off, reorganized his thoughts.

He gave a tight smile that was edged with restrained malice. "I would have shattered the heavens and the earth to be with my family, boy." Many of the stars deep in his eyes flared with the fury of all that he wished he could do. "Even though by then your mother had replaced me with another, and does again and again."

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:39:18 PM »
For the second time today, perhaps even equally surprisingly, Kakabel bit back any snide remarks and said, "As you wish." He let his son lead the way and followed him a few paces behind.

A turn of the head let the weight of the entire universe sweep over the woman in leather as she came in. Again, only noting another body added to the count of the room.

The mongrel noted that warmth in Thorn's gaze and it was appreciated, even if it did trigger a roiling of emotions deep within.  Sadness, regret, loss...oh, the loss. Les was noted just before Rei slipped into the chosen booth and so he gave her a nod back.  Then he simply waited for his father to settle himself, the coffee in front of him framing his face in curls of steam.

Kakabel settled onto the seat opposite the mongrel at the table within the booth. He sat with perfect posture, his legs crossing at the ankles, and fingers touching together again in that therapist-like way when his hands came to rest on the table in front of him.

Starscape was fixed on Rei. "How far back do you wish me to go?" His side of the story could be traced back a very long time, honestly.

The mongrel considered.  Another drink of the black coffee helped. So, too, did the cheroot he dug out and lit up. "I know you were a Fallen.  I know you went to Hell to retrieve Cassiel, whom I don't think I ever knew. Or if I did, I have forgotten.  Start there."  It was better than saying "start where my mother came into the story".

?You're asking me to go back to the very beginning." There again he smirked. That was a lot of history for him to sort through, so there was a long moment where he was quiet. This gave him time to turn his head and look out into the common room briefly, to see who had caught his son's eye.

He had not really stopped smirking, even when he looked back at the boy sitting across from him. "Many of us Fell. Many for immoral reasons, depending on one's perspective. We found the daughters of men to be lovely and took them to wife, which, in those days, did not quite mean what it does today."

A single star twinkled in his right eye. "But this is irrelevant. My brother Cassiel numbered among those of us who Fell for one reason or another. His was a different crime than mine, but the Morningstar still sought to claim him anyway. Here, in this realm, he had acquired quite a large number of friends. When they learned of his capture, a small force was formed in which to enact a rescue mission."

Rei turned his attention to his father then, and there it remained. The flow of words in that particular voice was pleasing to the senses. It tickled the bones at the base of his skull and somewhere along his sternum.  He began to get a clue as to what had appealed to his mother in this man.

Rei nodded as his father paused there. "This is what my mother has told me, though with less detail than you have.  Perhaps someday you might tell me what crime yours was. If it even matters. Did you take such a wife?"  No, Gem had not told him about the woman.

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:34:24 PM »
Silver brows rose up as Kabe started to speak, and then lowered in confusion as he continued.  Oh yes, that thing about reading the star charts and such. Rei took in the rest of said speech, considering it, before he nodded in understanding, of the last part, anyway. "Right. Cloudy. It's a very personal use of my name, one I did not give you leave for.  By leaving me alone all these years you lose the right to use it without permission."  

He was not the same son he had seen a month before.  He
was different. Grimness defined the line of his lips, and there was an ache and an emptiness in his eyes that was not there before.  "I don't know what you mean by roadblock.  I don't know what you mean by someone not wanting me to discover whatever. I thought that was all mumbo jumbo, anyway, that astrology stuff."  There was a fine how do you do for a father!

The woman's arrival turned his head for only long enough to fix his completely starry gaze on her. Mark her. Note her. He even gave her a pleasant enough quarter of a smile, simply polite acknowledgement before his head turned to regard the other creature that had arrived.

His eyes showed no way of turning; they were completely black, even where the sclera should be, and riddled with billions upon billions of ever-shifting points of light. However, when he turned his head back the other way, it was still perfectly clear that his attention was on Rei. There again was the smirk. He brushed off the seat of a stool with his hand before settling on it, elbow to counter and sitting sideways, fingers of both hands touching together like a therapist or something. He skipped over the dissing of astrology. "What shall I call you then?" Let's start there.

Smart father, for once at least.  Skip the dismissal and find a starting point. There was a faint little smirk of amusement at one corner of his mouth, just barely to be glimpsed before he turned and poured himself a mug of the freshly brewed joe. He did his coffee black and hot as hell. Rei turned back to his father and leaned on the bar between them, taking a sip before answering.  "Rei will do.  Let's see where that takes us, eh?

"As you wish." He was perfectly amenable in this moment, which might perhaps go against every bit of his character that his son had imagined him to be. He maintained his own smirk for some time, even when he briefly took note of the next two bodies to enter the room. A turn of his head one way, then swivel back to center his focus on Rei. There was a tightness in his jaw. He had not come to open up old wounds and satisfy the boy's obsession with trying to rile him with the constant mention of assumed abandonment. Instead, he asked, "What can I do for you, Rei?" That is to say, also, why had the mongrel summoned his father?

Rei also took in the new arrivals, the one getting a cool look as she was the one who had listened in on his last meeting with his father uninvited, and then a softer look given to Sabine before he let his gaze rest on his father again.  There was a moment of clear hesitation, which he sought to shield by taking a drink of his coffee.  Finally, though, he spoke. "I want to hear your side of things."

By all appearances Kakabel continued to seem amused. The smirk was relatively stuck on. An entire microscopic galaxy swirled in his left eye. He turned one hand over to indicate the female loitering about at the break. Though even he could see that there was plenty of room behind the bar, he stood up and turned to indicate all of the space out in the common room.

 "Shall we sit at a table, or would you prefer to walk with me?" he asked his son. He did not seem the least bit perturbed about there being an audience that seemed incapable of minding its own business. People were generally rude, in his experience, and would stare no matter what.

Good manners indicated good breeding, and that maxim held true no matter where a soul found itself.  The mongrel gave a near matching smirk to the father he didn't know, and with exaggerated care he slipped out from behind the bar, where he had apparently been taking up all the space.  "Let's go to a booth." So saying, he lead the way, with an upnod to Thorn and another to Sabine who had finally approached the bar.

Den of Iniquity / Re: Star Fall
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:29:21 PM »
(This is the second encounter between Rei and Kabe, another month later. )

Rei slid out the door of his room and locked it back up, employing a few of the more minor skill so his mother to seal the place against intrusion.  In a few more minutes he was downstairs brewing coffee.  The grim, chill feel of his heart and soul had not eased much, but then again, he didn't expect it to.  Purple eyes scanned over the empty tavern and fixed upon the chess table.  A slow burn of red mounted his cheeks as he recollected his poor showing to Sal that night.  It was typical of their entire relationship, he was sure.  Sal increased and Rei diminished.  

With the tinge of embarrassed chagrin still on his face, he thrust his hair back from his face.  A few strands of silver caught in the leather string around his neck and he was abruptly reminded of his other parent.  As silver broke free and drifted to land on the bartop, he gripped the pendant his father had given him and tried to summon him, or whatever the hell it was called.

Interesting to note how strongly desire can reach its way out into the heavens. The pendant warmed at the mongrel's touch, and the harder he thought on his father the hotter it became. A silvery, chiming ping pulsed quietly from the amulet not long after. The creature linked to the item, and the man who carried it, refrained from making a dramatic entrance this time. Still, the rustling of feathers might have been heard just outside the front door. No whirlwind of shadows and light marked his arrival. There was simply the door opening, and a man dressed in business casual stepping over the threshold.

A tall man with dark hair and the entire expanse of the universe housed in the sockets where a person's eyes should be. "Good afternoon, Rei." Instantly politely, and opting not to distrub the mongrel's mood by referring to him as son, since he knew that annoyed him. "I was wondering when you'd call. Fortunately for you, today is a good day."

He heard the rustling, and as it might herald the arrival of his father, his eyes were trained on the door.  They narrowed a bit as that man came through said portal and spoke to him.  He took his time in answering, sweeping his gaze from crown to the no doubt neatly shod feet of Kabe. "Is it good fortune, though, or bad I wonder?  "His head tilted to the side.

"You called me Kaleb last time we met."

Kakabel smirked as he turned to shut the door, and then he moved further into the room. "Your creative juices are flowing freely," he remarked somewhat cryptically. A single star glittered in the corner of his right eye. "But there appears to be a roadblock. Something or someone apparently doesn't want you to continue down the path you're on. Perhaps he or she is scared that you're going to discover a whole new passion in life that they don't necessarily agree with. Don't forget who is running your show - you and no one else." Bit of a speech there. Remember who he is. The Astrologer.

A few more points of light glimmered in his eyes. He was closer now, and then he pointed up, saying, "Cloud cover. I cannot always come when summoned. Days like these are the best days. And I did not think you favored that name."

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The nephilim looked at all the other males, one at a time, and his gaze settled lastly upon his father. He took in and weighed the words given.  His head tipped rather like his mother's.

"She is a fragile, vibrant, vital creature who needs to be loved for who and what she is. She's tough as nails and she happens to still hold you dear in her heart. You didn't want her. Not enough, anyway. You don't deserve her now."  He paused for several ticks of a silent clock.

A long sigh left him. "But I have long wanted to know my father. Even if he is an arrogant prick who thinks he's above common courtesies. So I leave it up to you.  Kabe."  Oh, but he said that harshly. "If you want to learn about me then you show up and we'll talk.  Right now, I'm done. I've got your pendant." He put his hand cockily up to his face in the "Call me" position while his silver brows rose up. Then he turned on his heel and went back to the front doors of the inn.

Kakabel blinked, and that alone was the barest perceptible hint that perhaps his son's words landed on their intended mark. He even sighed when the boy turned his back on him, after that rather intrepid little speech of his. He turned his attention Kasdeja and shrugged. Teenagers. What can you do, eh? He did not move to storm after the boy and rage at him. Instead, he calmly turned to face and put his focus on Mesteno. He smiled tightly, though it was still more of a smirk. "Would it be too much to ask you to perhaps pass along to him a vital bit of information that I would have told him had he not decided to turn about and stomp off to his room?" Y'know. Like teenagers do.

Rei'd been trying to take control of the "interview" actually, by ending it. But it probably did look more like a flounce off.

Kasdeja shrugged. His children had died long ago, and he'd never gotten the chance to meet any of them.

All the wolf calls and noises within had roused the spirit of him as if he were under a bright moon.  Once inside he tilted his head back and gave vent to as loud a howl as he had the other night, when his wings had been healed. It let out a hella lot of grief and rage and pain and disappointment...and an excitement he didn't want to admit to.

Mesteno's eyes might be a bright, warm shade, but just then they held all the warmth of a shark's, intent on seizing something between its jaws. There wasn't a twitch of a smile to be seen, instead only a look that verged on revulsion. "He's already been more lenient with you than you deserve," he told Kakabel bluntly. "Let's see how quickly you **** up again!" But he wasn't moving. He was doing him the unnecessary courtesy of remaining to hand over this?vital message.

He took pause, looking up, because it seemed then that a light drizzle had begun to fall. Mesteno's blunt hostility did not seem to strike him quite as strongly as his son's defense of his mother. Again, he smiled tightly. "You both presume that I had any choice in this matter at all." He shook his head and sighed. "Forget I asked. Doubtlessly he will twist my meaning to suit his own deluded concept of me. Much like you." He dipped his head in something of a polite nod, then turned an about face, soldier style, and walked away. "Come. Let us search while the weather permits," he said to Kasdeja.

"Very well." Golden eyes sat upon the necromancer for a moment longer before he turned to fall into step off to Kakabel's side. Gold dust trailed the twist those eyes made as they turned towards his compatriot. "He won't be easy to find. We need to move underground." Kakabel's personal problems were for him to deal with.

"Assumptions and excuses," he stated plainly, and that was all he was willing to give to Kakabel, whose departure at last gave him opportunity to turn and make his way inside, mental exhaustion at war with the itch of vitality which wouldn't let him rest. He looked miserably weary as the door swung shut behind him.

He did not look back. Instead, as they moved along, he said to his companion, "Where even the stars cannot see. Perhaps my holiday will last a little longer then. Let us find access...." And the Watchers, with their conversation, trailed away into the rainy night.

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"You oughta get back to 'em. Sooner the better," he informed him, prickling with energy that had proven most inconvenient ever since autumn came around. Rei's remark about his significance resulted in no particular pride, no arrogant toss of lion's mane, but he did seem to be squaring up, straightening those scar-savaged shoulders as if he didn't intend to be moving on quickly.

Kabe tipped his head back down. The weight of his gaze fixed on Mesteno as he listened, weighed and measured his words. His mouth curled into that wannabe smile again, and he turned his head so that his regard landed again upon Rei. He lifted a hand, turned out to indicate the Sadist. "Does he speak for you in this? Do you wish me to leave?"

Unfair question. Such an unfair question. For a moment his face showed his youth, spoke of a half-grown half-elf. "Why do you care, now, to ask me that question?"

He remained quiet, perfectly willing to let Rei make his own choices without trying to lead his answers. He was a man grown now, and youth was something to be overcome in moments like these. Undaunted by Kakabel despite being fully aware of his nature, the necromancer stood solidly, impassive and inexorable in his judgement. The bastard had been gone too long, and ought to have stayed that way so far as he was concerned. He'd made that clear and need say naught else.

"Because, child, the idiot's spent his time doing nothing but worming his way out of his shackles since he was pulled back those seven years ago. What would tempt a Watcher to corrupt his brethren and abandon his post?" Kasdeja almost seemed to emerge from Kakabel's shadow, golden eyes on both the mongrel and the necromancer. He spoke more plainly for his companion. "I haven't found him."

The sudden appearance of the other right from behind the one caused Rei to take a defensive stance for a moment. He did not know this other. He would not have known his own father had not the pings told him.  The words the long-haired one spoke caused purple eyes to widen and then fix again on Kabe. "For her? Or for me?"

In a moment, deep in the depths of those voids where his eyes should be, Rei might have witnessed the dying of a star. A single light among millions winked out. His expression folded into something more impassive, and he edged a step aside, back toward Mesteno, when his companion emerged from his shadow. He looked aside to him, dipping an acknowledging nod to the last statement. Then he looked back at Rei, lifting a hand to indicate the other Watcher who had joined them. "My compatriot speaks true, Kaleb. His name is Kasdeja. You may perhaps call him uncle." He jested for a second, but then the windows into the universe narrowed with his eyelids as he regarded the boy and considered his questions. "For my family," he answered.

He took the new arrival's appearance in his stride, and beyond a measuring glance, paid him no further heed. Rei hadn't dismissed him, and so he remained there as steely support, hearing all and (it would appear) unmoved by it. Vadriel would have been thoroughly dismayed.

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He, too, looked about.  Was that his Godfather approaching from another direction?  Long-eyed scion of the stars, he perceived it. "I certainly have no reason to go by Kaleb, do I?"

A turn of his head brought the attention of entire galaxies bearing down on the boy again, and he chuckled. "Oooh, I would not be so sure of that, my boy." Instead of son. Maybe he meant to try to rile him. Had to call him something. "Biblically, it means 'aggressive' and 'tenacious.' I could argue, particularly in this precise circumstance, that I had you christened appropriately." He edged sideways, a step apart from the almost growling Sadist that came into view.  Further apart, not just one step. Putting the extra space there.

"Oh, I don't think you can claim credit for my naming.  You left long before I graced the living with my presence.  she named me."  He looked over at Mesteno as if wanting him to verify this. Poor Sadist.

Kabe?s brows inclined high. "Is that what she told you?"

Usually it took little more than the place being too crowded to deter him from a visit. Family tangles should have been more than sufficient. But this time, he strode onwards, if wearily, his shoulders in a bestial semi-hunch, a snarl threatening to curl his upper lip. He'd never been a fan of Kakabel after all. Watching him back away... well that was one way to ensure a predator itched to give chase. "The **** are you even doing here? He's got enough **** goin' on without Dad issues. Don't you have duties to attend to elsewhere you" the insults ought not be stated, beyond the fact they were crude and entirely unnecessary.

For a moment there was a look of uncertainty on Rei's face. He could not actually remember her saying that. Perhaps he had assumed it. Then his lips firmed and he just shrugged. He looked at his Godfather and realized he had,never seen Mesteno so riled looking. He frowned at the mention of "issues".

There was a smugness to his expression when he turned his head to let the gaze of galaxies land on Mesteno. Man should not be so quick to assume that had been a retreating step. Actually, he had only been readjusting his stance, just in case this came to blows. Never mind he did not appear armed. "Not that this concerns you in the least, my dear old loathsome acquaintance--" Snide and sarcastic. He still had that. "--but that is precisely why I have not been around until..." He trailed off,tilting his head back to look up at the still blissfully overcast sky. "...recently."

There were crows, being ever so unobtrusive.

"Of anyone in this blighted town, it is his business. He was named my Godfather, and it is he who has done more to father me than you ever have done."  Deny or dance around that!

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The thing going dead on him had the mouth on him...which incidentally matched quite well the mouth on the man behind him...turning down into a deep frown. He gave a snort of disgust when the voice came, and it was with widening eyes that he turned around, the flare of his hair unbound like a swirling cape of silver about him. Once he saw the man he simply....stared. And stared...and it was very very annoying. He had practiced for YEARS what he would say when...if...when...this moment ever came.  And what does he do?  He went ****ing blank!

The lips of the man on the lawn quirked up into an expression that wanted to be a smile, but seemed only capable of getting so far as a smirk. That aristocratic thing that had been mentioned previously. Three guesses where the boy had got that from, too. First two don't count. "Hello, son."

He was fully taken up with the image before him from his dreams, nightmares, and enough daydreams to weight down a world.  And it was when the father spoke that the son found his words. He gave a little snarl, his lips pulling back from perfect teeth, the dusk of his skin making them seem like the pearly gates. "You don't *get* to call me that. You hear me?"

At the best of times Mesteno was half-way handsome, and at the worst, he drew the eye for all the wrong reasons. That evening saw him firmly in the latter category, haggard from lack of sleep, drowsy eyed and surly as a storm-cloud getting ready to try and drown anyone caught beneath it. Tawny skin seemed grey tinged somehow, and the wiry arms left bare in the beater shirt he wore were ropey with veins gone dark, polluted like oil-slicked rivers. Blood had dried beneath his fingernails, and despite the autumn chill he was sweat sheened like a man feverish, his golden eyes likewise febrile. His feet verged on dragging as he made his way towards the inn from the Temple District, carelessly tromping through puddles in **** kicker boots and snarling at anyone who didn't move aside quick enough.

His lips twitched, only the tiniest quiver of almost more amusement, but the smirk was pretty firmly stuck in place. Lifting his hands, palms out, and bowing his head marginally in something like supplication, he said, "Fair enough." He did not bother arguing the point of definitions. "You still prefer to be called Rei?" He did remember that the boy did not like his actual given first name. Maybe that would count for something. He was dressed in a rather casual bit of attire instead of the suits he'd favored long ago. Jeans, of all things, and a shirt that might have been a little baggy on him. He was barefoot. He turned some, angling his shoulder toward the boy on the porch and taking note of the other bodies around them, drawing near.

One of them had to remain calm in this situation, and he had years and years more experience at exuding it than his son did.

The refined and aristocratic air of his father, undeniable even at the worst of times, worked on the boy, making him feel his snarling posturing was pointless and stupid. Overdramatic. And so he lifted his like his mother...and a cool look descended upon his features. He'd never, ironically, looked more like his father than he did in that moment, though they were a foil of each other. Kabe with his black hair and pale skin and the son with Silver starlight hair and the dusky skin.

Irritated, impatient, Mesteno smeared a dribble of sweat from the sharp contours of a cheek with bruised knuckles, the skin stinging at the salt seeping into the tears it wore. He wished it would rain, and listened hopefully for any rumbles of thunder. Hair rivered red as a gun-shot wound to the head, tangled along the metal laddered spine, made him look as savage as the starved wolf lines of his sharp-edged physique, and when he saw the pair out front of the inn, he almost growled like that same beast. What a meeting to stumble across.

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(This was about a month later, Rei and Kabe's first encounter.  Again, thanks to the players, Celestial Gloom, Terminal Grace, Jack Scott, and Mesteno)

The sound of a door closing above stairs was heard, and then the ringing sounds of bootsteps as they approached the stairs followed.  One mongrel, dressed in jeans, boots, a black tee topped by a gray Aran sweater, appeared coming down the stairs.  His face bore a rather grim look and the silver brows above a set of particularly fine purple eyes were drawn to a near frown.

Rei paused at the bottom of the steps to note the various souls in the tavern, then nodded to those he knew.  Nods, but a smile was beyond him. The nephilim headed for the break in the bar. He slunk behind the bar and reached in the cooler for a cold beer.  The top was pulled off and tossed in the trash and then he took a long drink of it, paying no mind to anyone at the moment. The lines of his face were harsh and drawn.

Ping. Did you hear that, Rei?

He went very still. His entire body went into listening mode. Tracker on the alert. Beer was upraised to drink from it.

Such a quiet little chime. Seemed to come from the mongrel's chest. Probably felt a little warm under the collar too.

The mongrel swung his head around to see if anyone else heard that, and a nod was given in the meantime to new arrivals. Then he put his free hand under sweater and black tee to find the pendant. He yanked it out and up, holding it, to stare down at it.

The runes around the edging of the pendant were faintly glowing, a soothing, warm bluish white. So faint. Sounding again. Ping.

There was a rather harsh intake of air, the nostrils of the mongrel flaring in aristocratic form. His hand closed over the pendant. "Where the **** are you, then?"  This was muttered in a low voice.

The pendant answered him with another pin-drop of chime. Ping.

Rei's gaze moved to the front doors.  With a muffled curse he was stalking that way, a hurried nod to each person there as he moved off and outside.

Des's shadow was probably going to squirm even more urgently in zero-point-two seconds. Did anyone else hear a rustling of feathers? Lots and lots of feathers.

The young tracker burst outside of the inn and beyond the porch, out to the commons and stood there, pendant in hand and spinning around in a slow circle, looking up.

Ping, ping. Then suddenly the pendant went quiet and cold, the lights winked out. Rei was looking in the wrong direction. A shadow on the lawn smoothed its collar and remarked, "This does not look like a slaughterhouse." Last he'd heard, his son had been staying elsewhere, and he'd picked up on rumors during his increasingly frequent holidays.

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