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The Scathachian Sanctuary / Re:
« on: August 13, 2013, 03:24:43 PM »
As I consider myself an 'honorary' member (Issy has been 'teaching' Jules 'The Way of The Feet' so those size 11's can be put to good use) ...I'm post Hydra ready to have some fuuuuun with this crazy b*tch of mine. Count me in! ...for any and all of it ::grin::

The Phalanx / Re:
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:04:24 PM »
**Texts sent over Batten?s secure lines to Cyris Merrick this past Saturday**
Juianna:[/i] Yo loverboy, it's Jules. Enjoyed the beating last night. Repeat in swords if your game tonight?
Cyrus Merrick:[/i] I'm not gonna ask how you got this number. :) As far as swords tonight, I just have one thing to say: BRING IT, B*TCH! ;)
Juianna:[/i] I have my ways. And be careful what you wish for.
Cyrus Merrick:[/i] It wouldn't be the first time this week I got my ass kicked by a woman. I might even enjoy it. See you in the ring.
Juianna:[/i] Ill make sure you do. Might be tad late, gots some business to take care of but ill be there to deliver. Get good and warmed up. Later.

The Phalanx / Re: The Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
« on: May 07, 2012, 07:25:57 PM »
Dedicated to all of the very amazing and very HOT armored heros....because lets face it, even my stone cold clone would never admit it, but should she ever require a rescue, she would never say nay to any of our three metal covered sexy hero's. ;) Hey, the song DOES have the word "hero" in it so, it's somewhat valid a post... ok? :)

David Guetta feat Nicki Minaj: Turn Me On

Docta docta, need you back home, baby
Docta Docta, where you at?
Give me something
I need your love
I need your love
I need your loving
You got that kind of medicine that keeps me comin'

My body needs a hero
Come and save me
Something tells me you know how to save me
I've been feeling weird, oh!
Oh, I need you to come and rescue me

Oh, you make it, make it right
My temperature is super high
If I scream, if I cry
It's only 'cause I feel alive

My body needs a hero
Come and save me
Something tells me you know how to save me
I've been feeling weird, oh!
Oh, I need you to come and rescue me

You've got my life in the palm of your hands
Come and save me now
I know you can, I know you can

D,D,D,D,Don't let me die young, I just want you to father my young
I just want you to be my docta, we can get it crackin' chiropractor, I, I, I, I

I,I,I I know you can save me
And make me feel alive
Make me come alive
Come on turn me on
Touch me, save my life
Come on and turn me on
I'm too young to die
Come on and turn me on
Turn me on
Turn me on
Turn me on
Turn me on

The Scathachian Sanctuary / Re: The Bloodless Wound
« on: October 14, 2011, 12:08:01 AM »
Spread out on the table in front of her is a massive collection and variety of blades. From smooth and simple to serrated and deadly. She had been polishing and sharpening her collection when Diana's soothing and sultry voice broke the quiet of the apartment with her announcement.

"Miss Frostbite, Kyle will be arriving shortly to escort you to the gathering at the Scathachian Sanctuary."

She stopped in mid-stroke of her sharpening to glance up at the open space above her which is where she deemed Diana existed.

"I will be ready. Thank you, Diana," as her eyes return to the half sharpened blade in her hand.

"You are welcome, Miss Frostbite."

And just as it had lilted in the room the voice silenced. She finished up the task at hand before slipping the blade she had been working on into its hiding spot among her person before rising from the couch. As soon as she stood there was a knock at the door. Right on time.

As the door swung open, Kyle seemed to fill the frame of it, leaving little of the outside world to see around the man. He informed her of where they were headed, which got him a curt nod before that smirk tugged her lips.

"Well I don't let much interrupt my blade sharpening, so what are we waiting for? Lead on big man."

That got a smirked return before he cleared his throat, "We will walk, if you don't mind." It didn't sound like a question.

"Not at all."

They walked towards the Sanctuary in silence. He had his orders, she had hers, and he seemed as much inclined to small talk as she did. She respected that.

As they emerged through the gate, she took the seat gestured to by Kyle quietly as the gathering was already in progress. She took out the portable Central Computer User Interface that had been assigned to her when she joined the company and listened silently and intently to the situation at hand, making notes as needed. She was to be a liaison between Batten Industries and the Scathachians, and she wanted to ensure that she got as much information as was needed to serve her pupose for the task set before her.

The Shanachie Theater / Re: Fairytale Costume Party
« on: August 19, 2011, 07:25:41 PM »

Julianna had had quite the week. A darker, more dangerous side of herself had surfaced, that however, was a delicious discovery she was thouroughly enjoying. She had heard about the festival but had been busy with, other things...however, a little fun and frivolity was definately in order after the torturous last few days.

A costume party was just the ticket, and she hadn't dressed up since...well, to be honest, she still hadn't gained enough of her past memories to be able to answer that. But she was sure it had been a long time.

The image of what she wanted to dress up as popped in her head with barely a thought. Red. But not your typical sweet, innocent, impressionable little Red Riding hood, a Red Riding hood with more bite than the wolf who pursued her.

A smirk played over her features at the thought, silly silly wolf.

Dragon's Tales / Re: ((OOC Guest Book))
« on: July 29, 2011, 02:26:44 PM »
Regarding the thread "Eternal Sunshine of a Scattered Mind"

This is just a request, I am extremely new to RP'ing and the writing portion as well. I am thoroughly enjoying it but I have seen so much talent on the boards and need some help. Please if you feel a character of yours may be able to help Julianna move her story I'd appreciate it. I also apologize for being so very vague on her story as it is...I left her very open. Thanks and happy writing! :)

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