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RhyDin Election / Re: OOC Thread
« on: February 11, 2008, 11:02:23 AM »
[quote:0aa1747099="Panther"]And I wish we didn't even have to worry about this, but based on the fact that a single IP address is currently accounting for nearly 25% of all the cast votes....?[/quote]

Exactly my point. Can you imagine what it would look like if we didn't say we were monitoring?  This is why my vote wouldn't mean anything if every character would be allowed to vote, and why it does mean something having one vote per player.  We have 6384 registered users and only 84 votes. I think that reveals the situation pretty clearly.

RhyDin Election / Re: OOC Thread
« on: February 09, 2008, 08:45:23 PM »
I agree with you Erin.  

I have 4 different characters that I play often. It is interesting that in rp and on the boards, each of the four would have voted differently. So I had to just pick one and go with it.

I'll still rp that each had voted for the candidate they were supporting, but I feel really limited.   In spite of this, I have to agree with one vote per player is the best method, because at least in this case my vote actually counts.


RhyDin Election / Re: OOC Thread
« on: February 09, 2008, 02:56:46 PM »
I know several players on DM who have over 50 characters, one or two have a LOT over 50. The problem is, Shauri, all those characters don't really have different IC opinions and preferences. By our very nature as human beings, we have our likes and dislikes and preferences about people that naturally get blended into our characters. We cannot help it. We all do it.

We have seen over and again in the past that those with an abundance of characters tend to stuff the ballot boxes in one particular choice, and it's not just because each of those 50 characters just happened to all have the same IC feelings on what was being voted on. I'm not saying that I fault someone for doing that, it's just that it doesn't produce a fair and equitable outcome.

In a perfect world, you're right - all our characters would have their own feelings and opinions to express. This, unfortunately, is not a perfect world. If we were all allowed the same number of characters (e.g. 3 or 5), then I think you would be right, Shauri. Each could vote their preference and in the end, I think it would all even out reasonably fairly. That's not the case here (unfortunately). Some might have just one character, another might have 75, and because the one with 75 would have the tendency to endue each of the characters with the same or similar preferences, it would skew the election. Just two people with 75 characters could control the outcome, and that would not be fair to the other players or the candidates.

No matter who you like or don't like, the players who posed a candidate for the election have all done a lot of work and gone through a lot of effort to make this election fun and interesting. I know that from personal experience in last year's election. We owe it to them to at least make the election fair, and unfortunately, the one vote per player is the only way to do that at this time.

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re:
« on: October 21, 2007, 12:56:56 AM »
[quote:0ff2b870ba="Elessaria"]Gripe: [size=24]MEN!!!!!!!!![/size][/quote]

Hey, I heard that call too!!!  In fact, my ears are still ringing!

Gavilean reporting, Eless.

My next gripe is still the airlines - not being able to carry back the plum wine and Saki from Japan.

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re:
« on: October 09, 2007, 06:07:16 PM »
Thank you, Shea!  ::smooch::

::turns to Eless::

Okay, Eless!!!

Now you are sooooooooo going to get it!!

Gavilean "perfect hair" Starfare

From Evandar to RhyDin / Re:
« on: October 09, 2007, 04:10:46 PM »
MY biggest gripe is . . .  


RDI Playables / A Time of Mourning
« on: May 24, 2007, 03:52:09 PM »
By Royal Proclamation of Their Majesties King Gavilean and Queen Tera Starfare . . .

the entire Kingdom of Westridge and all its lands will enter a time of mourning for the passing of the noble Fayalki. Songs will be sung in his honor, and every establishment that serves drinks shall offer a toast on the hour.

the period of mourning shall be one fortnight.

(for further information, please see: 9335#9335 )

RhyDin Election / Re: Election 2007
« on: January 30, 2007, 06:49:03 PM »
He blinked and watched her walk off, thumbs tucked into his belt.

"Ya hear that, Tass. She thinks I'm pretty.  You're just cute.  Pretty is at a higher level than cute. It says that in the "Men's Handbook" that women have never seen."

He gave a curt nod for emphasis.

"Maybe I should vote for ME!"

RhyDin Election / Re: Election 2007
« on: January 30, 2007, 02:47:34 PM »


"Vote for Tass....he's pretty too!!"

RhyDin Election / Re: Election 2007
« on: January 30, 2007, 02:38:10 PM »
He grabs the clothes from Tass to make sure they never make it to Kitty, then starts his "campaigning".

"DON'T vote for IMP, he calls Tass and me 'womens'

"DON'T vote for Talomar, he....well, he's BIG!

"DON'T vote for Kitty, she always says I'm late!

"DON'T vote for, ummm...who's left?  G and Ilyona.

"Vote for Ilyona!!  She's prettier!"

RhyDin Election / Re: Running Here And There
« on: January 10, 2007, 05:10:17 PM »
Several hours later Gavilean stepped out from an alley and grabbed his wife.

"Des!" he whispered as he pulled her into the alley and cloaked them both with magic.

His hair was a mess, eyes wide with concern, his clothes soiled with mud and rust.

His voice was a mixture of excitement and fear as he whispered, "Des, you're not going to believe the story and pictures I just got. This is big, Des. Really big."

He took a deep breath to calm himself. "You think the expos? I did on G'nort caused a disturbance?" He smirked, "That was nothing. Wait until you see what I've got on the Count."

He then got really serious. "Des, without my magic, I'd never have got out alive.

"Des, this story could get us killed."

Dragon's Tales / Re: ((OOC Guest Book))
« on: December 06, 2006, 05:56:10 PM »
Just one point I'd like to add to what Tass said.

The IM's that you do while in the RDI are not absolutely private.  I'd download the new AIM 6.0 if you'd like to speak to anyone privately OOC.

As Tass said, yes, it's nice to see that rose again. I had forgotten about that.  I had been off AOL since around '98 when I brought Philippe to just write with Teleperien in a private area.

I don't think you'll get any hate mail here.  Even Gav didn't get any.  Not even from Tass!! ::grins:: Who, btw, kissed Gav in the Inn.

Dragon's Tales / Re: ((OOC Guest Book))
« on: December 06, 2006, 12:18:01 AM »

It was so good to see you again after so many years. We sure do go back a long, long way.

Welcome to Dragon's Mark.

"My character was married multiple times (you know who you are), had children.."  Yes, Luthien and Gavilean were married by Xenograg in . . . um, in the fall of '94?  And Tristan is their son. I was hoping Luth had him.

Anyway, I'm glad you found your way here and I hope you come to enjoy writing and rping here. It would be nice to see Westridge's neighbor, Mountainside, thriving once again. :)

- - -

Sylus, I remember Sidartha well. We go back to early '94.  I think it was Malenia or perhaps Tara that she ruled.  The old map was posted here:  1495


RhyDin Memorial Cemetery / Re:
« on: November 26, 2006, 01:31:06 AM »
A Late-Nite Visit Following a Wedding

The moment Gavilean and Tera had left the gangplank after Captain James and Wyheree Black were married, Des? smile dropped, and the light lean against her beloved husband was no longer light.  Des burrowed against Gav's side while the arm around him tightened and her other hand came around to rest on his stomach as her head ducked to hide the tears that she wouldn't let be seen by any other.  Her voice was barely above a whisper as she spoke, "The cemetery."    

As soon as she had said those words, "The cemetery", Gavilean understood. He also cursed himself for being so dense and inconsiderate. Why hadn't he thought of this earlier? They were on a pirate ship and for the entire ceremony his Des had to look upon the face of a pirate captain as he was reciting vows and getting married. The last time she had experienced that was when she heard the vows of her Captain Jean de La Fontaine.

Gav winced and was angry with himself that he had allowed himself to get so caught up in the celebration that he completely forgot about Captain Fontaine and Des. And there he was, on the ship and yelling out "Pirate."

Gavilean held his dear wife tightly and whispered, "Of course, my love." He paused a moment and added, "And I'm so sorry."

As they turned toward the cemetery in a seamless motion their arms still around each other as she took comfort from his strength and immediate understanding as always Des tenderly stroked the man she loved with all her heart's cheek.  

"Shhhhh no sorries from those lips.  Tonight was for Wyh and James.  I just need to go and say hello.  We haven't been in a very long time and I need to make sure he knows we haven't forgotten him."  

It really had been difficult but well worth it to see their friends so very happy tonight.  She rubbed her cheek against his upper arm to clear her vision of the tears before they could fall.    

Gavilean?s heart was breaking for Des, the woman he loved more than life itself and whom he'd give his life a thousand times for. She was always thinking of others. It had indeed been a very long time since they had visited the cemetery. The last time they sat there it was still summer. Now it was nearing winter and it was night and it would be cold at the cemetery. Leaves had fallen and the trees were bare.

"It's been too long, my love. I should have thought of this sooner. We've been busy but that's no excuse." They walked through the streets and made their way to the gate of the cemetery.

Her voice was very soft when she spoke in the quiet of the graveyard.  "I feel badly that we haven't come, Babe.  I promised I wouldn't ever forget but our life... I'm so happy...."  

Their steps along the paths they traveled were hushed beneath the night sky.  She didn't glance around as she usually did when she passed this way for tonight her attention was completely on the man at her side and the headstone they were approaching.  

Gavilean?s elfin senses were tuned in to any danger that might be in the vicinity of the cemetery, but nothing could be sensed that was close to where they were. "I'm happy too, my love, and I'm sure Jean understands, especially since we have the baby on the way." He led her to the grave site and when she sat down, he sat behind her, and his arms went around her.

Des sank down onto the ground in front of her beloved husband and leaned back against his broad chest as his arms went around her over her growing tummy.  She crossed her legs and her arms then rested her arms over his at her waist as her gaze moved over the beautiful headstone Jean's surviving crew members had bought for him.  

Her thoughts traveled back in time to the first night she had met the French Pirate and a watery smile appeared that left tracks of moisture on her cheeks.  "Love mine I do believe that all Pirates are alike.?

Des turned to the gravestone, ?Howdy Jean. I'm sorry that we haven't been here for awhile.  Life has been crazy busy for us.  Wyh got to marry her Pirate love tonight and everything is going very well for Gav and I.  Actually things couldn't be going better.  The little one will be here in a few more weeks and we are gonna start trying to pick a name.  No one is trying to kill either of us lately.  Well there was that one guy that broke both my arms but he don't count cause Gav healed me up real good right afterwards and then chopped off his head.  The wedding business is going great and I'm doing real good at being diplomatic.  I ain't stabbed or tackled anyone in months now.  Oh!  And I ain't cussed nobody neither."  She paused to take a breath and wipe her cheeks and eyes with the back of her hand.    

Gavilean held her close, keeping her warm as he listened. His chin was on her shoulder and his long, dark, soft hair was against the side of her head. As she spoke he remembered all the things that they had been through since being here.

Wyh did indeed have her pirate and Gav was so very glad that James was not French...or even close to French. He had grin at how Des spoke of not stabbing, tackling, or cussing anyone. Gav kissed her tear-wetted cheek and stayed silent so that Des could say all she needed to.

She nuzzled her cheek against her beloved husband's as she went quiet and just looked at the stone and the lettering on it then whispered to Gav.  "He was so young and full of life Babe.  Seeing all the Pirates tonight reminded me of that.  How carefree and happy they all are.  That live for the moment attitude they have.  Rowdy and fun loving.  He was like that you remember?"  

He nodded against her cheek and spoke softly. "I remember. He had no fear and was so full of hope for the future. I was honored to have known him, baby. He was a very special man." He looked to the stone. "You hear that, Jean. You had to be special, because you won Des' heart before I even knew her. Only a very special man could do that, my friend."

Des ducked her head, after kissing his lips tenderly, to hide the blush stealing across her cheeks.  The hands resting atop the arms crossed over their little one gave a loving squeeze.  She continued in that hushed whisper that seemed appropriate for their midnight visit.  "I love you so much Gav.  Thank ya for lovin' me and most of all for understandin' me like ya do.  I'm ready to go home now when you are love mine."  

He nodded and kissed her again, then looked to the gravestone and spoke softly. "It was good being here with you, Jean. I'm taking good care of Des and we're really happy, so don't you worry about a thing." He stood up behind Des and helped her to her feet.

Gavilean's wife smiled softly up to him and placed her hand in his larger one to help pull herself to her feet.  She was gaining weight and the assistance was appreciated more than usual to get from sitting on the ground to an upright position.  

"Thank ya Babe.  Jean we'll see ya again some time but it might be a while again but don't worry cause we won't forget ya."  She turned away from the stone feeling a sense almost as though putting another piece of her past behind her as she tilted her head to the side and smiled again to Gav.  

The King of Westridge kissed his queen's wonderful lips and took her by the hand. He led her to their home and would spend the night attending to her and showing her all his love.

Site News / Re: 10/06 Host Kegger
« on: October 08, 2006, 02:25:23 PM »
Thank YOU, Jewell.  It was great fun.  

Maybe we should do that about once every 6 months with different themes.

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