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Title: In the meantime...
Post by: Emlen Slane on July 29, 2013, 02:30:19 AM

?Tell me you love me?? The woman wearing Novia?s face commanded without remorse or affection. Her eyes made sure to lock him into that empty-minded state he?d grown accustom to.

?I love you?? Emlen?s voice was there for her ears, but his words were not laced with endearment as he followed orders. It had been what felt like years since he?d heard Minoko?s lyrics, and had he been normal, he might have begged for her to at least yell at him.

?I?m disappointed in you, Emlen? How could you move on so quickly? And want to marry her?? She examined the ring that she herself had placed on her own slender digit, a ring that was not meant for her finger. ?The most insulting, was that you tried to protect her??

?I?m sorry?? he wasn?t, he was merely reciting what she commanded to hear.

?Tell me that from now on, I?m the only one for you??

?From now on, you?re the only one for me??

?Tell me you can?t breathe without me??

?I can?t breathe without you??

?Finally,? the imposter started, her eyes narrowing on him skeptically. ?Tell me that you want me to be with you forever??

?I want you to be with me forever??

?Good? Now prove it to me, Emlen; to stay with you, to feel something again? I need a soul? I need your soul?? She whispered. ?Tell me it?s mine.?

?It?s yours, Novia??

?Good, good boy?? As if he was a worthless dog who earned praise. She bit into her lip, knowing she couldn?t rightly pull it out of him with her bare hands. She was no soul eater; she had only been lacking one of her own. ?Clever boy? I know that this is no diamond?? The girl whispered. ?It?s a stone for trapping souls? You need to be more careful who you let swim around inside your head. You were planning on staying with her forever when she passed, hm?... Giving your soul away to live upon her cold finger? I wonder? Would you have done the same for lovely little Novia? That?s a mystery? One of the few you keep sacred. Foolish boy, you've handed me what I need to take what I want. Now,? she began. ?Give it to me.?

?Yes, Novia?? An empty whisper as he exposed his most vulnerable possession.

Myles took in his face as she ripped his soul away, took in his painful expression and his gritted teeth, but most of all, she admired the bleeding pupils that made irises black with emptiness. They matched now?he was hers.