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Title: A step in the right direction...
Post by: Emlen Slane on July 23, 2013, 06:25:12 AM
Starring: Emlen Slane and Solaris Slane.

    Oh, the city. What an overgrown hive, so many varieties of shameless peons lurching about purposely. Solaris had thrown an old grey duster over his chestplate. It hung off him like a drape, masked the shimmering gold armor, but not completely, and the man?s ceremonious boots still clodded sharply as he walked. But despite it all, in this city, a man with an old trench coat thrown over a pious set of armor was really not so queer. He stepped swiftly, caught the buzzing, broken red neon sign that titled the bar and pushed the door below it in. The interior was a stuffy pocket of red miasma; cigarette smoke permeating and rising, fogging the dive, the crowns of the plumage that pushed up on the rafters lined in empty crimson from the shoddy lamps that flashed the names of various drafts and brands. Like a sergeant, Solaris leered over the zombious crowd proudly, disgustedly, a great, pervasive sickness nibbling its way into his body. He steps and his heft boots rattle the floorboards. He steps and rattles, steps and rattles, steps and now the salt shakers upon an empty table leap up then fall on their sides. He finds the bar, leans over it on his elbows but says not a word, a mysterious smile carved into his hard, broad jaw.

    The door opened, and as if there was a rod attached to his spine, he walked through the threshold. Arms only swung at his waist as much as he allowed. Blue eyes trailed over the area to find the unmistakable soul, and once he was located, Emlen sucked in a breath and swallowed hard. His fists were in tight balls, bracing himself. He had to try not to get hurt, not that his father was so messy. "Solaris," Emlen greeted. They weren't on those kinds of 'Daddy' terms.

    Solaris did not turn upon the address, only smiled secretly with his chin rested atop his bridged fingers. ?Emlen,? he says in a high and amused voice. In the darkness, those wild red eyes scream out like seven o?clock suns, low, not bright but contained in their radiance. ?Just on time. I commend you!? Solaris turns and sizes the boy up, takes both his hands and slaps them into the outer edges of both Emlen?s shoulders like he would squeeze the boy like an accordion. ?And so how are we? Our meeting in Sama was brief, but fruitful. You agree??

    The man broke his eyes away, he swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes, Martyr was... Infected for quite some time." Emlen mumbled with a nod. The beating of his heart changed as the man tried to summon up whatever courage he could. It wasn't in him yet, but picturing both the faces of his sister, and his girlfriend was getting him there.

   ?Look at you boy. You look paler than usual. Even immured in this vile, poisonous cavern of vice and stale smoke, you radiate like a moon. Tell me. Tell me what is upon you, boy. And sit, for you are bound to shatter like a vase.? Solaris whacks Emlen?s shoulder with a big and callous grin glowing on his face. He falls into a stool, leans forward and slaps the one adjacent to show Emlen where to sit.

    Emlen didn't make eye-contact, he only nodded and obeyed. His hands slapped against the counter and flattened out there. "It's... Nothing, Solaris..." Except, it wasn't nothing. Except, he wanted out. He needed to be out... It didn't take much for the tall man to plop down into the stool and sit silently.

   ?Well, boy,? Solaris said while leaning in to enact some coy take on a privacy for his own amusement. ?I?ll admit that your personal problems mean little-to-nothing to me anyway. I was just thinking that I would play ?dad? a moment. But you ruined that moment, so let us move on to another moment. Let us move on to business so that I may evacuate this filthy city in haste. Lay out what reports you have. Oh, and I would really like to hear about how my blood made our little Caia act. I have been anticipating this story for weeks."

    There it was, a wince, and an outburst. His hands lifted from the counter only to slam back down. "It ruined her, broke apart her family, and she hated it." The boy's cheeks were inflamed, and his stare was that of a glare as he looked over to the man who could rip away his soul at any given time. "Ruined her. She became you."
Title: Re: A step in the right direction...
Post by: Emlen Slane on July 23, 2013, 06:46:23 AM
    Solaris laughed loudly, insanely, his deep voice now forked with the sharpness of drawing cackles. He sighs happily afterwards and pulls a tear off the sill of his eye. ?Oh. That really is too great, Emlen. That is absolutely better than I could have ever imagined. But you look angry. Don?t be angry. Be calm, boy. Be calm and tell Solaris more. I want to feel the worst of it. Paint a picture, dear boy.? He closes his eyes and inhales deeply through his nostrils. ?Yes. Yes, tell me, boy.?

    Emlen's eyes widened, his face fell to his hands and he bit into his lip, rolling the pinkened outline around in honed teeth. He didn't draw blood, no. The boy inhaled, summoning up the courage to say what he wanted to say, what he needed to say. "...I'm not telling you anymore.."

    Solaris? mouth falls down at an angle. His dull seven o?clock suns murmur, half-lit and distant, branding the boy like heated pokers. ?So that?s what it is, then. A betrayal. Not good, boy. Not the way the deal was built. Tell me. Tell me why??

    "Not a betrayal... I'm just...out. I'm done. I can't. I've been...hanging out with Martyr... I met one of her friends, and I'm... I'm in love with her, Solaris... I can't do that to them... I can't do that to Martyr... She's innocent, and sweet.. Seeing what you did to her, seeing you taint her like that... It was disgusting..." Emlen sighed softly, swallowed down a lump in his throat, and hung his head.

    Solaris listened with his head against his fist, corked to the side in his stool, elbow knifing into the barface. He listened, but his face was empty, and after Emlen finished a long silence followed. ?I guess you do not respect me, boy. And don?t misunderstand me: I am not so foolish as to believe you harbor respect for me as a father... But it is an insult that you are so cavalier in your decision to end our agreement. It is an insult that you do not respect my power, respect my ability to take you out of this world, to take your little girlfriend out of the world, to take Caia?s fiance, child and everything both she and you hold dear. And it is a SPECIAL,? Solaris cried while leaping to his feet to face Emlen directly. ?insult for you to throw away what I did for you! Tell me where you would be right now, had I not emancipated you from Sama? They despised you, boy. And I?m sure nothing has changed. Caia may not be an agent of Sama, but she would choose the safety of the village over your needs. So you understand my displeasure, yes??

    Emlen winced at the thought of Minoko dying, and he knew if anyone could take him out for good, it was Solaris. "Martyr wouldn't abandon anyone...." Emlen said, and shook his head. "I swear to everything that is in this world... If you touch any of them, I swear... You better kill me first..."

    Solaris offers brief laughter. The man collects the tails of his long coat and begins sewing breach together with the large, old buttons. ?In that case, I will save you for last, boy. I fear Caia more than you. I fear their child more than you. Don?t flatter yourself, because your usefulness has waned.? Solaris turned away and his loud boots rattled the boards. Two steps away, he turned back and pulled stringy hair away from his face with a raking pull of overhand fingernails. ?You will regret this, Emlen.?

    "Martyr will be prepared for you... We all will... I'll see to that. Even if it means losing them all as my family.. You will be stopped." The immortal assured the man and glowered in that direction. He didn't move, he only waited.