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Title: Open for business
Post by: Grave Robber on July 05, 2013, 06:40:42 PM
Ah, the back alleys, the dark damp squalor where the hopeless and destitute go to die. Now this reminds me of home, this is what I know, not the bright lights and magical fair that I've found since I crawled out of the hole I found myself in weeks ago, but this. This is where I come from.
These are the thoughts that went through GraveRobber?s head as he slinked through the back alleys of the West End looking for new customers among the desperate. He had been damned uncomfortable since landing in Rhy?din many weeks ago, sifting through the fragmented memories of the rabbit hole he followed to get here. It wasn't intentional, his trip to this place. He had been working with his normal clientele, helping one of the local whores with her pain, reaching down between her legs to shoot her up when WHAM like a truck he had been hit over the back of the head, a needle stuck into the artery in his neck? and next thing he knew, he was waking up here.

The land of Rhy?din, the home of debauchery and magic, or at least that?s how GraveRobber has come to see this place. Damn uncomfortable place indeed , not because of the cut-throats, murderers, homeless, and whores littering the streets, but because of the magic. The only magic GraveRobber has ever known is the tricks of the mind that you find from the hunger, sleep dep and the needle. This place was full of REAL magic? capital R-E-A-L, and it made GraveRobber?s skin crawl.

It?s been several months now that he?s been mulling around this new and strange world, spending his time mostly with the unkempt and unwanted. However unpleasant this has been for him, he?s made good time of it, it seems there is no short supply of desperate people in any world. In only these short weeks he has found a great mass of graves, harvested untold amounts of Z, and unloaded it into countless willing arteries, making a good amount of coin in the process. He has made a hollow out of an old abandoned building here in the west end, and adorned it as his own. It?s not much, but it has a bed, a roof. And more importantly, it?s his?. He couldn't ask for more.

What is Z you ask, well I can tell you that it can be called The Glow, Zydrate, Z, It can take away all pain, and that it comes in a little glass vial. Aside from that, if your still curious, come find our friend here, and 300 Crowns later, you?ll know everything you need to know about this miraculous substance.
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Rose Black on July 12, 2013, 03:24:27 PM
Rose had woken up from one of her particularly bad nightmares, grabbed a card she had left on her nightstand, and strode straight out of the Bonny Corporation building and into the streets.  The card was worn, soft and wrinkly from being held so much in contemplation.  All that was on it was a name: GraveRobber.  That was what all she had to go on when beginning this errand.  

Fortunately for them both, Rose had a few tricks to help her navigate her way to the man she had met at the Red Dragon Inn.  He?d offered her a cure for a nasty headache?  The headache had been remedied by aspirin but Rose had a different breed of pain that led her to these streets.  Perhaps the people who truly needed such medicines were the ones suffering from another sort of ailment?  But in Rose?s mind, and she had seen her fair amount of physical agony in her days, her affliction was far worse than any kind of torture offered by the nerves intricately woven throughout our entire bodies.

No, what plagued Rose was torment offered by her own mind?  And the nerves that seared with unrelenting pain were located in her soul.  Rose had mutilated it, split herself in pieces in the attempt to separate herself from enough of her pain to allow her to be a part of the world again.  Though, as tends to be the case with such experiments as these, it was proving to be more complicated than anticipated.  Perhaps those parts of her were too strong to be left behind, or perhaps there was not really any part of her that could simply go on after all that had happened?  Whatever the case, Rose was driven to find a new method of eliminating her feelings.

The claim that she would feel nothing at all was just too intriguing to the damaged angel.  What if it really could numb all pain?  What if for just one hour ? hell, one minute even ? she could find some semblance of peace?  It was worth the try was it not?

So here you have it, an angel dressed in a long flowing backless nightgown looking so out of place.  But is there really anything that could be considered the norm in Rhy?Din anyways?  She hadn?t even bothered to put on shoes.  She had just taken to the streets without a thought of where to begin? though the answer of course was to start close to home.  Not only because it was where her feet hit the ground when she walked out of the adjacent warehouse building that was the actual entrance to her present home, but because West End seemed a likely place to start looking.

She didn?t bother asking around and questioning people who would likely lie or possibly even attack her.  She just stood in the middle of the street and sifted through the thoughts of every person in easy range, searching for his face.  Tuning people out had been difficult enough anyway so she let all the voices and images flow forth from every direction, trying to find the right channel.   After about an hour of this trance like state, she found the man himself.

Smooth but purposeful steps lead her straight to his place.  She had a feel of him now, her mind locked on to its target, she sensed his presence inside his home.  Rose walked up to his door and knocked on it, waiting to be invited in.
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Grave Robber on July 13, 2013, 01:14:40 AM
Strapping on his boots, he was prepared to go out for the night, find a few customers, and hopefully have a good time. Thanks to his late night acquisition weeks back in the local hospital, his injection gun was freshly autoclaved and hungry for action. Then out of nowhere there was a knock at his door.

Taking a newly procured Bouie knife from its holster on his right thigh, he strode to the door, and looked out through the peep hole. He was not wholly surprised that the woman from the other night was at his door? what was her name again? Anyway, names didn?t matter when it came to the people that want something from him. Names are dangerous in this trade.  

He re-sheathed the knife and opened the door. ?I see you didn?t have trouble finding me.  Come on in?
He motioned to the couch he had positioned in the curtained off section of his warehouse, that he liked to think of as his anteroom. ?Another headache??
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Rose Black on July 14, 2013, 08:47:29 PM
A nod in response to his question as she stepped inside and took a seat on the couch.  ?Unfortunately my? head ache? won?t quit.?  Aside from the haunted look in her eyes and being a touch pale she looked well enough.  She even managed a pleasant sort of smile to offer him.

   Eyes roamed over his place before fixing GraveRobber with an intense gaze.  They were both here for business she figured so why not get straight to it.  ?So? show me what you got and how it works.?
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Grave Robber on July 15, 2013, 04:12:28 AM
Seeing that the poor woman was in pain, He wasted no time. He grabbed a homemade, brown tattered satchel off of a shelf on the far wall of his room. Then following her in from the door he sat cross legged on the coffee table in front of the woman. With a smile he explained all that she needed to know.

?It?s a Drug that the scientists from my world came up with a few years back called Zydrate. It?s taken from organic sources, and one hundred percent effective.? He then reached into the satchel that was now sitting on his lap, and pulled out a small vial filled with an Iridescent blue liquid. He put it between his lips, holding it there in his mouth while he dug through the bag once again. This time pulling out what looked like an old Injection gun, handle wrapped in leather, and all made from what looked like sterling silver. Taking one in each hand, he held up the glowing blue vial. ?Some people back home call this ?Glow?, you can see why. Comes in a little glass vial, and goes into the gun like a battery. This gun is special made for the Glow, It sends it coursing through your veins with a spark to follow it.? He sighs for a moment ?Beautiful feeling.?

?Zydrate will take away all of your pain, and replace it with peace, make your whole body feel good.  It?s better than sex lady, there?s no equal.? He then looks her in the eye, almost a look of sadness there in his gaze. ?Everyone comes back though, everyone wants more once they?ve had a true taste of happiness.?

Looking down at the gun intently, he puts the vial into the gun and it sparks the liquid to life. Bringing his eyes back to her, he quarks an eyebrow. ?You ready? Or is there more that you want to know??
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Rose Black on July 15, 2013, 01:39:26 PM
Rose stared at the vial of what might very well be the most beautiful blue substance in the world, right now at least it seemed that way.  She was almost entranced by it, her focus on it complete while he spoke, following his movements as he loaded the vial into the gun.  She heard him, but had no concerns for the future.    

?You?ve told me everything I need to know.?  She sat up straight and leaned forward to meet his eyes.  ?Tell me what you want for it and let?s do this.?  Were there coins in her hand a moment ago?  Well, there were now.
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Grave Robber on July 15, 2013, 10:26:41 PM
Looking at the coins in her hand, he shot her an offended look, then smiled, and scooped the coin out of her hand. ?I usually charge at least double that, but seeing how you?re a first time client, I?ll give you a discount. Now tell me, where do you want it??

It seemed to take a moment for the woman to respond to his question, perhaps her mind was elsewhere, as is a common trait of his customers it seems. However in moments, she seemed to return from her reverie with a simple shrug, telling him. ?Whatever makes it work best.?

That was all he needed to know, ?Anywhere is fine, as long as it hits an artery, but the hardest hit, comes from the one in the inner thigh.? This wasn?t true of course, but she didn?t know that any artery would work just as well. Hell, what people didn?t know, simply made GraveRobber?s job more fun.

 So, giving her body the attention it was due, He put a hand on her left knee, bidding her to open her legs, and pulled up the hem of her nightgown. Of course, he took a moment to enjoy the view, anything less and he wouldn?t be GraveRobber. Then, enjoying himself immensely, he gave her a hit of the Z. Sending a torrent of the Glowing liquid into the femoral artery between her left thigh and pelvis. Leaving her body and clothes exactly where he had them, he returned to his seat on the coffee table, sat back, and enjoyed the view as her body and mind was swallowed up by the Glow.
Title: Lay down all thought, surrender to the void, it is shining..
Post by: Rose Black on July 16, 2013, 03:07:19 PM
Rose was oblivious to the compromising nature of her situation.  She went along with him, ever the willing patient as he was, right now at least, the doctor.  As Rose felt no self-consciousness over her body, she gave no sign of even noticing just how high he hiked up that white silk.  She would have likely shown a lot more of herself had she not been such a fan of cute little white panties.  Else she might have been without them?  But at last, here was the moment she had been waiting for.

The effect was instantaneous.  The gun sparked and she felt the substance enter and course swiftly through her veins, reaching every part of her body in a second.  A sharp intake of breath was taken, her back arched as she felt every muscle, every nerve, every part of her relax and she leaned back into the couch.  After that one deep breath was taken her breathing slowed?  It came back out through gently parted lips as a soft sigh.

The sparkle of those emerald eyes dimmed as she stared ahead for a moment.  The color was just as brilliant but there was this vapid quality to them.  As though the soul behind them had gone somewhere else.  Her mind was still working though, attempting to asses and catalog the bodies response to the fast acting chemical.

She could feel the cells in her body reacting to the zydrate, effectively blocking all ability to experience anything but mindless pleasure, her cells gratefully accepting the newly bound guanosine triphosphate ions with her cellular receptors, finally blocking out the crippling pain.   She also witnessed inside herself with admiration as the SERT and DAS proteins worked their magic inside her limbic system. The dance of flooding her Hippocampus with serotonin pushing all of the painful memories blissfully out of reach, and filling the rest of her body with pleasure. Dopamine now coursing through her veins preaching calm, happiness, and well being to every cell in her body.

All this passed through her mind in the blink of an eye.  By the time her eyes fell shut and opened again, she realized she no longer cared for the hows and whys, she simply allowed herself to enjoy the lack of feeling.  Her heart was so amazing, that acute ache that seemed it would never leave was? gone.  That clenching, fighting, struggling pulse just chiiiilled out.  So soft and far away that gentle slowed beat.  It continued to sustain her but whatever hell had caused it to be constantly frantic and painful was gone.  It was hard to even remember from here what it was that had driven her to this extreme.

It was like being encased within a soft fluffy pillow, every part of you felt comfort and warmth.  Not warmth exactly.  It wasn?t warm, it wasn?t cold, it was? just right.  Euphoric waves of pleasure ripped through her body, rippling down her spine, riding every nerve ending  in waves from the base of her skull to the tips of her fingers and toes, and ? yeah

She allowed her eyes to fall shut for the moment as the attempts at trying to analyze her drug experience were surrendered, along with all thought.  A soft, blissful smile graced the angels face.  For the first time since she?d lost her whole world, she felt no pain.  No haunting memories could touch her in this place.  It was exactly as he said ? it was peace.
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Grave Robber on July 17, 2013, 11:41:45 PM
At the familiar sight this woman being swallowed up by the Z, he couldn't help but think of the lost souls that had found oblivion beneath his gun. He had been in this trade long enough to lose track of all the countless scalpel sluts and junkies that filled his pockets over the years. In the end it didn't matter, those that wanted oblivion would find it, one way or another. He was simply doing his part, and hell, he was good at it.

Getting up from his perch on the table, he arched his back and winced, his damn back was sore as hell. That?s the reward he got for helping that little one last night, a sore back from sleeping on cold concrete, and that damn annoying voice in the back of his head, making him worry about her, making him wonder if she got home ok.

Enough of that s***, he thought, as he moved over to the kitchen to retrieve his bottle of Whiskey. The thoughts racing through his head tonight were enough to make him crazy, and there was no better friend to him at times like this than that amber liquid. Returning to his perch, bottle in hand, he resigned himself to wait until his newest mark resurfaced from her fix and was coherent enough to go find a new place to enjoy herself. Or at least enough to decide to stay and help GraveRobber enjoy himself. Either way, she would leave soon enough. He had work to do tonight.

After all, he did have a living to make, and he was getting low on supplies. On nights like this, there was a graveyard with his name on it.
Title: Taste me you will see - more is all you need...
Post by: Rose Black on July 18, 2013, 06:28:22 PM
Basking in ?the glow? was nice and though one could have been happy just to remain in this place forever? this was Rose?s first pain free moment in longer than she could recall.  No really, she couldn?t remember, nice drug.  Point is, she wasn?t going to waste any time.

Carefully she sat up, getting a feel for her limbs, stretching out her arms and looking at her hand for a second as though she could not recognize it.  It was as if her body was all new to her, it felt so different.  The sedating quality, the sense of content permeating her body, telling her that there was no need to move, slowed her only slightly.  It was time to go. She too wanted to enjoy her evening, and now the anxiety that had kept her from leaving the house this past year was removed, she would take to the streets and see where her feet would carry her.

?It is everything you said it is and more.?  Rose relayed, as though this was a very important discovery.  A nod of profound understanding was given while meeting his eyes.  Her gaze was only slightly dimmed; her eyes had lost that haunted quality, yet the happiness there was no less hollow.  Whatever the illusion woven by this substance, it was a powerful.  She?d had more than enough time to assess the value of this drug and knew without a doubt that she wanted more.  ?I?ll take one and be on my way.?
Title: Re: Open for business
Post by: Grave Robber on July 18, 2013, 07:38:39 PM
Taking a long pull from his bottle, GraveRobber watched the woman slowly come back into reality. Most first time users took longer than this, but then again, everyone is different. He helped her get up, smiling at her request, he handed her his bottle while he rummaged through his satchel for another vial.

After retrieving the vial he swirled it around in his hand for a moment teasingly. Seeing that the bitch didn't even have enough money for a single hit he quickly gave her a disapproving look ?Each vial is 300, you didn?t even have the 30 crowns for the last hit. If you don?t have the cash, I can?t help you out. You?ll have to come back later.?

He then pointedly raised an eyebrow, looking her body up and down. Time to see how much that vial was worth to her ?Now, if you?d like to make a trade. I bet a little quality time with that body of yours would be about perfect payment for a vial or two.? He then tucked the vial safely in his pocket and took the amber bottle from her. Waiting smugly for her answer.
Title: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Post by: Rose Black on July 19, 2013, 03:40:50 PM
A seductive smile was given to him as she held his gaze and took a step closer so her body was a breath away from his.  One hand slid down to slip into his pocket while the other was extended outward.  It disappeared into seemingly nothing and came back out with the stated price.  She noted how he did a good job at keeping the weariness that he now had from showing on his face. So it was true that he was not yet acclimated to the supernatural elements that prevailed here.  She had overheard him saying something to that effect when they were at the Red Dragon Inn.  It was a good thing; it would mark him as being most unwise if he didn?t have some level of healthy fear.

She placed the money in his hand and retrieved her vial.  Bringing it up to her lips in a thoughtful sort of gesture she studied him.  ?You know, Rhy?Din is a rough place, especially for humans.  I?d say it?s about time you think about finding yourself some protection.  You never know the dangers lurking behind a sweet face.?

With that she turned and made for his door.  Pausing to glance back over her shoulder she nodded her head towards his coffee table where there were suddenly three potions.  ?I?m going to be needing you again and I?d like you to stay alive.  You may not be fond of magic so don?t think of it as such.  Think of it as? chemistry.?  

A wink and out the door she went, leaving him with his gifts.  They were labeled and had instructions.  He could figure it out.
Title: Welcome to the Jungle
Post by: Sandrine Black on July 29, 2013, 04:07:40 AM
All in all Sandrine felt she had dealt with her fury quite well.  Emotions didn?t control her actions anymore; her rage was an indulgence now.  Something she would give over to when the time was right.  Was tonight such a night?  

Most everyone had an addiction that drove them to visit all sorts of lies upon their rationality.  But deep down, we all posses the truth.  Sandrine was physically addicted to inflicting death and pain.  Thanks to her God, this was an affliction bestowed upon her for her lack of faith.  She did not deny it though, she embraced it.  How coincidental that her other half, her twin sister, find herself in Sandrine?s playground looking to score?

They really were like two sides of a coin.  Rose desperately determined to invite her own demise and hurt only herself ? Sandrine tasked to deliver agony and destruction upon others.  Once Rose had dropped her defenses by indulging in yet another way to kill herself, Sandrine knew.  She was out stalking the shady areas of the West End, doing her usual rounds, when she became aware of Rose?s presence.  She followed her to this Grave Robber?s home.  But she made no moves towards him.  Not yet.

She merely watched him, assessing his worthiness to find himself in her own secret hide out.  A wicked grin as the joy of placing him on her table filled her tainted mind.  Pure evil filled eyes that became a murderous green glow in the darkness.  As she watched Rose leave, her brain was fast at work on how to justify her sating her own desires without delay.  The addiction purred in her spiritual ear, ?This substance turns it?s users into the dead.  Are his hands not just as bloody as if he had delivered the fatal blow himself??

But the hesitation required just long enough to pose such a question made her miss her window, there was already another visitor come to see this Graverobber?  A sweet young thing who looked like she didn?t belong in Sandrine?s cross-hairs.  Apparently he was a popular man, seemed his type always would be.  She smiled to herself as she put her head back to the mission.  She had more violent criminals to deal with right now.   Reluctantly, she would allow him a reprieve for now, the moment had passed.  Perhaps he would never know how close death was to his door on this night...

But it was not over for him - she would be watching.  He may catch a glimpse of a black shadow from of the corner of his eye while he was out and about.  He may even catch the reflection of light on a pair of predatory green eyes observing his movements with unflinching and rapt attention.

You know that feeling you get that inspired the phrase ?someone walking over your grave??  Every time their paths cross, that sense will permeate the grave robber.  The chilling presence that is so undeniable, you know your eyes lie to you when they report their inability to detect it.  Your instincts try to warn you? but what can you do?