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Title: OOC - Bestiary
Post by: Dean Winchester on July 04, 2012, 08:27:39 AM
This thread has been created for posting information about the various supernatural creatures and beings that are part of the stories here.
Title: Re: OOC - Bestiary
Post by: Jo Winchester on July 06, 2012, 12:56:02 PM

Description: Humanoid in appearance, bearing a second, fully functioning face on the back of its head.

Modus Operandi: Hunts newborn children in specific categories (blood type, racial heritage, etc), either for food or for other purposes as yet unknown. Injects adult victims with paralyzing venom before feeding.

Usually Found: The lair tends to be underground, close to the chosen hunting grounds.

Strengths: Able to blend in among the normal human population; very fast; very strong; skin contact with the Witschatska burns.

Weaknesses: Susceptible to wrought iron; once it has chosen a victim, it will not move on until it has captured and/or killed said victim.

To Kill: Wrought iron blessed in the Native American fashion, best in projectile form. Once the Witschatska is down, strangle it with a salted cord, and dispose of the remains in a natural body of water.

Additional notes: Dean and Nim encountered a Witschatska in Wichita, Kansas, which was posing as an OB in order to collect newborn baby boys for currently unknown purposes. This particular Witschatska is no longer in circulation.

Alpha: Unknown.

Story Links: Back in Black ( through to A Good Hunt (
Title: Re: OOC - Bestiary
Post by: Jo Winchester on July 10, 2012, 04:05:05 PM
[size=18]Gods (Specifically the Greek Pantheon)[/size]

Description: Incorporeal beings who inhabit chosen 'vessels' - humans who are unfortunate enough to share the appearance that these gods crave for themselves.

Modus Operandi: Subtle manipulators of events, and more specifically beliefs, they require a belief structure in order to gain power, and will exploit any perceived weakness in the modern Powers That Be in order to do so.

Usually Found: Indulging in the areas of human nature that appeal most to them - they can be summoned, but you have to know exactly who you are aiming for.

Strengths: Myriad and personal to the god/goddess in question. (See the Who's Who for details on individual gods/goddesses)

Weaknesses: Myriad and personal to the god/goddess in question. However, there are a couple of things they are all vulnerable to - these are, as yet, unknown.

To Kill: Currently unknown.

Additional notes: Dean and Nim appear to have been brought over from their own reality into this alternate universe by the power of these gods, though they have no concrete evidence of this yet. They have met Aphrodite, and felt her power, and were left with more questions than answers. There is a suspicion that Nim has met another god, too, though again, there is no evidence of this yet.

Alpha: Zeus - yet to make his presence felt.

Story Links: Brief mention in Tabula Rasa (; Aphrodite makes an appearance in Within Temptation (, and Downtime (