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Title: New Dawn
Post by: Talissia on July 24, 2011, 09:02:34 AM
The drow had finally received word from her associate in Thay: He had arranged for her to stay in Jenli with an old friend of his. It was better lodging than the Red Dragon, and she settled in peacefully. The only drawback was the strange sensation she had from what seemed to be a magical dead zone.  It caused a dull static behind her eyes and made her nerve endings tingle. She pulled down the bamboo window shades, blocking out the morning light. Her sleeping pattern would require some adjustment if she was to survive outside of her specialized keep on Toril. Nonetheless, this simplistic place would be peaceful until she found more a permanent home.  The overall tranquility would aid in her healing, both mentally and physically.

It had been two days since she had returned to the realm of Rhy?Din and so much had changed. The sheer lack of familiarity had caused her apprehension ? a new feeling for the female. Faces had changed, places were redecorated or rebuilt. Just last night she had ventured from the Inn, where she had been staying, to the Great Hall, only to later find that it had been reserved for a private party and, well, she wasn?t on the list. She had departed before any had requested such, however the lack of belonging had settled deep into her bones. Where was her Brotherhood? Where were her friends?

The first of her bags was opened. She?d only brought two. Three trunks were in storage at an associate?s home several days? travel outside of town. From this first bag, she drew a shirt of deep aubergine and slim black slacks, along with exquisite heeled boots of some foreign skin. Denkken had found the boots during his travels, but he was long gone now ? it was a good thing, too. The scar on her throat told volumes more of their relationship than she ever would. There was something to be said of males hailing from Sshamath.

She mused over a recent memory as she set the garbing aside: On her first night in town, she had encountered a male of her kind? not a total shock to meet another dark elf in Rhy?Din, not surprising in the least, and yet he wasn?t speaking any dialect of Drow language that she had ever encountered. In fact, it wasn?t any language with which she was familiar? Strange.  Anyhow, he had a nasty disposition and even nastier reaction to her testing those waters. That one would warrant some watching. The female displayed her predatory smile for the empty room. Indeed? she always was intrigued by the ones with spine about them.  

As she unpacked some toiletries and her dressing kit, she thought of the other creature she had encountered, only the night before.  He was an interesting one, as interesting as seeming rodentia came, and may possibly be her first potential ally in this changed realm. He did seem lost, himself, but friendly nonetheless. Friendly was important ? friendly meant she might not end up with a knife in her back? again.

As she set her clothes aside, disrobed and slid into the comfort of the waiting bed, a low hiss escaped slightly parted lips. Silver-streaked hair tumbled across the pillows, creating a sort of shimmery halo for no one?s benefit. She peered around her meager room and relaxed a notch. A thin smile came to grace that ashen visage and she allowed pale violets to drift closed for some much needed rest.

Talissia, the Dark Rose of Szithlin, the only daughter of the Faernelgg?ur clan, had returned to Rhy?Din after more than a decade? It would be a time of catharsis for the drow female, and it felt good.