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Title: Wandering Thoughts
Post by: Panther on June 15, 2009, 10:33:08 PM
It was a warm day, nearly summer. He was up on the roof of the Inn, checking the shakes that protected the rooms below. The spring rains brought forth a few new leaks and reminded him the roof would need tending. He walked the roof back and forth in courses, pulling out those showing signs of rot or damage. Who would think a roof would get so much traffic as to require such constant repairs.

This was one of those things that could easily be hired out, but he enjoyed the work. Being in the sun and just doing his work, forgetting the day-to-day issues if even for just a few hours. It let him clear his head.

It was fairly mindless work, which meant his thoughts were free to wander. And as they often did, they wandered to S'jira. Her birthday was coming soon and he still had no idea for a gift.

It had been over a year now that they had been together now as well. In some ways it seems as if she had been there with him for much longer, other days it was still felt as new to him as if it had only been weeks instead of months.

The past months were marked with many things. The building of the loft so he could give her a home. While it was still essentially just two rooms, it was larger and much more private than being in the Inn itself. And being near the horses has been something she has enjoyed as well.

A glance upward at the sun told him it was late afternoon. He should get cleaned up, 'jira was cooking dinner and he promised to not be late. He finished with the shake he was currently fitting in place and grabbed up his things and headed along the edge of the roof towards the back of the Inn where the loft over the stables was.