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Title: In the Shadow of the Mountains
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In a world with out evil there was nothing for anybody to fear. Bob had retired and therefore took the fear out of the city he had once haunted. There would be much work ahead of the former evil doer. But to protect himself from would be challengers he had headed in the direction of the mountains. He would have walked there, where was there exactly?

Four days Bob wandered in the wilderness of the wild. Encountering nothing but silence and welcomed peace and quiet he had finally reached the spot. Just beyond here was the barrier where magic stopped.

Bob had done many terrible things in his past, this was not one of them. He was past all of that now, right? Bob decided to use his magic one last time and created with a wave of his hand a simple place to live. A house with a workshop. Bob sighed as he looked at his isolation around him. Although he was not completely alone. He was on the most direct path from Rhydin city to the mountain range. He was sure he would get visitors eventually.

The shop was created. Bob sat on that old rocking chair on the plain porch and gazed off into the empty expanse of land before him and wondered what the future would hold now. He was trying to be normal as possible and blend into the landscape.

Peace at long last was his. Then he looked to the workshop, to the forge and he wondered what kind of things he would sell, and what kind of people he would meet here.
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::Cadence woke up on the couch in her special room. She was still dressed in the gown from when Club Babylon opened. What a strange night it was for her and now she felt like a herd of Water Buffalo just trampled over her. Funny thing about that, she had bruises all up and down her legs and arms. She couldn't remember how it happened but she was sure it didn't while she was in the club::

No mores drinking....

::Every muscle in her body ached as she got up from the couch and moved to the mirror hanging over the sink. She splashed cool clean water on her face and then took a drink. Pretty blooshot blues looked back at her as she rubbed the grime off her face. She remembered now...::

And no mores drinking and trying to flys...

::In her haste to be out of the Club, she had tried to fly herself home even though her wings were numb. Bad combination. She couldn't feel which way her wings moved and so she weaved and wobbled inbetween and into the trees along the way. She was halfway back to the corp when she realized all she needed to do was open a door. Finally she did and then stumbled to the couch, practically falling down into the cushions::


::Now she remembered why he was gone.... and felt a pang of guilt that Bob had left. She wanted to appologize. She hadn't meant what she said and was convinced it was why he left... Fear was back within her again::

Oh I screwed up.

::taking out the crystal ball of hers, she moved to the door of her special room. She stepped out into the forests north of RhyDin, sat down on a fallen log and began to scry..... That's when she noticed him walking towards the mountains moving away from RhyDin. She wanted desperately to step out to him and apologize but fear kept her from doing so. Instead, she kept to scrying him every day, several times a day following as he neared a place and set up a home::

::There was something different about the place, just beyond where he set up his new walls. The absence was thick and complete, a barrier of magicless void::

::She watched him rocking on the chair. Casting a very minor spell, she sent him a short message, her voice whispered into his ear, though the magic didn't allow a response::

"I'm sorry, Bob. I didn't mean what I said.... I'll leaves yous alone. I miss yous. Glad yous have a nice cozy place. Be well."

::putting away the crystal ball, she stepped back into her room and closed the door::

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Peace and quiet, Bob sat there to observe this surrounding, then he was interrupted. "Hello, my name is Yi, What's yours.?" Bob blinked then slowly turned his head, There she was, a little girl dressed in clothes that had seen better days obviously, they were faded red and black, very simple. Not quite what to make of her he replied. "My name is Bob, nice to meet you Yi. Now...where did you come from exactly?"

"I live in the village over there. I am out training for my second ranking. Then I saw this show up, it was really cool so I came to say hi, know..hi." She seemed nervous. "Training, Hey, I have an idea. I have nothing better to do maybe you need a sparring partner?" Yeah Bob was bored, and trying to be nice to the local population instead of killing them.

She lit up, you could tell because of the smile that appeared there on his, most of the women of Rhydin seemed to have trouble resisting him. Who knew what kind of effect he would have on the mind of some kid, it obviously was a good one. "I am really tough you know, I don't want you to get hurt." Bob just smirked and pushed him self off the old chair. "Oh, I think I can handle myself." It was only then did Bob notice she had a wooden training sword in her hand. Not being completely in the barrier his magic still worked. "Watch this trick." Bob then materialized his own training sword.

The little lady was then enchanted with that trick, it was amazing how fast kids attached themselves to somebody they hardly knew, of course when a house appears out of nowhere the curiosity does arrive. "Anytime your ready." He stepped off the porch, the kid was still speechless for a moment, then. "Tricks or not I will show you what I am made of."

Bob sighed and reminded himself not to bash the kid's skull in on accident, then he slid his right foot behind him and took the sword's hilt in both hands and lifted it up. Sloppy form sure, but this was not a life and death battle.

The little lady followed the example, despite her small stature and young age, he saw her more like a picture, a perfect example of a warrior in training. "Begin!" She shouted in her native language due to habit, instead of the common one being taught. Her wooden blade struck like lightning in a forward thrust, he saw it coming and decided instead to deflect it and send her away, he stepped back and and deflected the blade to the side, never breaking contact with that one move he quickly slid the blade up and set the edge of his blade next to her throat.

"Woah, Ive never seen anybody move that fast before! how did you learn that!!" Not concerned in the least about the fact she would have been dead at all, strangely she trusted him fully. It made no sense but it was well placed as he retreated. "It just comes with practice. Maybe I can teach you a couple of moves here and there." In an attempt to play nice with the public, he would be offering with out taking anything. It was hard.

"I wanna do it again." and that pose was struck one more time as if her body was more fluid than solid. "As you wish." And Bob once again obtained this sloppy pose once more. Again the agressive little vixen attacked this time she leaped and attacked. That attack would have been easy to block....however.

"I'm sorry, Bob. I didn't mean what I said.... I'll leaves yous alone. I miss yous. Glad yous have a nice cozy place. Be well." Came to him like a voice right next to him. "Cadence?" Was all he had time to ask before Yi's wooden blade smashed down on his forehead. Reacting fast he quickly fell  with the attack. In order to not break her weapon over his head. "OW!" Bob said in surprise as he hit the ground.

She just blinked. "Are....are you ok?' She did not move for a moment, some people had taken that blow and died, she had seen it before. "Don't worry, I am fine." He said dusting himself off. "Who is Cadence, do you hear voices mister Bob?" She said as she placed her right hand on her hip. "Cadence is a friend among many I had left in the city. I don't do goodbyes very well so I had to leave them all to come here. And yes. Sometimes I do hear voices, is this going to be an issue?" He said and laughed at the last part.

"No issues here!" Then her brown eyes turned to the setting sun in the distance. "I gotta go home, see you later?" Bob sighed and his training sword vanished once more. "Yeah. I will be here. See you later." Yi turned and ran off towards the direction of the village. Bob watched for a second, then he walked back to that chair of his on the porch, then he sat down once more contented in his existence.

I should visit that village someday, maybe tomorrow I show up. He thought to himself as he listened to the ambient sounds of nature as they randomly revealed themselves in the fading light of the night sky.
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And the sun did rise. Bob never slept and doing nothing for the first time in who knew how long was relaxing. It was time to go to the village and go say hi. Bob slowly stood up and stepped off the porch and on to the dusty ground, with a sigh and not even bothering to look back, he ventured forward into the direction of the village.

Bob walked straight in the direction that Yi had ran off in for two hours straight and still no village. He wondered where it could have gone too. He would keep walking for just a bit longer until he heard it, voices actually, lots of them. He slowly turned his head and there it was off to his left aways, destination found and course plotted, he went in that direction. The walk was not a long one at all.

The village seemed to have no name that he could find but the people there tried not to notice the stranger, but they looked at him like he was a three headed dragon. It was obvious outsiders were not looked highly upon here. Bob just ignored them and moved on. It was early in the day so that would mean people were still getting awake.

Be it by chance or predestined fate Bob turned a corner and there was Little Yi, in the same clothes as she had on yesterday. This time however she was cornered by a gang of older kids, they had sticks, training swords  to be exact. The one doing all the talking had a sword made out of steel. Katana to be exact and it looked too big for the kid. Bob narrowed his eyes and approached them from behind and listened.

"So the rookie kid wants to be a fighter, We did warn you to drop out of the classes, you embarrass the whole history of the school, since you didn't listen, now you get to scream for us." The metal bladed one said.

"I won't quit. Im not scared of you!." Yi was a firey little girl, he could see it in her eyes but he also knew the ways of kids. As she said the defiant words that metal blade went up in a flash and threatened to come down on her head. "Hey there, kid. Could I make a small suggestion before you do something like that?" Bob finally spoke up and the kid stopped and turned around, the other six did too. "Who are you, get lost old man." Bob just smiled. "My suggestion is to never turn your back on an enemy who is armed." With nobody noticing Yi a basic training sword appeared at her feet, and she quietly picked it up.

"She isn't...."Was all he got out before Yi delivered a well placed blow to the kid's neck. It dropped him instantly as Bob walked forward, the rest of you kids get lost, now." There was a hint of that sinister past in his voice as he commanded the gang to retreat. Needless to say they did so. Bob walked to the fallen one and knelt there beside him. He picked up that metal blade with one hand and the other hand took hold of the kid's ponytail, he lifted the head up and placed the blade under the neck. "Lets make a deal, you leave Yi alone forever, and I won't kill you with your own sword, got it?" Bob said with a smile. Yi was watching on with some amount of horror in her eyes, and some satisfaction too though.

"O....ok..I promise.." The kid said in a haze. Bob took the blade from the flesh and stood up once more. "This is now mine, too." He then turned to his new friend. "Hello miss Yi. How's it going today?" Bob said with a smile. "Mister Bob I am so glad to see you, these jerks were going to beat me up again cause I wont quit!" She was ecstatic to see him and his treatment of the bullies. "Speaking of the lower class, who are these pricks anyway?" He asked her as he looked down on the knocked out form.

"This is Matsui. He is the son of the leader of the village and nobody likes him, or the leader." Damn it, first day in town and already he managed to make an enemy, it just had to be the leader's kid didn't? He thought to himself. "Well, I hope I taught him a lesson." He nodded to her. Her eyes got wide. "I'm late for class!! Come on follow me!!" Then once again she took off running around a corner. Bob looked one more time over the kid beaten, then he took that blade and snapped it with the force of his mind alone.

As the pieces of the sword fell to the ground Bob walked off in the direction she ran off too, she was easy to track. And she lead him right to a odd clearing with twenty kids of various ages all training in sword form, there Yi was waving at Bob as he came around the corner. The instructor was a man that seemed to be familiar somehow.  He was older and of many hard years. It was obvious to Bob this guy was good, but he must have been one of those self sacrificing types to remain in such a small venue. Bob approached the side and leaned against one of the various posts that was there. Then that instructor looked his way. "You there, who are you.?" He asked in a very clear and strong voice.

"I am a friend of Yi. She invited me to watch her train." He replied, but never really looked at the guy. "Well, Friend of Yi. Watching is not a privilege you must earn your right to be here. Take off your shoes, lets see if you can earn this."

Bob just sighed and took off his shoes." As you wish. But do not use your most favored sword." Bob took off his jacket and at his side hung a very odd silver bar, attached to the belt. He took the thing off and pointed it at the instructor. "Let's get this over with." Not underestimating the stranger with his odd device in the least he picked up a wooden training sword and sent the students to the side.

Bob sighed the instructor attacked, he was fast and powerful. But now for something really impressive, Bob activated his weapon, a black beam of light materialized. With one quick swing the wooden sword was turned into kindling, and stood there with the point of the glowing weapon there in his face. "Seen enough yet, or would you like me to keep earning my rights to stick around?" He said as he narrowed his eyes at him.

"You did good!, you can stay here.." As soon as that was said, Bob took a step back and de-activated his weapon and placed it back on his side. "Thank you." He said this and moved back to his place. There was not a pair of eyes that did not follow him back. The town now had something to talk about. He leaned against the said post once more and his shoes were on once more. Nobody saw him put them back on.

"I think I am going to like this place." He said to himself as the training ground attempted to go back to normal in vain after such an impressive display.
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The school eventually made it back to being normal.  Bob would have remained where he was. No mysterious disappearing acts, none of that stuff for him anymore. He was just your average, regular guy that happened the one and only black lightsaber known to exist in the land. The lessons seemed to go faster than he had expected them too and soon he was overwhelmed with questions from many curious minds.

"What was that?, How did you do that?, Where can I get one of those things? and the ever popular teach me how to do that?" Questions from so many people had only a select few answers and the were all taken care of as Bob out stretched his hands and performed the universal sign and signal for them to simmer down. The kids caught on to this and got quiet. "First of all, call it a magic trick, second of all, no I won't teach you this until you master the class here first. This thing is the only one of its kind, and you can't have one." Then Bob paused for a moment, then smiled. "But if you really want to learn this stuff, I mean really want to learn it I will show you how if you get permission." Bob knew no sane parent would let their kids go off to learn anything with a stranger in town, he was playing it safe.

Those kids instantly had delusions in their head, of learning and being some kind of hero. "Well, you know. Go ask them if you can. If you don't ask then you will never know!" Common sense rang true, and the kids instantly left to rush home. "You...seem very familiar, Do I know you from anywhere?" The instructors voice came then and Bob turned around. "I doubt it. I am new here and just trying to get away from the drama of the city." Then he nodded. "You know, that was pretty impressive, Ive never seen a weapon like that before. Where did you get it?" The teacher asked.

"I..Well lets just say I had it made by a very special being, and it is one of a kind as well." He said and began to walk away, even Yi was caught up in the chance to learn the things he knew and was gone. "Well, welcome to our village of Carcosa. Try not to cause any trouble." Bob just laughed and walked away.

Exploring the village took no more than a few hours, the people seemed to be too busy to notice him, he seemed to fit in. It was a peaceful place to be sure, but then the night began to come once more and the air began to change. The men of the city began to suit up in armor. They believed something came out of the night and it was dangerous. He gathered this from their conversations, what it was though remained unknown. The sunlight around here seemed to die much sooner than anywhere else because of the mountains that hid the sunlight.

This night the threat would not come from the outside, however it would come from within. Odd screams came from the inner walls of the living quarters and soon lights began to flare up from the windows, first one, then many more followed it. Bob would observe the place for now to see what the matter was.

Shrieks of horror came from concerned parents, something about not being able to wake them up. Bob did not need a doctor to know what was going on. He too could feel the disturbance in the energies then as well. Something was coming with enough force too cause one thing, the only thing it was made for. Nightmares.

Not tonight. It would not happen under his watch. Still retired from being the bad guy made it much easier to do what he did. Bob created his own energy waves to disrupt the incoming disturbance just enough to break the cycle of the nightmare that he knew would only end in one way. Bob often used the same tactic as a preemptive strike tactic, so that made him wonder who was doing it now, or was it the result of something else?

The nightmare was shattered and the children and even some adults were saved that night when they awoke from it, much to the relief of the people who had to watch the process.

Bob then quietly slipped back into the night and began the journey back to his house, nobody ever knowing the wiser of what he did for the village.
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I lied....

::While Bob was in the villiage, Cadence had come to his place where it sat in the shadow of the mountian. She knocked on his door and when there was no answer she moved to the rocking chair there on the porch and sat down. She tried to stay awake until he got back but it was much too much for her. The cool air caused her to curl up with the cloak he'd given her and before long she was fast aleep all curled up in that chair. The hood was also pulled up to cover her face leaving only a bit of that silvery blondness peeking out from it. What was Cadence doing there?::
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"Hey, look at that over there." Some traveler, obviously a twisted individual with evil intentions and just as dark clothing said to the one who was with him. He was much larger of a guy. The pair of eyes turned over to the house, to the chair with the curled up figure there on the porch. He nodded in silence, it seemed to be a habit. The two men walked closer to the strange house and hoped not to reveal their presence. The hair was revealed to them just before the last remaining light abandoned the sky for the night. "Let's do this, maybe the house has something we can find useful."

Thirty steps later, the two people were no more than ten feet away from their target, they would never make it. "Excuse me, but would you two guys have the time?" The voice came from behind them and any bad guy who was seriously in the game would have known that chilling voice. And they did freeze in their tracks, but were able to turn around. ", your retired and gone..what brings you here?" the man with the voice asked while the other took a single step back.

", on second thought, just get lost." Bob out stretched his arms placed his hands on their shoulders. "Good bye." The men became surrounded with a strange glow, and without warning shot straight up into the sky. They would not be killed, but they would suffer upon their landing several miles away.

Finishing the trip to the porch, another chair appeared there next to where she was and there he sat. "Well, well. Cadence. What are you doing here I wonder." He said quietly, but decided to let her sleep and wake up on her own, he would sit there and wait silently for her to wake up, watching over  her and the surroundings to make sure no uninvited visitors would have shown up.
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::Cadence squirmed slightly in the rocker when the two men were dealt with, yet she remained asleep. Even when she heard Bob's voice in her sleep, she merely sighed gently a humming sort of sigh and  respositioned herself to lay on her other side. It was actually another hour or so before she woke up, huge yawns and stretches kept her occupied while she inched her way to sit up. It was still dark out but morning wasn't far behind. She noticed Bob sitting in a chair that wasn't there before. Her sleepy self smiled and she moved swiftly to sit on his lap and give him a big 'ol hug, wraping her little arms around his neck::

I sorry Bob. I lied... I said I'd stay away but.. well, I lied.

::she pulled back to look at him in earnest::

Forgive me? I missed yous.

;:which was true, but there were things on her mind. Lots of things.. clearly she needed to talk::
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So she would awaken and become attached, literally. He was hugged and then he smiled somewhat. and looked at her, but as usual didn't move. So what if he had sat there for an hour or more, it was likely more than an hour because night was just arriving, oh well.

"I can forgive you for showing up. Cadence, what is it. You did not come out all this way just because you missed me did you. What is it that is on your mind? I know you better than you think I do." Then he smiled, again. Hey he was retired and being the super average guy instead of the super bad one.

He looked around and wondered what he would hear from her. It was always interesting to hear what she had to say.
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::a soft shrug to his question::

I really did miss yous.. and I need a break. Well, more then that I guess. It's just... I really wanted to talk to yous about why yous left. I'm very confused by that. I thought I did something wrong. And then there's this kidnapping deal. Well, it has gotten me so upset!

:: oh there it was, that frown.. that hurt frustrated pouty little frown::

I don't knows why people gotta be so... Soooo.... Oh, I dunno, just so mean!

::she glanced around a bit::

I'm sorry if I bothered yous so early. I mean if yous want me to go...

::Well, she thought morning wasn't far behind but that was par for the course of moving through time so much. She had yet to discover the shifting lag. Her stomach growled and she realized in that moment how hungry she was. She felt like she hadn't eaten in a week. A slight blush crept into her cheeks::
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"People can be very mean I suppose. I should know how mean they could be. I used to be one of those people. As for the kidnapping thing. You can rest assured I have nothing to do with it." He said with a smile and a dose of sarcasm with his voice on that last part.

"Why I left? It had nothing to do with you actually. I just figured it was time for me to retire. And I suck and saying goodbye, so I don't do it often. There are other bad guys out there who need a shot at winning once and awhile. Besides, retirement is good. You should go check out the village over there. I am thinking about becoming a teacher and stuff. Now that I am not a bad guy anymore, I can do normal things I think." He smiled to her.

"You can stay here as long as you want. So I really don't have much to offer in terms of food though." He shrugged. " If you want something to eat I could get something for you I suppose, no problem at all."

"Interested?, we could talk over breakfast more on what is on your mind."
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Goodbye's are hard. Theys just somehting about them that's difficult. They's just so.. final. Maybe I... no, I know I don't want yous to ever say it to me. Normal things, huh?

::She smiled back at him::

Breakfast sounds good, Bob. I don't want to be a bother, but it does sound good.

::but sitting there felt good, too. She was comfortable::

I guess that means I gotta gets up?
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"You're not a bother, but if you do want to eat, it does mean you do have to move." He said to her quietly. "And yes. Normal things like building things and being a teacher and not causing massive amounts of trouble."

"So, what do you want to eat." He said with a smile.

Meanwhile, three hundred miles away.......

"Are you sure this is a good Idea, those two were thrown from this direction, but trying to find what did it may not be a good idea you know." A man in old and torn black clothes said to what looked like a superior member. "You don't do that to any member of the talons and get away with it. I don't care who you are or what powers you have. We will avenge our brothers." The lesser ranked man said and he turned around to look behind them.

Behind them were ninety formless figures clad in identical black armor on motorcycles. The leader in was in a strange shadow cloak that seemed to move on its own, despite being no wind. With a simple hand gesture the metal beast machines came to life, screaming with a mournful sound that seemed more akin to a banshee's death wail than an engine. The motive was revenge, the price would be blood, and the destination would be the small Village of Carcosa, the place where the gang knew their brothers were going to first.

Death began its journey across the land.
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::she moved, getting down to stand up::

Maybe we could go to the village instead. Yous know... kill two birds with one stone, er somethin like that. I get food and get to see the place, and you get to show it off to me.

::she looked that direction and a frown formed::

But theys no magic there? I see it, the barrier like a magical dead zone. At least I can still fly in it.

::she wiggled her wings with a grin and then looked Bob up and down, sizing him up, nodding approval::

Nope, yous don't weigh more then two hundred and fifty pounds, do you? I can fly us both. We get there faster that way. I just gotta knows something, though. Since that's anti magic, I'm guessing the villiage don't know what magic is. So if that's right, do theys even know much about other cultures? Would I freak anyone out if I went there? You know... wings and the odd marks on my eyes might be wierd to them. Or theys might be down with that, too. You been there, what's theys like?
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He smiled to her. "We can go to the village later and explore it when they are awake fully. No need to shock them again they just had some kind of strange nightmare issue the other night and it would be better off to let them sleep."

He looked around and noted the barrier. "Yeah, actually there are two barriers to this place I think. The one closer to the mountain is where no magic works at all, this one out here is much weaker and prevents teleportation and stuff. I had to walk to get out here myself. But this house I could still build the magical way. The village is immune to surprise magical attacks and they have a watchful eye on things."

He smiled at her offer and questions. "You know you could fly us both but the trip out there is best taken slow. Besides, there is no rush, right? As for your appearance, they might freak out somewhat, but like I said. Maybe it would be best to not bother them at the moment. Oh I think they would know what magic is, they just know why the barrier exists, as for other cultures, no they don't get many visitors. They are pretty trusting people for the most part, I think. But don't underestimate them. I think they won't mind you." He paused for a minute, then continued.

"So, now for the more pressing question. What do you want to eat?"
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::No need to shock them again? Again? Better to let them sleep? Two things puzzled her about that. One, was she that shocking to look at? and Two, did those people sleep all day? Cadence kinda glanced arouind and wondered if it was getting darker instead of lighter, perhaps the first hint she had a serious lag going on. Her response was a strange puzzled sort of smirk::

"The village is immune to surprise magical attacks and they have a watchful eye on things."


Oh, so if theys know before hand that someone is going to fireball them, then they won't be immune to it? I didn't know anything could be immune to Surprise magical attacks like that. Sounds kinda fishy to, something.

"You know you could fly us both but the trip out there is best taken slow. Besides, there is no rush, right?"

::Confusion gave way to a smile as she nodded::

"As for your appearance, they might freak out somewhat, but like I said. Maybe it would be best to not bother them at the moment."

::Back to a frown. So self conscious in that moment, she felt her looks must be displeasing but she tried not to let her disappointment show::

That's twice yous hinted to it. I guess I am kinda freaky lookin. maybe I shouldn't go at all. I get enough comments from the children at the Academy sometimes. Theys tell me my wings are fake or that there must be something wrong with my eyes and that I can't speech or spell right and theys make fun of me. Like that one lady. She was makin fun of me, I could tell. I think she thought I was real stupid or something.

::She shook her head sadly and finally answered his question about food::

Pancakes..... and sausage... lots of maple syrup! ..aaaand scrambled eggs with cheese.... Oh... maybe make a sandwich like that... hey, can yous cook all that? I can help.

::and maybe that cheered her up just a bit just thinking about doing something so mundane as cooking, but mostly watching Bob do it. She didn't want to talk about what was bothering her, not on an empty stomach.::
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Bob laughed then. "No no, you see. Like the barrier protects their village from teleportation and stuff like that, you see nobody wants an army of Deathguard soldiers showing up there in the middle of the night and burning the place down, you see? Even I had to walk to get to where we are now. No teleporting allowed. However the whole fire ball thing, no immunity to that sort of thing, but the bad guys won't be teleporting into the place. No surprise here in that kind of way."

He hoped that cleared things up for her. He was often confusing sometimes. Then that second part came and he just had to sigh to it, he didn't want to concern her with what he did that night before he got here, but to make her feel better he guessed he had no choice but to say it.

"Listen. The village had a rough night last night and something came from the city in the dreamwave cycle. Almost all off of the kids there had terrible nightmares and nobody got much sleep, they might be alittle on the cranky side today. And the arrival of a new person so soon after such a event mixed with tiredness means something bad could happen."

He then patted her on the shoulder. "You don't look freaky to me, if you wanted to though we could make it happen. But to me. No. Hinted at it, could I ever do that. I am not the type to make hints. You know that by now. Sometimes my words can be misread I am sure. I am confusing like that. As for the academy people. We could always, oh I don't know, Terrorize them a little for making fun of you." He smiled darkly, old habits truly do die harder than he thought. "For a friend it would be no trouble at all to come up with a plan for you."

He smiled, then blinked at her request, Bob the chef? Oh man this would be interesting. "I, I can try to cook all of that. Ive never actually made anything like that before. But I was careful to install a nifty little fridge with a dimensional unit so the food is no problem."

"Shall we begin the journey into the unknown realm of cooking? When ever you are ready." Then he stood up and waited.
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;:He laughed and she blushed while she nodded to his explanation. It did help her understand the term Surprise that he meant. The hand on the shoulder was accepted warmly with a smile::

I will wait a day or two ... or whatever.... before I come into town. Last thing I want is to freak out a bunch of kids. Although, maybe some day we can pay back a few others...

::she grinned darkly to mirror his smile about causing havoc on Ravensheart kids::

Except, yous gotta promise it won't be a bad kind, just enough to freak them out is all.

::She laughed at his blank expression about cooking::

Cooking isn't hard, Bob. Yous can do it. I teach yous how. Lyndra taught me so yous be cookin like a professional real soon.

::Her smile got bigger and she put a hand on his arm, mostly an act of comfort, as he stood::

Yep, I'm ready! Lets get cooking Bob. Lead the way.
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Inside Bob's House.

The place was simplistic at the most. Not what you would expect from a former major bad guy by any means, however there was a few odd things. The first thing you see when you walk into the place is the living room, it is smaller than the average, but not congested..or dirty for that matter. Nothing in this place has one speck of dust on it anywhere. Along the far wall there is a fireplace there, the are no flames there now though. Above it on the mantle on a stand of its own is a silver shaft, it is the hilt of the black lightsaber, it is deactivated obviously.

Beside the fireplace there is an opening that leads to somewhere dark and the end can't be seen. To the right is a opening that leads into the kitchen. It is actually bigger in size than the living room, but this is because in the far left hand corner there is another doorway, it is open and there is a stairway leading down, again the way down is shrouded in darkness. The kitchen is also spotless and clean, not to mention the cupboards are filled with many different things. The oddest feature of this room was in the corner was a black bookshelf filled with very old books, in good condition, but they just felt like they were old. The rest of the kitchen was dark red in color. It had a smooth surface for the floor, but it felt like no tile one would know right off the top of their head.

Infact most of the walls of the place were dark red in color, that could be seen anyway and oddly enough there were no windows, but a breeze could be felt as if one had been left open somewhere. It smelled sweet, but it was faint and always moving.

Bob stood up from his place and that door opened up on its own accord. And just this once he would lead the way, although it was customary to let the women go first according to his sources, but this time he would go first.

"Well, its not much, but it does the job nicely I think. But what do you think?"

He would have promised, to just freak out those Academy kids, but his imagination sometimes proved to be too much, so he just nodded and smiled as best he could.
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::The first thing that caught her attention was the lack of dust. She was so impressed with how clean it was, she slipped off her little slipper shoes and left them by the door. The floor was pleasantly cool to her barefeet. The second thing that caught her attention was the fireplace and the strange looking metal thing hanging above the mantle. She moved to the fireplace and ran a finger along the mantle, inspecting for dust. Impressive that there was absolutely none::

Oh, Nice clean job, Bob. I was going to offer to clean for yous but yous seem to already have that in hand.

::Then she stared at that strange object hanging on the wall above for a moment trying to figure out what that was. Cadence had never seen a lightsaber before. She was going to ask but he seemed to be moving off to the kitchen. She simply glanced down the darkened hallway wondering where it lead but decided, just like the strange thing above the mantle,  that could wait to ask about.::

I'm thinkin it's a nice cozy place that just needs a little something. I want to get yous something for yous new place here, Bob. Maybe something decorative, like a picture or some nick nacks and stuff. What do yous like, besides the color red?

::she realized as she walked along the strange smooth tile in the kitchen, that she absolutely had no idea what kind of art forms Bob liked. She had never been to his other place and so this new place was all she knew. Again, she glanced down the strange dark opening in the kitchen but decided to wait until later to ask about it. She glanced over the bookshelf and the cupboards, opening them and the fridge to find the ingredients they would need for breakfast and began pulling them out::

Although, I gotta ask, Bob. What's the floor made of? It's ... different.

::her little toes wiggled and grasped at the floor as she looked down to them and back up at Bob with a quizzical smile and mirth in her pretty blues.::
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He just smiled. "A guest should never have to clean anything. I can handle that my self." He then looked around as she did at the various things in the place, then that next question came. "Red has always seemed to do well for me. But I've never had much use for pictures or anything like that. I have more than enough nice things to look at. Anything you decide to get me will be good I am sure. Surprise me."

He watched her pull out the ingredients to make things. "The floor is...well it is made out the stuff dreams are made out of. It is the base of the house and from it all things are connected. Think of it as the main power source of the house. With out the floor there can be no house."

Then Bob laughed at himself a little bit as he heard how funny that sounded, at least to him it did.

"Shall we begin?"
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::Cadence blinked at Bob, who was laughing at himself. Then she covered her mouth and giggled, too, just because it was funny::

Yous silly, Bob! Dreams are everything. Yous know, like that song...

::she sang::

Row, row, rows yous boat gently downs the stream... merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dreams.

::she nodded she was ready::
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(Sorry bout that, My internet died, now with out further delay...)

"Of course I know what dreams are, they are indeed, as you say, everything. Just like that song." He watched her as she sang, not sure if he heard her or not. "Ready are you. Well then let, Lets begin!"

Was Bob actually nervous about this, of all the things he was, a professional chef was not one of them by any means. He turned his attention from her to the things there before him and slowly he began to reach for the first item. It happened to be a carton of eggs, Bob had actually never needed to know what this was so he picked up the entire thing. "So, do we eat this thing whole or what? I mean it doesn't look entirely bad after all."

He had no idea about this sort of thing.
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::blinkblinkblink, snicker:: whole? Like that? Uh, no Bob... silly.

::She was grinning gently with a quirk to her brow, surprised at his apparent nervousness. It was more then apparent, actually. She wondered why cooking would make him nervous. Was he afraid? Her tones were gentle and soft::

I don't think I've ever seen yous like this before. Yous don't really knows how to cook, do yous...

::grin turned to a smile and she gently took the box of eggs from him::

It's okay, Bob. Maybe I should just show yous, okay? I'll do one then yous do the rest. I'll help yous.

::which using the whole carton would make way more then she could eat but she didn't know if Bob was going to eat anything or how much he did eat. She opened the box to reveal the dozen of eggs sitting neatly in two rows within it. She set the box on the counter by a mixing bowl and began to crack an egg, splitting the crack wider with her thumbs slipping into the crack and pulling it apart while being careful not to get any shells dumped into it while she let the slimy inside plop down into the bowl::

See? Like that. Yous gotta be careful not to let any of the shells get in there. Here, yous try....

::she glanced briefly around but she didn't see a trash can so she just put the empty shell back into the egg carton right where it was before. Then she watched Bob::

Maybe I should ask if yous gonna help me eat this stuff ... I mean, those are a lotta eggs. Um... maybe if its just me eating them, two or three eggs is way plenty. And why does cooking make yous nervous? Yous not afraid are yous?

::It was an honest curiosity bubbling in her pretty blues, though a spark of mischevious mirth twinkled there too. She'd never seen Bob afraid of anything and she was intrigued to know why cooking would make him so nervous ... Nervousness was something stemmed from fear.. but fear of what? Was he afraid of failing? Bob afraid. It was inconceivable but endearing at the same time for some reason::
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He just smiled. One of Bob's super secret powers was mimicry, he could copy  anybody exactly when ever they did something, she didn't need to know that though. "Hmmm, Kinda just like this?" He picked up the egg and did exactly like she did, although it was perfect, Bob put far too much effort into the action and the fragile thing just crushed into a slimy mess. Then he blinked. " I guess these things are not as...strong as you would think they are." He just shook his head at the mess and sighed. "Let me try again."

That mess vanished and he grabbed another egg, and this time he tried the same thing again, only lighter. The shell didn't break this time. "Hmmmm..This cooking stuff is complex. I can take over the world in a week, but I can't crack an egg. I suppose this wasn't in the supervillain handbook."

"I think these things are going to become my eternal nemesis in due time..nope, zero cooking skills. Nervous. It requires me to show some actual skill. Its a big secret but me, I'm not actually good at anything like this. But don't tell anybody, they might see me as less a threat and stuff like that. Always gotta keep em on the edge, you know."
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::She felt her teeth press together pinning her lips shut when he broke the first egg. She didn't say anything, just watched him with that same amused glint in her pretty blues. Although there was a moment when she was going to start picking out the shells from the bowl, but he had them cleaned up so quick she wondered if they were even really there at all::

Oh, Nemisis, shmemsis! Don't yous worry, Bob. Nobody ever really gets it right the first time. It's hard to know right where that good breaking point is. Yous shoulda seen me. I went through two dozen afore I got that egg cracking thing right. Here, let me try another approach. Maybe this'll help yous some more.

::she hovered over and wiggled between him and the counter so his arms were on either side of her, with her back to him, and put her hands on his, making sure he had an egg there. Her wings stopped fluttering, as it was uncomfortable to flap with him right behind her at that angle. Oddly, though, she wasn't dropping to the ground. In fact it would seem her body morphed just a tad to become taller, just enough to be a perfect fit so he could see over her, but tall enough that she could reach his hands comfortably, bare feet firmly on the floor::

See, Nana says its in the detail.. you know the little things. I tell you better from here I think. No, eggs don't stand up to your strength, Bob.... but theys do have a strength to 'em.

::she glanced back at him to see if he was comfortable, then quickly averted her gaze back to the egg::

Long ways theys stronger so the momma, or pappa, don't break 'em when they sit on 'em in the nest. That's important. The other way, the short way like this..

::and she pointed out the direction::

...well, it's weaker. So that's where yous gotta make that breaking point, right there. I shoulda told ya to do it there before but I wasn't thinking from this here spot, but now I can see it from here... So.. uh..

::was she getting nervous? Heartrate increased, breathing deeper, quicker just a bit. Nervous. It would seem so, but not about breaking the eggs. She averted those pretty blues from Bob and really kept them glued to the egg in hand::

er..yous need to crack it on an edge of something. Like the side here of the counter. That's a good place.

::And so she moved the egg with Bob's hand over the spot as hers slid down just a bit to help support the egg while she gave the egg a light but sharp crack on that corner of the edge, so Bob could feel the pressure and angle she was using to do it. The egg cracked there smartly but didn't break open enough to spill its contents. Her tones softened and almost seemed like a whisper::

Then yous get both yous thumbs riiiiight there to the crack on either side and very lightly, carefully with an ever so gentle touch.. yous pry it apart after yous get it over the bowl... that's so the egg don't drop on the counter or floor.. and it'll just slide right in there.. like so..

::She had been moving his fingers to the right place and with her thumbs atop his, she gave a gentle pressure pushing his thumbs in and then pulling them away from each other to split the crack open wider, letting the egg plop down from the shells. She wasn't looking to see where it landed... she was half looking back at him::

How'd we do?
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Despite all that went on...and despite all that she had tried to show him, something attacked his vision, his mind too. The attention span simply broke as he could feel the terror descend from the sky! "Cadence. I...I am sorry. I have to go check something out. Stay here...and I am sure we did fine." He said with no smile on his face. His mood had changed considerably.

Bob then took a step back and waved his hand, the silver handle flew into his hand and he took off in a flash of blinding speed out the door, and towards the village, leaving a trail sizzling air behind him and the ground was charred black.
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::She thought something was wrong and knew it to be true even before Bob opened his mouth to say anything. She just didn't know why she felt so nervous until he did speak. She nodded understanding, though her pretty blues were filled with concern, but there was no way she was even going to try to stop him::

Be careful..

::She watched him go, even followed him until she was on the porch again watching the trail flow into the distance. Then she realized her foot was covered in egg. She glanced down and only half grinned for a moment, shaking her head softly as she moved back inside and set about the task of cleaning up the mess. She would stay in his house, though she really wanted to follow::
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Dear Cadence,

Carcosa village has been destroyed, its people have been locked away in stone by some horrible curse, or powerful magic spell. Nothing I could do about it. I know I told you to stay put, but this has influenced me to become active once more. Keep the house, its yours if you want it. Otherwise return to Rhydin City and help me with my new plans.

Sorry about leaving you like that, however I caught the trail of the one responsible and chased him all the way back to the city, I lost him there.

The choice is yours. If you stay there and go into the basement, there is nothing down there, actually too important. Some minor artifacts I have collected while doing

See you soon or take it easy, regardless of what ever you choose, I know this isnt goodbye.

Your friend,


PS: Time in the house moves slower then in real time. So more time has passed in the city then in the house.

This letter would appear next to her hand, where ever she might have been at the time.

Artifacts in the Basement include:

Scepter of Seeing: Allows people to see the invisible when held.

Red Devil Blade: A short dagger that causes fire damage when it cuts something.

Black Ring: A black ring that, when worn, allows people to read unguarded thoughts

Prism: Basic light refracting crystal that deflects basic magic spells

Silver Dragon Rod: This rod is more of a staff with a silver dragon entwined around it, it summons a dragon to fight by your side, and gives unlimited wealth

Demonomicon: Book of the demons, tells how to summon, control, banish, channel energy, and kill most demons. Possessed book that controls user if book is read from beginning to end, by a powerful demon lord of course.

Nothing else is here, all items are provided with their function on the pedestal they are located on.
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::Everything felt awkward as she moved into the kitchen to clean up her foot and the floor. Oddly, by the time she got to the kitchen, she realized that there was no egg mess on the floor any more and now it was gone from her foot::

How did that happen?

::Shrugging softly to herself, she fixed herself some breakfast and sat down on the porch to eat it and relax a bit while waiting for Bob to come back. The awkwardness kept getting stronger. It was something she couldn't explain except maybe because she was in Bob's house and he wasn't there. It was the only thing that would explain to herself the strange odd feeling::

Yous gonna miss breakfast...

::she sighed and no sooner then this when she felt something brush against her hand. She looked to find the letter there. It was soon clutched in her small hand and brought closer to be opened while she read it over a few times. A frown was definitely there and she wondered what she could do to help those people. But she knew there was nothing could be done if Bob hadn't been able to deal with it himself then. She could think that maybe this person Bob chased needed to be dealt with before those people could be freed. She pulled out a pen and wrote a letter back to him::

Dear Bob,

I think I will come back to RhyDin but I don't know that I can help yous very much. What I mean is that I don't know how much help I'd be. I kinda get the feeling it's just way out of my league. I will return to Bonnie Corp so yous know where to find me if you really have need of me. It was fun trying to teach yous to cook. Maybe when yous get time again... but I guess yous got better things to do then such simple things like that. Okay, maybe it was boring for yous.

Anyways, I don't want to leave yous collection here if yous not coming back. So, I will bring it with me and keep it safe for yous. Yous can find it in the other place yous made for me. Yous know. And I do so love that place! It's quiet and it's safe and very comfy. So, I will keep yous things there for yous.

And I'm glad it isn't goodbye. I almost thought it might be so, but... no. I'm glad it's not.

See yous soon.


::The letter was sent by that inexplicable way they had between them. Then she ventured down to the basement to see about packing up the things he mentioned about and to take them for safe keeping. She had no intent of using them .. especially that demonic book. She could smell the demon laced within it. She'd leave that one alone for sure. It reminded her of the one she'd destroyed a while back in Ravensheart School. But the rod, which was definitely more like a staff to her short size, held her curiosity more then anything else there. It was so pretty to her and the artwork of the Dragon held her speechless as she stared at it for a long time before she shook off the mesmerizing effect the rod had on her. The desire to free the dragon was terribly strong. But it wasn't hers. So it was packed away carefully with the others::

::Finally she had gathered the items and was ready to go. She'd attempt to lock up the place anyway before she left and return to her place in Bonnie Corp via the other place he'd made for her... that place in between other places that she was finding to be home more then any other place. It was her very own domain::
Title: Return to the House.
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It had been too long. Bob had been driven too far to the edges of his patience. People were pathetic and worthless as far as he was concerned. There was nothing he could do to help them, and they were too infinitely stupid to figure it out that the best thing to do was to sit there and do what they were told. They think they are free will but their choices are made because they fear the unknown, enough. Bob was sick of them and their pathetic emotional crap.

So he returned to exile, to be alone with his dead village and to protect it from would be visitors and people who would stop by to gaze at the statue village of Carcosa and try to take a piece of a statue home with them. But for now he just sank into his chair that was on the porch and gazed out into the eternal and silent night. In a world of emotions and humanity, being him really was a disadvantage. People were too stupid to even be afraid of him. being more interested in cartoonish type games that meant nothing. His rage threatened to destroy everything he worked so hard for, so he had to walk away from it all to control himself for just alittle longer.

And he sighed and waited for his anger to disappear.
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::Sometime later, or maybe not so long for him, Bob would sense the scrying on him while he sat on the porch. The items she had taken for safe keeping were returned to him as they appeared right there beside him, plus a large cooler. Then he could feel the small note form in his hand::

Dear Bob,

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I've really been studying a lot. I seem to be on a learning streak and I have felt the strong need to follow that urge. I've sent your things back to yous. I only took them to keep them safe. I think I will be staying here to study and that could take a long time to complete. So, I don't know when I'll see you again.  I hope you are all right, things were strange when you left and by the looks on your face, yous don't seem in much better spirits since then. I hope things change soon but I know that must come first from within you.

Take care.

Your friend,
~ Cadence.

I put a bunch of Pepsi in the large cooler, some are regular, some are max, some are cherry and some vanilla which are really good with the right bourbon. they're ice cold right now. Hope you enjoy them.
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Bob read that note and then he smiled. Cadence, it has been awhile since she was seen. As long as she was alright that seemed to make him happy enough. Looking around there seemed to be nothing to do. But he was still frustrated with people, so he would remain here and simply chill out, drink his new pepsi and look forward to the salvation of Exile for awhile. He needed a break from all the epic melodrama so many could bring, and it was then he shut his mind off from the world, it was vacation time.

And it was that thought that seemed to relax him the most, but how long would it last he wondered, he would have to just wait and see. No future seeing for him this time. He would fight the urge to look ahead. Leaning back in his chair and he gazed over his land, his thoughts wandered to happy times with chainsaws and giant monsters.
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The midday sun shined down on Bob as it was his house, him and a post that resembled a person there, made from some unknown but shiny material, most likely metal of some kind. Fighting stance was taken then and Bob reached out and struck the metal, it clanged loudly in response to the blow. Most people would have never seen him move that fast. Bob was obviously bored and restless in exile, but still it was better then being frustrated. He sighed lightly and kicked it, his leg was like a blur and the force was so much that the effigy of the person flew out of the ground, sailing through the air it would at least eighty feet from where it came from. The thing landed and kicked up a cloud of dust then.

Not seeing anybody around Bob just extended his hand and that shining figure flew back to him along the ground leaving a trail of dust behind it. Soon it was to him once again and standing upright once more, the other end firmly in the ground once more. He just sighed and turned around  to walk towards the house, then that metal was destroyed when he spun around with the black lightsaber. That beam sword would slice the training post in half easily.

Then, he saw the ruined thing lay there upon the ground. He deactivated the saber and began to move back to the house with much better intentions and plans then he had before.

Bob had work to do.
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Nah, work was too hard. The easier way would be to simply relax into the new lifestyle of being a regular nobody in this vast world of giants that would lie to themselves that they ruled anything at all, yeah, let them lie and play their deception games. He did not care one way or another. He was content enough to sit here on his porch and watch people who would pass by, wave at them if they did. Nobody ever came by though so he really didn't have to worry about anything. He would have to get his student to unfreeze his newly adopted home.

On second thought no, he would do it himself when he got around to it. It would make him look better over all and that was all that mattered, right? Looking better then the next guy.

The game of Good and Evil was over rated, let them kill each other mindlessly. He would have no more part of it because the people on both sides of the fence were terrified of him and his overwhelming destructive personality. When he came for you, there was no true escape. Ah, then he smiled and remembered the good old days when people were not afraid to go to war, or destroy in his name, much less their own. Back then people just followed orders blindly and life was good. But then the fools had to start wondering why, why this and why that. Their pitiful minds couldn't understand it even if he had explained it to them. Good help was so hard to find, willing help was even harder.

So Bob walked away from friends, enemies, and the innocent bystander who might have gotten killed along the way. It was for the best. Last time he tried to back out of this people complained and cried, this time he expected no such reaction, as a matter of fact he expected no reaction at all, just the way he liked it.

Bob reached over and grabbed a Pepsi and cracked it open, it was easy enough and the cool can was soothing to even one such as him. Evil would have to find a new champion, and he was sure that there were a number of people willing to take the place readily.

He had intended to build a giant army of mechanical destroyers and use them to systematically destroy Rhydin's strongholds in an attempt to become Emperor of this wretched place. But it soon became apparent that most of the people who inhabited this place were not worth the flesh they were made from, so it was better just to let them destroy and drink themselves to death, like he cared what they did anymore.

He took a sip of his drink. It was good. As he looked upon the great space before him he realized that this is where he belonged the whole time. A simple life for a simple creature would be a fitting end to the story, he thought to himself as he watched the wind blow by in peace.

No place like home, is there?
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On one not so significant day Sandrine came a calling on sole occupant of the village.  She just showed up on his porch.  Her gaze honed in upon the cooler of pepsi, to which she helped herself.  

Opening it, she took a seat on the porch swing.  She was in no particular hurry so she would give the owner of the house a moment to notice her presence.  Her thoughtful gaze drifted out to the silent village.  Perhaps this was as appropriate a time and place as any to deliver all casual like the news she had.

"Bob sure knows how to pick a morbid location to disappear and sulk at..."  Was muttered to herself.  She just shook her head and took a sip.  Waiting there patiently for the solitary monster they call Bob.
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That black lightsaber was ignited and the tip was pointed right to the back of her neck. "Get up, and walk away I came here to be left alone from everybody. This means you too. Get up and go, now." Bob was not to be disturbed, by anybody. The tone of his voice was enough to prove it and it said that he no longer cared about the affairs of people, they had nothing to do with him any longer and nor would he.

"Don't speak, just leave."
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Sandrine's body had a tension snake it's course through her.  You might have almost even seen what appeared to be a chill quake through that slender form.  After that quiver though, she appeared composed as she just shook her head in the strained silence.  If Bob really wished her dead....  He had opportunity after....  No, she was OWNED by him...  Lower lip chewed on for that moment that seemed to never end.

For the first time since he had claimed her tears glistened in those cold eyes.  She just needed him to tell her something...  So long as he was lost so was she.  They were connected and distance didn't change the fact.

She would not speak no, he had commanded and she would not...  But she couldn't seem to move from the spot either.  She just stared straight ahead with those tears in her eyes.  So many things had changed in her life...  and she actually really wanted to live now.  But for some reason she still did not feel she deserve to anyways.  

He could decide her fate, but she would not leave either.  Not without some answer.  She had to do it she had to say something.

"Bob...  I thought many a bad thing of you...  But this....."  She trailed off as she shook her head.  It was all she had to say.  If he did not wish to talk, and he did not strike her dead...  She would disappear with sad eyes shutting tightly.  A soft defeated sigh perhaps her last breath in this realm.
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And she left, good riddance as far as he was concerned. The rest of the world was purged of his very existence, and to the rest of everything living, he was dead. An unknown in a world of giants. Just the way he liked it. That saber just died out and he sat in his chair, alone.

" everybody is happy." said to himself and no one else. He would need a new name and history, but that was ok. It would give him something to do now that he could start over. He could really care less about anybody else at this point. It was easier to be dead then it was to kill. Let the decay begin, he thought to himself as he just wondered what the future would hold from this point on.
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In a world that had forgotten him completely, the monster could finally live as a relative unknown. An average person living in the middle of nowhere in a little house just outside a village of the dead. It was fitting. He had no reason to be known for any reason. But he needed a hobby, something to pass the time.

He looked over to the the house and then decided that was how he was going to spend his days. He would build things, create things to put his madness into, in a constructive project that would not involve the mindless destruction. Of course nothing he ever did was mindless. For the most part it was completely terrifying to the lesser minded people, but to him that was nothing new.

He picked himself up off the porch and made his way to the basement of his place. It was here his work could begin.
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Post by: Chaos on October 16, 2008, 08:30:15 AM
How long had it been, a month, a year, ten thousand years. Time had no meaning to him anymore and he had lost himself. Completely disconnected from the realm of mortal world at large, who cared who even noticed. That hammer slammed down for the thousandth time onto the mystical steel. The heat and the fires from the depths of an infinite number of hells made the temperature of the work place deadly to most mortals, but he was no ordinary creature.

The former monster smashed that metal into shape with his brutal strength alone, since he had no way to let loose his anger and frustration to the pathetic world he had left behind, the metal would be an unwilling victim to the fury. The metal however, had a different purpose on its own. There was formed and monstrous shapes behind the worker, large and countless humanoid figures shrouded in darkness and air thick with the heat of hellfire, hidden from the world, from the living.

The sparks rained from each and every strike as powerful as the last. Creation was hard work for all creatures. And depending on what one was making, prove the level of difficulty of the task. His was one of near impossible standards. He had been working all this time in secret, working under the guise of death, it had worked out pretty well so far.

He then took the still red hot metal in his hand and inspected it for flaws, his flesh sizzled and burned but there was no pain to be felt, no pain for him now, or ever. Sending his own son into exile to worlds unknown was painful enough. His tricks and plans had been executed perfectly, but then again they always were when he put his mind too it. The metal arm newly created was deemed perfect, and it was the finishing piece of the puzzle.

He walked over and placed it over the empty hole, as if coming to life the metal quickly merged with the main body becoming a part of something much more horrible and destructive. The whole remain shrouded in darkness, and the project was not ready to be revealed just yet.

Once more turning towards the furnace and the seemingly endless supply of metal, his grip around the hammer's handle tightened again, there was so much more work to be done.
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Post by: Chaos on November 18, 2008, 05:52:46 AM
Then it was to be so, the creation of a legend was no easy task not to mention one of such enormous power. Cruelty had given form to destructive forms that would never know anything of weakness, or compassion. The monsters of the alien metals would arise soon enough, blood would flow and hell would be his to unleash. Those cold wind tore through the lands as unnatural as they were mysterious. The gates of hell had opened up and out came the bite of the eternal frosty lair, the flames of ice ate at the souls of the damned, the souls he had stolen to power his devices that only promised to deliver death to any they had met along the road to domination.

Bob revealed to the world for the first time, his creation, a basic form of murder but effective nonetheless against most things. May the bodies twist in their beds, may they cringe in fear at the coming of the new army, sure he had a lot of work to do, but a test run was surely in order. Being just outside the barrier, his infernal machine would work nicely as he had planned it to. The world might believe he was dead, and that was fine with him.

The end had been coming for sometime now, the monsters had been screaming. The emotional wastes of life had been wallowing too long in their self hate, it was time to do them a favor and put them out of their misery, if they were not cowardly enough to die, then they could run forever. Either way was fine with him a state of living death, hunted to the ends of Rhydin and back again was even more entertaining. Those immortal cowards who hide behind their women to protect them will eventually learn to either stand up for themselves, or die trying.

But Bob was a merciful emperor, if they would serve him and him alone, perhaps he could get them to change their ways and be something more then they ever dreamed possible. Hey, even super villains could dream sometimes. But chances were better that their flesh would become steaming piles of bloody waste. It was a win-win situation for him either way.

A pair of glowing yellow eyes lit up in the darkness behind him. And somewhere, a woman screamed as her soul was taken from her body and used as energy to run the new machine. It was going to be a very good week, he thought to himself.
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Post by: Chaos on December 18, 2008, 02:42:51 AM
Superheroes. Pesky, annoying and in the way superheroes. They always messed with his plans to kill thousands of people. If anything he always try again. The test run was perfect though. The machines were a success in any case. The weakest ones proved that the programming worked as it should. The next time would be a much happier result in action, and destruction. So it came to pass.

There was only the waiting, and execution of the plans left to do. Who would take the blame for the tragedy to come, he had a huge list of people he didn't like and all of them deserved to burn for as long as any part of them existed in this world, or any other. So, while the planning began and the blaming would begin slowly something else was coming to town other then those silly so called holidays.

Bob then moved the cover off of some new metal monster that walked, and smiled as it activated. "Come now, I know you want to do some real damage, but first of all I have a job for you...a very special job." He said as he returned to the darkness, leaving the machine alone.
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Once again, a portal opened in front of the house. Cadence peered out of her room with the clarity of a sleeping ogre. Her eyes were bloodshot, body thin from lack of food and care, hair was a silvery pile of locks and she looked like the thing the cat dragged in. Inspite of this, she yawned sleepily and smiled. The smile froze. There was nobody there. A frown quickly replaced the look.

"Hmmm... can't gets to Mary's place and nobody is here. Have I been gone that long?''

Sigh. Soft shrug of her shoulders, she stepped back inside and  closed the door.

She attempted to send a note to Bob.


Dear Bob,

Hope you are doing good. I've just taken a small break from my studdies and I was hoping to see you. Couldn't get into see Mary. Hope things are well with her. Kinda miss my job there. Miss my job at the school too. I will try to get my job back there. I think I need to take some time away from my studies. My eyes hurt. My whole body hurts actually. I need a bath and some nice fuzzy warm clean clothes to wrap up in. I'll be at the school the have nice rooms there.

Missed you lots!come see me. tell me of your recent endeavors.

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Post by: Chaos on February 07, 2009, 07:09:00 AM
Odd. A note, for him? It appeared in his cracked and worn down hand. He had been working for quite sometime and his human form was beginning to show signs of wear, instead of blood there was only dark energy vapors to replace it. He set his hammer down for a minute and read it.

Well, he had figured everybody had left by now. He had been away for so long that it had been months since he had seen anything but his work place. Not to mention his creations he had been working on.

Everything had changed, but for now he would keep to himself things should be taken somewhat slowly if he decided to come out that was. He slid the note in a pocket then continued on with his work.
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Post by: Chaos on March 20, 2009, 10:07:17 AM
Woops...That was the only thing that came to mind as he returned to his place because he needed to get something. It was unimportant, but it a nice trip home, if this could really be called such a place at all?

There it was. Right there on the mantle above the fire place. A picture of the past. He had taken it, but couldn't remember when. So many memories there were. A picture of Bob and all the ones he called friends in a happier time. Frozen in time there, forever. They all came flooding back to him all at once and there, time in the current became still. He picked up the picture. The CEO's of the Bonny Corp there, Cadence and Alana there. It must have been some kind of picnic. Although he couldn't remember taking any kind of outing like this. So many of their days had been filled with the grim realities of pain, drama and blood. But this picture had shown him there was indeed other times. Better times.

He picked up the picture and stared into it. He could hear there voices in some distant fashion and he remembered them all. Even monsters could be foolish he supposed. How many times did he tell them to back off, sure, he was nothing close to mortal, or even alive as people understood it there was some kind of dim spark of emotion in there.

He wondered what ever happened to most of them. And why things went down that way. It made sense at the time...didn't it? Protection of the lesser beings. No, not lesser. They were equal to him in nearly everyway and he was more then happy to walk beside them. But just by being connected to him it seemed that all they would ever do is suffer, even though he tried to make things better, all that ever happened is that somebody, somewhere..would make it their life's mission to get to him through the people he called friend. A coward's move but effective anyways.

Not even the illusion of death seemed to stop it. He came back, and Cadence suffers in his attempt to help her from her stress. Not everybody saw it how he did. Bob was not really respected, just feared and he was one of those guys that everybody said in their head to please dont look at me..please dont look at me..

So he treated them as his role was, to be an observer. But where are all his friends now. Most of them had vanished and it was all his fault. And he knew it.

Freedom may have been a dream, but it was a nightmare trying to figure out what to do with it. People have lives. Emotions and situations. Power was a prison most of the time and being this way was living proof. How do you relate to somebody you could crush in horrible ways.

He set the picture down again.

You become a super villain that's how. Make people your enemies and then you give them reason to fight..and that is how you relate. Although he never expected people to go after the ones he was close too.

This is what made him most angry, and evil came easy when dealing with this. Some called it revenge. Others called it Justice and Punishment.

"Maybe...maybe I can get them back..."

Then he turned around and walked off into the outside, leaving the picture behind him, the past would never be forgotten, ever.
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Post by: Theron on May 10, 2010, 08:47:18 AM
The house the monster lived in remained silent for what seemed like an eternity. Bleak and terrible was the house, the monster had long since left here, but there was still a great scar in the world where it dwelt. The Negative energies of the villain seemed to live here, but tonight, this desolate night a figure sat on the old rocking chair on the porch.

He wore green. A pale, sickening green cloak. In his left hand he held a silver cylinder. His thumb clicked a switch and a glowing black blade appeared. All it reveal were a pair of eyes, eyes that changed colors constantly. His face was hidden. The only sound, a hideous laugh that echoed throughout the dead night.
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Post by: Rose Black on October 24, 2014, 10:17:17 PM
One night an angel picked her way through the old beaten paths that now lead to a ghost town, not so very long ago known as the village Caracosa.  She stepped carefully on bare feet, decorative but impractical shoes long forgotten somewhere, she had never been to Bob's house....  But she had seen it in her twin sister's mind once so she knew round abouts where it was.

Of course she had known about Bob's home here, at least it seemed the closest place to a real home he had but she had never intruded on him there.  Even she had the good sense to leave people be once in a while but as she was not accustomed to walking she was a little frustrated.  The wind carried away her soft words laced with confusion, "This isn't right..."

What wasn't right?  Only Rose could tell you, but she did not elaborate beyond that statement and the occasional shake of her head.  The wind blew her long flowing, backless, white gown about her slender form, red hair whipping wildly in the wind as though the mountain itself wished to slow her progress...  She wrapped her arms around herself and rubbed at the bare skin as chills rocked through her body.  Who ever heard of an angel feeling cold anyway?

But as she neared Bob's house...  or was it hers already?  At any rate she was lucky it was such a straight shot from the city for soon enough something changed. Perhaps it did know her and the magic the letter from him spoke of was true before she even came... because as soon as she saw it everything grew calm and still... nothing impeded her way again.  

The fear of some forgotten nightmare didn't bother her here... nor the lingering unease left behind by the negative energies she sensed.  The walk didn't seem so long then, she welcomed the warmth from the friction.  It seemed like she was at the front of the house in a heart beat.  

Staring up at the dark house with a soft smile touching her lips even as sadness gleamed in her wide emerald eyes.  Her skin was still unusually pale but a blush of life and health was returning to it since she had read that letter and gotten back to work.  A glance was given to the forge near by, where Bob had worked so tirelessly, before she lightly placed a hand to the railing and walked up the steps of the porch.

Rose's eyes took in every detail, a porch swing and a rocking chair both were caressed by her fingers as she looked them over.  Even though her eyes moved over them they were distant... seeing something from far away and long ago.  Same as when they moved to the door and opened it with no key.

Walking inside she found it exactly as Bob had left it.  Pain?  Yes, there was that but she couldn't help but smile.  It was the least extravagant of all the homes he had built...  But Bob never did anything half way, not even here.

The floor was built of the stuff dreams were made of and she sighed with delight as her bare feet glided across them like a child discovering a new dance.  The large yet very cozy family room had a fire burning in it as soon as she walked in to greet her, lightning the place for the first time in who knows how long and she looked around in wonder at all the books and then back to the fire.

On the mantle there sat a deactivated black light saber.  It was like she had touch everything to make sure it was real and her finger tips strayed from there to a picture, the only one she'd seen in the house and probably the only one she would.  At least in the way of personal photos....  Bob was even in it!

He was with the original members of the Bonny Corporation... some she knew and some she didn't...  some were even still around...  After examining all the faces swiftly her eyes returned to the man himself who had put all of this in her care and she couldn't help the sob even as she smiled at the photo.  She spoke to him as if he could hear her, "So, more proof that it wasn't all just a dream?"  She shook her head before adding softly, "Thank you."

He had given her a lot of things it was true but her gratitude ran far beyond it all.  He trusted and respected her enough to put it in her care.  His friends were apparently very important to him and they deserved to know the truth too.  Bob had for some reason put his faith in this "unreliable" and "unstable" little angel to put all his resources to good use...  

After a few tears she gave one firm and decisive nod to the photograph as though these and many more swirling thoughts were a conversation.  Perhaps she was still a little mad, but the gesture meant he didn't think her incapable and this gave her hope.  "I won't let you down.  I know they all miss you too."