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Title: From Promising Beginnings...
Post by: *Warlord_of_Woe* on May 06, 2006, 09:21:00 PM
Matthew had always invisioned himself living a wonderful, fulfilling life following his time as a child born into the Canzhen Temple. His peers agreed, as well. Everyone there was talented and intelligent, and life seemed so perfect.
     Then there was one... One who ruined that promising future... One who took his dreams and burnt them to ashes, along with the other members of the temple. A rogue monk, more powerful than any they had ever seen before, assaulted the temple. As strong as our warrior monks were, they stood no chance against this man. He seemed to have some sort of unseen power. It is said that after the attack, only 6 members of the temple survived. Matthew was one of those lucky six.
     Forced into poverty, Matthew used his astounding physical talents and is now a thief. A masterful, unequaled thief, at that. He enjoys pickpocketing, lockpicking, stealing, hiding, and running all so much. However, he doesn't want to jsut return to a normal life like the others do... He wants something more...

Title: A warrior gets some arms. The Story of a Jarhead. Part I
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Title: The Meeting with Joseph---Part II
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Title: The Test---Part III
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