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Title: A constant struggle
Post by: Panther on January 06, 2008, 07:42:56 PM
A brother.

Was there not always a brother? In the stories, when ever there is a fallen warrior, there is always the brother. Waiting at home for his return. Ready to seek vengeance when he does not.

The days since he first approached Aziz had become a week, and a bit more, but the information coming back to him was good. The symbol was that of Kiroth's family. A crest of sorts. This much he knew from what little 'jira had spoken. But it was good to have Aziz confirm it, and quickly. It only served to verify that he was taking this seriously.

Beyond that there would still be some waiting. He knew now of where the lands they lived were, but they were some ways off. He knew the family had a pair of brothers. Kiroth and Gracus, and that Kiroth had left his home some time ago for reasons and destination yet unknown.

Of course he knew the where, even if not the why.

He could ask S'jira. She would tell him what she knew, he did not doubt that. But asking her now may only server to worry her needlessly.

Many strides had been taken by her in the months since last summer, the biggest but a couple weeks ago when she removed his 'claim' to her by returning the pendant he had put around her neck.

In all honesty, he had nearly forgotten about it. So used to seeing her almost daily, going about her own... life. No, that was a lie. He was reminded of it every time he looked at her. Smelled her. Reminded him that she looked to him as a master, not... well, and as long as she did so that was all there could be.

But he allowed himself to become complacent. There were those about who would still try to take everything she fought for away from her, even more so now. And when she made one of her visits to her formers grave, he realized it was not just those from within RhyDin that she may need to be shielded from, but that she had a past that may very well be racing to catch up to her.

He could feel himself being drawn to her, more and more. And because of this... or maybe despite this, he was unsure which, he knew more than ever he had to protect her.