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Title: Wolf Moon - Chains of prevention
Post by: Wulf Canavar on February 04, 2018, 08:42:48 AM

It was the night of the first full moon in January.   Called Wolf Moon.  The other wolves of the new, small pack came out.  Jake-Wolf was there, and searching, and howling.   And a newcomer, Vicious was there too.   But the alpha, the pack leader, Wulf Canavar was missing.  Without his Hunger and experience driving them on, the others chased a person or two, but were ineffective.   Foiled in the their need to feed the Hunger, and to spread it to others, they spent the night roaming the city and howling at the moon.   And then they were gone.

Wulf could not hear them, and they could not hear him, no matter how he whined, no matter how he howled.   And he could not hear them, no not at all.   All sounds were muffled, DOWN HERE.  For Wulf knew, somehow, that he was below ground.   And all his strength mattered for nothing against iron bars, a collar, and two heavy chains.   While huge and massive for a wolf, even unnatural, violent strength was no match for this cold iron.

But he DID know they were there.   He could feel their Hunger, as they could feel his.  They were searching, he knew, searching for him and his leadership, and then they would hunt together, and ravage everyone they found in their wrath!

Wulf hammered at the bars, tore against the chains, slammed his neck agaist the ground to knock at the collar.   All useless.   He raged, and raged, scratching and biting, jaws through the bars, teeth grating, scratching the iron.   He injured himself in futlity.

And finally, the night was over.
Title: Wolf Moon - Chains of prevention
Post by: Wulf Canavar on February 04, 2018, 08:57:07 AM

The night of the Super Blue Blood moon came.  Jake-wolf and Vicious again found themselves leaderless.  This time many people simply had their doors closed.  Wolf howls in the middle of a city will do that to people after all.

The impotence had an effect on Wulf though.  This time he was larger, bulkier.  The collar had not changed, and it choked the huge monster.  The great dire-wolf's eyes flashed red, and steam snorted from his nostrils as he raged.  And it was true RAGE as only the most selfish and heartless can know, as he wished to hurt and tear and destroy the lives of others and could not.  It was unbearable, and the monster hammered the chains to their full lengths, and slammed constantly into the bars, driven mad by the unfulfilled HUNGER.   It drove him into the bars again, and again, and again.  The cage itself shifted and moved as he hammered and raged.   Near the end he began to add method to the madness, rocking the cage, and cycling his attacks on it to sckootch it across the concrete floor.  The iron scraped deep gouges there in the darkness.

Feeling the Hunger of the others, Wulf raged out to them in his mind calling them to him, demanding their obediance and presence.   Not knowing where to go, they raged also, tearing down signs and lampposts and benches and shrubs.  But Wulf learned.  He knew where they were, could sense their physical location.  Their Hunger was like two flames to him, off in the distance - he could feel the heat.  And they knew his location also, like a triangle knows its apex.  They turned towards him.....

And then this night too, passed.