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Title: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Yasmin on January 08, 2017, 09:47:58 PM
[size=18]Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests[/size]

Energetic as always, Yasmin was excitedly rocking back and forth in her office chair in the sound booth of the WHAM! 101.1FM station, headquartered in the Reilly Industries Tower in the Marketplace District. She made sure her guest for the evening had a similarly nice executive style chair with a microphone in front of it as she sat at the large desk table across from him. As the song faded out, she switched on their mics and began speaking...

?Hello, everyone! This is DJ Zazzy Yas for WHAM! 101.1FM and I have a guest here with me tonight, my old friend, Johnny Storm, Rhydin?s sexist? wait, I think the word I?m looking for is sexiest, firefighter from Old Temple District Fire Station #3! He called up WHAM! the other day to let us know he had something important to talk about. I?m sure with all the space heaters people have been using cuz of the cold weather, that is a huge fire hazard that he wanted to warn us about. Oh! Or fire place safety! Either way, welcome Johnny. What do you got for us tonight??
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Johnny Storm on January 09, 2017, 07:23:15 PM
Despite the serious nature of Johnny's visit to WHAM studios, he couldn't help but chuckle a little at Yasmin's introduction. He was the sexiest firefighter in Rhy'Din - at least, in his own mind. He hadn't come here today to talk about fire prevention though. Not this time. No, this time he had something even more serious in mind.

"Thanks for the intro, Yas, and thanks for letting me come by today and borrow the microphone for a little while. Fire prevention and safety are important topics, but that's not what I'm here to talk about today. I'm here to talk about the continuing conflict between humans and non-humans that has been troubling our fair city over the last few months."

Johnny unfolded a piece of paper on which he had prepared a few words - with Liv's help, of course. He cleared his throat once before reading what was written there, just a little bit nervous. He'd spoken in public before, but never about something as important as this.

"On August 28, 1963, a great leader by the name of Martin Luther King, Jr., gave a famous speech in Washington, D.C., on the planet known as Earth. In that speech, he spoke of a day when people would 'not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character'. We, here in Rhy'Din, can learn something from those words.

"Rhy'Din is a unique place. It is the one place in all the multiverse where humans and non-humans - men, women, elves, dwarves, goblins, lycans, vampires, meta-humans, dragons, and scores of others - live and work together in relative peace. We are all considered equals, whether we are mundanes or mages, mutants or humans, living or undead, mortal or immortal.

"We should take a lesson from those of Earth and strive to judge our fellow citizens not by any other characteristic but that of their character. But what does that mean? The dictionary defines it as the 'mental and moral quality of an individual'. That is, we should judge each other based on our actions and deeds, not on our appearance or our racial background.

"Some of you might know that I am what is considered a meta-human. I was born human, but due to accidental exposure to high levels of cosmic radiation, I became more than human. I developed unique abilities that allow me to create and control fire. Some back home on Earth consider me a freak, but here on Rhy'Din, I am just another citizen. I decided early on to use my abilities to help people, and that's why I chose to become a firefighter here in Rhy'Din - because with great power comes great responsibility.

"Some have not used their abilities in a wise or benevolent manner, and that is partly the cause of the hatred and conflict we are facing today, but they are the minority.

"The views expressed by the pro-human protestors are not the views of every human who calls Rhy'Din home. People are only afraid of what they don't understand. Further dividing and segregating ourselves is not the solution to the problem.  In order to understand each other better, we must get to know each other better. We must learn about each other, so that there's no need to be afraid of what you don't understand.

"Violence only begets more violence. Violence and aggression will only earn you the same in return. Neither side is better than the other, and neither side is innocent when it comes to these encounters. Look to the children for guidance. They do not see the world as we do. Look at others through their eyes. We must learn to accept and value our differences and appreciate our similarities. We are more alike than we are different.

"We are all citizens of Rhy'Din, and as such, I am calling on everyone - human and otherwise - to put aside your prejudices, your fears, and your hatred and come together as one people. Get to know your neighbors, especially those who are different from you. We all want the same thing - or at least, most of us do - to live our lives and raise our families in peace. We owe it to our children and our children's children to make this world we live in a safe place. We must do this for them, for ourselves, and for the future of Rhy'Din.

"I would also like to mention that if anyone ever needs a safe place, no matter whether they are human or not, I urge you to seek out your local Watch Precinct, Emergency Shelter, or Fire Station. These are all safe places where you can find protection and shelter. They are located in every district, and they are there for you."

Johnny drew a deep breath and refolded the paper in his hands before looking expectantly and just a little nervously to Yasmin. "And that's all I wanted to say."
Title: A Karmic Assist
Post by: Yasmin on January 12, 2017, 11:39:40 PM
Yas was about to interrupt when Johnny mentioned the Martin Luther King Jr. quote, thinking up some silly comment about her blue skin, but she instead smiled and stayed silent. There was a time for jokes and fun, and there was a time for conveying an important message.

?Mental and moral quality of an individual? he had quoted. She wondered how people would judge her own ?character?, especially the one she played on air. As he said, Johnny chose to use his powers for good. She, instead, used her abilities for entertainment. Feeling a little humbled by her decision, she thought to focus on what good she could do in her own role, like letting someone with an important message speak. If he could persuade one person who was listening to her show, would she not get credit for that person?s change of heart as well? Maybe karma would count it as an ?assist?. She hoped.

Yasmin smiled to Johnny as he finished. She said all kinds of wild and crazy things on air and off, but she knew she?d never be able to be brave enough to speak about something as important as he had.

?Thank you so much for coming to speak with us, J-Man,? Yas said into her mic, ?I got to play a song, then we?ll come back and open the lines for callers, if anyone would like to call in with their two cents.? As she was talking, she grabbed a piece of scrap paper and a small pencil. Scribbling the word, ?Song?? she then shoved the paper and pencil over for Johnny to respond.

?Now, please keep your comments or questions short, and nothing over PG-13, people, cuz if I have to censor what I say, you do too.? Yas looked through the large glass window at the studio supervisor in his own small sound room. He had the ultimate authority of whose call to take and when to censor. Nothing got passed him. After glaring at her for the impromptu position she?d be putting him in, he eventually nodded.

Yas grabbed the paper where Johnny had written his response and she added into the mic flawlessly, ?Ok, so here?s a special song by U2, and Johnny and I will be back to talk to you in a sec.?

She began playing, ?One? by U2. (

After the song ended, Yas came back on the mic.

?Hey! You?re listening to DJ Zazzy Yas on WHAM! 101.1FM. I?ve got Johnny Storm in the studio and we?re discussing the Pro-Human protest stuff. I?m probably going to regret it later, but I want to hear what you have to say, or even if you have any other random questions for Johnny and myself.?

[size=9]((OOC: Feel free to post what your character would leave on a message to the WHAM! studio. Your character will be asked to include their name with their message, but you are not required if you chose to remain anonymous. Remember, this is to build communication IC. It is not for OOC drama. If the thread gets out of hand, it will be closed.))[/size]
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Lyneth Granger on January 14, 2017, 03:38:01 PM
First caller on the line, and as soon as she started speaking, Johnny could probably guess who it was.

"Mr Burnyman, sir, and Lady Blue, and all ... Oh! I am Lyneth Granger, and I am a Fae, and my mummy and my daddy and my little brother are all humans, and I have a question which is this. If the horrible people who don't like people who aren't human people win, does that mean that I won't have a mummy and a daddy and a little brother no more?"
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Johnny Storm on January 14, 2017, 04:10:52 PM
Johnny was a little nervous about having to answer questions off the cuff, but he was too proud and too passionate about the subject matter to chicken out now. Besides, he didn't want to let Yas down. She'd allowed him to come here and speak his mind, and the least he could do was hang around for a few questions from her listeners.

"Mr Burnyman, sir, and Lady Blue, and all ... Oh! I am Lyneth Granger, and I am a Fae, and my mummy and my daddy and my little brother are all humans, and I have a question which is this. If the horrible people who don't like people who aren't human people win, does that mean that I won't have a mummy and a daddy and a little brother no more?"

As soon as he heard the voice on the other end of the line, he couldn't help but sigh and roll his eyes, and yet, her question was a valid one. He frowned a little in Yasmin's direction, unsure just how to answer that. Lyneth had a slightly backwards way of asking a question, as children sometimes tended to do, but he thought he understood what it was that she was asking.

"First of all, no one is going to take you away from your parents. No one. Period. Over my dead body," he said vehemently, though he was hoping it wouldn't come to that. "I promise you that. Secondly, the people who don't like people who aren't human are a minority. That means that most people like most other people, whether they are human or not. Do you know the saying, 'It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch?'" he asked her, hoping she'd understand that analogy better than any other explanation he might give her. "It means that it only takes one bad person to ruin everything around them. That doesn't mean that everyone is bad, just because of that one person. It's up to the rest of us to make sure that one bad person doesn't ruin everything for everyone else. Does that make sense?"
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Lyneth Granger on January 14, 2017, 04:14:01 PM
"Okies, only ..."

There was a pause as Lyneth decided what she was going to say next.

"If my mummy and daddy and little brother are human, and I'm not, does that mean I am a bad apple even if I'm a good girl? I am a good girl. I haven't made anyone go squish or think they are a frog, not even when that man was rude to my mummy about having me as a little girl. My mummy was brave. My daddy wanted to go and find him and squish him like a human, but Mummy said no. Am I a bad apple 'cos of not being human?"
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Johnny Storm on January 14, 2017, 04:18:43 PM
"If my mummy and daddy and little brother are human, and I'm not, does that mean I am a bad apple even if I'm a good girl? I am a good girl. I haven't made anyone go squish or think they are a frog, not even when that man was rude to my mummy about having me as a little girl. My mummy was brave. My daddy wanted to go and find him and squish him like a human, but Mummy said no. Am I a bad apple 'cos of not being human?"

"No!" Johnny exclaimed, with an exasperated sigh. "Of course, you're not the bad apple!" He looked to Yasmin for further clarification, since it seemed he was only confusing matters further.
Title: One Kind of Folks
Post by: Yasmin on January 14, 2017, 05:02:42 PM
As Johnny was floundering, Yas was daydreaming about how Lady Blue would sound as a nice title. It definitely beat disc jockey. She could totally go by it, since she didn?t have a last name. Lady Yasmin Blue. ?Oh, that even looks nice,? Yas thought to herself as she scribbled it on the scrap paper she had for notes between her and Johnny. Her renaming plans were interrupted as he looked at her for help.

?Aw, no, honey,? Yas jumped in, adding the general term of endearment since she wasn?t paying attention when the girl said her name. ?Oh, of course not. People have said since I?m a shapeshifter, that I?m a fae too, and I?m not a bad?? Realizing her phrasing was not exactly helping her point, she jumped to a different perspective. Knowing Miss Scout Finch said it better than she ever could, Yas quoted, ? ?I think there?s just one kind of folks. Folks.? As soon as we can spread the word so everyone knows it, I think everyone in Rhydin will be a little nicer to each other.?

She continued, ?And don?t worry about your mom, dad, and brother. They will always be your family and love you for everything that you are.?

?Would you like me to play a song for you, hon?? Yas asked before she forgot.
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Lyneth Granger on January 14, 2017, 05:18:27 PM
"I can have a song and everything?" The sheer delight at this was easily discernible, even without the happy squeal. "Oh, oh! Can I has Friends Will Be Friends (, by Qweeb, please and thank you oh so much? And thank you for my question, it was good!"
Title: Double Positive
Post by: Yasmin on January 14, 2017, 05:38:37 PM
?Sure, honey. Here?s Qweeb with ?Friends will be Friends?. Yas started up the song.

After it played, she came back on the mic, bright and chipper as ever.

?Welcome! You?re listening to DJ Zazzy Yas and Johnny Storm on WHAM! 101.1FM and we?re discussing the anti? wait, I think its pro. Pro Human Protests. ?Pro? ?pro?tests? If you use a double positive like that, does it cancel out like a double negative? I?m not sure, but I do know I have another caller on the line. Welcome, caller!?
Title: On the line: Lord D'Arcstorm
Post by: Atticus DArcstorm on January 15, 2017, 02:18:50 PM
There was a pause, a hesitation. Why? Was it the little girl? The innocence, or lack thereof, that he found so troubling? Was it how frequently the innocent had been used, were used, as weapons? It doesn't matter, he thought, shrugging it off and focusing on the call.

"Mr. Storm," he began, addressing the father of one of his own pupils, as a thousand thoughts exploded in his head. He wasn't a father, so he didn't understand that. But he tried to imagine what he would feel, much as he disparaged the word, if he were one.  Maybe he was cynical, but he thought himself more a realist; the similarities were in the naivete, in a way, of the children. Something he'd never had, and couldn't understand, but deemed... worthy.

"This is Atticus D'Arcstorm, let me begin by saying you summed it up most terse and eloquent when you said, 'here on Rhydin, I am just another citizen'.  I have come to believe that the basic fuel for this situation could be eliminated if more citizens saw themselves as just that.  In an earlier press release, I spoke too hastily on the matter as well - suggesting that humans be banned from the Academy," he had been being sarcastic, but having little experience with the sensation, hadn't realized it.  "Depending on one's point of view, my actual thoughts were just as bad, perhaps. I meant the protesters, seeking some way to eliminate them from interfering with my students, and I'll say again now - I do not understand their purpose there, as the Academy & Bristle Crios are both open, and have always been open, to humans."

"That is, in my opinion, what makes this so heinous; there is no anti-human sentiment at most of the establishments being targeted, but the tone of the 'Pro-Human' Protests result in the rise of Anti-Other sentiment." He had been so calm, so level, but it was on the edge of breaking. "This protest is not about humans, its about others, and given positive language to hide it.  If you gathered up all of those magic users who were purely human, and kicked the rest out of Rhydin, you would have a much diminished population. This protest is veiled attack on magic, and the citizens of Rhydin."
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Johnny Storm on January 16, 2017, 10:26:23 AM
While Johnny and Professor D'Arcstorm might not always understand each other, Johnny essentially agreed with most of what the other man was saying. Wasn't that what all this was about anyway? Listening to others, communicating, and trying to understand differing points of view so that they could come to an agreement of some sort?

Johnny did just that, quietly giving Atticus the chance to speak and say whatever it was he needed or wanted to say. He didn't seem to have a question, but that was fine, too.

Johnny didn't say anything, until he thought the man was finished, a small smile on his face for the conversation this was taking place and the thoughtful discussion it was hopefully inciting among Rhy'Din's population. After all, he didn't just come here to make a speech and call for peace and tolerance and leave it at that. If there was going to be understanding among people - human and otherwise - that understanding was going to have to start with simple communication.

"We are all citizens of Rhy'Din, Professor," Johnny started, agreeably enough. "You, me, Yas, everyone who lives here is a citizen of Rhy'Din, and as such has the right to live their lives without worrying about being harassed, bullied, and victimized. As you well know, there are factions who believe themselves superior to others. There are factions who prey on those who are unable to defend themselves, but these are the minority. I believe most citizens of Rhy'Din just wish to live peaceful, productive lives.

"Many citizens of Rhy'Din have multi-racial friends and family members. They already know that we are stronger together than apart, and that it's our differences that make us unique.

"There's been violence and casualties on both sides of the protests. There is nothing wrong with peaceful protests, but what exactly is it that is being protested here? I don't think this is just about magic, Professor. It's about fear. People are always going to be afraid of what they don't understand.

"So, let me ask you something. What do you think we can do to help them understand? To show them that those who are different than themselves mean them no harm, and in fact, could stand to be of benefit to them?

"By that same token, if there's anyone out there who knows what these protests are really about and what people hope to gain from them, give us a call here at WHAM 101.1 FM and let us know. Let's talk about this. Let's get to know each other and try to understand each other and see if we can't reach some agreement."

Johnny glanced in Yas' direction, wincing a little and hoping it was okay that he'd just invited further callers and discussion on what was, essentially, her show time.
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Atticus DArcstorm on January 17, 2017, 04:04:07 PM
While it was true Atticus hadn't asked a question, it was due to being purposely omitted.  Atticus found that provoking more of the same rhetoric from Johnny was just as purposeful; He found Mr. Storm had a certain humanity about him when speaking, one that Atticus found himself no longer able to conjure for himself, and Johnny's passion for the subject was reflected quite obviously in his meta-human nature.

Atticus listened considerately to Johnny's words, and he began to feel there was a paradox at work, involving people being afraid of what they don't understand, and their drive to understand being limited by their fear.  It was a musing for another time, as he'd already taken up more of Johnny & Yasmin's time than he'd intended.  He would, however, answer the questions posed to him as best he could, before signing off.

"Admittedly, I don't completely understand the protests - they seem directed against the coexistence of humans and non-humans.  Until they appeared at our compound, I had no reason to seek their leadership. Perhaps now I, or rather everyone, does."  He hoped they wouldn't lose listeners from his rather opinionated answer, especially as he tended to be drawn out - even when he sought to be terse.

"I think there needs to be some sort of education offered, to start, though I realize that probably sounds biased due to my field of employment.  It's as you implied earlier, this has to due with a fear of the unknown, there must be some way to bridge the divide between knowledge and fear of what people don't understand.  It should also be noted there is a type of education going on, in that there have been advertisements for self defense classes against non-humans," he hesitated in continuing, the frown almost audible in his voice, "This is not the type of education I was referring to being beneficial, however."  There was one additional thing he wanted to add, but deliberately left unsaid. He was sure that there was no one it would benefit to either say or ask, if it didn't seem there was something deeper than superficial fear at work here, something more sinister.

"Thank you for your time, both of you, and thank you for attempting to help bridge the divide. Mr. Storm, I look forward to speaking to you again. Ms.," noticeable pause, "Zazzy Yas, always interesting."

He was gone before he'd asked for a song or anything, not realizing that was a common  occurrence.  It didn't matter, he wouldn't understand what music might be appropriate anyway. (
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Ammy Spiritor on January 21, 2017, 09:33:34 PM
A call would be placed to the station, the voice perhaps familiar to many, vague to others. It sounded like it should be a singers voice, like that of the lead singer from Blackmore's Night. The familiarity may have been from possible public appearance during the previous Gubernatorial Race in Rhy'Din City.

"Hello DJ Zazzy Yaz and Johnny Storm. You may or may not remember or know me. This is Ammy Spiritor. I'm a student and professor at Bristle Crios as well as a shop owner and a mother of children and grandchildren that are not always what they appear to be. I've seen first hand the fear and the concerns in the streets and businesses with everything going on. Most notably with the children and students I come into contact. I can't say I blame them nor would I try to shoo away their fears.

Sorry, I am getting away from what I am calling in about. I've faced being hunted down myself during theses times as nothing more than a trophy. A rug or something to mount on the wall by many that find courage in the bottle. I can only guess that I was hunted because I, in no way, shape or form am remotely humanoid to pass for threats of a less lethal or sporting nature. What are your thoughts about hunting other races for sports just because we look like animals? What are your thoughts on people assuming that because some of us have children around that don't look like some hideous beast like their parents, that they have been stolen to be eaten?

The world is rapidly becoming one where my youngest daughter may, at some point be forced to hide who she is related to for fear of what others may due to her, or one where someone may try to kill me permanently to take my child out of some idea that races should be segregated. Any comments or suggestions for this dilemma because being a young, deaf child in the world is an amazing and precarious world to navigate without added muck and I am beside myself to explain to her why mother didn't come home for a night or two, or why father was gone too to be by my side at a hospital. Any suggestions would be of great help.

I... used to be human. People may never believe that, but I was, once. These days, what is going on, I can't just understand what is going on anymore with everyone. Thank you for listening to my call."
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Johnny Storm on January 22, 2017, 03:08:23 PM
Johnny didn't have all the answers, nor had he ever professed to have all the answers. He'd come here today to speak his piece and to try and talk some sense into the people of Rhy'Din. It was Yas who'd opened the phone lines up to discussion, and while he thought discussion was a good start, it wouldn't solve all their problems overnight.

"Hello, Ammy," Johnny replied, with a questioning glance at Yas, who gave him a nod of her head to go on. This was her show, after all, and he didn't want to presume too much. He listened quietly as Ammy explained her situation and how the protests had affected her and her family.

Johnny found himself in agreement with Atticus and in sympathy with Ammy, but there wasn't much he could do but offer solutions and hope that opening up the lines of communication would do some good. If even one person's views were changed or one person's life was saved, it was well worthwhile.

"I'm sorry you and your daughter had to go through that, Ammy. Unfortunately, some people will always be narrow-minded and hateful, and there's not much we can do to change that, but I do believe Atticus has the right idea. We need to talk to each other and learn about each other in order to better understand each other.

"There have been victims on both sides, both human and non-human. We have to start seeing everyone who lives here as a citizen of Rhy'Din, no matter whether they are human or not. Everyone has a right to live and raise their families in peace and safety.

"I'm afraid I don't really have any answers, other than to stress again to remember that there are places that have been designated as safe zones, and that if you find yourself in a situation where you feel you or your family is in danger, not to be afraid to ask for help. Call the Watch, take refuge in a safe place, such as a Watch precinct, fire house, or other designated safe zone. Be aware of your surroundings and where those safe zones are located, in case you need them.

"The worst thing anyone can do in these volatile times is to answer violence with violence. At best, it is simply confirming the misguided beliefs of those who instigate the violence to begin with. At worst, you will be creating martyrs for an already incensed minority to hold up like a banner, justifying their continued behavior."

Johnny chuckled a moment as he realized he was sounding more and more like his wife every day. "Sorry, I'm starting to sound just like Liv. Thank you for sharing your story with us. The more we share, the more we understand each other, and the more we learn about how to live with each other in peace, tolerance, and harmony.

"Now, how about a song? This one's an oldie but goodie. With Yasmin's permission, here's Get Together by the Youngbloods ("
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Miranda Bennett on January 28, 2017, 11:44:50 AM
"Hi, Johnny! I'm just calling to say you're hot!" A slightly familiar woman's voice declared on the other end of the phone before a distinctly male voice cut in. "Miri! I think Ro is into your lipstick aga-" Click.
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Johnny Storm on January 29, 2017, 02:47:43 PM
"Um, thanks! I think," Johnny replied with a chuckle, looking to Yasmin, who was still doodling something on her pad and looking a little distracted. He had a feeling he knew who had been on the other end of the phone call, but he didn't bother to share that with their listeners. Maybe he'd have a word with her later.

Instead, he elbowed Yasmin and silently mouthed, "What are you doing?" This was her show, after all. He was just borrowing some air time, so to speak.
Title: Who I Am
Post by: Yasmin on February 08, 2017, 10:48:42 PM
?Yes, thank you, caller,? Yas added after Johnny elbowed her. She shrugged her shoulders in reply to his silent question.

?I have to say, I really loved having you here, Johnny. You and all of our callers definitely gave us a lot to take in. I have a lot to think about myself. Well, I would, but I?m gonna try not to. Thinking a lot gives me a headache...? She crinkled her nose at the thought.

?If I may offer a little support to all of my non-human brethren?? she said a little more seriously, looking at her microphone, ?I have always loved Rhydin for its openness and welcoming environment. I still believe it is that place. As a shapeshifter, I know full well that not as many of you are able to change or hide your non-human appearance as easily. I hope you find some solace in the fact that I choose not to hide. For myself, and for those of you that look different, I choose to look different for us. I stand for us.?

?And for those that hate me,? she added with her humor quickly returning, ?I just hope you hate me for who I am, not what I am.?

?Thank you again to all of our callers and thank you, Johnny. I?m gonna let you have the final say, bud. Then take us out with a song.? She looked over to him with an appreciative smile.
Title: Re: Fired Up on WHAM! 101.1FM: Pro-Human Protests
Post by: Johnny Storm on February 09, 2017, 06:28:16 PM
"Well said, Yas! Thanks to all our callers and thanks to Yasmin for having me. I've really enjoyed myself here today! Maybe we should do this more often," Johnny suggested with a grin at Yasmin that could almost be heard across the radio.

"Let's close the show now with People are People by Depeche Mode ( And remember, no matter whether you're human or not, we're all citizens of Rhy'Din, and it's up to all of us to take care of each other. This is Johnny Storm and Lady Yasmin Blue saying Peace Out!" Yes, he had noticed what she'd been doodling on her pad a little while ago.

Johnny wasn't sure if what they'd done would make any difference, but if they'd managed to change the mind and heart of just one person, it had been time well spent.