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Title: The End is Just a New Beginning
Post by: Eris on February 10, 2015, 07:52:02 PM
To say that Eris had been a bit on the sullen, grouchy side of late would be an understatement. Losing Brenton had been a massive blow to someone still relatively new to the ebb and flow of a life with emotions. Those close to her tried to explain the pain away as a broken heart. Yet her heart was not broken. It was still beating. She could feel it's movement beneath the palm of her hand. No amount of crying, ice cream or Jack Daniel's managed to offer any relief. Couldn't even properly torture someone without her powers.  She'd been locked in her condo for days on end searching for the right kind of ambrosia to heal a gaping wound.

The messenger, Eros, felt for the fallen Goddess. They weren't often subjected to the whims of a true human form. She'd asked for it and, after a long fought battle with Zeus, won that right to experience being human. With it, came all the growing pains of such. Since he'd been strictly forbidden, as had all the other deities, from any further contact with Eris while she was still human, there would be no support from Olympus to help soften the blow of reality now weighing so heavily on her chest.  It dawned on fair Cupid that Zeus had managed to interfere and get his way after all. While she'd fought and won each challenge Zeus had placed before her and Brenton to win her freedom and humanity, the sneaky God must have found a way to get rid of him afterall. Stripped of the very reason she was still in Rhydin, now the Goddess was alone, vulnerable and miserable.  A recipe for disaster.

It took several months before she'd ever even peek her head out of that condo. Everything she needed for survival could be delivered these days. Add the big screen TV, a bunch of movies at the ready and a comfortable bed, there'd been no reason to leave the sanctity of that hiding place.  Loneliness and boredom eventually set in, forcing her out of that place of mourning and into the bright light of the real world again. Nothing much had changed. Life goes on whether someone is part of it or not.

Slowly; but, surely Eris is figuring out how to move on. From time to time, she still forgets her powers are gone. Sucks when you want to do something evil to someone who's deemed deserving. Oddly enough, she can't get drunk or high or stoned. Likely because Zeus doesn't want her to find that place where reality can be escaped. (He is evil like that.)

It's time to let go of the past, put that period on the end of a very good moment and start again at a new beginning.
Title: Re:
Post by: Eris on June 12, 2018, 12:47:26 PM
The new beginning did not come as quickly as many in the pantheon would have hoped. Five years later, Eris still had not budged from her apartment very often at all. The same apartment she had shared with Brenton. The same couch, the same chairs, the same nick knacks. The same empty plates still sat at the dinner table and the bed was still unmade.  There were plenty of times where she'd stare at the nude marble sculpture of her he had created by his own hand. He had created the piece for her birthday. It was made just the way Brenton loved seeing her most. Naked.  

So many people tend to believe she was devoid of feelings. Devoid of the ability to care for others. In many ways, she wanted it to be thus. Eris was many things; but, she was not immune to the concept of caring. She was also very capable of causing pain and misery. But, right now her misery was all of her own making.

It was the automatic butler that whirred her into realizing she been standing in the exact same place staring out the window for over an hour.  Or perhaps it was days. The butler was standing beside her at the window with a bacon, egg and cheese omelet. "How long have you??" The meal wasn't cold; but, how did the butler know she'd be ready to eat now? "Uhm..thank you."

Her bills were paid well in advance so there was no reason anyone would ever think to check in on her. Even her own pestering family had seemed to have given up on ever seeing her face again. If not for that butler, no one ever know if she lived or died.  Most would probably believe she'd moved on with someone else.  After all, Eris was known for her reputation with many a man over the many, many, many years.
Title: Forgive; but, don't Forget
Post by: Eris on June 16, 2018, 01:33:07 PM
This morning Eris woke up to the smell of hot coffee, bacon, eggs and toast. She wasn't exactly in the mood to eat at. *Glancing at the time only to curl her lip into a menacing glare* "Six AM?  Are you crazy Sam?" She'd decided to call the Butler Sam for Samson. Just because. It had seemed like a strong, manly name at the time.  Once she was able to actually pry her eyes open, there'd be no way that blissful sleep would be found again until nightfall so why not drag her butt out of bed for a bite or two.

 "I'm going to over heat a few of your circuits if you wake me up before ten again. Got it?" Plucking a piece of the bacon to try first.

"Perfectly clear ma'am."

"Better be." Heading to the cough to grab a pillow off the fluffy, king size bed just to swat the robot with. "What's on my schedule today?"

"Breakfast and a letter sent from your brother, Ares.  Shall I read it for you?"

"Sure, why not. Not like I have much else to do. What does he have to say?"
Said while staring out the window to look over the city. High rises mixed with apartments and slums. Eclectic might be the right word to describe Rhydin.  She'd grown to like it more and more over time.

The message was meant to send a very loud and clear message. "Eris, father is getting more and more impatient with your decision to insist on staying in that harlot of a hole in the wall city you define as home. Despite the untimely death of your so called 'husband', it is clear you still have not gotten the message. Return or others will be made to pay for your choices."

There was nothing she disdained worse than dragging a dead man's name out again after all this time. Yes, she still loved him. Yes, she still missed him. But, that was none of Zeus' business.  Eris could feel the swell of sheer rage pulsing through her veins.  To this day, she still wanted revenge for her loss. She wanted to atone for Brenton's suffering.  Zeus was pushing buttons. Wanting everyone in Rhydin to feel the wrath of who Eris truly was. Once the pitchforks and flames rose high enough, the people would force her to out of town and back to Olympus.

While hurt and angry, Eris was not a walking time bomb. Oh, she could be if there was a true need; but, over the centuries she had learned control, how to tame the beast and when to free it.  Today would be just another day. Zeus would have to live with the fact that she'd settled in and had no plans to leave.

Eris did start the hard job of removing and packing away almost all of the pictures, paintings and sculptures Brenton had created of her over their time together. Hardest of all was packing away his clothes.  She noticed his scent of cologne no longer lingered on his belongings as she put the last of his clothes in a box.  It wasn't that she didn't like their presence. Each picture, painting and work of art was beautiful and touching in it's own way. He was an artist of many talents. He was good with his hands..oh so  very good. He was good with his lips.  She'd been his inspiration for so many amazing works of art. However, Eris now realized she could no longer languish in her own man made purgatory.

One sculpture was allowed to stay. A large nude bronze Brenton had made of her for a specific spot in their house. It was just short of life size. He had worked for days, weeks even, just to surprise her.  Eris even blushed upon seeing it for the first time.  The rest of his clothes went to those in need. The  sculptures could also be auctioned off to charity if others in his family did not want them.  

There comes a time when life must move on. It was OK to remember; but, never good to enshrine one's self in one moment. Time marches on. Eris had to do the same.
Title: Re:
Post by: Eris on June 28, 2018, 01:32:59 AM

Oh how that man could get stuck in her head!  Even sequestered in her high rise apartment lounging in a hot bubble bath, her thoughts soon meandered to him.  It's not like he was Thor and all muscles, hunky and easy to devour for hours on end. Nope. No, Zan came across as more of an aloof, cocky, kind of skinny fellow who pushed the limits; but not too far. Because he didn't want to walk all the way back. He was normally someone she'd  kick to the curb upon first sight. For whatever reason, he'd wormed himself into her dance space and claimed a corner for himself.

Part of Eris still often wondered if this feeling she had for him was simply a need for company. Any company.  A feeling that seemed to linger longer than should be allowed. Of course there's also that female sense of  intuition. The kind which quickly gets tossed aside for greener pastures anytime he gets to close to her. Yeah, that feeling! The more time they spent cozied up with their heads together, the more she thought this 'relationship' (if that's what it could be named),  might just work out for the both of them.  Or it may implode. Really, nothing would surprise her much anymore.  

If Zan was mortal, Eris knew she'd need to prepare herself to use every thing in her power to protect him from those who'd be sent to do him harm.   He would quickly become less of her Zan and more like someone she would feel an almost primal need to protect.  She'd already felt the hot sting of loss before and did not want a repeat so soon.

Despite all of that, she still found herself drawn into his warm, goofy reflection of a world that said it was perfectly alright to indulge in his essence. To frolic naked in the water.  To play in Zan's own kind of fire and love feeling the slow burn it seemed to always light within her.