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The Shanachie Theater Roll Call 2020-2021
« on: September 12, 2020, 12:39:02 PM »
The Roll Call for the 2020-2021 Shanachie Theater season is as follows:

Theater Company

Director - Ludo Von Eschenbach
Musical Director - Gabriel Tollen
Choreographer - Joliss Orei'tarel


Anya Chavez
Arandir of Ilyethlin
Asher Price
Carina Cox
Doran Ilnaren
Pearl Fand Ilnaren
Tippletoe Timbers

Debbie Adkins
Felix Bailey
Beatrice Benson
Hector Brady
Alexandra Doyle
April Flores
Katherine Hernandez
Jessica Houston
Evelyn Little
Amos Maxwell
Leslie Moody
Garry Poole
Renee Russell
Rolando Tucker
Darrell Webster


Dorian Hadley
Hugo Durant
Mairead “Maggie” Harker

Repertory Company

Director - Jonathan Granger


Eregor Túr Gairdín
Hugo Durant
Kiri Calderon-Spencer
Marcus Spencer

Leah Fuller
Laurence Hale
Cary Lyons
Phyllis Miller
Helen Payne
Byron Warren


Dorian Hadley
Robert Mallory
Tippletoe Timbers


Director - Anthony De Luca
Assistant Director - Christian Benoit
Choreographer - Anya De Luca
Assistant Choreographer -Josette Wheeler
Ballet Mistress - Irina Sokolova
Assistant Ballet MistressMerethyl Benoit
Rehearsal Director - Janine Peters
General Manager – Alex Vanburen


Brianna Parker
Dante Alvarez
James Willis
Josette Wheeler
Rhodes Vasilakis


Anthony De Luca
Anya De Luca
Christian Benoit
Merethyl Benoit
Zahan Granger
Alexei Barinov

Secondary Dancers

Katy Lonergan
Serena Smythe
Julianne Dodd
Sofia Aldrich
Darren Shaw
Michael Blanchard

Corps de Ballet


Shanachie House Band
((Only PCs are listed below. It can be assumed the rest of the band is made up of NPCs.))

Cello - Neville Ashton
Violin - Pearl Fand Ilnaren
Fiddle - Tippletoe Timbers

Theater Owner/Executive Manager - Mataya De Luca
Head Makeup Artist - Raul Stoneson
Costume Designer - Miranda Bennett
Lead Seamstress - Jessamin Taylor
Acting Coaches - Kit and Delilah Wylie
Stage Manager - Phoebe Morton
General Manager - Charles Nbayu
Assistant General Manager - Katelyn Reynolds

***Please note: Shanachie STARS students are considered members of the theater companies and may be asked to take on roles during any given production.***

((All names listed above in bold are PCs; names not listed in bold are NPCs. ))
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