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Rosita De Luca School of Performing Arts
« on: May 03, 2020, 01:14:11 PM »
Rosita De Luca School of Performing Arts

The Rosita De Luca School of Performing Arts is intended to provide excellent educational preparation for careers in music, dance, and acting. The school is open to anyone over the age of sixteen who is interested in preparing for a career in the theater.

The semesters run concurrent with the school calendar, from September to June, with time off for school holidays.

There is also a summer school session offered for those wishing to participate, concluding with a live performance at the end of the session. Summer classes will run for eight weeks from July through August.

The school is run in conjunction with the Shanachie Theater by former thespians, Kit and Delilah Wylie. Scholarships are available for those who might be in need of financial assistance.

Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming semester. Contact the school office for more information.

((OOC Note: This is a mainly vapored playable opportunity open to all characters over the age of sixteen, human and otherwise. It's designed mainly to give characters a place to continue training for careers in the theater, once they have aged out of STARS, but anyone over sixteen is welcome. We hope to post more information regarding the school soon, so stay turned. Feel free to post in this thread if your character is interested in enrolling/participating. Any questions, send them our way, and thanks for reading!))