Role-Play Glossary

It should be noted that these terms are Out of Character, player terms. These terms are by no means definitive, and we welcome comments to help us keep them up to date.

(n.) 1. The history of a character prior to the player's actively portraying him or her in a roleplaying environment. 2. Any past history of a character.

Mixing, or blending together of things the character knows and does with things the player knows and does. It can be a character acknowledging things like punts and IMs in a role play room, or a player making posts in an OOC board as both the player and character, sometimes in the same sentence. [more]

(n.) The fictional persona (human or animal) who appears in the story.

(adj.) Referring to the mix or blend of roleplaying categories (see Genre). The Red Dragon Inn, for example, is a cross-genre role playing area.

Cross Role Playing or Crossing (a type of blending)
1. When a player uses OOC information during IC role play that their character would not otherwise know, such as from a profile, web page, or OOC conversation. 2. When a player uses information gained from one character they play when playing a second, unrelated character.

(n.) Playing your character and someone else's by the other player's request, due to a punt, a player needing to go AFK, etc. For example, two players of romantically involved characters may know and trust each other enough that they agree to doublegame each other's players when necessary. Example:

BlackKnight: My deepest apologies for the lateness of my arrival--my horse did throw a shoe.
PrincessPink: Your tardiness, sir, was forgotten at the mere sight of you in the door.

[BlackKnight's player IMs PrincessPink's player: ((Doorbell--I think it's my pizza. Doublegame me?))

PrincessPink: ::watches fondly as her husband settles into a chair and stretches his long legs toward the fire::
PrincessPink: Rest you there, my love. I will see about drinks for both of us, if a tender may be found.

[BlackKnight's player IMs again: ((BAK))]

BlackKnight: ::glancing over to her:: Ah, splendid. Hot spiced cider would be just the thing.

(n.) An OOC agreement in which all players involved declare that a scene or IC event never took place.

Free-form Roleplaying
(n.) A style of roleplaying which allows a player complete freedom to control his or her own character within the inherent restrictions of a setting.

(n.) A distinct category of roleplaying, usually defined by setting elements. Ex.: fantasy, spacer (science fiction), historical fiction, cyberpunk, etc.

(n.) A player who creates a character with so many powers and defenses, it's invincible.

Common abbreviation for Gold Piece(s)

Common abbreviation for In Character

IC/OOC Confusion
(n.) The condition of mixing player/character realities or knowledge in either active roleplay or offline circumstances. An undesirable habit, and usually considered poor form. See also Blending.

IC/OOC Separation
(n.) Maintaining the disciplined separation between IC story and OOC reality. Good form in advanced roleplay.

In Character
When someone is in a role play room, they are there as their character. Sometimes used by players when referring to situations that happened while role playing.

1. (n.) Comes from the video game term "god mode". See Godmoder. 2. (v.) Moding. When someone is actively RPing as a Moder.

Mun or Mundane
(n.) A term often used to refer to the person at the keyboard behind the character. See also Player

(n.) The IC information that appears within double colons during roleplay.
Nomad: ::taking a deep draught of his ale before replying:: Mind the offal in the lane as you depart, sir.

Non-Player Character (NPC)
1. (n.) A participating character that is not represented by a screen name in a story or scene. An NPC's lines are manually represented by the player.
Nomad: [Samuel] ::running in from the kitchen, wiping his hands on his apron:: You called, Cap'n?
NPCs may be ongoing characters that are played by any or all members of an RP community, such as the tending lad Samuel in the MTT, or they may be creations of a single player and owned specifically by that player.
2. (v.) To NPC. To portray a character in a scene in addition to the character represented by a player's screen name. ["I'm going to NPC the doctor in this scene."]

Common abbreviation for Out of Character

Out of Character
The 'offline' world.

(n.) The real-life person behind the keyboard who portrays the fictional character on the screen.

Player Character (PC)
See Character.

(v.) To overstep the bounds of freeform roleplaying courtesy and make a decision for or attempt to control another player's character and/or storyline without his/her consent. Considered very poor form and often leads to disruptive player conflicts.

1. (n.) An involuntary loss of connection to AOL. 2. (v.) To be punted. To lose one's AOL connection. ["I got punted four times last night."]

Roleplay (RP)
1. ( v.) To mentally place oneself in the position of a fictional character and react to situations as that character. 2. (n.) The act of roleplay (also ROLEPLAYING).

1. (n.) A single session of roleplaying that takes place in the same room and/or setting. 2. (n.) The portrayal of a single IC situation, which may span across multiple RP sessions, such as a battle that takes several nights to play out.

(n.) The fictional universe in which a story takes place. A setting may be immediate, such as a room, or broad-based, such as a country or planet.

Abbreviation for "screen name."

(v.) To advance or enhance a story by OOC agreement rather than by roleplaying.


Thank you to the many folks who post in the RDI Board Players Assisting Players, D. Thomas Treadwell and the Mermaid's Tale Tavern, and others, for their contributions to this list of terms.

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