Live Chat Help & Guide

How do I switch to another room?

On the top left of the screen, there's a button that says Rooms. When you click on that, it will open a menu with all the rooms available to roleplay in. You will be moved to that room by clicking on the name.

How do I set up my room preferences?

By clicking on the button called Panels on the top left of the screen, you will be able to select your text color and sounds. There's a row of small squares from white to black. Each square is a different sound. The first square is no sound at all. To the bottom of that screen you have other options, like Private Chat and Help. Private chat will show you a history of the people you've talked to. By clicking on the name it will open a new window showing you the stored chat. Help will open a quick chat help.

What are those options below the panels button?

The history link will show that room's chat log. You can select from 20 minutes to All Time. The speaker button will mute all of the chat's sounds. The Away likn will switch you quickly from I am online to I am away without having to say it in the chat. The Here drop down is to select your room status. If you want players to know you are at the bar, there's a room status for that. There are many other status options. Check them out sometime.

What are those symbols at the bottom left of the screen?

The three drops will open the color menu. You can also select bold or italic for your text. Sorry, at the moment there's no way to only bold or italisize one portion of the text.

The smiley face will open an emoji box. The emoji box has a link to the bottom left for stickers. These are images you can send to chat. It is ok to use them in the Lobby, but using these in any of the RP rooms can result on a warning. So, please don't use them anywhere else.

I am using a laptop and don't want to miss a message on my private chat.

The Private Chat is an actual small chat window that you can move around the screen if you have the room for it. If you don't, you can turn it into a tab. Your Private Chats will never get lost.

Can I connect to the chat with my phone?

Yes, the chat will work with your phone or your iPad. Your iPad can handle the regular layout without a problem. For smaller devices like your phone, we suggest you use the mobile template when asked which mode you prefer. Here's a quick view of the mobile layout explaining what the buttons do.

A couple of things I noticed regarding mobile. If you switch to another screen you will be "disconnected" from the chat. If you type too fast and switch from the screen, the message will not go through. It's best to wait until you see the message in chat before switching.

How do I send a Private Chat with my phone?

Tap on the People icon to get the Member List. Tap on the name you want to send a message to. Iniatially, the person receiving the first message with see a chat request. Unfortunately that will be the only time it will appear. As per Blab support there's no other notice. You will have to check the Private Chat history from the main menu. If you type a message in the private chat and quickly tap to go back to the chat, it will not go through. We strongly suggest using whisper instead of private chat when using mobile.