Live Chat Guidelines

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Live role-playing is available to anyone on the Web via our chat rooms. You just need to register as a member of Dragon's Mark. One registration gives you member access to all the Dragon's Mark sites.

Free Form Role-Playing, by definition, has very few "rules." If you are uncertain about what Free Form Gaming is, please refer to our document What is Free Form Role Play.

When role-playing in the chat room, the following guidelines are in effect at all times whether a room host is present or not:

Profanity and Obscenity

Remember that the chat rooms are used by people of all age groups and of all tolerance levels regarding profanity usage. We understand that certain character types and stories will inevitably involve harsh or profane language. That said, there is a limited profanity filter in place for the message forums which will automatically mask out certain words. Do not attempt to circumvent the language filter by using variations or slight misspellings of profanities, or by exploiting any software bugs such as punctuation.

You can view the specifics of this policy and the list of filtered words here:

The general guideline is to keep content within the bounds of a PG-13 movie, or what you would see on prime-time, network TV. However we also recognize the need to allow our adult participants a more mature level of creative expression. Please consider the following:

* There is a difference between suggestive and explicit. Suggestive antics and descriptions are acceptable, however explicit (blatant descriptions of sexual acts, anatomy and so forth) is right out. In the end, the Administrators will make the judgement call as to where the line is to be drawn.


In brief, Free Form Role-Playing is based on the ideals of cooperative interaction. So is Live Role-Play. When you create a character and bring it into one the setting chat rooms, you have total control over that character within the setting and everything that happens to him or her. Only you decide what your character will or will not do; no one else. This applies to each and every player. Communication is key.

Please do not declare actions for other characters without the permission of that character's player. Remember, only you control what happens to your character! No one has the right to declare your character "dead" or insist you delete your screen name unless you have agreed with this outcome beforehand. If you are not sure on whether or not you can or should join in a scene in progress, use the Instant Messaging feature of Blab to check with the players of the character you are wanting your character to interact with. Consider: If someone had planned a wonderful death scene for their character, the player may get a little irate if you arbitrarily have your character jump in and claim their character's life as 'saved'.

Remember - no one has the right to tell you what your character does, feels, says or thinks except YOU.

Keeping OOC out of the room

Out-of-character conversations (in short, anything about the real world, or we the players behind the scenes) should not be held in the chat room. Any player-to-player discussion should preferably be made via Instant Messaging (a built-in feature of chat), since no one else in the room wants to hear two players arguing OOC (out-of-character) over something that should remain IC (in-character) in the room.

The use of terms such as, 'IMsects,' 'daggers of ignore' and other "pseudo-genre" phrases are considered out-of-character and disruptive to the room. Please confine such comments to Instant Messages or e-mail. These can easily disrupt the illusion we strive to create.

Ignoring Unwanted Interaction

There are going to be times when you simply don't want to see what someone is saying anymore. Your best option is simply to ignore their text: Use the Ignore function in the chat room. Click on the player's name on the right-hand side, then choose "Ignore" and their chat room text will no longer appear, nor can they send you a chat private message.

There is no way to ignore forum posts. However, every folder moderator has the ability to remove unwanted posts from their folder, by using the "Moderate this Forum" link at the bottom right of the page.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fighting is a part of a fantasy tavern, and the Inn is not a safe, protected haven. In fact, a table-clearing brawl can provide a great framework for lots of characters to get involved, where they might otherwise be looking for something to do or someone to talk to. And you can always find a safe corner to drink in if you don't want to be involved. Or, you can always visit Teas and Tomes - which is a strict NO Fighting environment.

For more dedicated or planned fight scenes, the Back Alley is available as well. It also has a dice rolling tool available if you should require it. Just remember, you cannot force anyone to be a part of your fight if they don't wish to.

Copyrighted Materials

With the ability to have not just avatars, but also portraits in your forum profile, we have all been given a very easy to use tool to help the world "see" your character. With the ever-increasing subscriber base here on Dragon's Mark, we have to be even more aware of just what is being posted as part of the profile. Since we have no way to implement any sort of parental controls or otherwise handle "mature content," there are two important guidelines we need to bring to everyone's attention:

Copyrighted materials. Respect copyright laws, and be aware that should we receive complaints about material posted that violates copyright laws, we can and will remove the items in question at our discretion.

Visual images must be kept to those images one would see on prime-time network TV. This means images showing graphic violence, nudity, etc., are not allowed.

In general, we will attempt to notify anyone who we feel has included content that does not fit these guidelines. But as we cannot always contact our members due to outdated email addresses, we cannot promise notification in advance of removing content. Please keep a backup copy of all images you submit.

If you are unsure about a specific image, simply ask.

Room Settings

Everyone has their own picture in their head, about how things look in a shared RP world like ours. However, we do ask that you abide by the settings that have been laid down. Beyond that, it's your party.

Questions or comments about these guidelines, or suspected violations can be sent using our Contact Form.

Last updated: November 14, 2018