Role Play Conventions

Conventions are a certain way of doing things that become 'the norm'. They are not laws, policies, or hard rules, it is just that over time, they have become the accepted way to do something. Here are a few examples;

Conventions are found in many areas we deal with on a daily basis, often without thinking about them, but they are important because when observed by a group with a common interest they help facilitate interaction. Online RP has developed it's own sets of conventions over time, which have become very important in a text only environment. Here I hope to present some of the most common as a way to help folks who may be wondering what is going on.

::text:: Narrative: Used to offer descriptions of actions or thoughts of a character.
JoePlayer ::Makes his way up the front steps of the Red Dragon Inn and pushing his way though the door into the common room.::
JoePlayer ::Looks around the room wondering where Jane is since he is late for their meeting.::

((text)) Out of Character: Used for the player to speak to the other players in the room. Generally not acceptable in a role play environment, but sometimes may be required.
JoePlayer ((Jane! can you turn your IMs on so we can work this scene out a bit?))
RoomHost ((Remember folks, if someone is being disruptive in the room, you can just use the handy-dandy ignore feature.))

"text" Spoken words: Not really needed, as any text not expressed as a narrative or other form is generally accepted at being spoken by a character, but some players may choose to do this.

(w) (q) (s) (m) Emotes: Shortcuts to show a character is (w)hispering, speaking (q)uietly, speaking (s)oftly, or (m)urmmering.

~~text~~ Telepathy: Used to show someone is speaking to another via telepathy or some other form of mental communication.
JoePlayer: ::Turns his gaze from the doorway back towards Jane:: ~~That man entering is the one that was following me, he seems to be shielded but I could hear him behind me.~~

<> Often used during narrative to help highlight another players screen name so they notice your character may be trying to interact with theirs. Generally this is for when your character does not know the name of the other character, and is unable to address them by name, but sometimes done in a particularly busy chat room to help keep the others you play with from missing something you did.
JoePlayer: ::Glances to <> over the rim of his mug as he takes a sip, debating on approaching her.::

In the FFRP areas managed by Dragon's Mark, we strongly encourage the use of these conventions. Doing so only help ensure there is mimimal confusion between players.

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