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Thank You!
We made it to 95% of our June 1 goal!

Dragon's Mark operates and sponsors a number of free form role-play settings. You can help ensure that we can continue to provide the best in free form role-play on the web by making a small contribution. All money contributed goes directly towards the operational costs for the website, cost of domains, and other related expenses.

The month of June will see Dragon's Mark entering it's second year being open to the public, and our recent drive raised enough in donations and recurring subscriptions to allow us to move do our new server that will continue to grow with us. Right now we see being able to get through the summer on the funds raised... Thank you to everyone who either made a one-time donation or has signed up for a subscription.

A number of people have expressed how they would like to help out, but financially they just are not able to at this time. That's ok! There are a number of ways to help support Dragon's Mark.

Tell people about us!
Post about us on other gaming or writing sites you frequent. Spread the word about Dragon's Mark, the Red Dragon Inn, and Pharos Station. The more people know about us, the better.
Link to us!
We have number of buttons, banners and text links you can use on your websites, in emails, signatures, and other places to help tell the world about Dragon's Mark.
Visit The $5 Script Archive.
This is where you can purchase your own copy of FlashChat, the same chat program we use for our webchat or one of their other great programs (you do NOT need this program to use our webchat, this is just if you want to install it on your own website). Even if you do not purchase anything, each unique click to their site earns us credit towards another license of FlashChat or other software to use as we expand our role-play offerings.
Make a One Time Donation
Of course you can always make a donation at any time, for the amount you specify. All contributions can be made using a credit card or your existing PayPal account.
Subscribe to Dragon's Mark
And you can also subscribe to Dragon's Mark. Here is where you can view the different monthly, quarterly, or annual options - or cancel a current subscription.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions.

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