About Us

The Red Dragon Inn is a community of people active in the Red Dragon Inn, a cross-genre, Free Form Role-Playing (FFRP) setting. The RDI got its start on QLink, the predecessor of AOL. Over time, its fictional world of "RhyDin" has become nearly synonymous with role-playing—not just on AOL, but across the Web.

The Red Dragon Inn (RDI) itself evolved from the time of the Free-Form Gaming Forum (FFGF) was running it on AOL to become a member-run group with resources, including forums and conference rooms, still being provided by AOL. This particular version of The Red Dragon Inn is being supported by a group of RDI veterans who have weathered many a storm through the evolution of a place we have all come to think of as a sort of second home, and we hope to keep the legacy, the legend that is The Red Dragon Inn alive for a long time to come.

The RDI is "member run" in that we rely on input from those who play in the Red Dragon Inn to support and help direct the community as it continues to grow. Part of that growth has been the creation of Dragon's Mark, a home on the Web not just for the Red Dragon Inn, but for other areas of interest to those involved in FFRP.

If you have any further questions or comments about the Red Dragon Inn, please feel free to visit our message forums or use our feedback form.