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The Red Dragon Inn

Classic swords-and-sorcery fantasy in RhyDin, Based on AOL's original free form role-playing setting. Characters from all genres are welcome.

[Red Dragon Inn]

A Dragon's Mark Affiliate

Rings of Honor

Matrix-based fighting games enhanced with free form role-playing. Includes Duel of Swords, Duel of Fists and Duel of Magic.

A Dragon's Mark Affiliate

Dueling Zone

A supplemental matrix-based dueling site with IC news, an events calendar, and a casino. Includes dueling-based games and toons.

A Dragon's Mark Affiliate

Denizens of RhyDin

A veritable "Who's Who" in the land of RhyDin. Denizens offers a database for keeping track of characters who frequent the Red Dragon Inn, the Duels, and other areas within RhyDin. There's also a forum for posting stories.


About Our Affiliates: Dragon's Mark has formed affiliations with a number of outstanding free form role-play areas on the Internet.

While these affiliations are made with areas we feel represent many of our same values and principles, each of these sites is run entirely independent of Dragon's Mark. It is up to the player to review the guidelines of each affiliate area before participating there.

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